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Donald Trump Meets Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko After Sanctioning Russian-Backed Separatists

President Donald Trump met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday as his administration imposed sanctions on Russian-backed separatists in the country. Trump said the two had “very, very good discussions,” calling Ukraine “a place that we’ve all been very much involved in.” Behind the scenes, the White House revealed that Trump and Poroshenko discussed support for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced sanctions on two Russian officials and several separatists in Eastern Ukraine to support the Ukrainian amidst ongoing Russian-backed conflicts in the region. “This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations under the Minsk agreements,” Mnuchin said Tuesday. Poroshenko said it was a “great pleasure” to meet with Trump to discuss issues important to Ukraine and called the president a “supporter and strategic partner” of the country. “We’re really fighting for freedom and democracy,” he said.

We’re thrilled to hear Trump is meeting with Petro!  Excellent!!    🙂

Cuba deal rollback: Trump says he’s nixing Obama’s ‘one-sided’ pact

President Trump, speaking at a Miami theater associated with Cuban exiles, announced Friday he is nixing his predecessor’s “one-sided deal” with the Communist nation – moving to restrict individual travel to the island, crack down on the flow of U.S. cash to the Cuban military and demand key reforms in Havana. While stopping short of a full reversal, Trump said he would challenge Cuba to come back to the table with a new agreement. “Effective immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba,” Trump told a cheering crowd. Trump cast his announcement Friday as the fulfillment of a campaign pledge to turn back former President Barack Obama’s diplomatic outreach to the country. “I keep my promises,” Trump said. “And now that I am your president, America will expose the crimes of the Castro regime.” A cornerstone of the new policy is to ensure Americans traveling to Cuba only support private businesses and services, banning financial transactions with the dozens of enterprises run by the military-linked corporation GAESA. The Trump administration also says it will strictly enforce the 12 authorized categories allowing American citizens to travel to Cuba – banning one particular type of travel, known as individual “people-to-people” trips, seen as ripe for abuse by would-be tourists. Most U.S. travelers to Cuba will again be required to visit the island as part of organized tour groups run by American companies. Obama eliminated the tour requirement, allowing tens of thousands of Americans to book solo trips and spend their money with individual bed-and-breakfast owners, restaurants and taxi drivers. The rules also require a daylong schedule of activities designed to expose the travelers to ordinary Cubans. Trump focused his speech Friday on the crimes and misdeeds of the Castro government, saying his administration would not “hide from it.” He accused the regime of harboring “cop killers, hijackers and terrorists” while casting the policy changes as meant to encourage a free Cuba. “With God’s help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve,” Trump said. Critics of the United States’ decades-long freeze – and embargo – with Cuba say it failed to spur such changes, and had welcomed Obama’s outreach as a fresh approach. But many Cuban-American lawmakers recoiled. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a Cuban-American lawmaker who helped craft the new policy, spoke before the president in Miami on Friday and took a shot at Trump’s predecessor for his visit to Cuba last March. “A year and a half ago … an American president landed in Havana to outstretch his hand to a regime. Today, a new president lands in Miami to reach out his hand to the people of Cuba,” Rubio said.

Exactly!!  This is great news for the good people of Cuba who have been brutalized by the communist dictator Castro brothers for over half a century.  Outstanding!!   🙂

