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Gutfeld on Biden blaming Trump for violence

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s new campaign ad features the violent chaos of Democrat-led cities. Surprise: President Trump is to blame. The Biden ad says: “This is our chance to put the darkness of the past four years behind us. To end the anger, the insults, the division, the violence, and start fresh in America.” Wait? There’s violence? Who knew? I guess now that it’s in a campaign ad you’ll finally see it on CNN and MSNBC. Of course, if Biden wins the violence will vanish. Talk about extortion. He’s saying: elect me or you’re dead! But it’s also based on getting rid of something the Democrats kept denying exists. The Dems kept saying the widespread brutality was fantasy. They pushed it as “mostly peaceful,” as if statistically that’s OK. But how good would you feel if you were told your parachute is mostly safe? But now the Democrats have read the polls and see they were wrong. It’s the only language they respect. But remove their lies and you see the real causes of these police incidents. Drugs, mental illness, noncompliance. It exists across all races. A mind on drugs or plagued by illness won’t comply. The police require compliance. It’s that incompatibility that the media and Dems turned into fodder for unrest. And now boxed in, they must blame Trump. Of course, we could remind them that Trump offered help — but that acceptance would be cooperating with Orange Man Bad. If Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler had shelved his ego and taken Trump’s help early on, the Trump supporter killed in that city would be alive, as well as many others. Instead, the Democrats sheltered behind denials until the polls forced them to emerge, finally, to survey the damage done. It wasn’t just Joe Biden in the basement. It was the whole party. They hid from the hell until it was time to campaign. This answers that great philosophical question: if a tree falls in the woods, and no one’s there but Democrats, does it make a sound? Unless it’s Trump’s fault, no.

No kidding.. Thanks Greg! That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on Sept. 8, 2020.

Greg Gutfeld: Share the risk – How to end cancel culture, for good

After spending a segment on “The Five” debunking the “fine people” hoax perpetrated by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in his acceptance speech at the convention last week, some nobody on Twitter (Tim Miller, who works for Bulwark, which I believe is a knitting circle for failed consultants), claimed that I had a “racist mentor.” So in one tweet, he was able to falsely incriminate me as part of a racist cabal, while smearing any number of people I’ve worked with (I’ve had a few great mentors in my life, luckily – none of them racist). Now, at this point, you (or I) can go two ways. We can ignore a troll, and assume such accusations will fade. Which can happen. But in this era, you can’t rely on that anymore. When someone calls you racist, you need to fight back. So, I did. I demanded he retract the slander. (You can find my tweets here.) When I confronted the smear merchant, he desperately and lamely tried to defend himself, without assuming culpability. I wouldn’t have it. I kept the pressure on and I enlisted others to help me. I asked that my friends and fans “share the risk.” Because that’s the only way to defeat cancel culture. As the cowardly writer started to experience the overwhelming wrath of decent-minded people calling him out, he deleted the inflammatory attack – but not without claiming he did so, only because it became a hassle. Which is the point. To get cowards like him to stop wielding loaded terms and inflammatory smears that incite violence, you must make it a hassle. That is the point. It’s applying the logic of MAD, or mutually assured destruction, to the clowns behind cancel culture. The only reason the troll came after me in the first place, is because there was no hassle involved – in fact, there’s a low barrier to entry in the cancellation Olympics. He thought he could call me racist, and get away with it – and if I ignored it, he would have been right. Instead, I came with guns blazing – thereby raising the stakes for his smears – so that he realized that, yes, it should truly become a hassle once you falsely accuse someone of racism! Duh! MAD worked! There has never been a more important time to share the risk than right now. When a friend or even a foe, comes under fire – it’s up to all of us to step up and defend each other. In short, we all must share the risk, so the Bulwark ghouls and others like them learn quickly that they’re about to make a huge investment when they wrongly smear people. Making them pay (literally or metaphorically) is the only way to teach them a lesson. THAT is the solution to cancel culture. Fact is, those who accuse you of non-criminal acts in public, do so to ruin you in the public square. And they do this to scare you into compliance – painting targets on your back, and the backs of your family. Without a challenge, they will continue to harass, smear and cancel you – as they not-so-subtly encourage violence to head in your direction. If we do not join together and turn our collective power toward the smear gremlins (again, sharing that risk), the gremlins win. When someone you know, or even don’t know, is falsely smeared, you must defend them. Raising the possibility of swift and brutal punishment in the public square will likely cause all canceling cowards (who initiate this fight) to scamper away (like the Bulwark one did with me). It’s a way to silence the silencer – to instill fear in those who wish to instill fear in you. If you don’t understand this yet, trust me, one day soon, you will.e

