Bouwmeester back in St. Louis, ‘on the road to recovery’

Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester is back in St. Louis after collapsing on the bench during a game in Anaheim last week and said in a statement Tuesday that he is “on the road to recovery.” Bouwmeester, 36, collapsed during the first period of the Feb. 11 game after going into cardiac arrest. He had a cardioverter defibrillator implanted into his chest at UCI Medical Center in Orange County, California, where he had been hospitalized until returning to St. Louis on Sunday. In a statement issued by the Blues, Bouwmeester thanked team trainers for both the Blues and Ducks, along with first responders and the medical staff at UCI Medical Center. “Our family has felt the support of the entire National Hockey League family and the city of St. Louis during this time,” Bouwmeester said in the statement. “We have all been greatly comforted by your genuine concern. On Sunday evening, I returned to St. Louis and I am on the road to recovery. My wife and daughters are forever grateful for everyone’s support and we will continue to have a positive outlook for our future.“ The game was postponed and will be played March 11. It will begin with a 1-1 score, as it was at the time of the postponement, but still follow a full 60-minute format.

Glad you’re doing better, Jay!  This story broke last night as the Blues shut out the NJ Devils 0-3 at home in St. Louis.  GO BLUES!!!      🙂

NASCAR star Hailie Deegan poses with Trumps ahead of Daytona 500: ‘Goal complete’

Hailie Deegan, the 18-year-old driver deemed “NASCAR’s Next Big Superstar,” posed for a photo she’ll likely remember for the rest of her life, standing next to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump at the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Deegan and the Trumps were all smiles ahead of the race in Florida. The driver posted the photo to Twitter, adding, “Goal complete,” with a check mark. Earlier Sunday, she tweeted: “Today’s goal. Get my helmet signed by Trump.” That earlier tweet got the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who responded: “DM me… I may know someone.” Deegan proudly held her helmet as she posed for the photo. She was not slated to drive in Sunday’s race. Deegan made her stock car debut at Daytona earlier this month, finishing second to Michael Self in the ARCA Series season opener on Feb. 8. President Trump spoke ahead of the Daytona 500, calling it “the legendary display of roaring engines, soaring spirits and the American skill, speed and power that we’ve been hearing about for so many years.” He later gave the command, “Gentlemen, start your engines,” and rode for a lap in the presidential limo known as “The Beast” before the race got underway. When asked about her rising profile in NASCAR, Deegan said earlier this month: “I think there’s that aspect of being a girl that does help. But, once you get in the car, it don’t matter. No one knows. Most of the time I have the most aggressive-looking, guy-looking car on the track.”

What a great story!     🙂

St. Louis Blues’ Jay Bouwmeester hospitalized but in ‘good spirits’ after bench collapse

Jay Bouwmeester remains in Southern California, but the veteran St. Louis Blues defenseman was alert and talking with teammates one day after collapsing on the bench during a game. “He was in good spirits with us, typical Jay, so I think it certainly made us all feel a lot better knowing that we had the opportunity to talk to him. Typical Jay is a very good Jay,” defenseman Alex Pietrangelo said. The 36-year old Bouwmeester suffered a cardiac episode during the first period of Tuesday night’s game against the Anaheim Ducks. General manager Doug Armstrong said during a news conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday that Bouwmeester was unresponsive after collapsing on the bench. A defibrillator was used and he regained consciousness immediately before being taken to an Anaheim hospital. “He is doing very well and is currently undergoing a battery of tests. Things are looking very positive,” Armstrong said. Pietrangelo — who was one of the first to call for help after Bouwmeester slumped over with 7:50 left in the first period — said he visited Bouwmeester in the hospital Tuesday night and the rest of team got to see him via FaceTime. The team stayed overnight in Southern California before taking a chartered flight to Las Vegas, where they will play the Golden Knights on Thursday. Bouwmeester’s father was at the game as part of the team’s annual dads trip and accompanied his son to the hospital. The team had a meeting at the hotel in Las Vegas before the media was allowed in. Several players remained for the news conference and appeared shaken and tired after a long night and morning. “It’s hard to even explain, it happened so fast, it felt like it was an eternity for us,” Pietrangelo said. “It’s not easy to see anybody go through it, let alone your close friend and teammate that you spend every day with. Certainly, we’re lucky to have each other anytime you’re going through something like this.” While Bouwmeester remains hospitalized, the Blues are trying to refocus on hockey. The defending Stanley Cup champions lead the Western Conference with 73 points but the gap between the top three teams in the Central Division was only four points going into Wednesday’s games. Armstrong and players lauded the Ducks and Blues medical staffs for their quick work. “How quickly they got on there to revive Jay to get him back is a testament to the work that is done and a testament to the NHLPA and the NHL for making sure that teams do all the proper work behind the scenes and have the people in the right spots, that are there to help the guys if anything happens,” Armstrong said. The NHL has had standards in place to deal with potential life-threatening cardiac problems for several seasons. They include having a team physician within 50 feet of the bench. An orthopedic surgeon and two other doctors are also nearby. Defibrillators must also be in close range. The home team has one on its bench and the away team must have theirs no further away than their locker room. Each medical team regularly rehearses the evacuation of a severely injured player before the season and all players are screened for serious cardiac conditions. The last player to collapse on an NHL bench before Bouwmeester was Dallas forward Rich Peverley in 2014. Peverley had an irregular heartbeat, and the quick response of emergency officials made sure he was OK. Detroit’s Jiri Fischer had a similar episode in 2005. “The Peverley and Fischer incidents and now Bouwmeester reminded us all how important it is to have team doctors close to players’ benches and defibrillators easily accessible in short notice,” said Edmonton Oilers general manger Ken Holland, who was with Detroit in 2005 when Fischer collapsed on the bench. “It has probably saved all their lives. Incredible job by league and team medical people.” Bouwmeester — who is in his 17th NHL season — was skating in his 57th game this season and the 1,241st of his NHL career. He had skated 1:20 in his last shift before collapsing and logged 5:34 of ice time as the game got going. The Blues and Ducks are talking with the league about making up the game, which was postponed. Armstrong said a full 60 minutes will be played and it will resume with the game tied at 1.

