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Supreme Court refuses to ‘Free the Nipple’ in topless women case

The Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear an appeal by three women fined by a city in New Hampshire for exposing their breasts in public who argued that banning female but not male toplessness violates the U.S. Constitution. The justices left in place a 2019 ruling by New Hampshire’s top court upholding the women’s convictions for violating an ordinance in the city of Laconia that makes it illegal to show female breasts in public “with less than a fully opaque covering of any part of the nipple.” The women – Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro – were involved in the “Free the Nipple” movement, which court papers described as campaigns against “sexualized objectification of women” and in favor of women being able to go topless in public if they wish. Pierro was arrested on a beach on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in May 2016 where she was performing yoga while topless. Lilley and Sinclair were both arrested days later while topless on another beach where they were protesting Pierro’s arrest. The three women were given suspended fines of $100 each, on condition of subsequent good behavior. Among the legal arguments made by the women is that any law that punishes women for exposing their breasts while allowing men to go shirtless violates the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which requires that laws be applied equally to everyone. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance did not discriminate against women, noting that it bars nudity of both men and women. The different definition of what constitutes nudity is based on “the traditional understanding of what constitutes nudity,” that court concluded. Laconia is located about 25 miles (40 km) north of Concord, the capital of New Hampshire.

This is one of those cases that nobody really wanted to deal with.  Even the ladies were given suspended $100 fines and told to behave.  And the Supremes rightfully let stand the NH Supreme Court’s ruling.  The ruling in effect said, “nudity in public is against the law in NH, and yes..the bodies of men and women ARE different.  Get over it.”  Agreed.

Ivanka Trump project to lift women in developing world announces $27M in grants

Ivanka Trump has announced the first batch of grants for her economic empowerment effort, the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. The White House initiative, launched in February with an initial investment of $50 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development, is designed to help women in developing countries get ahead economically. Its first batch of grants totals $27 million, for 14 projects in 22 countries, mostly in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Trump is daughter of President Trump and a senior White House adviser. The initiative aims to help empower 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. The budget Trump has proposed for 2020 asks Congress for another $100 million for the initiative, even as he has proposed cuts to other foreign aid. “We are just getting started, but we are committed to delivering real results that create transformational change for women in developing countries by helping them prosper in the workforce, succeed as entrepreneurs, and fight for legislative change,” Ivanka Trump said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. The first 14 projects receiving a share of the $27 million were chosen from some 120 entries, administration officials said Wednesday. They include an effort in Rwanda to help 1,400 women get into the African country’s fast-growing energy sector; a Latin American initiative that aims to equip 8,700 women with the skills needed to work tech jobs in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru; and a plan to support 5,000 women working in Indonesia’s poultry industry.

