University of Edinburgh

Pro-Trump British student facing probe for mocking ISIS

A British University student who supports President Donald Trump has been subjected to an investigation for putting “minority students at risk and in a state of panic and fear” after he mocked the Islamic State group on social media. Edinburgh University officials have launched an inquiry into comments made by Robbie Travers, 21, who allegedly committed a “hate crime” when he mocked jihadists in Iraq and Syria, the Times of London reported. In April, Travers celebrated the U.S. military bombing of an ISIS center in Afghanistan using the so-called “mother of all bombs” – a strike that killed at least 36 ISIS militants, Fox News reported. “Excellent news that the US administration and Trump ordered an accurate strike on an IS network of tunnels in Afghanistan,” Travers wrote on Facebook, adding, “I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.” In another opinionated post, the student wrote: “I won’t give elements of Islam or Muslims who hold regressive beliefs a free pass for their assorted poisonous bigotries and regressive values because they face bigotry. “If you have terrible, oppressive views that seek to attack the rights of others, expect to be called out for those views, regardless of being oppressed yourself … ” In a complaint filed by Esme Allman, a second-year history student and a former leader of an ethnic minority student group, Travers was accused of “targeting minority students and student spaces,” the Times reported. “Not only do I believe this behaviour to be in breach of the student code of conduct, but his decision to target the BME Liberation Group at the University of Edinburgh, and how he has chosen to do so, puts minority students at risk and in a state of panic and fear while attending the University of Edinburgh,” said Allman in the complaint. The former student leader, who describes herself as feminist, also accused Travers of “Islamophobia,” adding in her complaint that she takes “issue with this clear and persistent denigration and disparagement of protected characteristics and blatant Islamophobia.” Travers denied the accusations of bigotry or incitement to violence, but acknowledged his remarks were opinionated. He said he was reported to the university officials out of spite by Allman after he once criticized her comments on social media. An Edinburgh University spokesman confirmed the investigation of Travers to the Times and added that the university was committed to “providing an environment in which all members of the university community treat each other with dignity and respect and our code of student conduct sets out clear expectations of behaviour.”

And THIS is why we have the First Amendment to our Constitution in the United States.   It would appear that the pc police and speech nazis are firmly in control at the University of Edinburgh.  If you can’t mock ISIS, then who can ya mock?!?  They’re evil barbarians.  And, anyone who supports animals like that should be the ones being investigated.  We support Robbie’s efforts, and hope the administration at the university will tell Esme to grow up and get over it.  Unreal…