Coulter: ‘What We Need Now Is an Immigration Moratorium, Both Legal and Illegal’

Coulter: ‘What We Need Now Is an Immigration Moratorium, Both Legal and Illegal’

Ann is exactly right, and is saying what I’ve been saying for a good long while. I’ve just taken it a few more steps.  Yes, we need to stop ALL immigration; both legal AND illegal.  We need to stop it cold.  Agreed.  But then we need to BUILD THE WALL!!…and deport illegals by the tens of thousands.  THEN, once we have some semblance of control of our country and our borders (something we don’t have, by any stretch of the imagination), we can SLOWLY/GRADUALLY open up LEGAL immigration in a very targeted, logical manner that we can sustain as a nation, and which helps US as a country; NOT the other way around.  Our immigration policies/laws should be in keeping with the needs of our economy, and mindful of our national security interests.  As a nation, our immigration laws should benefit OUR country; NOT benefit those just wanting the free handouts of this grotesquely generous country.  If you’re a member of, or former member of:  Hamas, ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, MS 13 (or any other well established gang), a convicted felon in your country of origin, and so on…NO.  You may NOT come to America!  You can’t come here to just be a parasite for the freebies.  Once we re-open immigration, we should give preference to those who already speak English (imagine that!), wish to embrace the American culture (and American ideals), and maybe have an advanced degree in engineering, or have some other competitive skill that would be beneficial in our economy.  We can no longer afford to just take the worlds’ dregs of society and pay for the negative impact they’ll have on our country.  And why should we have to?  Our country is not a “shelter,” nor is it a charity.  Being admitted into our country is NOT a right.  Its a privilege.  Those who come need to be ready to show they’re willing to earn their keep, and be a contributor; NOT a parasite just coming from the freebies. Of course that makes perfect common sense; something nowhere to be found in the White House these days, or in most of Congress.  And amnesty is the worst idea being seriously floated around D.C. by people on BOTH sides of the political aisle.  If you’re here illegally, your very presence is a felony.  I’m tired of this namby pamby, bleeding heart nonsense that excuses away and waters down that very salient, and relevant FACT.  So, yes, they should be rounded up and deported by the tens of thousands…deep into the interior of their country of origin.  Period.  As for so-called “anchor babies?”..  Once they turn 18, arrest them and deport them, if they’re not willing to do the right thing and voluntarily go back to their country of origin and come back through LEGAL channels.  Sorry.  Its not our fault their momma’s dragged them across the border illegally.  So, maybe give them 6 months after they turn 18 to do the right thing voluntarily.  Then, after that, round them up and deport them.  Unlike Mexico, and other corrupt countries, America was founded on the rule of law, and as a nation of laws.  Its time we got back to those roots and defended the rule of law…and our national sovereignty.  And, for those who think that’s “heartless…” I’d ask you to take a good hard look at the immigration laws of, say, Mexico…for example.  They have ZERO tolerance for those coming into their country illegally. Just ask our poor U.S. Marine who took a wrong turn and wound up in Mexico, and then TRIED to come back to OUR side of the border (after being honest with THEIR customs enforcement personnel)!  Hes still in one of their federal prisons after more than 3 months of being incarcerated…for accidently making a wrong turn, and admitting to it…and hes a U.S. military service member.  Its time we were as vigilant as the Mexican authorities are in protecting THEIR borders. Its time to secure our border once and for all…and….BUILD THE WALL!

HHS Report: 1,295,571 Obamacare Enrollees May or May Not Be Legal Citizens

HHS Report: 1,295,571 Obamacare Enrollees May or May Not Be Legal Citizens

Some truly devastating new info from HHS about Obamacare; an already failed, and broken behemoth of federal government fascism the likes of which we’ve never seen in this ostensibly free nation….and it will cost we-the-taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars.  We really do deserve the politicians we elect…and RE-elect. 

PRUDEN: Hillary Clinton’s air of ‘inevitability’ evaporating

PRUDEN: Hillary Clinton’s air of ‘inevitability’ evaporating

I’ve been saying for a while now how I’m STILL not convinced Hillary will run for the Dem Presidential nominee.  But, even if she DOES run..  She is VERY beatable.  The dominantly liberal mainstream media, which has been doing everything in its power to coronate her, is even starting to have second thoughts.  Wesley Pruden articulates Hillary’s challenges here in this well-written op/ed. 

Gun makers flee Northeast for ‘true blood Second Amendment’ states

Gun makers flee Northeast for ‘true blood Second Amendment’ states

This all makes perfect sense.  Several northeastern blue, Dem-controlled states like CT and NY that have high taxes and are not gun-friendly, have been passing a LOT of anti 2nd Amendment laws the last several years.  So, these gun companies are making a purely logical business decision and moving their companies (and jobs!) to southern “red” states where the taxes are low, and the laws friendly toward the gun industry.  Simple supply and demand economics; something Dems like Obama and Harry Reid could learn a thing or two from.  Only a year ago Magpul (which makes high-capacity gun magazines) pulled out of Colorado, where I live, because of a couple anti-gun bills passed by the Dem-controlled state legislature, and signed into law by our Democrat hippie-in-chief, Gov. John Hickenlooper.  So, Magpul up and took their operations, and their jobs, to neighboring Wyoming.  Smooth move, Hickenlooper!  Businesses are in business to make money; make a profit…and, heck, to exist.  They don’t exist to be a charity.  Imagine that!!  So, they’ll do business where its most beneficial for them economically, and frankly where its legal to make their products.  If they make a 32-round magazine for an AR, but the plant exists in a state where you can’t buy a mag that holds more than 15 rounds (a bizarre, arbitrary number that only Dem politicians could come up with), then there is no point in being there. That’s why Magpul left Colorado.  While I was sorry to see them leave, I can’t blame them one bit.  If I was the owner, I’d do the same thing. 

As an aside, I recently saw a graph comparing the economies of Texas and California.  It was a devastating statistical comparison.  On the one hand you have a state like TX with very low taxes, low unemployment, low crime, very little in the area of cumbersome red tape/regulations that impinge on freedoms and business….and the state budget has a surplus.  Imagine that!  Then on the complete other/opposite side of the economic spectrum you have California, a decisively “blue” Dem controlled state where the state taxes (of all kinds; income, sales, property, etc.) are sky-high, unemployment is high, there are more rules and regulations about, well, everything, and companies are leaving the state in droves because of how business Unfriendly the state is….oh..and the state is billions in debt; on the verge of bankruptcy.  Gee..  What are the odds?