USMCA Replaces NAFTA as Trump Delivers on One of Biggest Promises

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement formally replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Wednesday, meaning that President Donald Trump has now officially completed one of the biggest promises of his insurgent 2016 campaign. Commemorating the occasion, President Trump issued a lengthy statement laying out the success: “When I ran for President, I made a solemn promise to the American people that I would end the job-killing failure called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and replace it with a better deal for our workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses—the men and women of Main Street who built the most prosperous and equitable economy in human history,” Trump said. “Today, with NAFTA ending forever and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) entering into full force, our grateful Nation pays tribute to America’s workers and celebrates their ability to overcome decades of bad deals and failed policies. The USMCA is the largest, fairest, and most balanced trade agreement ever negotiated and contains innovative provisions to help grow the economy and support American jobs. It is a tremendous victory for our manufacturers and autoworkers, meaning more cars and trucks will be produced in the United States. The USMCA is also a historic breakthrough for American agriculture. Canada will provide greater access for American dairy products, poultry, and eggs, and finally give fair treatment to American-grown wheat. In addition, the USMCA includes groundbreaking provisions to address digital trade, services, small business, and more, which will protect America’s competitive edge in technology and innovation.” Trump’s statement continued by thanking Congress for approving the deal, which it did with huge bipartisan majorities in both chambers. The USMCA passed the U.S. Senate last year 89-10, a sign of massive bipartisan support. Then, later, it passed the U.S. House 385-41, another strong bipartisan showing. Trump said: ” The strong and overwhelming support the USMCA received from both parties in Congress—as well as from labor unions, business organizations, and champions of agriculture—shows just how much this trade agreement will benefit all Americans. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be added to the economy,” Trump said. “The United States appreciates the efforts of our partners in Mexico and Canada to ensure that North America is strengthening its economic ties while working to combat the coronavirus pandemic. To mark this historic achievement, I look forward to welcoming President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico to the White House on July 8, 2020, to continue our important dialogue on trade, health, and other issues central to our regional prosperity and security.” Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, issued her own statement as wel, praising the jobs that will be created as a result of the USMCA going into effect. She said: ” Today, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will go into effect. Thanks to the bold leadership of President Trump, the agreement will mean stronger economic growth, more jobs for American workers, and fairer trade for our country. President Trump has delivered for American manufacturers, farmers, businesses, and workers. The agreement will drive job creation and includes the strongest, most advanced, and comprehensive set of labor provisions of any United States trade agreement. American farmers will have access to fairer markets in Canada and Mexico, opening up more opportunities to export their goods. USMCA will strengthen American manufacturing, including incentivizing investment in high paying auto manufacturing jobs here in the United States. Just as promised, President Trump is replacing the disastrous North American Free Trade Agreement, which drove American jobs overseas for years. USMCA is a fair deal for American workers and finally brings our trade relationship with Canada and Mexico into the 21st century.” The International Trade Commission estimates that the USMCA will create between 176,000 and 589,000 jobs in America. In automotive manufacturing alone, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office estimates, there will be another $34 billion in investments and 76,000 new jobs for Americans. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office also says that several restrictions from Canada on American dairy, wheat, and wine producers end as a result of USMCA as well.

While not perfect, this is definitely a BIG step in the right direction.  Yes, it’s a big win for President Trump in this election year.  But, more importantly, it’s a big win for American workers and American jobs.  Excellent!!      🙂

Opinion/Analysis: Trump makes punishing leftist anarchists for desecrating monuments a priority

