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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Goes Where No Trailer Has Gone Before

The new trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery” is finally here, and it’s out of this world. The series faced some bumps along the way, having its premiere repeatedly delayed, but CBS finally released the trailer at its upfront presentation on Wednesday. From the teaser, we learn that 10 years before Captain Kirk there was First Officer Michael Burnham, aka Sonequa Martin-Green from “The Walking Dead.” And she kicks butt. In addition to Martin-Green, “Star Trek: Discovery” features a solid cast, including Michelle Yeoh (”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”) as Captain Philippa Georgiou, Jason Isaacs (aka Lucius Malfoy from “Harry Potter”) as Captain Lorca, and James Frain (”Gotham”) as Spock’s father. The network seems to have a lot of confidence in the show, as it already bumped up a Season 1 order from 13 to 15 episodes. From this trailer, we can see why. You can watch “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access this fall. Click here to see the trailer.

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‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin Dead at 27

Actor Anton Yelchin, perhaps best known for playing Chekov in the Star Trek films, has died, his publicist confirmed. He was 27. According to TMZ, Yelchin’s body was found early Sunday morning pinned between his car and a brick mailbox in the driveway of his San Fernando Valley home. The car’s engine was reportedly still running when law enforcement arrived on scene. The driveway reportedly has a steep incline, and it appears the actor got out to check something and was accidentally struck by his own car. Police have reportedly ruled out foul play. “Actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a fatal traffic collision early this morning,” a rep for the actor said in a statement. “His family requests you respect their privacy at this time.” Yelchin began his career with bit parts in several television shows in the early 2000s, including in ER, The Practice and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He starred alongside Anthony Hopkins in the 2001 film Hearts in Atlantis. His breakout roles came in 2006 and 2007, when he was cast opposite Emile Hirsch and Justin Timberlake in the crime drama Alpha Dog and took on the starring role opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the drama Charlie Bartlett. He is perhaps best known for playing Chekov in the series of rebooted Star Trek films. The latest entry in the franchise, Star Trek Beyond, is due out in theaters July 22. Yelchin’s co-star in the series, John Cho, posted his condolences to the actor on social media, calling him “a great pal and a great son.”

Sad news!!  Anton has done a great “Chekov” in the last two (new) Star Trek flicks…and I look forward to seeing the new one (“Beyond”) when it comes out in a month or so..  Thanks for the laughs, Anton.  R.I.P.

William Shatner: ‘Star Trek’ tech is ‘not that far-fetched’

William Shatner knows a thing or two about sci-fi tech. The 85-year-old actor is best known for his portrayal of the fictional Captain James Kirk, the courageous and willful leader of the starship Enterprise from the original “Star Trek” TV series. The show, which debuted in 1966, exposed audiences to spaceships, intergalactic space travel and a bevy of high-tech, futuristic gadgets. Now, nearly 50 years after the show came on the air, some “Star Trek” technologies exist in real life — everything from automatic doors to cell phones. But, even though humans aren’t zooming to distant worlds at warp speed, or using a “transporter” to teleport between two locations, Shatner says some of the series’ most out-of-this-world tech may not always be so out of reach. “It’s not that far-fetched,” Shatner told an audience on April 22 here at the Smithsonian magazine’s fourth annual “Future Is Here” festival. There are several examples of how real-life inventions took cues from “Star Trek.” For instance, the communicator that Captain Kirk uses to talk to his crew is essentially a crude version of today’s cellphones; the USS Enterprise’s communications officer, Nyota Uhura, uses a futuristic-looking earpiece that today would fit right in with contemporary Bluetooth-enabled options; and the automatic sliding doors seen on the starship Enterprise must have seemed revolutionary at the time, but are now so ubiquitous most people likely take them for granted. The design of the starship’s command center, or bridge, was even studied by real-life researchers, Shatner said. “The Navy did come in and look at some of the ergonomics of the bridge, and apparently copied it,” he said. “A captain of a vessel not too long ago [said] some of the bridge stuff on his ship was designed after what our designers had [done].” Yet, with other concepts from the show — faster-than-light travel, teleportation and time travel — the gulf between science and science fiction seems to be as wide today as it was 50 years ago. Conceptually, teleporting a human being from one room to another is thought to be impossible, but on an atomic scale, researchers have made significant strides in the bizarre world of quantum teleportation. “Although a lot of the concepts in science fiction are absurd to our Newtonian minds, anything is possible because of the new language of quantum physics,” Shatner said. Quantum physics describes the strange set of rules that govern the behavior of subatomic particles, including why particles can exist in more than one place at the same time. Quantum teleportation relies on so-called “quantum entanglement,” in which particles can interact and become linked so that an action performed on one instantaneously influences the other, even if they are far apart. Quantum teleportation experiments do not dabble with matter, but rather they aim to beam photons (particles of light that have no mass) between two locations. (In other words, these experiments aren’t teleporting humans anywhere, but the findings are valuable for advances in quantum computing.) In 2015, physicists set a new distance record in quantum teleportation, beaming photons 63 miles across fiber optics, or four times farther than had been previously demonstrated. “So, where does that leave us?” Shatner said. “Can you transport all the molecules in a human being? Apparently, it’s impossible. Can you transport a replica of that person? [It’s] possible, but the amount of computer energy and space is overwhelming. There’s so much that we imagine in science fiction that is so delightful to think about.” Time travel is similarly a mystery, though Shatner said people are likely familiar with the sci-fi narrative that involves characters traveling through a wormhole “where time and space is curved,” creating a shortcut between two locations in space or time. But, wormholes are hypothetical features, and so far, they have not been proven to exist. And though faster-than-light travel has been popularized in both the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” franchises, Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity says nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, which is 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) in a vacuum. Still, Shatner said it’s fun to mull over these concepts, and science fiction should always serve as a way to stoke people’s imaginations. And from his perspective (at least when it comes to Hollywood), the future is an exciting place. “Transporting is where it’s at,” he joked.

