Tom Steyer

Democrats’ minimum wage hikes will kill jobs, small businesses: Former McDonald’s USA CEO

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $22 per hour is “absurd,” former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi warned FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell Monday. “It will put small businesses out of business; it will be dilatory to job growth in every way possible,” Rensi said on “Mornings with Maria.” Rensi noted small businesses are the biggest ongoing generators of American jobs. Small businesses employ 47.3 percent of the private workforce in the U.S., according to 2019 U.S. Small Business Administration data. Restaurants like McDonald’s face labor costs of about 33 percent of its sales, which, according to Rensi, is very high. If the minimum wage increases to $22 per hour as Steyer is proposing, he said the costs of labor will increase 50 to 60 percent. This, Rensi insisted, will result in the price of a hamburger increasing from $4 to $9 or $10. “It just isn’t workable from an economic standpoint,” he said. “It’s inflationary; it’s a job killer, and it’s very depressing to small businesses.” Rensi argued the minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage, maintaining it’s supposed to be an entry-level wage for workers with little-to-no skills. “I think some of these politicians are out of their minds,” Rensi declared. “You would think by now that they understand that the entry-level worker making minimum wage should progress through mentoring and training into other jobs.” When asked about the declining participation in the federal food stamp program SNAP, Rensi expressed his hopefulness. “Most people really would prefer to work for a living and earn the food opportunities that they have and to be able to enjoy the commerce of the United States like everyone else,” he said. He recalled growing up around the coal and steel industries in West Virginia and Ohio where people of “great pride and dignity” were forced by their situation onto welfare. He noted the psychological damage and hopelessness felt by people in such a position.

Raising the minimum wage always sounds good, until its properly analyzed.  And, one would think that a BILLIONAIRE like Tom Steyer would understand that.  But, he’s running for the Democrat nominee for President.  So, he has to spout out the standard talking points that are popular with the Democrat low-information demographic.  Thanks to Ed Rensi for injecting a little common sense into the discussion here.  An entry level job at McDonald’s or some other fast food business is exactly that; an entry level position.  So, the pay isn’t supposed to be a “living wage.”

Greens Continue to Profit Off Fossil Fuels

The environmentalists that are pouring millions into the 2014 elections continue to profit from the very energy practices that they attack, according to a stinging op-ed by Michael James Barton in the New York Post.

Excellent!! Another stinging article about the brazenly hypocritical millionaires and billionaires funding the “green” movement. This one focuses in on billionaire Tom Steyer.

Stop taking environmentalist hypocrites seriously

They indulge in excess while urging others to conserve

One thing we like to do here at The Daily Buzz is highlight hypocrisy in politics and pop culture. One of the biggest areas of hypocrisy is in the environmentalist movement which has become nothing short of a cult in this country, and many others around the world. And, the movement is underwritten by self-righteous, sanctimonious, limousine liberal, hypocritical millionaires and billionaires, who are truly nauseating. This great op/ed shines a little light on some of these tools.. Enjoy!

Environmentalist Super PAC to spend $100M to back Democrats in Senate races

Environmentalist Super PAC to spend $100M to back Democrats in Senate races

Be on the lookout for more and more of this sorta thing.  You’ll see billionaire George Soros,, Media Matters and now this organization (and this billionaire, Tom Steyer) out there spending millions and millions of dollars to attack Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate, the House, and at the state level this coming November.  They will do whatever it takes to ensure that Harry Reid remains the Senate majority leader.  I wonder if Harry Reid will go to the Senate floor to complain about Mr. Steyer, like he has been about the Koch brothers, who he thinks are the devil incarnate.  Yeah..  probably not.  Some smart journalist should ask ol’ Harry about that next time he is in front of a camera.