President Trump was elected in large part on the issue of law and order. It’s been an issue for generations in this country, as Americans have watched the decline of social cohesion ever since the left enjoyed sympathetic coverage by the mass media during the Vietnam War. What we are seeing today with riots, vandalism and the wanton destruction of public property and art is a natural and cancerous outgrowth of the encouragement and coddling of leftists and their violent but farcical anarchy. The good news is, we are seeing Mr. Trump emerge, once again, as the right man at the right time. After weeks of seeing chaos and anarchy unfold on the streets with no apparent response from law enforcement at any level, the White House and Department of Justice have begun to make it clear that there will be serious repercussions for those engaging in mob violence. This should be a no-brainer, but the Republican Party has a historic problem known as “No Spine Syndrome.” The GOP has been scrambling for its binky and hoping no one would knock on their door. Not needing the help of sucklings, Mr. Trump stepped forward. He tweeted on June 26, “I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues — and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!” That order “enforces laws prohibiting the desecration of public monuments, the vandalism of government property, and recent acts of violence, withholds federal support tied to public spaces from state and local governments that have failed to protect public monuments, and withdraws federal grants for jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies that fail to stop their desecration. It also provides assistance for protecting the federal statues,” Fox News reported. This aggressive federal posture sends a message, in fact it gives permission, to hesitant and even frightened local leaders, that capturing and punishing the mob is a priority. Cases in point: On June 27, The Oklahoman reported, “Protesters blamed for the violence that broke out in Oklahoma City the last weekend in May were charged Friday with terrorism, rioting and assault. … Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater made the decisions himself on the charges in a get-tough approach meant to deter others from going too far during protests in the future. ‘This is not Seattle,’ Prater said Friday. ‘We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.’” In Colorado, the governor is “warning protestors that ‘destruction and vandalism are not the answer’ after three suspects were arrested in connection to a fire set to a pedestal of a toppled Civil War monument outside the State Capitol building,” Fox News reported. On Friday, June 26, I had the opportunity of guest hosting for Laura Ingraham on Fox News and spoke with acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. I told him how disturbing it was to see wanton anarchy in various cities with apparently no arrests or repercussions for the mob. Here’s part of that exchange: KEN CUCCINELLI: “We can go around the country and I can rattle off places where federal forces have been employed to deal with local violence, not peaceful protesting, local violence. And that’s still going on — the president still has us leaning forward doing that.” TAMMY BRUCE: “Have there been arrests? How many arrests have there been? We know that these are televised events, felonies are occurring, property being destroyed.” CUCCINELLI: “There have been arrests.” BRUCE: “How many?” CUCCINELLI: “Yeah, there have been arrests. I don’t actually know the total number, but it’s an enormous number. And I’ll tell you there are a large number of federal investigations going on right now following up on the violence you’ve seen, the destruction you’ve seen.” The next Monday, the White House press secretary noted at the start of her briefing that there had been more than 100 arrests, with 200 investigations ongoing. Additionally, the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force arrested four men for vandalism of the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park. Indicative of the president’s commitment to acting quickly against the mob, on Tuesday he responded to the vandalism of the iconic statues of George Washington in New York City’s Washington Square Park. He tweeted, “We are tracking down the two Anarchists who threw paint on the magnificent George Washington Statue in Manhattan. We have them on tape. They will be prosecuted and face 10 years in Prison based on the Monuments and Statues Act. Turn yourselves in now!” This incident will ruin the lives of the two people captured on surveillance video, and should send a significant message to every menace who thinks they can act with impunity. The president is illustrating that law and order is of paramount importance and is at the foundation of everything else. We know he understands the policy issues on which he was elected, but now it is more important than ever to show the American people that he’s acting to secure this nation, as the legacy media is working overtime to convince us that chaos reigns. Why? Because, like abusers and batterers everywhere, they tell you if you just surrender, they’ll stop hurting you. That’s a lie, and it will be rejected in November.

Let’s hop you’re right, Tammy.  Tammy Bruce is the author of that piece.  Tammy is president of Independent Women’s Voice, is a radio talk-show host, and is a New York Times best-selling author.

Trump’s Tulsa Rally Akin to a ‘Festival’ Featuring Musical Acts, Dozens of Surrogates

