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Taylor Swift surprises 96-year-old WWII veteran for Christmas

Taylor Swift played Santa Claus for her oldest fan — 96-year-old World War II veteran Cyrus Porter. Never in his “Wildest Dreams” did Porter expect the pop superstar to walk through the doors of his Missouri home Monday night. Swift surprised Porter and 60 of his relatives with a performance of “Shake it Off” and several of her other hits for a more-than one hour private show. Porter told local news outlet Ozarks First that Swift’s music helps him to connect with his nearly two dozen grandchildren. He has seen her perform in concert two times. “I just enjoyed going to see ’em and her,” he told the news outlet. “I would as soon go see her right now as anybody!” The 96-year-old hopes to be able to see Swift perform live one more time. “I just liked the way the way she did stuff,” he shared. Porter’s grandchildren shared pictures of Swift’s visit on social media. One called it a “Christmas miracle.”

Indeed..  What a classy thing for Taylor to do!  To see a couple videos of this, click on the text above.  Excellent!!     🙂

Taylor Swift Irked by ‘Misogynistic’ Kanye West Lyrics, Says Rep

Taylor Swift is not amused with Kanye West’s “famous” new lyrics. According to the pop star’s publicist, Swift didn’t approve of the new song “Famous,” which debuted during West’s “Yeezy Season 3” event on Thursday. The track includes a few digs at Swift: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” “Kanye did not call for approval,” her spokesman said of the track. “But to ask Taylor to release his single Famous on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.’” The lyrics raised a few eyebrows on social media after debuting on Tidal’s live stream. Swift’s younger brother, Austin, was among Kanye’s biggest critics, posting a clip of himself throwing out a pair of Yeezy shoes on Instagram with the caption: “Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.” In 2009, West famously interrupted Swift during her win at the MTV Video Music Awards, but the two seemed like they made up at last year’s Grammy Awards. West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo,” has not been officially released despite playing in its entirety at the Madison Square Garden event on Thursday.

Kanye is such a pig..  Good on Taylor for, again, taking the higher road.  Oh, and Kanye.. Newsflash..  You DID not make Taylor “famous.”  She was already that…LONG before you made a fool of yourself at the 2009 MTV awards when you snagged the mic out of her hand as she was accepting an award.  What a piece of garbage he is…

Taylor Swift porn sites? Not if Swift has anything to do with it

Come June, .porn and .adult Web URLs will be available to the general public, just like .xxx sites went live in 2011. But certain people and companies with trademarks were allowed to snap up .porn or .adult domain names early, and Taylor Swift registered both taylorswift.porn and taylorswift.adult. “It is unclear what she plans to do with them, if anything,” notes the Hollywood Reporter. But no, the singer’s probably not considering expanding into the adult film business; CNN Money notes that she likely bought the URLs to avoid someone else starting up a Taylor Swift-themed porn website. Swift also recently got the last laugh at hackers over their nude pic claims. Back in 2011, the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers offered just 22 “generic top-level domains” for sale (think .com, .net, and the like); today, new Web suffixes are released each month, and there are currently more than 547 available.

Very clever..

Will success spoil Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has successfully managed living in the frying pan of fame for nearly a decade now. That is a difficult thing to do, especially for singers who come on the scene in their teenage years (ahem, Britney, Miley and Justin). Personally, I think she may become the Queen of Media who reigns for decades, akin to the first Queen Elizabeth who ascended to the throne of England at 25 and ruled England for more than 40 years during its Golden Age and was beloved by many. Because I advise leaders, I took a moment to imagine what it would be like to advise Ms. Swift about maintaining her realm, just as the faithful and wise William Cecil, Lord Burghley advised Queen Elizabeth I.

As many of you know, we tend to avoid doing the whole celeb thing here at The Daily Buzz.  There are plenty of other outlets in the checkout lane of your local grocery store for that sorta thing.  But, every once in a while we make an exception (like we did earlier regarding the article about Rob Lowe…see below).  And, this story really isn’t about Taylor Swift.  Its just some good advice..for all of us.  It just so happens to be directed by Michael Lee Stallard to Taylor.  A fun read..

Kanye West tries to shame man in wheelchair into standing during Sydney concert

Kanye West shocked fans in Australia when he halted a concert after two fans failed to stand up for him, even though one was in a wheelchair and the other had a prosthetic limb reports The Independent.

As most you know, I rarely do the celeb thing here at The Daily Buzz. Its boring, irrelevant, and has no impact on our lives. Plus, for those who don’t have a life and want to pay attention to HollyWEIRD and celebs and such, just go to your nearest grocery store and as you’re going through the checkout lane there is People, US, ad all the rest of those worthless rags. That said, every once in a while, something catches my attention. Such is the case with the latest antics from that idiot, Kanye West. What a nauseating, disgusting tool.. Why do people still buy Kanye’s crap and pay to actually see that buffoon? Remember back in 2009 at the MTV Music Video Awards ceremony when he got up on stage and ripped the mic out of Taylor Swift’s hands while she was graciously trying to give her acceptance speech? Keep in mind she was like 18 or 19, and kept her composure as Kayne went on some silly rant about how the award should have gone to Beyoncé. Yeah.. A real class act. They should have beyonced his behind right the heck outta there. But, pretty much everyone was in shock, and so nobody did anything, and he got away with his public disrespect of Taylor. Kayne is the poster child for all that is wrong in the hip hop world…and that list is very long an undistinguished, trust me. I guess it just blows my mind that people actually spend their hard-earned money on him, and his garbage…and would want to see him (and/or his talentless wife) in person. But, I guess its true that “a sucker is born every minute.”

Rapper Assumes Taylor Swift’s New Video Must Make Racial Assumptions

Rapper Assumes Taylor Swift’s New Video Must Make Racial Assumptions

Looks like Taylor is venturing into the pop realm.  Looking at the video, I find it to be VERY tame compared to those of her peers.  Its kinda goofy, really.. and while I see some teasing of the pop/hip-hop culture here, It is in NO way racist.  Gimme a break..

Video: Taylor Swift gives young cancer patient private concert

Video: Taylor Swift gives young cancer patient private concert

Very cute.  While we tend to avoid news about celebs here at The Daily Buzz,… every once in a while we’ll come across a story about someone in the entertainment business that gets it, and is an example for others in that industry.  Taylor Swift is a class act, and is one of the rare pop artists that truly gets it.  Kudos to her for doing this.  Excellent!

Taylor Swift: Why I’m optimistic about the future of music

Taylor Swift: Why I’m optimistic about the future of music

Country cutie Taylor Swift weighs in on the future of the music business in this op/ed she wrote.  She is still fairly new to the music business.  So, her perspective might be different than one from someone who has been in for a few decades.  That said, as a musician myself, I find her optimism refreshing.  Keep the faith, Taylor!

Taylor Swift Cuts Off Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift Cuts Off Selena Gomez

The Daily Buzz doesn’t spend a lot of time on celebs.  There is enough media out there for that sorta thing.  And, frankly, most of it is nauseating to us.  But, every once in a while there is something worth relaying.  The whole Selena/Justin thing is enough to make any sane person vomit, or at least roll your eyes and change the channel.  So, kudos to country cutie, Taylor Swift for calling her (apparently former) friend Selena on it.  Taylor is a role model and shows you don’t have to sell out to sell millions of albums.