Southern Pride

South Carolina town remembers Confederacy’s founding

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have put up a new memorial honoring the men who signed the document for South Carolina to leave the United States. The Confederate heritage group paid for the monument on private land in Abbeville on what is called Secession Hill after key speeches there led the state to decide to leave the Union after President Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860. The 20-ton (18,100-kilogram), 11-foot (3.3-meter) tall granite marker has the names of the 170 men who signed the Ordinance of Secession and an excerpt of the document’s text. The Sons of Confederate Veterans unveiled and dedicated the marker Nov. 10. Group member Albert Jackson, who raised money for the project, said it’s important to push back against people who think remembering Southern heritage is racist and wrong. “We don’t want too much. We just want our heritage to be left alone. We want our heritage, our monuments, out flags and everything else we represent. Nothing more and nothing less,” Jackson said at the dedication. The group originally wanted to put the monument in Charleston, where the Ordinance of Secession was signed, but the Patriots Point Development Authority and North Charleston both rebuffed efforts to put the marker on public land. Instead, Robert Hayes, who owns the Abbeville site where a series of speeches was credited to pushing South Carolina to leave the Union, offered his land. Hayes plays Confederate President Jefferson Davis at historical events and for years ran a shop in town full of Confederate memorabilia, from flags to T-shirts to bumper stickers with slogans like “If at first you don’t secede, try, try again.” The marker joins a marker known as The Rock, marking the spot where men gave their speeches in 1860. “Some of us true secessionists kiss it and wish for it again,” Hayes said of The Rock, according to The Greenwood Index-Journal. “Ladies and gentlemen, you’re on scared ground. And it is henceforth going to be more sacred.”

Analysis: Twelve Memorials that Must Be Removed if Democrats Are Serious About Erasing Racism

If Democrats seeking the removal of historical memorials tied to racist history are serious, they should be tripping over one another to get in front of a camera and call for the removal of memorials and namesakes to Presidents Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Sen. Robert C Byrd. These five men had two things in common–all had a penchant for racism to one degree or another, and all were Democrats. Some of the memorials to them are monuments, some are groves, others are highways, bridges, colleges, and even cemeteries. Of course, the cemeteries ought not be disturbed, but they should be renamed if the Democrats are serious about rooting out the vestiges of racism. Click here to read a short description of each of the Democrats and the memorials and/or namesakes in their honor:

Democrat politicians and the dominantly liberal mainstream media have a short memory…a VERY short memory.  After all, the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) was the Sen. Majority Leader (for crying out loud), and was in the Senate up til 2010; only 7 years ago.  Keep in mind that Sen. Byrd was an “exalted cyclops” of the Ku Klux Klan!! And yet NOBODY in the Democratic party OR in the liberal media said ANYTHING about that.  Where was Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, the NAACP, PBS/NPR, CNN, and of course, MSNBC?!? Their silence for decades has been deafening.  Talk about brazen hypocrisy!!  And, that’s just for starters..  The liberal media and Democrats like to bring up the KKK, and throw out the name “David Duke” (a former Louisiana state legislator and former leader of one of the many Klan organizations in the U.S.) as some sort of talking point.  It’s totally scripted, and phony.  For those who may not know..  Started in 1865 after the Civil War, the membership of the KKK was almost exclusively Democrats for the first ONE HUNDRED YEARS of it’s existence!  That’s a very inconvenient FACT that the left doesn’t want you to know.  Anyway, to read the rest of this outstanding op/ed by AWR Hawkins, click on the text above.

Memphis activists target Confederate monuments after failed attempt to dig up general’s grave