President Donald Trump’s “Great American Comeback” rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will have the hallmarks of a “festival,” featuring musical acts, high-profile supporters, and camera crews, Axios reported on Thursday. Trump is kicking off his return in style, throwing what the outlet described as a “massive pro-Trump festival complete with musical acts, and it’s flying in high-profile backers and camera crews to show the world the fervency of his supporters”: Organizers are leasing a jet to fly in surrogates the night before and multiple film crews are being brought in to record the event, people familiar with the plans tell Axios. The Trump campaign, which had those registering for the event acknowledge a coronavirus disclaimer, has outlined the safety measures it is taking at the rally, including temperature checks and the distribution of hand sanitizer and masks. Despite warnings and criticisms from critics — many of whom have, notably, praised the thousands of protesters who have flocked to the streets in recent weeks — about one million people signed up for the event, which is taking place at the Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Center. The facility holds 19,000, but Axios added that the campaign is expected to set up a stage in an area nearby, which can “hold tens of thousands more.” “While Trump is scheduled to speak inside the BOK Center, additional staging is to be set up outside for other speakers and performers,” Axios reported, adding that they will appear “both inside and outside the arena,” as will Trump, who “plans to speak at both the indoor and outdoor stages, according to a source with direct knowledge of the plans.” Dozens of surrogates and Republican lawmakers will be at the event, including Sens. Jim Inhofe, James Lankford, and Tom Cotton, per the outlet. The event comes just two months ahead of the celebration of Trump’s nomination, slated to take place in Jacksonville, Florida, in August. Critics have continued to lodge complaints at the president for resuming his rallies, which have been halted since early March due to the coronavirus pandemic. “This is what narcissism is about. Trump, in order to hear cheers from an adoring crowd, will defy science and sacrifice lives—not just those who go to his rally but those they come in contact with,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) remarked on Wednesday, declaring that Trump must be defeated “for the health of the American people”: Notably, Sanders has not accused the throngs of protesters who have taken to the streets in recent weeks of defying science or risking lives. Rather, the Vermont socialist proclaimed that he was “proud of the people standing up for justice and taking to the streets”:

Of course not…because crazy ol’ Bernie is spectacular hypocrite.  Thanks God he’ll never be President..  Set your DVRs for tonight.  It should be quite a hoot!  We envision MAGA face masks.    🙂

On Donald Trump’s birthday, here are his greatest business successes

President Trump turned 74 today. Leading up to the day, his campaign encouraged fans on Twitter to sign a “birthday card” for the 45th president. According to the form where supporters could leave a message — along with their full name, email address and zip code — the campaign wanted to get 2 million signatures for the president. Before he became commander in chief, Trump was a businessman. Though many of his ventures failed — including Trump Airlines and Trump Vodka — he had enough success along the way to become a billionaire, according to Forbes. He hosted “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice”on NBC from 2004 until 2015, which he claimed made him $213,606,575 in 14 seasons of the show, Politico reported in 2015. But the main source of Trump’s wealth is actually related to his buildings in New York City, according to Forbes. In fact, Trump got started as a real estate developer, just like his father, Fred Trump. Click here to take a look at some of Trump’s successes, including his real estate deals, on his 74th birthday:

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!!    🙂

Trump tells West Point graduates America’s institutions endure against ‘passions and prejudices of the moment’

President Trump on Saturday addressed the graduating class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, telling them they are the “bravest of the brave” and hailing the durability of America’s institutions “against the passions and prejudices of the moment.” “To the eleven hundred and seven cadets who today become the newest officers in the most exceptional Army ever to take the field of battle, I am here to offer America’s salute. Thank you for answering your nation’s call,” he said. The address at West Point in New York was the one remaining military service academy where he had yet to give a graduation address. “This premier military academy produces only the best of the best — the strongest of the strong — and the bravest of the brave,” he said. “West Point is a universal symbol of American gallantry, loyalty, devotion, discipline, and skill.” Trump’s speech comes amid a backdrop of dueling crises of the coronavirus pandemic and recent protests and questions about police conduct related to the recent death of George Floyd in police custody. He made a number of references to national unity, telling the graduates that they “exemplify the power of shared national purpose to transcend all differences and achieve true unity.” Later, he hinted at the instability rocking the country: “What has historically made America unique is the durability of its institutions against the passions and prejudices of the moment. When times are turbulent, when the road is rough, what matters most is that which is permanent, timeless, enduring and eternal,” he said. On the topic of foreign policy, Trump declared that his administration is “restoring the fundamental principle that the job of the American soldier is not to rebuild foreign nations, but defend — and defend strongly — our nation from foreign enemies.” “We are ending the era of endless wars. In its place is a renewed, clear-eyed focus on defending America’s vital interests. It is not the duty of U.S. troops to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands that many people have never even heard of,” he said. In a lighter moment, he drew applause when he used his power as commander-in-chief to absolve “all cadets on restrictions for minor conduct offenses, and that is effective immediately.” The address comes amid tensions between Trump and the military. Trump reportedly yelled at Defense Secretary Mark Esper for opposing his call to use active-duty troops to quell rioting. Meanwhile, Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, said it was a “mistake” to accompany Trump on a trip to St. John’s Church on June 1. Critics had accused Trump of putting cadets at risk of coronavirus for the purposes of a photo opportunity. A group called Veterans For Peace held a protest outside West Point’s main gate against what it called “Trump’s dangerous narcissistic Photo-Op Stunt at the West Point Graduation.” But Army officials defended the move, saying the cadets would have had to brave the health risks of traveling back to campus anyway for their final medical checks, equipment and training. The cadets had been home since spring break, just before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. They returned to campus in late May. A number of health precautions were in place to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus. The recently commissioned second lieutenants wore masks as they marched onto West Point’s parade field, instead of into Mitchie Stadium, the longtime commencement venue. They were also sitting six feet apart, and saluted the president instead of shaking hands. Meanwhile, there were no guests, with family and friends watching online instead.

