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Fired Mizzou professor Melissa Click: ‘This is all about racial politics’

Infamous former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click suggested in a newspaper profile published Sunday that she was fired because of her race. “This is all about racial politics,” Click said in the Chronicle of Higher Education article. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.” Click was fired from her position as an assistant professor of communications in February, and her appeal of the decision was denied in March. She achieved national attention after video footage of her assaulting a student journalist went viral. Later, video emerged of her yelling profanities at a police officer. Her confrontation with a student journalist attempting to cover campus protests in November was caught on the journalist’s camera. “I’m not a superhero,” Click told The Chronicle. “I wasn’t in charge. When it got out of control, I was the one held accountable.” Her incident with police in October, during a protest at the university’s homecoming parade, was caught on an officer’s body camera. “Am I going to be one of those people who stands and watches another brutal moment against black people, or am I going to step in and make sure they’re safe?” Click said she asked herself before stepping between the police officer and a protester. “Black people love me,” she’s quoted as telling a reporter. Click said the media treated her unfairly, and if she were to write a headline for her story it would have been “Favorite Professor Fights to Support Black Students on Campus in Dangerous Situation.” “I believed at some point, somebody would care about the truth of what I was doing,” Click said. “I am a woman who made some mistakes trying to do what she thought was right.”

Melissa is a nauseating, self-righteous, uber-liberal waste of space, who simply got caught doing something not only unprofessional, but probably illegal.  Her actions, caught on camera, brought discredit upon herself and Mizzou.  THAT is why she was fired, and her appeal denied.  It had NOTHING to do with her race or gender.  But, since she has nothing else, she decided to play the gender card.  Thankfully, Mizzou didn’t buy it.

University of Missouri Bans Disruptive Campus Protests

Authorities at the University of Missouri have banned disruptive student protests, with offenders now facing the possibility of disciplinary proceedings affecting their degree or even police action. According to the Colombia Tribune, MU Police told a group of 15 student protesters on Wednesday of the possible consequences should their protests “disrupt university business.” Major Brian Weimer, who reportedly followed the students on their protest, said the university decided to “enforce an existing policy against disruptions after receiving complaints from people on campus about past protests.” He added that the university “needs to balance free speech with employees’ rights to do their jobs without disruption.” The students were protesting against the “racism of Donald Trump,” called for “the cancellation of all student debt,” and demanded the “divestment from private prisons by all universities,” as part of the radical leftist movement the Million Student March. Interim chancellor Hank Foley said: “We really need to have guardrails on some of the activities we were having. I certainly heard from a lot of people who have found these protests to be scary or frightening.” The move by school officials comes after the University of Missouri suffered a $32 million deficit and a 20% drop in freshman enrollment following prolonged student protests that forced out President Tom Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin in 2015. Protest members could not be reached for comment.

We’re all for free speech here at The Daily Buzz..  BUT..  This isn’t free speech, it’s obnoxious, rabble-rousing, sh_t-disturbing, entitlement-minded, racial agitators raising hell just to raise hell.  So, kudos to Mizzou’s interim chancellor for cracking down on these loser kids making life miserable for everyone…and causing freshman enrollment to tank because nobody wants to put up with that crap.  Excellent!!     🙂