Indeed..  Well said, Greg.  As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it with his dry wit and sarcasm.  The so-called “cancel culture” is a plague and a cancer in our society.  Glad to see him fight back and not take it.  Thanks Greg!!    🙂

Gutfeld on Biden ducking the debates

Former Bill Clinton spokesman and sputtering wackadoodle Joe Lockhart, frantically suggests that under no circumstances should Joe Biden debate Donald Trump. You’re thinking that must be a gag. No. According to Lockhart, Trump tells so many lies it’s pointless for Biden to “enter the ring with someone who can’t follow the rules or the truth.” But we know what he’s really saying, right? The moment Biden faces off with Trump, and the cognition starts malfunctioning, he’s dust. Which is really why, Lockhart admits, “Biden can lose the election.” He’s just creating a phony reason, hoping no one notices. We did. He’s helping the campaign create a fake moral loophole for Biden to worm his way out of so he won’t tank in public. “Oh, we certainly can’t debate Trump. He fibs. And wears hair plugs.” Oh, wait…that’s Joe. But, if that’s the standard for all candidates, we’d never have another debate ever. The Democratic Party would be as thin as I am. (And only half as handsome.) But also — wouldn’t you want to debate a liar? Because you could come armed with facts and kick the liar’s butt. And clearly, if Joe can’t handle a debate, how can he handle being president? Wouldn’t this feeble act disquailfy him from the office? It makes you wonder if he really is the actual candidate at all. You can see Lockhart didn’t think this through. Which is why he writes for CNN. And it says something that a media company, one that should champion transparency and so on, would push to suppress a public forum to evaluate the candidates in real-time. It must be cool to have friends in high places — or at CNN, low places, too.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it here.  The Dems desperately don’t want crazy ol’ Joe to debate Trump because they know he’ll get demolished.  And, Trump won’t be nice or gentlemanly, or give deference to Joe’s mental decline.  Trump will go in there with a baseball bat and beat Joe down….and it’ll be brutal..and we all know it.  THAT is why the Dems don’t want Joe to debate Trump.  Thanks Greg!  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on August 3, 2020.       🙂

Gutfeld on teachers’ unions going after charter schools

As America struggles with COVID-19, rising crime and riots, it’s nice that the teachers’ unions are helping out. I kid. In their demands for reopening schools, the United Teachers of Los Angeles — a union for public school teachers — has included, surprise: defunding police. And … a shutdown of publicly funded, privately operated charter schools. Now, these go beyond what normal unions demand. Worse, the teachers use this crisis to preserve power by destroying those who won’t conform. By trying to shut down charter schools, the teachers union is demanding the elimination of any competition, and depriving desperate poor families of an education that might change their children’s lives. This speaks to the real truth of a big American problem. It’s not systemic racism. It’s our systemically corrupt education system. It’s the teachers’ unions, led by leftists, whose only goal is to cancel competition that might reveal their incompetence. And so, at the start of life, poor students are placed in a system where no matter how many billions of tax dollars are shoveled into it, it just gets worse. The students don’t stand a chance, and the unions prefer it that way. Yet charter schools produce better-educated kids, with a far better head start in life. You’d think that would be embraced. But the price of union success is student failure. Once we see the results of charter schools, we realize the cause of all our inequalities isn’t racism, it’s the scandalous lack of choices left for poor Blacks, poor Whites, poor everyone victimized by urban liberals.] So these kids begin their lives in a hole — a hole that isn’t a grave, but might as well be one. At least for their futures.

No kidding!!  As usual, Greg nails it.  This was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue, known as a “Gregologue” on “The Five” on July 29, 2020.  To see the actual video and the following discussion with his co-hosts on The Five, click on the text above.  Thanks Greg!   🙂

Greg Gutfeld says Dem-run cities should fix own problems: ‘Let the mob’ govern them