And that’s so great that they did that!  We’re all pullin for ya, Jay!  The Blues will play in Vegas tonight playing the Golden Knights.  GO BLUES!!!!     🙂

Abigail Disney calls Kobe Bryant ‘a rapist’ and is swiftly met with backlash

Documentary filmmaker Abigail Disney spoke publicly about the ongoing conversations surrounding Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant’s legacy after the basketball star and his daughter Gianna were among nine killed in a devastating helicopter accident on Sunday. Disney’s tweet on Wednesday follows remarks by actress Evan Rachel Wood, who wrote in a since-deleted tweet that although Bryant is heralded as a sports icon, “he was also a rapist.” Wood’s tweet was met with intense backlash, with many on social media arguing that the “Westworld” actress’ comments were made much too soon and were in bad taste. Now Disney is being taken to task for her remarks, which came in response to a Washington Post op-ed remembering Bryant’s life — including a 2003 incident outlined in a 2016 article from The Daily Beast in which a 19-year-old woman accused Bryant of choking and sexually assaulting her in a Colorado hotel room. The Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker echoed Wood’s sentiment. “I haven’t said anything about Kobe so far because I felt some time needed to pass before weighing in. But yes, it’s time for the sledgehammer to come out. The man was a rapist. Deal with it,” she wrote, before many Bryant fans responded to her statement in fury. “Each of us is more than our worst deeds, and less than our best. People aren’t easily divided into good and bad. I won’t excuse or defend what KB may have done that night, but if you aren’t moved by the hundreds of stories of his generosity and kindness, you aren’t paying attn,” one person tweeted. “This is unfair and not ok. Feel how you will about him but his wife lost her husband, his daughters lost their father. If you must go down this road, educate yourself fully on that situation first, you just may feel a bit differently,” wrote another user. “Damn some people have no respect for the dead. Kobe literally lost his life along with his daughter a few days ago. Its national news when a ‘black’ athlete makes a mistake but when Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and get a 6 month sentence and served 3,” said another poster. Meanwhile, an additional Twitter user simply asked Disney point-blank, “Serious questions for you: Can people redeem themselves, reform, or are we forever to be judged by our past actions?” Disney, whose grandfather Roy O. Disney co-founded The Walt Disney Company, did not respond to the question posed to her by the Twitter user. However, despite her stance, Disney’s response was also met with praise by some who were in agreement. “Thank you I’ve been wondering about the deafening silence on this,” one tweet read. “Thank you, while this is tragic for all the passengers on board and his family. It’s hard to hear him being celebrated as a hero when he’s a rapist,” another Bryant detractor added. And one social media commenter said this to Disney: “I can see where he tried to mend his ways after that episode in his life. But you also cannot write his obituary without mentioning this episode either.” Disney and Wood are not the first people to be criticized for their responses in the days since the helicopter crash. A Washington Post reporter and a CNN reporter have both been criticized for bringing up The Daily Beast article and reminding the public that Bryant faced a rape charge. Bryant was arrested and charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment at the time, but the criminal case was ultimately dropped when the accuser refused to testify and agreed to hear Bryant issue a formal apology in court, which he had his lawyer read. At the time, the NBA star admitted to cheating on his wife but said the encounter was consensual. Bryant and the accuser went to court in a civil case over the matter, which was settled in 2005 for an undisclosed amount.