Opinion: Crazy Campus Radicals Are Financially Crippling Mizzou

For months, news has trickled out of Missouri regarding the negative fallout from the fall student protests. The university capitulated in the face of a racial “crisis” wholly of the protesters manufacture (demanding a chancellor’s resignation over random racial incidents completely outside his control), and the chickens are truly coming home to roost. Previously, I’ve posted about declining student applications and declining donations, yet the true dimensions of the financial disaster are only just now coming into focus. Fox Sports has obtained a copy of the interim chancellor’s letter to the university community: “I am writing to you today to confirm that we project a very significant budget shortfall due to an unexpected sharp decline in first-year enrollments and student retention this coming fall. I wish I had better news. The anticipated declines which total about 1,500 fewer students than current enrollment at MU in addition to a small number of necessary investments are expected to leave us with an approximate $32 million budget gap for next year. A smaller entering freshman class will have continuing impact on finances as they progress toward their degrees at MU.” Unexpected decline? Only to those who think weeks of coverage dedicated to campus crazies has no effect on market decisions in a competitive college environment. At any rate, the budget shortfall means considerable pain all around: “We are implementing an across-the-board hiring freeze for all units on campus. We urge all campus administrators to carefully review their staffing levels and to not refill any positions unless they are absolutely necessary to the mission. Decisions to add faculty or staff must be exceptional, but will be left to the discretion of the deans, vice chancellors, vice provosts and the director of athletics. We will not have an annual merit increase program this year. Effectively that means merit increases are at zero for the entire campus. Promotional increases for faculty will still be provided.” Cowardice has its costs. Flagship state universities — backed by the full financial might of the state and its taxpayers — are for now too big to fail, but they’re not too big to suffer. It remains to be seen whether other university administrators will learn the correct lessons from Missouri’s capitulation. Campus radicals rule without serious consequence only when the news of their extremism remains largely confined to friendly academic media. When news breaks outside the leftist cocoon, the consequences can be severe.

Indeed…  Attorney, and Army Reserve officer (Major), David French is the author of that piece.  David is exactly right..  Pandering to these lunatic, liberal kids playing the race card DOES have its consequences.  When Mizzou caved, everyone lost.  That’s the cost of liberalism.

Univ of Missouri Professor Melissa Click Fired over Role in Protests Files Appeal

A former University of Missouri assistant communications professor is appealing her firing last month over her role last year in a race-related student protest, suggesting that her ouster was political. Melissa Click, in a statement Tuesday, insisted her Feb. 25 dismissal by the university system’s governing curators was unfair by failing to follow the normal, on-campus procedures for reacting to faculty misconduct. More than 100 state lawmakers, mostly Republican, had called for her removal. “In their decision to terminate my employment, the curators bowed to conservative voices that seek to tarnish my stellar 12-year record at MU,” Click wrote. “Instead of disciplining me for conduct that does not ‘meet expectations for a university faculty member,’ the curators are punishing me for standing with students who have drawn attention to the issue of overt racism at the University of Missouri.” Click, whose firing followed her suspension in January, added that the governing board “is using me as a scapegoat to distract from larger campus issues, but their termination of my employment will not remedy the environment of injustice that persists at MU.” A spokesman for the curators, John Fougere, said Tuesday that board had no comment. Click’s statement came a day after the American Association of University Professors announced that three members would visit the Columbia campus later this month to investigate the process leading to Click’s firing and whether it violated her right to due process and “whether conditions for academic freedom and tenure at the institution are sound.” Click’s supporters have questioned the curators’ move, by a 4-2 vote, to decide Click’s fate rather than allowing the school to use its normal, on-campus procedures for reacting to faculty misconduct. “The AAUP’s action underscores my belief that the curators have overstepped their authority,” Click said Tuesday. In voicing support of 45-year-old Click’s firing, top university administrators cited her run-ins with police during October protests in Columbia and with two student journalists weeks later on the Columbia campus, including a videotaped confrontation where she called for “some muscle” to remove a videographer from the protest area. During the October matter, Click was recorded telling police to get their hands off students during a protest, then hugging the students and cursing at an officer who grabbed her. The protests, spurred by what activists said was administrators’ indifference to racial issues on campus, prompted the Columbia chancellor and system president to resign after the protests escalated, with one student’s hunger strike and an announcement by members of the football team that they would refuse to play. Click has said she regretted her actions, claiming her actions were meant to safeguard protesters from retaliation. But in Tuesday’s statement, she wrote that “I will not apologize for my support of black students who experience racism at the University of Missouri.”

Melissa Click is like the Clintons; people you wish would just go away..   Melissa was the one who “overstepped” by attacking that journalist covering the event in question.  SHE is the one who used her position to censor debate (something that should not happen on a state college campus), and did so in a very unprofessional manner that brought discredit upon herself and Mizzou.  So, Mizzou did the right thing by firing her.  Melissa Click is an obnoxious, fascist, extreme liberal, EX-college professor who simply got caught on camera crossing that line that so many other liberal college faculty cross all the time.  Kudos to Mizzou for doing the right thing.  Let’s hope Melissa’s appeal fails miserably.