Analysis: For Tech CEOs, Not Attending White House Summit Is Greater Risk

Technology executives at odds with the Trump administration see a bigger problem than attending a White House brainstorming session Monday—not attending. Silicon Valley has been among the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump over his positions on issues such as climate change and immigration. Still, representatives from Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp. MSFT 0.14% and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, companies that have opposed his policies, are expected to make the cross-country trip to ensure their voices are heard. Also expected to attend are Intel Corp. Chief Executive Brian Krzanich, Oracle Corp. co-CEO Safra Katz, a member of Mr. Trump’s transition team, and Cisco Systems Corp. CSCO 0.16% Chief Executive Chuck Robbins. “If you don’t show up, I think that’s the worst scenario,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in early May, when asked about the company’s relationship to the White House during an interview with CNBC. “Because then you’re quiet and this doesn’t do your cause any good, or your point of view any good.” Communication between the White House and Silicon Valley, already strained by the president’s proposed ban on travel to the U.S. by people from six Muslim-majority countries, was shaken after the White House pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla Inc. TSLA -1.05% and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., announced after the move he was quitting his role on councils that advise the president. He had been among the most vocal and visible Silicon Valley contacts for the White House. A Tesla spokesman declined to comment. Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, who tweeted his disappointment after the Paris decision, isn’t attending the Monday session because of a scheduling conflict that arose after the summit was rescheduled, a person familiar with the matter said. Others plan to attend despite the tensions. “You have to take a look at the landscape and see where you can find some common ground,” said Linda Moore, chief executive of Technet, a Washington-based lobbying group comprising U.S. technology companies and executives. Those areas include tax reform and workforce development, she said. Aaron Levie, CEO of the digital-storage company Box Inc., said in an interview last month the risk of the administration making decisions without hearing directly from the tech industry is too great. “It’s not a given that the policy decisions are going to be aligned with the long-term trends that I think at least the tech industry is witnessing on the front lines,” he said. Mr. Levie, along with Cisco chairman John Chambers and venture capitalist John Doerr, met in April with White House officials and members of Congress to discuss tech issues including education and privacy. “Everyone’s kind of got their own comfort level and their own desire of how much they want to engage,” said Ms. Moore. Mr. Cook, for example, spoke to the White House following both its immigration order and its exit from the Paris accord. Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment. In March, Mr. Benioff attended a White House roundtable on workforce development with Mr. Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other CEOs, during which he suggested the aspirational goal of creating five million apprenticeships by 2020. Earlier this week, Mr. Trump signed an executive order to reduce barriers to apprenticeships.

…which was awesome, and huge news!!  And yet, the dominantly liberal mainstream media swept it under the carpet almost immediately…..and instead continues their pathological obsession with liberal agenda-driven fake news nonsense like Comey testimonies, (already dispelled) so-called “collusion” by the Trump Campaign (and now Administration) with Russia…and on and on..  While the liberal media (i.e. NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR/PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, and of course the absolute worst..MSNBC..among others) focuses on bs like that which has NO bearing or impacts the lives of ordinary Americans, the President and a handful of his allies are actually getting work done they promised the voters they would.  It’s good to see these tech giants leading by example and putting their political differences aside and sitting down with our new administration to work on tech issues that affect all of us, and the tech industry.  The liberal media, Dems in Congress, and spineless establishment GOP House and Senate members could learn a thing or two from these corporate tech leaders.  Excellent!!    🙂

‘Sessions Resigning’ Narrative Gets Another Blow with White House Vow of Confidence

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted Thursday that Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dispelled rumors of a rift between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump Sanders’s statement to Acosta and other reporters came after days of mainstream media promotion of rumors from unnamed White House sources that the Attorney General and the President have been at loggerheads and that Sessions had even offered his resignation. Acosta noted the over 48 hours that passed between the report and Sanders’s rebuke, the first official White House refutation of the idea that Sessions might be on his way out for having criticized the president. The Daily Caller’s Alex Pfeiffer, however, reported Wednesday that multiple sources close to the Attorney General found the insinuation of his demise ridiculous. “He’s not going anywhere,” one official who spoke with Sessions in the aftermath of the reports told the Caller. Much of the media speculation was based on Trump’s supposed disagreement with the Justice Department on litigation strategy in the upcoming Supreme Court appeal on the validity of the President’s executive order travel ban for six Muslim majority countries. The President made tweets defending the original ban over what he called the “watered-down” second version, which was drafted with closer supervision from Attorney General Sessions’s Justice Department. Sessions, however, has been a prime media target within the administration since before he was even confirmed as Attorney General in contentious hearings that saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) make racially-charged attacks on then-Senator Sessions that saw her reprimanded. The campaign against Sessions, from both Democratic elected officials and the left-wing activist establishment, has only intensified since administration blood entered the water with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s ouster. In March, Senate Democrats renewed their calls for Sessions to resign over his inaccurate statements about meeting with Russian officials in the course of his official business as a U.S. Senator. The drums beating for resignation were quickly joined by the Democratic National Committee and George Soros’s leftist agitation vehicle Moveon.org. This week’s rumors of resignation began after a relative lull in the pressure from the left on Sessions. His central role in enforcing President Trump’s agenda on immigration and crime, however, continue to make him a focal point of leftist ire.