Normally here at The Daily Buzz we don’t report on celebs.  Frankly its mostly boring and covered to death by the dominantly liberal mainstream media…and available in your grocery checkout lanes.  But, we’ll make an exception here because of this interesting twist.  When this story broke, it continued to break for almost three straight days.  The unending, drooling, slobberfest by the media elite and those in the sports world was nauseating.  They treated Kobe’s passing as if Mother Teresa had passed.  Was it tragic?  Yes.  And, we’re sorry his daughter also perished.  But…who were the other passengers on the helicopter who died?  I don’t know.  Do you?  I didn’t see a single news report mentioning even the names of the other victims.  And that’s awful.  It goes to show that it’s all what the media feeds you.  Was Kobe a gifted b-ball player?  Absolutely.  But, c’mon..let’s be honest.  He was no saint.  At BEST (and this is giving him every benefit of the doubt), and by his own admission, he had an aggressive, extramarital sexual encounter with a teenage girl hotel employee in his hotel room in Eagle County, Colorado.  Again, he admitted to the extramarital encounter with this teenage girl, and paid her a settlement out of court.  At worst, he raped her.  So, Abigail may be correct.  Sorry if it hurts the tender sensibilities of Kobe’s fans.  To be fair, we weren’t there.  Only he and the girl know what really happened.  However, regardless..  He got away with it…and the media which has been drooling all over him, has been doing everything it can to dismiss, or otherwise bury, that part of his personal story.  Why is that, exactly?  Had this been some conservative icon, that’s ALL they would be talking about…and we all know it.  Again, more duplicity from the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  Kudos to Ms. Disney, and others, for reminding us that Kobe wasn’t all the media has made him out to be.

President Trump, Melania Trump cheered by crowd at LSU-Clemson national championship game

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump received a warm reception at Monday night’s national championship football game between Louisiana State University (LSU) and Clemson University. The Trumps walked onto the field before the championship match at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans as their images appeared on the big boards in the arena before the National Anthem, causing the attendees to go wild. Loud chants of “U-S-A” were heard throughout the stadium. This marks President Trump’s second LSU game. He attended a November match between the university’s Tigers and the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Click here to see video from the event.

We’re posting this merely to show that, despite what the tools on MSNBC and CNN would have you believe, there are parts of the country that really support our President.  So, we’re just happy troll those idiots who would never ever post this video on their web or FaceBook sites.

New England Patriots to be disciplined for filming Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline: report

The NFL is expected to take disciplinary action against the New England Patriots sometime in the next two weeks after the team admitted to filming the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline in early December for an online web series, according to a report Saturday. The league’s decision is expected to come sometime this month, although it was not immediately clear when as the league has yet to receive all the security reports surrounding the Dec. 8 incident involving an employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, Senior NFL reporter for ESPN Adam Schefter reported, citing league sources. Details about what the punishment would behave not been revealed but, being repeat offenders, the Patriots could face a costly penalty. In Sept. 2007, New England was caught videotaping New York Jets’ coaching staff signals from an unauthorized location and, more famously, in 2015, quarterback Tom Brady was suspended four games after allegedly ordering the footballs to be deflated during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots admitted last month that a production crew member filmed the Bengals sideline during their game against the Cleveland Browns while profiling an advanced scout for the team’s internet series “Do Your Job.” However, the organization has not strayed from the claim that the employee did not know what they were doing was against NFL rules. “The sole purpose of the filming was to provide an illustration of an advance scout at work on the road,” a statement released from the team at the time read. “There was no intention of using the footage for any other purpose. We understand and acknowledge that our video crew, which included independent contractors who shot the video, unknowingly violated a league policy by filming the field and sideline from the press box.” The crew member has since been suspended. Schefter reported that other teams in the past were handed hefty fines for similar offenses. Former Browns’ general manager Ray Farmer was fined $250,000 for in-game in texting in 2015 while the Atlanta Falcons lost a 5th round pick and were fined $350,000 that same year for using fake crowd noises during home games in 2013 and 2014.

Soo… the Pats got caught cheating and/or breaking NFL rules.  Gee..what a shocker….not.  Remember how they cheated in the Super Bowl of 2002 against the (then) St. Louis Rams, and won by a field goal?  It was determined afterwards that the Pats DID cheat, and some of their coaching staff was fined.  Some even fired.  But, they got to keep their Super Bowl rings, and because of such brazen deceit for which the Pats didn’t have to forfeit their win, they were emboldened to continue their shenanigans.  What IS stunning is how people like Bill Belichick and the cronies on his coaching staff continue to be employed by Bob Kraft…a man who has character deficiencies of his own.  I guess them being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the TN Titans provides a little karma-like satisfaction.    🙂

NFL Attendance Crashes to 15-Year Low

NFL attendance for 2019 shows the league is still struggling to put fans in the seats. In fact, attendance crashed to a 15-year low. The NFL averaged 66,648 fans in the seats per game, the lowest level since 2004, according to David Broughton and Andrew Levin of Sports Business Daily. For the last 11 years, the Cowboys have had the highest average attendance with 90,929 fans. But 15 teams lost fans including the Jaguars (down 8.7 percent), the Raiders (minus 7.6 percent) and the Bengals (down 7.0 percent). On the other hand, Redskins attendance gained 7.3 percent and the Buffalo Bills attendance grew by 6 percent. “Attendance peaked in 2016, with 69,487 per game. In 2004, 66,328 attended each game, on average,” Profootball Talk reported. On the other hand, the league witnessed a rise in TV ratings. With a concerted push to get back to football and leave the politics behind, the league saw a five percent hike in its TV audience.

….and that’s the key.  The ONLY reason that the NFL is starting to make a slow comeback in it’s tv ratings, is because they’re TRYING on some VERY small level, to reduce the politics, but not the political correctness.  When they make some inroads there, more folks (myself included) might think about checking out a game or two on Sundays.