How should President Trump solve the problem of rioting and lawlessness in many of America’s big cities? He should simply let liberal leaders deal with the problem on their own, Greg Gutfeld said Saturday. Gutfeld also ripped the media, calling them hypocrites. “So why are all crimes suddenly legal in a protest? And what happens when you give in to the protesters? The crimes only get worse. It’s like you get three drugs to a junkie. Any attempt at communication is seen as weakness, which eggs on the mob,” Gutfeld said on “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” “So the question remains: What do you do now in the face of violence? The [liberals] in the media want the feds to do nothing — even as the city leaders do nothing too. Everyone thinks the best thing to do is nothing — except nothing in the face of crime will mean more crime.” “Maybe then the businesses and citizens will speak up to save their city. Or maybe not,” Gutfeld said. “Let Portland be the first American city in history to be sacked by a roving band of angry teens, if that’s what the voters there want.” Gutfeld added that the media have been covering for Democrats. “Just because Democrats set their hair on fire doesn’t mean we have to pay to put it out. Meanwhile, the media will continue to dismiss these events from Portland’s mayhem to Chicago’s bloodshed as mere local problems. “Why? Could it be the press calls them local problems, because calling them national problems forces the national media to do its job,” Gutfeld said. “It’s a glaring hypocrisy. One ugly moment of police brutality is a global issue, but two solid months of rioting? Local problem. A local problem is defined as a story the media doesn’t want you to see.” The host blamed the media for enflaming the violence “Meanwhile, shootings in Chicago continue to climb as other Democratic strongholds struggle to contain the lawlessness. And yet the media turns their cameras away from the carnage,” Gutfeld said. “Strange. In the old days, the press slogan was, ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ That’s changed, perhaps because we figured out who’s more responsible for all this new bloodshed. It’s them.”

As usual, Greg nails it with his biting sarcasm and dry wit.  To see his “Gregologue” from Saturday, July 26th, click on the text above.  Thanks Greg!

Greg Gutfeld on social media study: ‘People who use social media the most are the worst people in the universe’

Greg Gutfeld took on social media Wednesday in the wake of a new study that finds Facebook and Snapchat’s “heaviest users” tend to be more “cruel” than people in the real world. “It’s true, people who use social media the most are the worst people in the universe. A new study tracking Snapchat and Facebook use found that the heaviest users tend to enjoy upsetting and embarrassing other people and are motivated by cruelty and personal gain,” Gutfeld said on “The Five.” “Sounds about right. When I get off social media, I rarely feel better than I did when I got on it. Perhaps it’s because we not only run into creeps more frequently there, we also can’t control the encounters.” The study from Michigan State University and California State University at Fullerton tracked the usage of 472 university students, 18-to-24-year olds, on the platforms. Gutfeld looked at the positive aspect of the study, saying “the outside world is indeed a better place than the net.” “But in general, all people are better here than online,” Gutfeld said, taking a shot at Portland which continues to deal with violent protests. “Plus, far more of them are wearing clothes. We do ourselves no good to think Twitter reflects planet Earth.” The co-host slammed politicians and members of the media for using Twitter as a reflection of how society feels. “Politicians view Twitter as an instant poll. If they see extremism online, they move there. Twitter becomes their GPS.. The media does the same thing,” Gutfeld said. “It’s The New York Times entire profit model. Today’s tweet by a pink-haired nut becomes tomorrow’s editorial. And young minds find themselves more affected by opinions of online strangers than their loving parents.” Gutfeld reflected on the study’s results, speculating it has had an impact on America’s current unrest. “Maybe that’s why so many young, unstable, unemployed adults find joy in destroying property, communities, careers, lives and ultimately themselves. They get a high. They get a head start online. Then on the street, they letter in vandalism and arson,” Gutfeld said. “Of course, suggesting you should avoid social media doesn’t mean it will avoid you turning it off. Doesn’t make the mob disappear. If everyone else, including your employer, takes them seriously until that stops, we’re totally screwed.”

As usual, Greg nails it with his outside-the-box perspective.  To see the video of this “Gregologue,” click on the text above.  Thanks Greg!      🙂

Gutfeld on the Texas ambush murder of police

PRESS CONFERENCE, MCALLEN, TEXAS POLICE CHIEF: “The suspect of the incident met our officers at the door, and shot both of our officers, both officers suffered fatal wounds// our officers did not draw their weapons, did not fire, never stood a chance.” So on Saturday, 2 police officers were ambushed and killed in Texas. Their names: Edelmiro Garza, age 45 and Ismael Chavez, age 39. Responding to a domestic disturbance — in the effort to stop violence, they became its victims. That’s the story of many cops’ lives. We report it, on this show because we realize the proportion of media coverage on such crimes, compared to other stories, is sorely lacking. When a violent act occurs that fits a narrative, it’s amplified to suit the media need. What need does it serve to report a story of two dead cops? For the rest of the media, very little. So they shrug it off. Fox News won’t. Today we’re living in an experiment. One conducted by mad social scientists, where a media and its internet platforms choose stories that manipulate emotion for the sake of clicks. They’ve put a price on rage and sell it by the minute So the bravery and hardships of law enforcement are ignored in favor of visual content untethered to data but tied to a narrative. In 2020, ironically, the media refuses to clearly see the truth of policing, instead of pushing stories that alarm and divide citizens. This rift is now energizing violent criminals, as Democratic mayors and other politicians follow the same path: deserting law and order — and you. And they laugh at those who now try to protect themselves. Politicians are scared of the mob. Scared of the media. As both cheer mayhem over peace officers. And if you cheer the police you’re made an unperson by the mob. Say “blue lives matter,” and see what happens. So even if you haven’t read Orwell, you get to live it. How long will we endure this? Until we decide enough is enough. So we report this story, not to make you angry, or sad. But to help you decide, when enough is enough.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it with his biting commentary.  That was adapted from Greg’s “Gregologue” on “The Five” on July 13, 2020.  To see the video of this, and the following discussion on The Five, click on the text above.  Thanks Greg.