Social justice warriors in Memphis, Tennessee are staging a rally to pressure city officials into removing Confederate statues in the community, the latest stunt aimed at snubbing out the region’s forefathers. Organizers for the group that calls itself “Take Em Down 901” are advertising the protest at Bruce Elementary School on Bellevue Boulevard for 6 p.m. Tuesday “to discuss action steps to remove Confederate statues in Memphis,” according to the group’s Facebook page. The group is led by Tami Sawyer, “a political leader, speaker, writer & activist for Social Justice and Educational Equity.” Sawyer told WMC last week that she’s leading a boycott of the city’s famed 4th Bluff Park until the city removes a statue of Jefferson Davis, and her group is urging the public to avoid scheduled summer events like “Downtown Yoga in the Park” and an art show until they get their way. “Having the statutes (sic) is another thing that says black people don’t matter in Memphis,” she said. The meeting on Tuesday is centered on promoting the boycott, though even those who support the cause don’t seem to think it’s the brightest idea. “It has to be something more than just boycotting the parks because not everyone is going to follow that,” Memphis resident Neely Jones said. “As beautifully as the statue is decorated. I’m an artist and can appreciate that, it’s still standing for something that the entire country said we are not having it.” The organized boycott comes after many of the same activists took it upon themselves to attempt to dig up the grave of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest last summer. “We are going to bring the back hoe, the tractors and the men with the equipment to raise Bedford Forrest from the soil of Memphis,” Isaac Richmond, a failed congressional candidate and head of the “Commission on Religion and Racism” told awaiting TV crews as he shoved chunks of grass and soil from Forrest’s grave site. Richmond told CBS 3 that digging up Forrest, who died 138 years ago, would fix the city’s alleged problems with racism. “If he’s gone, some of this racism and race-hate might be gone,” Richmond said, shovel in hand. “We got a fresh shovel full, and we hope that everybody else will follow suit and dig him up.” They didn’t. Instead, the city’s social justice warriors pressured the city council into voting to remove Forrest’s body somewhere more to their liking. The city council also voted last year to remove Forrest’s statue in Health Sciences Park, though the move was blocked by the Tennessee Historical Commission, which must give approval to locals to remove monuments erected to honor military figures. The city has not pursued efforts to remove the Jefferson Davis statue, according to WMC. And while Sawyer, Richmond and their supporters are plotting further actions to press the issue, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are defending the honor of their ancestors and calling out the “historical terrorists” for the attempts to erase history. The Sons of Confederate Veterans issued a statement to WMC that states Memphis “does not need to become the laughing stock of the country again as has the city of New Orleans,” which is also embroiled in a controversy surrounding Confederate symbols in the city. “Those who tear down historic monuments are no better than Nazis or ISIS,” the statement read. “They are historical terrorists. The TearDownMemphis or TakeEmDown group bears the same characteristics. “Our historical monuments, especially including the two largest Confederate monuments, are a tribute to those honored city residents of our nation’s past. They certainly do not signify white supremacy or anything of the sort. Both Jefferson Davis and N.B. Forrest are veterans of the United States military and of the Confederate States.” The group also vowed to take actions of their own if the city’s social justice crusaders continue to push the issue. “The Sons of Confederate Veterans vehemently opposes the removal or destruction of any memorial, monument or grave site and will stand against such actions, including to the extent of taking legal action,” the statement read.

Good for them!  The Sons of Confederate Veterans are exactly right.  This effort by these so-called “social justice” bullies and thugs to erase history, is nothing short of historical terrorism; exactly the same thing that ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the middle east where they are tearing down statues of Buddha or blowing up Christian churches.  It’s the same thing.    No difference.  If you want to support the Sons, and their efforts to preserve out history, here is their web site:


Lawmakers in Alabama approve protections for confederate monuments

Alabama lawmakers on Friday approved sweeping protections for Confederate monuments, names and other historic memorials, as some Southern cities rethink the appropriateness of keeping such emblems on public property. The measure “would prohibit the relocation, removal, alteration, renaming, or other disturbance of any architecturally significant building, memorial building, memorial street, or monument” that has stood on public property for 40 or more years,” it reads. Changes to names or memorials installed between 20 and 40 years ago would need permission from a new state commission. African-American lawmakers opposed the bill at every step of the legislative process, saying argued that solidifies a shameful legacy of slavery. “You say we are protecting history. We are not protecting history. We are protecting monuments that represent oppression to a large part of the people in the state of Alabama,” said Sen. Hank Sanders, an African-American Democrat from Selma. Supporters argued that the measure should protect all kinds of history — not just Confederate symbols. Sen. Gerald Allen, the bill’s Republican sponsor, criticized what he called a “wave of political correctness” wiping out monuments to people he said were historically significant even if they had their personal flaws. The legislation would also apply to schools named to memorialize people. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey added an amendment, which lawmakers approved, to clarify that schools could change locations and do renovations, but not change names. The amendment came after lawmakers raised concerns that schools, which are often named for people, could not do renovations or relocate under the bill’s directive.

How great is this?!?  It’s about time one of these southern states said, “enough is enough” of this wave of political correctness trying to wipe away history.  The Civil War happened.  To those who have an issue with that…get over it.  And, there are many in the south who have ancestors who fought on the side of the Confederacy….and are proud of those ancestors.  Again, to those who have a problem with that…get over it.  Oh, and to all of those people who maybe had a politically correct, and warped education..  The first year and a half (give or take) had NOTHING to do with slavery.   Nothing!  Don’t believe me?  Then pick up a copy of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.”   Hopefully more southern states follow Alabama’s fine lead.