Disgraced Missouri professor seen yelling profanity at police in new video

A since-suspended University of Missouri professor is seen yelling profanities at police officers trying to clear activists blocking traffic in a video that surfaced late Sunday night of an October protest. Assistant Professor of Communication Melissa Click was suspended from her position in late January after she was charged with misdemeanor assault following a different videotaped skirmish with a student journalist in November. The prosecutor has said he’ll drop the charge in a year if Click completes community service, though her position at Missouri is still being reviewed. The new video of Click tangling with police officers during an Oct. 10 Homecoming Parade could complicate the matter. The Missourian obtained the police body camera footage through an open records request. “Her conduct and behavior are appalling, and I am not only disappointed, I am angry that a member of our faculty acted this way,” Interim Chancellor Hank Foley said in a statement emailed to The Missourian. “Her actions caught on camera last October are just another example of a pattern of misconduct by Dr. Click – most notably her assault on one of our students while seeking ‘muscle’ during a highly volatile situation on Carnahan Quadrangle in November.” In the new video, Click can be seen in the same group as several student protesters who were blocking the Homecoming Parade route. As officers attempt to direct the group back onto the sidewalk, Click forces herself between a police officer and graduate student Jonathan Butler, who is also a prominent campus activist. Click tells the officers to “get your hands off the children” and then uses a profanity against an officer who grabs her shoulder as he tries to direct her back onto the sidewalk. “We must have high expectations of members of our community, and I will address these new revelations with the Board of Curators as they work to complete their own review of the matter,” Foley said in the statement. Click first gained notoriety after a video surfaced of her during a Nov. 9 demonstration by student activists who took issue with perceived racial bias at the university. A YouTube video shows Click confronting videographer Mark Schierbecker, apparently trying to block him from shooting video on the public quad. When Schierbecker asks to speak to Click, she tells him to leave. “No, you need to get out,” she says, pointing away and then apparently grabbing Schierbecker’s camera. “You need to get out. You need to get out.” When Schierbecker refuses to leave, Click yells to a nearby group: “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.” In an interview with The Missourian on Friday – before the new video became public – Click admitted the November incident was a “mistake” but hoped to still keep her job. “My mistake is just one part of who I am,” she said. “I want to stay at MU. I deserve to be heard and I deserve to be treated fairly, and I’m going to fight to be treated fairly. I think it’s everybody’s right to be treated fairly.”

Yes, I think you WILL be treated fairly…IF you get arrested and thrown in jail, you piece of garbage.  Hopefully Mizzou will finally terminate her…and that she’s charged.  THAT would be “fair treatment,” indeed.

Suspended Missouri professor reaches assault case deal

The suspended University of Missouri assistant professor who was charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a confrontation with two student journalists during November’s campus protests reached a deal Friday with prosecutors, getting community service but no jail time or fines if she stays out of trouble for a year. Columbia city prosecutor Steve Richey said he decided to forego pursuing the misdemeanor assault case against assistant communications professor Melissa Click, who has pledged no further illegal behavior for a year and to complete 20 hours of community service, he said in a statement. If Click fails to comply, “prosecution of the case will resume at that point,” Richey said, adding that he believes “this disposition to be appropriate.” Click was charged Monday, and could have faced up to 15 days in jail. Click, who seeking tenure with the university, did not respond to an email seeking comment Friday. Her university voicemail was full, and her home number was disconnected. The university system’s governing board of curators suspended Click on Wednesday and ordered an investigation by its general counsel to determine whether additional discipline “is appropriate,” board chairwoman Pam Henrickson said in a statement. A message regarding whether Friday’s action would affect the suspension was left with Hendrickson’s law office. Click had a confrontation with a student photographer and a student videographer during the Nov. 9 protests at the Columbia campus over what some saw as university leadership’s indifference to racial issues. Click called out to recruit “some muscle” from protesters to help remove the videographer, Mark Schierbecker. That same day, the president of the four-campus University of Missouri system and the Columbia campus’ chancellor resigned over the unrest. Click later said publicly she regretted her actions. She also apologized to Schierbecker, all journalists and the university community for detracting from the students’ efforts to improve the racial climate on the Columbia campus. A message left Friday on Schierbecker’s cellphone was not immediately returned.