The speech by the President this morning at West Point was excellent.  It wasn’t political.  It was perfect for the occasion, and I think the cadets appreciated it.  To see it, click on the text above.  To all the cadets today, congrats from a former Army Major.  Go Army!     🙂

Poll: Americans Still Think Trump Is Best for Economy and Jobs

The U.S. economy is likely in the deepest slump since the Great Depression but Americans still think President Donald Trump is better on economic issues than Democrat rival Joe Biden. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll reveals that voters picked President Trump over Biden when it comes to who would be best at cutting unemployment and getting Americans back to work, by 48 percent to 35 percent. On handling the overall econonmy, Trump bests Biden by 48 percent to 37 percent. Trump’s continued strength on economic issues is notable because Americans have taken a much grimmer view of the economy as unemployment has shot up to post-World War II records and the coronavirus shutdowns have thrown the economy into contraction. Just five percent of Americans rate the economy as “excellent,” down from 18 percent at the end of 2019. The share rating the economy as “good” has fallen to 17 percent from 35 percent in December. The share rating the economy as “poor” has shot up to 45 percent from 14 percent in December. Those who rate the economy as “only fair” have remained almost steady at around 30 percent. Trumps’ overall job approval rating stood at 45 percent in the June, down 1 percentage point from April. It is actually up a percentage point since the December poll. His strongly approve rating fell 3 points since December to 31 percent, while somewhat approve rose 3 points to 14 percent. The strongly disapprove rating went up 3 points from December to 47 percent. Forty percent of Americans say they have positive feelings about Trump, while 37 percent say they have positive feelings about Biden. Trump’s “very positive” rating is at 29 percent, compared with just 17 percent for Biden. In a dramatic illustration of just divided Americans are on political matters, Trump also far outpaces Biden on the “very negative” score, 45 percent to 26 percent. In the head-to-head poll asking who would voters cast a ballot for if the election were held today, Biden beats Trump by 49 percent to 42 percent. That is almost unchanged from the poll taken last July and each poll in between.

Trump orders U.S. to develop polar ice-breaking fleet for Arctic, Antarctic regions

President Trump ordered his administration on Tuesday to develop a polar icebreaking fleet for the Arctic and Antarctic by the end of the decade, saying it’s necessary for national security. “To help protect our national interests in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and to retain a strong Arctic security presence alongside our allies and partners, the United States requires a ready, capable, and available fleet of polar security icebreakers that is operationally tested and fully deployable by fiscal year 2029,” Mr. Trump said in the order. He also wants to identify two new bases in the U.S. for the fleet, and two international bases. Mr. Trump further ordered federal agencies to look into leasing options from “partner nations” as a bridge to a permanent U.S. fleet, due to the aging status of the U.S. Coast Guard heavy icebreaker Polar Star, which was commissioned in 1976. The president directed Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, in coordination with the departments of State, Defense, Commerce, and the Office of Management and Budget, to “lead a review of requirements for a polar security icebreaking fleet acquisition program to acquire and employ a suitable fleet of polar security icebreakers, and associated assets and resources, capable of ensuring a persistent United States presence in the Arctic and Antarctic regions in support of national interests and in furtherance of the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy.” Defense News reported last month that the U.S. Navy is making regular trips to the Arctic Circle after an absence of 30 years, including a four-ship patrol sailing in the Barents Sea. Three of the four ships were destroyers based in Rota, Spain, in an operation spearheaded by the U.S. Navy’s 6th Fleet.