Federal judge denies request to halt Confederate monument relocation

A federal judge has denied a last-minute request to stop Louisville officials from moving a Confederate monument to a nearby town. The Courier-Journal reports U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell denied a request for a restraining order from Louisville resident Brennan James Callan on Saturday. Crews began dismantling the monument Saturday, a $400,000 project that is expected to take several days. City officials announced this week they were moving the monument to Brandenburg. Protests of the 121-year-old monument increased following the 2015 racially-motivated shooting deaths of nine African-Americans at a church in South Carolina. A state judge ruled earlier this year Louisville had the authority to move the monument, which was a gift from the Kentucky Women’s Confederate Monument Association in 1895.

More silly political correctness..  And this time, with the support of a federal judge, and Bill Clinton nominee.  Go figure..


Starnes: Ole Miss Dumps ‘Dixie’ From Football Games

The University of Mississippi has officially dumped “Dixie” so they can be more inclusive. I fear old times there will soon be forgotten, folks. The athletic department released a statement Friday announcing that the beloved Southern song will no longer be played at home football games ending yet another long-held tradition. “The newly expanded and renovated Vaught-Hemingway Stadium will further highlight our best traditions and create new ones that give the Ole Miss Rebels the best home field advantage in college football,” the statement reads. “Dixie” was first played by the Ole Miss band around 1948, Mississippi Today reports. “Because the Pride of the South is such a large part of our overall experience and tradition, the Athletics Department asked them to create a new and modern pregame show that does not include Dixie and is more inclusive for all fans, the statement went on to read.” More inclusive, eh? Perhaps they could consult with Beyonce? I’m certain the university will find some inspiration from her 2016 Super Bowl Halftime performance. It’s only a matter of time before Ole Miss replaces fried catfish and sweet tea with fermented soy sandwiches and beverages made from lawn clippings — all for the sake of inclusivity. Allen Coon, a student government leader, was thrilled with the university’s decision. “It’s an important step forward for our university as we attempt to reconcile and understand our relationship with our Old South past,” Coon told the Commercial Appeal. “Ending the use of ‘Dixie’ promotes inclusivity and makes room for traditions that all UM students can connect with.” In its quest to be politically correct, I wonder if Ole Miss will also ban various genres of music that include offensive lyrics about women? And what about modern-day music that employs the use of a certain racial epithet? Would Ole Miss consider rap and hip-hop taboo, too? It’s doubtful. Ole Miss has been shedding its Southern heritage for quite some time now. Confederate flags have been effectively banned since 1997, reports Mississippi Today. Last year, they banned the Mississippi State flag. Colonel Rebel, the school’s mascot, was sidelined from games in 2003 because critics said he looked too much like a white plantation owner. He was replaced by a black bear. From the pages of the Daily Journal we learned that Confederate Drive was renamed along with handheld Confederate flags. And in 2009 they told the band to stop playing “From Dixie With Love,” in part because fans were yelling “The South will rise again” during the song. A reader of the Oxford Eagle summed up the sentiment of many Mississippians. “Ole Miss is despicable for doing this,” the gentleman wrote. “The university keeps bowing before the boot of political correctness. It would be foolish to think the progressive academic elites have concluded their quest to eradicate Southern culture and traditions. It ain’t over, folks. It won’t be long before someone mounts a campaign to remove the word “Rebel” from the school’s athletic teams. The only question is whether that happens before or after one of those perpetually offended, liberal snowflakes files a federal lawsuit demanding the university change its name.” I can already imagine the headlines: “Students Say ‘Ole Miss’ Causes Microaggressions” “Safe Spaces Overrun by Victims of ‘Ole Miss’ White Privilege” “President Clinton Signs Executive Order Renaming ‘Ole Miss’ the University of Obama” Come to think of it, that last headline may not be all that farfetched. Meanwhile, progressive liberals continue to bulldoze across the Southern states burning, torching and tearing down every vestige and cultural tradition of the Deep South much like General Sherman did during the Civil War. Look away Dixieland — just look away. -Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” Follow Todd on Twitter@ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook

Another depressing story, courtesy of Todd Starnes, on this Hump Day..  Liberals are passionate about so-called “multiculturalism…unless its a culture, or heritage, they don’t like or agree with.  Then, they want it not only censored…but eradicated entirely.  The south has a very unique culture and heritage…and those who are proud of that heritage should feel free to celebrate that heritage without the pc police and speech nazis bullying them.  What Ole Miss is doing isn’t surprising given how liberal elites are running the school.  But, it’s awful.  Shame on the administration at Ole Miss.  Hopefully the alums will put an end to this politically correct nonsense.