This is a follow up to this story we posted a while ago.   Ms. Click should still be fired from Mizzou..

University of Missouri professor charged with assault in fracas with journalist

The University of Missouri communications professor caught on video scuffling with a journalist during a November campus demonstration was charged with third-degree assault Monday morning, the Columbia city prosecutor’s office confirmed to A summons with a yet-to-be determined court date is set to be mailed to UM assistant professor of communications Melissa Click. If she’s found guilty, her penalty would ultimately be up to a judge, but would likely require paying a fine, a spokesperson from the prosecutor’s office said. The video, which was quickly posted to YouTube, showed Click confronting videographer Mark Schierbecker during a campus protest on Nov. 9 and apparently trying to block him from shooting video on a public quad. At one point, Schierbecker asks to speak with Click, who promptly tells him to leave. “No, you need to get out,” she says, pointing away and then seeming to grab Schierbecker’s camera. “You need to get out. You need to get out.” When Schierbecker refuses to leave, Click yells to a group of nearby demonstrators: “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.” The campus protests began over perceived racial issues at the University of Missouri. System President Tim Wolfe resigned during the demonstrations. Click has since issued an apology and resigned a courtesy appointment at the Missouri School of Journalism. That appointment allowed her to serve on graduate panels for students from other academic units, the Columbia Missourian reported. But she retained her primary position at the school, though the UM Board of Curators called for her firing just last week. “While the University of Missouri seems to have no accountability, the judicial system in Missouri does,” Columbia State Representative Caleb Jones told ABC17.

Agreed, Rep. Jones!  One word….  Karma!  This obnoxious Mizzou teacher should have been fired, and banned from the school grounds for her unbelievably unprofessional behavior which brought discredit not only on herself, but on the University of Missouri as well.  So, we’re glad to see at least she’s gonna be charged for minor assault.  That’s definitely appropriate.  But, she should be fired as well.  These pc police and speech nazi college professors and administrators need to get the message that harassing kids, journalists and others who may not share the same politics or belief systems is NOT ok.


Missouri lawmakers flex muscles in call for professor’s firing

The University of Missouri professor who called for “some muscle” to toss a reporter out of a demonstration on public property could be the one who gets bounced, after state lawmakers on Monday demanded that she be fired. Communications Professor Melissa Click made national news in November, when she tried to have a student reporter on assignment for ESPN thrown off the quad during a racially charged protest. “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?” Click yelled out after reporter Tim Tai refused to leave in an incident caught on video. “I need some muscle over here.” The Nov. 9 incident came as students protested the racial climate on campus and reacted to the earlier resignation of former school President Tim Wolfe. Video of the confrontation went viral and drew nearly 3 million views, igniting a nationwide debate on the First Amendment. Critics fumed that a professor could not only take part in a student protest, but also that one affiliated with the school’s venerable journalism school would try to forcibly stop a journalist from reporting the news. Click lost her courtesy appointment in the journalism school and was accused of assault and Title IX violations, but remains an untenured professor. Now, more than 100 House Republicans and 18 Senate members from the state Legislature have signed a letter to the school’s board of curators demanding Click’s “immediate firing.” “The fact that, as a professor teaching the communication department and the school of journalism, she displayed such a complete disregard for the First Amendment rights of reporters should be enough to question her competency and aptitude for her job,” reads the letter, penned by Rep. Caleb Jones and Sen. Kurt Schaefer. The letter also questioned Click’s taxpayer-funded research into “50 Shades of Grey,” Lady Gaga and “Twilight.”