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William Shatner will host ‘Star Trek’s’ first-ever official cruise

Trekkies, your captain has arrived. William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, will be hosting the first officially licensed Star Trek: The Cruise in 2017. The voyage will mark the franchise’s 50th anniversary and is set to sail a six-night trip aboard the Norwegian Pearl out of PortMiami from Jan. 9-16, 2017, according to the cruise’s official website. Shatner, who played Kirk from 1966 to 1994, says he’s excited about the enterprise. “When I was told that this was the first authorized Star Trek cruise and part of the 50th anniversary celebration, I just knew that my participation would be something that our fans would enjoy,” said Shatner on the cruise website. “It should be a lot of fun.” Other “Star Trek” alumni will be onboard along with Shatner, including “Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s” Commander Riker, Jonathan Frakes and his fellow “Next Generation” co-stars Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, and Denise Crosby, as well as co-stars from “Voyager” and “Deep Space Nine”. Onboard entertainment includes “Star Trek” theme bars, life-sized board games and performances by the Enterprise Blues Band made up of “Star Trek” actors. The cruise will visit Cozumel, Nassau and Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island, Great Stirrup Cay. Fares are from $975 per person.

How cool would this be?!?! 🙂

Shatner to travel across US on three-wheeled motorcycle

William Shatner will boldly travel across the U.S. on a three-wheeled motorcycle. The “Star Trek” star announced plans Monday for the cross-country mission to promote his custom trike and raise awareness about the American Legion. “I am taking another step into the unknown,” the 84-year-old actor said in a statement. Shatner partnered with motorcycle builder American Wrench to create the Rivet motorcycle. The Aurora, Illinois-based company said the silver studded bike is inspired by the B-17 bomber. The eight-day journey will launch June 23 outside Chicago and make stops in St. Louis; Kansas City, Missouri; Oklahoma City; Amarillo, Texas; Albuquerque; Flagstaff, Arizona; and Las Vegas before arriving in Los Angeles on June 30. Shatner will be joined on the 2,400-mile ride by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew. The company is planning to sell limited quantities of Shatner’s trike. American Wrench describes the Rivet as a “landjet” that will feature a V8 engine and an exposed cockpit with seating “only for a captain.”

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Leonard Nimoy’s son planning documentary about his father

A month after the death of Leonard Nimoy, his son Adam Nimoy has announced plans to produce and direct a documentary about his father titled “For the Love of Spock.” The project is aimed at celebrating the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek,” which aired for the first time on Sept. 8, 1966. Zachary Quinto, who portrayed the Spock character in last two “Star Trek” films, will narrate the documentary. David Zappone, the owner and president of Paramount-based 455 Films, will produce. “This will be a tribute to my dad and Spock,” Adam Nimoy told Variety. “We have plenty to work from because my dad loved telling stories and he was very fond of the role.” Adam Nimoy said that he and his father began discussing the project began several months ago and agreed that it should focus on the enduring nature of Spock and Nimoy’s portrayal of the relentlessly logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise. The elder Nimoy had announced last year that he was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but had continued working on the project — even speaking with with his son about it two days before his death. “He felt as if he had plenty of time, but then he declined precipitously,” Adam Nimoy said. “I was struck with the outpouring of affection for him after he died, so this feels like the right thing to do.”

Agreed.  We all look forward to seeing this!  LLAP

Star Trek fans ‘Spock’ Canadian $5 bill to honor late Leonard Nimoy

The passing of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy has inspired numerous ‘trekkies’ to scribble Spock’s pointy ears, flat hairline and Starfleet insignia onto former Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s likeness on the Canadian $5 bill. The Bank of Canada said it is not illegal to deface the notes in such a way, but spokeswoman Josianne Menard told the Canadian Press that she urges Star Trek fans to stop. “Writing on a bank note may interfere with the security features and reduces its lifespan,” she said. Menard added that such defacements are ‘inappropriate’ as the bills are Canadian symbols. Bank Governor Stephen Poloz, however, remarked that Star Trek is his favorite television series. Altering Laurier’s face is not new, though Nimoy’s February 27 death caused a spike in changing the late dignitary’s appearance to that of a Vulcan.

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