Obama Urges Israel Not to ‘Destabilize Situation’ After Hamas Murdered Teens

Obama Urges Israel Not to ‘Destabilize Situation’ After Hamas Murdered Teens

I’m sure Bibi Netanyahu’s response to Obama is… “whatever.”..  along with some eye rolling and head shaking.  Hamas is a terrorist organization which is responsible for the death of these three teens.  Abbas is tied directly to Hamas.  Obama, ever the lawyer, is suggesting that Israel “work with Abbas/Palestinian Authority” to resolve who did this…and what?  Arrest them (or the current euphemism “bring them to justice”)?  Being a lawyer, all Obama knows how to do is “arrest” people (and then in this country, Mirandize suspects), charge them with “crimes,” and have trials.  Umm.. That’s not the way you deal with terrorists.  And, Bibi isn’t interested in going through that costly, time-wasting, inefficient, bureaucratic nonsense.  I’m sure Mossad already has its marching orders, and will deal with Hamas in a more direct, straightforward manner.  And that’s why the Middle East respects Bibi.  Of course, most Middle Eastern countries don’t like him because he’s a Jew.  But, they respect him…while they just laugh at Obama. 

Hobby Lobby Actually Lavishes Contraception Coverage on Its Employees

Hobby Lobby Actually Lavishes Contraception Coverage on Its Employees

Hobby Lobby’s recent victory at the Supreme Court is a victory for ALL of us, and a very small victory for free enterprise.  And now all the usual liberal Dem suspects are coming out of the wood work raising holy heck, spouting lies, confusing the real truth…and using the standard Dem playbook talking points about how this decision at the Supreme Court is all part of the  “Republican War on Women.”  Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.  With that in mind, this article addresses some of the contraceptive options already available through Hobby Lobby’s current health insurance program.  Its crazy just how many options are available!  Anyway, the last sentence of this article pretty much sums it up.  Pass this article on to anyone you know bemoaning this Supreme Court decision.  A little dose of truth and perspective is always healthy..