Judge blocks Louisville from moving 120-year-old Confederate monument

A Kentucky judge Monday issued a temporary restraining order preventing the city of Louisville from moving a 70-foot-tall Confederate war monument from the spot near the University of Louisville campus where it has stood since 1895. Jefferson County Circuit Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman issued the order against Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and the metro area’s government, preventing them from moving, disassembling or otherwise tampering with the monument. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and Everett Corley, a Republican running for Congress, filed for the restraining order on Monday. They contended that the mayor lacks the authority to remove the monument and did not follow proper protocol. Fischer and University President James Ramsey had announced Friday that they would remove the monument, marking the latest government effort to reconsider displaying Confederate symbols following the massacre of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina last summer. The city said the stone and bronze structure, for years a source of tension, would be disassembled and moved to storage until a decision is made on where it should be properly displayed. County Attorney Mike O’Connell said he would aggressively defend the merged city-county government’s legal ability to remove the sculpture from its prominent location between Second and Third streets, next to campus and the university’s celebrated Speed Art museum, which just completed a $60 million renovation. The judge scheduled a hearing Thursday morning, though O’Connell’s office asked for more time to prepare its legal arguments. The judge will hear that motion Tuesday morning. Corley, a real estate agent running against two other Republicans to take on Rep. John Yarmuth in the fall, called the statue’s proposed removal “the 2016 version of book burning.” He said removing the monument — which features statues of three Confederate soldiers and the inscription “To Our Confederate Dead” — would be an insult to soldiers who fought and died. Kentucky, sandwiched between three free states and three slave states, never seceded from the Union and attempted to remain neutral throughout the Civil War. But its people were deeply divided. Some fought for the Union, others for the Confederacy, and the mixed allegiances tore apart families and communities across the state. Kentucky is the birthplace of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederacy. Both are honored in the state’s Capitol rotunda with large statues. Following the Charleston church shootings, leaders from both political parties called for the removal of the Davis statue. But a state commission voted 7-2 to leave it be. Corley charged that while the city says it plans to move the Louisville monument, it really intends to destroy it and throw it away.

And, given the mayor’s overt intention to disassemble it and put it into storage until further notice, certainly sounds like these politically correct, liberal politicians want to do just that; get rid of this piece of history.  History is what happened; NOT what we wish had happened.  And, trying to erase history in the interest of political correctness, and pandering to racially motivated, self-righteous, self-serving, rabble rousers is wrong-headed.  Here in America we celebrate out rich history.  And, those whose ancestors found on BOTH sides of our Civil War have every right to be proud of their heritage.  So, kudos to this judge for putting the brakes on this silly act of political pandering by the mayor.  We’ll, of course, keep a close eye on this developing story…

Virginia High School’s Confederate Flag Ban Sparks Flag Rally in Protest

A Bedford County, Virginia, high school sparked a student rally in support of the Confederate flag after administrators enforced a ban of the historic banner. After school administrators at Staunton River High School in Montea, Virginia, enforced its policy, telling students that the Confederate flag was banned from vehicles in the school’s parking lot, a group of students said they organized to sponsor a parade of cars festooned with the rebel flag to express their First Amendment rights. According to WDBJ, CBS Channel 7, students Chas Goodson and Zachary Barton were told to leave their flags at home but felt the school was attempting to shut down their Constitutional right to free expression. “We’re doing all of this to stand up for our First Amendment rights,” Goodson told the media. The pair of students said they outfitted their vehicles with the Confederate symbol in memory of recently-passed country music legend Merle Haggard but were confronted by school administrators over the flags. The pair also noted their ancestors served in the civil war and the flag was a nod to their ancestry. “We are very proud of our heritage and we want to be able to show it,” Barton told Channel 7. “We were given our First Amendment right for a reason and we want to be able to use it.” School administrations hastened to claim they have no intention of stomping on anyone’s First Amendment rights but feel it necessary to “limit distractions” for the students. “We have to limit any and all things that we determine are a distraction to the school day,” Bedford County Public Schools spokesman Ryan Edward said on Friday. Edwards further noted that large banners and flags had already been banned on vehicles in the school parking lot, even if they are large U.S. flags. But the students who organized the parade of autos said their response isn’t over. Students and parents also went to the campus and marched with their flags too, some representing a group called “Battle Flag Rally for Freedom.” “It’s not about hate. It’s about the heritage,” said Jason Wright, a Staunton River High student. “When schools try to take away our American flags and stuff and tell us we can’t fly them at school, that’s not right.” The students say they intend to rally again sometime next week. The “Battle Flag Rally for Freedom” group has a Facebook page where they describe themselves as a peaceful group. “We promote peaceful rallies for the support of Confederate and American values. We support the Constitution of the Confederacy & the U.S.A. no hate,” the Facebook page says. The group has held rallies in many cities in the south, including Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Salem, Virginia, among other places.