Indeed..  That is why he needs to stand firm, and continue to do the great job he’s doing.

Trump: U.S. Will Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump announced from the White House Rose Garden on Thursday afternoon that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord. The President had informed reporters on Wednesday that an announcement was coming soon regarding the accord. In response to questions as to whether he was hearing from CEOs attempting to persuade him, Trump replied, “I’m hearing from a lot of people, both ways. Both ways.” Later that night he confirmed in a tweet that he would hold an event at 3:00 p.m. Thursday to make the announcement. Vice President Pence opened the program stating several campaign promises that President Trump made and has kept thus far. “Thanks to president Trump, America is back,” said Pence. Our President is putting American jobs first, he added, “Putting the forgotten men and women of America first.” “The United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord,” announced Trump from a podium in the Rose Garden, citing fulfillment of his duty as President. He added that they will however “begin negotiations to reenter either the Paris accord or an entirely new transaction.” “We’re getting out, but we will start to negotiate” and we will work on a deal that’s fair, said Trump. Leaving the Paris Climate agreement was a key part of Trump’s message as he campaigned for the presidency last year. Former President Barack Obama unofficially entered the United States into the accord, which was adopted in December 2015 as the United Nations Climate Change Conference came to a close. During Trump’s recent attendance at the G7 summit in Italy, some of the other G7 leaders pressured Trump to ratify the Paris Climate Accord; however, he declined to do so. Last Friday White House economic advisor Gary Cohn characterized the President’s position on climate change as “evolving,” though it was not clear in what way. In early March AFP reported that the Trump team was divided over whether the U.S. should remain in or exit the climate agreement. Last week reports began surfacing that Trump would remove the U.S. from the Paris Accord. Meanwhile Trump announced that he would make a final decision on the matter in the coming week. Spotted in the audience at Trump’s Paris Climate announcement were Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, U.S. National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster, White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Also spotted was President and Founder of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Nordquist.