Gutfeld on the open letter against cancel culture

One hundred liberal writers signed an open letter in Harper’s Magazine condemning cancel culture as an attack on free thought. To which I say: better late than never. A wise man once said that every good deed could’ve been done sooner. So I applaud them for joining the fight – finally. Even though some of them didn’t seem to mind cancel culture when it takes aim at people like you or me. In fact, some of them did take aim at me. And maybe you! But now it’s targeting them. They could lose a book deal! Hence, the letter. It’s the old adage that liberals should have learned: you can be nice to a crocodile, but he’ll still eat you, albeit last. So the open letter is cute. But why not actively defend people who are being canceled who aren’t part of this elite group? Why not help those who’ve lost their jobs – not just speaking engagements? Instead, they say they want to end cancel culture because its existence helps President Trump. No, you should want to end it because you helped create it – it rose from the toxic mud of academia, energized by the cowardice of liberals in the media, politics and business. The cancelers can smell their fear. So if you say something they don’t like they’ll contact your workplace and hound your bosses online until you’re fired. The First Amendment matters little if they can still ruin your career and life. Tuesday I asked: Where is the silent majority? The answer: in hiding from an unstable and angry mob. The open-letter warriors should fight for them, not just themselves. The people who make a stupid mistake and lose their jobs and don’t have rich friends. I mean, we could win if we fight this thing together. Do it alone and you lose.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it.  What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.  To see the open letter he’s referring to, click on the text above.  This was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue (also known as a “Gregologue”) on “The Five” on July 8, 2020.  Excellent!

Gutfeld on airlines banning booze on flights

Have you heard the phrase “never let a pandemic go to waste?” Now you have, because I just said it. Some airlines are doing just that. Delta and American Airlines, among others, are suspending all or part of their booze service to reduce interactions between passengers and crews. And to limit bad behavior. So this, in medical circles, is called a stupid, stupid, highly stupid idea. Do these idiots have any idea why alcohol sales boomed during the lockdown? It’s because we were trapped in a room and we couldn’t get out. This is much like being on a plane, where you’re trapped with no way out, unless you open an emergency exit and aim for a big bush. I wouldn’t suggest that under any circumstances, unless you’re flying next to Joy Behar. It’s a fact that flying is getting less enjoyable every year. And yet we never get anywhere faster. As computer speed doubles every two years, we still produce new jets lumbering through the air at the same speeds as the old ones did in the 1970s. Worse, today we’re packed like sweaty veal, forced to endure endless delays and bizarre regulations that often leave us with hunger-induced migraines and distended bladders. And now, they want to take away the booze? Look, I get the face masks. And believe me, I hate drunk jackasses who fly. I even hate myself. But usually not until the next day But to punish everyone – especially me – because of the actions of a few is not the way to solve problems. Sadly, though, that seems to be the trend these days. With just a few bad apples, we don’t just throw out the whole batch – we defund the orchard. It’s enough to make me drink. And hate myself tomorrow.

As usual, Greg nails it.  This time, with air travel and latest idiotic decision by the airlines.  This was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on June 17, 2020.

Greg Gutfeld: ‘Infantile’ Seattle occupiers realizing ‘that having no structure is leading to fascism’

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Monday that the denizens of Seattle’s quasi-anarchist “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” zone (CHOP) are engaging in an “experiment in infantile behavior.” “There are humans on this planet who can’t value something until it’s taken from them,” Gutfeld said. “They have no idea how to make anything.” The “Greg Gutfeld Show” host compared the CHOP group’s actions to being “in a relationship and somebody dumps you and then you go, ‘I didn’t know what I [had], that it was so special.'” “So now the irony is realizing the importance of boundaries,” he added. “They are building walls. They are setting up their own law and order and it’s actually kind of hyperviolent.” “Maybe commerce might help them,” Gutfeld remarked before pointing out: “Now they are actually figuring out that having no structure is leading to fascism.” “This is a ‘Lord of the Flies’ situation. I think the good news is that it’s devolving fast. It’s going to return to the population and annoy the rest of us. But maybe they might just be a little bit wiser, although I doubt it.”

Agreed..  As usual, Greg nails it.  Thanks Greg!