Opinion: Trump versus all the crazed liberal lies

Brace for the fight of your life. The biggest difference between today and four years ago is that this time they know Donald Trump can win. Sure, it was ugly last time. They despised him, because they despise you. They wanted to destroy him, because they don’t care about you. They told endless lies about him because they are fundamentally dishonest people incapable of arguing about the vital issues Mr. Trump built his campaign around. But honestly, none of them in 2016 ever thought he could win. Until he did. Still, they maligned him and lied about him and smeared him in hopes of tarnishing all who supported him. It was a way of punishing the so-called “forgotten voters” who for the first time in decades had a leading politician speaking for them on the issues about which they cared the most. They hated him also because he stole the Republican Party from the limp-fisted, trained eunuchs who had taken over the supposedly “conservative” party in Washington for so long. You know, the ones who supported throwing open the borders, sending our boys to die in faraway lands defending other people’s borders, and jumping into bed with communist China. These sad losers believed that the only way to beat Democrats was by out-surrendering Democrats. Remember when George W. Bush desperately sucked up to Ted Kennedy by federalizing public education in America? You watch, it is only a matter of time before some ridiculous GOP bozo like Sen. Mitt Romney declares it is time to defund the police. Forget kneeling on the Senate floor, Mittens. You should just lie down completely prone on your belly — all the better for Democrats to walk all over you and scrape the dung off their shoes onto the back of your perfectly-coifed hair helmet. It is true, these people threw everything they had at Mr. Trump in 2016. They lied about him relentlessly. They blamed him for every ill known to man. But that was a tame, little mutton race compared to what these people will do to Mr. Trump this time — now that they know he can win. It’s not like Mr. Trump doesn’t give his enemies plenty to criticize, plenty to shoot at. He does. Every day. But for them, it is never enough. Which is why they are forever claiming he said things he never said or accusing him of doing things he never did and weaving these fantastic, bizarre conspiracy theories about Vladimir Putin and hookers in a Moscow hotel room. Just last week, they claimed he said that George Floyd, after his horrifying death in police custody, was gazing down from Heaven marveling over Mr. Trump’s epic economy. “Trump says Jobs Report Made It a ‘Great Day’ for George Floyd,” reported The New York Times. “Trump invokes George Floyd’s name while taking economic victory lap,” wrote CNN. Neither CNN nor anyone else who excoriated Mr. Trump included the actual quote of what Mr. Trump said, since doing that would have revealed that, indeed, they were lying again. “Equal justice under the law must mean that every American receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement regardless of race, color, gender or creed,” he said, echoing the calls for justice in the streets. “They have to receive fair treatment from law enforcement. They have to receive it. We all saw what happened last week. We can’t let that happen.” Mr. Trump was, in fact, applauding the peaceful protesters. “Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying, ‘This is a great day that’s happening for our country,’” he went on, clearly referring to those protests that have been peaceful. But these are the same liars who claim he called all Mexicans rapists. They are the same liars who claim he did not condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville. They are the same liars who have peddled all the fairytale Russia conspiracies. The only silver lining here is that while it is true that lies travel faster and farther than the truth, the same people who tell the same lies over and over and over again eventually lose all credibility. And when those lies become increasingly ridiculous and unhinged from reality, the more quickly they become discounted. Consider just this year. Mr. Trump has resisted an impeachment bid constructed entirely of crazed lies. He has withstood a global pandemic in which more than 100,000 Americans have died so far. He has overseen the greatest economic collapse in American history. And now, riots in the streets. It is only June. At some point, these liars blaming Mr. Trump says far more about them than it ever will about him.