YES!!!!    🙂

Coulter: Press Barking (Mad) Up the Wrong Tree

The American media are so obsessed with their own Russian collusion story that they can’t see the possibility of actual corruption right in front of their noses. It’s gotten to the point that Trump could start shooting reporters on the White House lawn and The New York Times’ headline would be: In Trump’s New Tack, Echoes of Russia. In fairness to the media, this is all part of the liberal proclivity to embrace any conspiracy theory under the right conditions. There are random conservatives who might believe nutty things from time to time, but conspiracy-mongering is a plant that doesn’t fully bloom except in the soil of liberalism. The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm argued that because freedom is terrifying, one way to escape the anxiety is to have a strong belief system, providing a central magnet for all the metal filings to coalesce around. Liberals have no strong belief systems, only base impulses. This is why their passions must be corralled into conspiracy theories, to bring conformity to their lives. They hate Trump, so everything he does must be on orders from Moscow. Meanwhile, it is a known fact that the FBI is looking at Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. It is a known fact that the Kushner family has used its connections to President Trump to drum up Chinese investors for the family’s real estate portfolio. It is a known fact that Jared is looking for investors in his 666 Fifth Avenue building, which is underwater. It is a known fact that Jared met with the Russian ambassador — as well as a representative of a state-owned Russian bank — during the transition. It is a known fact that he neglected to mention those meetings on his security clearance forms. All of this is probably perfectly aboveboard. But if you weren’t insane, the blindingly obvious question would be: Why did Kushner meet with the head of a state-controlled Russian bank? That’s not what our media want to know! Reporters see all those facts, put 2 and 2 together and ask: How does this advance the narrative that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to steal the election from Hillary? This is why the press blared alarmist headlines about Kushner’s attempt to set up a “back channel” with Russia, a fact as important and disturbing as the square footage of Jared’s office. Liberals are desperate for anything sneaky with Russia because, unfortunately, there is still neither a coherent theory, nor any evidence, of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign to sway the election. The argument is that Russia hacked John Podesta’s emails and turned them over to Wikileaks in order to reveal to American voters that the Democratic National Committee … conspired against Bernie Sanders! And that would have swung the election against Hillary because — well, actually, there’s no theory on how it was supposed to work, exactly, but liberals believe that trained Russian spymasters thought it was a capital idea. Buttressing this crackpot theory, there is, helpfully, zero evidence. Despite the FBI investigating alleged Russian collusion for nearly one year now, there’s still not a speck of evidence that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign, only insinuations and dramatic headlines. The FBI itself never investigated the DNC email leaks, but outsourced review of the Democrats’ servers to a cyber-security firm hired by the DNC. It raised no red flags with our Jacques Clouseau-like FBI that the DNC’s chosen investigator, CrowdStrike, is affiliated with a fanatically anti-Russian Ukrainian billionaire. CrowdStrike’s smoking gun proving a Russian plot to elect Trump was the fact that the malware program used against the DNC was identical to a malware program used by the Russians to disable 80 percent of Ukraine’s howitzers in its war with Russian separatists in 2014. Except then it turned out that: a) Russia isn’t the only hacker with that malware; b) Ukraine’s howitzers hadn’t, in fact, been disabled; and c) Ukraine’s howitzer app had never even been hacked. Other cyber-security firms scoffed at CrowdStrike’s report, explaining that the “Fancy Bear” malware allegedly found in the DNC hacks may have originated with Russia, but once Russia had used it, every hacker had it. As cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr explained to The Miami Herald, malware isn’t “a bomb or an artillery shell. (It) doesn’t detonate on impact and destroy itself.” The study cited by CrowdStrike for its claim about the Ukrainian howitzers was written by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. But IISS has since explained that CrowdStrike misunderstood its report. True, Ukraine’s supply of howitzers was depleted. But that reduction occurred years earlier and had nothing to do with Russia. Technical experts with Ukraine’s military further denied that their artillery app had ever been hacked, at all. Weirdly, liberals cite the very absence of evidence to say: That’s why we need an investigation! As long as we’re calling for investigations of any kook theory, how about an independent commission to investigate whether Sen. Chuck Schumer is a child molester? Schumer was Anthony Weiner’s mentor, which is already more evidence than the media have for their Russian collusion story. True, I don’t have proof that Schumer is a child molester, but I just started this investigation! Was there collusion between Schumer and Weiner in the selection of the underage girl Weiner sexted with? Neither man has yet issued a full and convincing denial. Obviously, the point of an independent investigation isn’t to find any actual wrongdoing. It’s to hurt Trump. But if that’s your objective, American media, as loath as I am to give you helpful suggestions, the wafer-thin evidence that exists all points to Kushner, not collusion.

Pirro: ‘There Is a Traitor in the People’s House’

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said federal authorities must identify the “traitorous” leaker inside the Trump White House. Pirro said that the yet-unknown person giving secretive information to the press is “an enemy of the United States.” She said the leaker is doing “enormous damage” to both President Trump and the country. “There is a leaker in the White House. There is a traitor in the people’s house – a traitor who must be taken out,” Pirro said. She said she may know about the identity of the person who leaked information to the Washington Post, New York Times and other news outlets . “I have my own ideas, but I’m not ready to share them. Yet,” she said. Pirro said the leaks have overshadowed what should have been very positive press coverage of Trump’s overseas trip. She applauded Trump for his successes during the trip.

It was a very successful trip, indeed.  There are rumors that one or more leakers HAVE been identified..  We, of course, will continue to monitor for any developments..