Kudos to Ivanka for spearheading this effort!  Outstanding!!     🙂

Opinion: The Mysterious Female Conservative

This fall, if you’re lucky enough to hang your hat at the leafy, cloistered, and widely acclaimed Amherst College — checking in at #2 in the rankings of national liberal-arts colleges by U.S. News and World Report, with tuition at a mere $60,000 a year! — you can learn about one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. It is truly a question for the ages, in line with puzzlers such as what happens to space–time in the heart of a super-massive black hole, how free will and predestination can truly coexist, and why Finding Bigfoot, the well-funded Animal Planet television series now in its ninth season, has never actually managed to, you know, find Bigfoot. Prepare for your minds to be blown, dorm-dwellers: How do women ever become conservative? The course that tackles this question, titled “Contemporary Debates: Women and Right-Wing Populism,” explores “why some women become prominent right-wing leaders and activists” while others join with “progressive forces to fight for the rights of women.” Ah, “the rights of women.” The phrase might sound virtuous and grand, but those who’ve circled the political block more than once probably know that it tends to be code for three things: a) abortion b) more government, and c) even more government. (Surprise!) Indeed, right-wingers do not tend to fight for these things. The reasons are not mysterious and could be quickly cleared up by having an actual right-leaning woman come in and lecture for a day or two. Normally, I would offer to do so for a somewhat reasonable fee, but for conservatives of all stripes, many of today’s college campuses have morphed into a terrifying blend of the Salem Witch Trials, a Ken Kesey acid test with despondent undertones, and the running of the bulls at Pamplona. If this sort of nonsense were limited to the goofballs at Amherst, we could brush it off as a blip on the broader national screen. Sadly, it goes all the way to the top. This week, Michelle Obama blithely labeled the congressional GOP as “all male, all white.” This remark might come as a surprise to well-known GOP lawmakers like Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Joni Ernst, and Mia Love, not to mention the 20 other Republican women in the House of Representatives alone, but never mind. The monochrome, mono-gender GOP, Obama suggested, is one of the reasons “why people don’t trust politics.” Well, it could be that, or it could be because prominent political figures on both sides of the aisle seem locked into a secret competition to see who can be the most insufferable. The former first lady’s comments came just days after her declaration that “any women who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” Good gravy. Hillary Clinton is a lot of things, but she is not my voice. We have vastly differing views on abortion, taxes, the economy, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment — America’s constitutional gun rights, by the way, are a great equalizer for women — and whether or not it is a good idea to get the government involved in every nook and cranny of American life. I don’t know why more women aren’t annoyed by the repeated Democratic insinuation that they cannot think for themselves, or by the idea that they could easily be tricked into fawning over an inept politician just because she has lady parts, but here we are. Sadly, on the left, the obsessive gender-based narrative will continue — full-throated, predictable, repetitive — and many women will continue to play along. On his show this week, Jimmy Fallon featured a bevy of female writers and a tearful Miley Cyrus delivering overwrought thank-you notes to special guest Hillary Clinton. For her part, Clinton sat there and chortled, righteous and aglow. For my part, I sat and marveled. Why on earth were these people thanking Hillary Clinton? She lost! She was so bad that many people debated sitting the whole election out. Great Britain had the glory of the Iron Lady; modern Democrats have the Countess o’ Kryptonite. Don’t take my word for it: This spring, a Washington Post/ABC News survey showed that Donald Trump would win both the electoral vote and the popular vote in a rematch with Clinton. A recent Bloomberg poll had Trump’s favorability ratings besting Clinton’s as well. There’s only one conclusion: People must not know that Hillary Clinton is a woman. Surely, the word will eventually get out! There are no female failings, after all — well, okay, there’s one, which is the regrettable tendency of some women to lean to the political right. It is truly a mystery for the ages. After all, as our very empowered friends on the left like to remind us, don’t we women all think alike?

No.  They do not!  That outstanding op/ed was written by Heather Wilhelm.  Excellent!!

Opinion: Little girls shouldn’t be forced to change and shower with grown men

The progressive push for gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms has opened up a “Pandora’s Box” of peril for women and young girls. Bathrooms and locker rooms once provided females with privacy from the outside world, serving as physical and emotional safe spaces for them to undress, shower and use the facilities. However, as the liberal charge for legal change continues, women and girls have been left afraid, looking over their shoulders in places they once felt welcome to move around freely. So far, 18 states, 200 cities and the District of Columbia have passed gender-neutral ‘bathroom laws’ allowing people to choose lavatories based on their “gender identity” instead of their biological sex. These laws not only defy common sense, but they are outright dangerous for women and little girls, putting them at greater risk of being filmed undressed, being sexually assaulted or even being raped. Kaeley Triller, a rape survivor, echoed this concern held by millions of Americans saying, “there are countless deviant men in this world who will pretend to be transgender as a means of gaining access to the people they want to exploit, namely women and children.” Clearly, genuine transgender people are not the issue here. Rather, the concern lies in the ambiguities created by ‘bathroom laws” that could result in horrific consequences for women and children at the hands of sexual predators. Under many gender-neutral ‘bathroom laws,’ a man who is not actually a transgender can claim to identify as a female and access a ladies bathroom or locker room. In fact, even worse has already happened in Seattle, where a man who did not even make an effort to disguise himself as a transgender entered a women’s locker room and began to undress. When women in the room tried to kick him out, he responded by saying, “the law has changed and I have a right to be here.” The man was not punished and again entered the locker room later that day while little girls were changing for swim practice. Obviously, the consequences of these laws, as shown by this man’s action in Seattle, are ridiculous and unacceptable. Common sense gender-specific restroom and locker facilities were put in place for a reason. We cannot sacrifice the safety, privacy and dignity of our nation’s women and girls for a politically correct push for hastily constructed laws. The true predators will only be heard about when it is too late. We cannot afford to wait until irreparable damage is done to an innocent victim to realize that these ambiguities must be eliminated and these gender-neutral ‘bathroom laws’ laws must be changed. -Madison Gesiotto is a staff editor for the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. The author’s views are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

Madison absolutely nails it here!  And, while all of these self-righteous, liberal agenda-driven companies and entertainers beat up on the state of North Carolina for it’s recent law aimed at addressing this very issue, we applaud the NC state legislature and governor for having the courage to exercise common sense and do what’s right and smart.  Next time you hear the Dems play the gender card, keep this in mind.  The Dems, and liberal elite want to put women and young girls in danger with these silly so-called “transgender” policies.