Glad to hear the Missouri state legislature is putting pressure on Mizzou to get rid of that worthless excuse for a professor.  We’ll keep an eye on this story…



Mizzou Campus Activists and Black Lives Matter Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight

Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were. Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus. So debased has the language on American campuses become that these incidents, which many observers believe to be hoaxes, just like previous campus scandals celebrated by progressive media, are being referred to as “terrorism” and a “tragedy” by moronic 20-year-olds who have never been told, “No.” Such a reaction is understandable, if grimly hilarious. These kids been raised by indulgent parents, instructed by professors racked with middle-class white guilt who secretly hate themselves and western culture, and promoted by a sympathetic media which bends over backwards to put them in the best light and paper over their tantrums. This is the same media hesitant to call Paris an act of Islamic terrorism for hours, despite shouts of “Allahu akbar.” The product of their pandering to the politics of grievance and offence-taking is a generation of students who, faced with the horror of a terrorist attack killing hundreds, respond with: “But what about me?” Campus activists and Black Lives Matter protesters shame themselves any time they are forced to go off-script. Normally, their messaging is carefully controlled. They parrot a narrative created by progressive media and reinforced via well-funded spokespeople and professional agitators. Left to their own devices, however, they fall to pieces. Ergo, the head-scratching spectacle of hundreds of college crybullies cast adrift from the pronouncements of Salon columnists and left to complain aloud that their grievances were playing second fiddle to innocent French citizens being mowed down by jihadist maniacs.

You really can’t make this up, folks..  These idiot, selfish, whiny, crybabies bring discredit on themselves and their selfish cause..  Click on the text above to see some of their Tweets, and to read the rest of this article.  It’ll blow your mind how dumb they are.  But, be sure to share em with everyone you know.  More people need to know who Black Lives Matter and their affiliate rejects at Mizzou really are.  Unreal…

University of Missouri student body president apologizes for spreading false KKK threat

The student body president at University of Missouri has apologized for spreading false rumors about a “confirmed” instance of Ku Klux Klan members on campus. Payton Head, who is black, warned students on Facebook Tuesday to “stay away from windows in residence halls,” because the “KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus.” He also purported to be “working with” the University of Missouri Police Department (MUPD), the state trooper and National Guard over the alleged threat. Mr. Head eventually deleted the post, and @MUAlert, the university’s emergency update system, tweeted the following: “There is no immediate threat to campus. Please do not spread rumors and follow @MUAlert at for updates.” Mr. Head took to his Facebook page Wednesday to apologize for spreading the rumor. “I’m sorry about the misinformation that I have shared through social media,” he wrote. “In a state of alarm, I was concerned for all students of the University of Missouri and wanted to ensure that everyone was safe. I received and shared information from multiple incorrect sources, which I deeply regret. The last thing needed is to incite more fear in the hearts of our community.” Mr. Head faced numerous calls for resignation over the incident, prompting him to post the following on Facebook Wednesday: “For STUDENTS who have issues with my leadership, once again you may find impeachment proceedings at You have the right to have your voice heard, and the right to have a leader in place in which you trust.”

What an arrogant, self-righteous tool!! He should resign not just because it’s the honorable thing to do…but hey.. He got BUSTED lying about something that wasn’t even true! I would think he’d want to resign out of shame regarding that alone. But, Noooooo!! He basically is saying, “hey if you want to impeach me, go for it. Here’s the link.” The right thing for Payton to do is simply resign and then Mizzou should expel him for insighting racial unrest on the campus. He is a shameful disgrace, and a discredit to the university. Then, the students should elect a student president that won’t use his position to cause racial division, and instead use the position to promote true diversity of opinions (not just those which are politically correct and pander the liberal elite), and free speech. And hey.. Let’s be honest.. They might even consider electing someone who is actually more representative of the WHOLE student body; not just a small minority. After all, the student body is roughly 3% Hispanic, 8% Black, and over 80% White. Just try and imagine a white student president at Howard Univ. in Washington, D.C., a historically black university. It’d NEVER happen, and we all know it. But, here you have a black (racist, no less) student president at an overwhelmingly white university, and using his position to spread racial lies. Again, just imagine if the races were reversed and it was Howard Univ… But, then again we have those honest, politically incorrect, discussions here at The Daily Buzz; those discussions that the dominantly liberal mainstream media refuses to have because they’re too scared to do so, and it goes counter to their liberal agenda.