Exactly!  Well said, Charlie!  Veteran columnist Charles Hurt is responsible for that spot-on op/ed.  He can be reached at or @charleshurt on Twitter       🙂

Dana Perino says Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church was a good idea, but ‘not executed well’

“The Five” began Tuesday’s program by reacting to the latest riots that followed protests over the death of George Floyd and analyzing President Trump’s much-criticized walk from the White House to St. John’s Church Monday evening. Co-host Dana Perino called Trump’s visit to the church a great idea that was “not executed well.” “I don’t think that people intended to use it as a photo op. I believe that the president was trying to show resilience, that America is not going to be taken over by people who would actually set fire to St. John’s,” Perino said. ” … The execution of all of that became the story today when we should really … talk about the actual horrible destruction of America’s great cities, especially New York City.” During the brief visit to the boarded-up church — part of which was set on fire the night before — Trump posed for the cameras while holding up a Bible. Before Trump left the White House, authorities used smoke canisters and pepper balls to clear the park of protesters. Co-host Jesse Watters dismissed the criticism that peaceful protesters were attacked, claiming that they don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt after many American cities have been ravaged by riots and looting. “They’ve shown no ability to be trusted at this point, killing cops now, punching people in the face for no reason. They’re trying to protest violence against an innocent man, and yet they’re committing violence on innocent men and women. It’s disgusting. This country has had enough of it,” Watters said. “And this fake scandal is just another frame job of the president while the rest of the country agrees with everything he did.” Co-host Greg Gutfeld said those who were looting and rioting were doing so for the thrill of it. “There’s this myth that that anger is driving this. There was no anger on the faces of the looters in my neighborhood on Sunday night. They were having a blast. And the unspoken truth about all of this is that it’s fun,” Gutfeld said. “You’re going out in an organized fashion. You’re beating the crap out of people. You’re taking stuff. This is not about George Floyd. This is about ’28 Days Later.’ This is about the ‘Dawn of the Dead.'” Gutfeld then raised the possibility of riots taking place for weeks and months on end. “If the other cops aren’t charged [in Floyd’s death], another round of riots. If they’re arrested and let off, another round of riots. If the bad cop gets charged and only gets a couple of years, another round of riost. If he’s let out, another round of riots,” he said. “The system is now designed to accept the purge. We are stuck in a dystopian deja vu. We’re stuck on repeat of a just repulsive, reprehensible activity.”

A great discussion among the crew of The Five.  Dana’s assessment of what Trump did last night is spot on.  It was well-intentioned, but poorly executed.  And, for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to accuse Trump of staging a “photo-op” is the height of hypocrisy, as she was doing the exact same thing, with a Bible, at the same time.  What a nauseating tool she is..

White House establishing ‘central command center’ to combat riots as Trump issues warning

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced Monday the White House is establishing a “central command center” to monitor and combat riots following the death of George Floyd after President Trump posted a video on Twitter with the message, “Anarchists, we see you!” Gen. Mark Milley, chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be involved, along with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Attorney General Bill Barr, McEnany said. “There will be additional federal assets deployed across the nation,” McEnany told reporters Monday. “There will be a central command center in conjunction with the state and local governments, that will include Milley, Esper and Barr, to deal with violence and looting.” McEnany, like Trump, called out local officials, accusing them of failing to act to control the crowds. “It is their responsibility to police their streets,” she said. McEnany’s announcement came after Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to send Special Operation Response Teams to Washington, D.C. and Miami to respond to violent protests and riots. Meanwhile, according to law enforcement officials, as a matter of process, local police make arrests during protests and riots, and then the FBI conducts interviews to review whether any federal crimes have been committed—such as the crossing of state lines to conduct violence, arson and possible domestic terrorism. Trump on Monday morning unloaded on governors, calling their response to violent protests “weak” and urging them to “dominate.” “Most of you are weak,” Trump said. “You have to arrest people. “You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time,” he said, according to a senior staffer in a governor’s office who was listening to the call. “They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.” “You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again,” said Trump. “We’re doing it in Washington, D.C. We’re going to do something that people haven’t seen before.”