How great is this?!?  Kudos to these kids and their parents for standing up to these school administrator nazis using their positions to push their fascist, politically correct, crap.  It’d be one thing if there was a policy in the actual school about clothing and such.  But, we’re talking about bumper sticker and flags on cars in the parking lot, for crying out loud!  That’s where it crossed a line, and these kids (with the support of their parents) are pushing back.  Good for them!  Virginia was part of the Confederacy.  Those who have  problem with it need to get the heck over it.  Hopefully others will rally to support these kids at their next rally.    🙂

Mississippi Governor Declares April ‘Confederate Heritage Month,’ No Slavery Mention

Two weeks before the Mississippi Legislature allowed 19 state flag bills to die in committee, Gov. Phil Bryant took out a pen and signed an official governor’s proclamation, declaring the month of April “Confederate Heritage Month,” a routine occurrence in Mississippi and several other southern states. # The proclamation, which does not appear on the State of Mississippi’s website with other proclamations, such as about emergency inclement weather, is posted on the website of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which is ferociously against changing the Mississippi flag to remove the Confederate battle flag—which supporters like to call the “Beauregard flag”—from its canton.

Interesting..  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.  BUT, a word of caution…  The author, Donna Ladd, clearly has an agenda…and uses this story to spread her politically correct version of history.  Despite what she asserts, and what most public schools teach these days, the idea of slavery didn’t become a part of the equation until 1.5-2 years into the Civil War.  It was a states rights issue, plain and simple.  We recommend the book:   “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., PhD.  Dr. Woods nukes that whole slavery argument as a reason why the southern states seceded from the union, and for the start of the Civil War.

Florida High Students clash over waving Confederate flags in school cafeteria

A Confederate flag incident at West Port High School last week turned into threats of violence at the school on social media over the weekend, prompting school officials to beef up security Monday. WFTV reports three students brought in small Confederate flags to the Ocala, Florida school and waived them during lunch, which offended several black students. The Ocala Star Banner described the three white students – two boys and one girl – as “taunting” other students with the flags. At one point, the mini flag waving students sparked a confrontation with a black female student, who punched one of her classmates. That student was issued a citation to appear in court, while the other flag waiving students “are being dealt with swiftly and harshly,” the Banner reports. The flags also apparently instigated a black student rally in the school cafeteria, with black students shouting “black power” in videos that were recorded and later posted online, according to the news site. The videos and subsequent comments devolved over the weekend into some sort of threat of a school shooting Monday, though the exact nature of the threat is unclear. The incident and threats convinced school officials to call for backup, and 10 police officers patrolled the school Monday. Many parents, meanwhile, opted to keep their kids home because of the threats, WFTV reports. “This past Thursday, my daughter phoned me from school during lunch while this incident was taking place. She was extremely upset and begged me to pick her up, telling me please don’t let her die there!” parent Michelle Brown posted to Facebook. “I immediately went and got her. I wanted to speak with someone, but the office was crazy. This incident has now escalated and there has supposed been numerous threats of a mass shooting that’s supposed to take place today…,” she wrote. “We’ve seen countless posts on (Facebook) as well as (Instagram) and Twitter.” My daughter WILL NOT be attending school tomorrow and I urge parents to use their discretion. My mind is troubled and my heart is breaking. We NEED to pray for our youth!” Brown wrote. In total about 1,600 of the school’s 2,600 students stayed home Monday, WFTV reports. Ocala police Sgt. Robie Bonner told the Banner numerous parents called in over the weekend to report possible violence at the school Monday, and investigators interviewed dozens of students Sunday. “There were no credible threats,” he said. West Port principal Jayne Ellspermann – national principal of the year in 2014 – said the district is now sifting through Facebook posts and tracking down rumors to determine which other students might face discipline for “causing a school disruption,” the Banner reports. Ellspermann told the site students will be punished for making comments on social media, or in person, on their personal time if the comments are aimed at disrupting the school environment. The district’s executive director of student services, Mark Vianello, said that “if an event that takes place in the community initiated by a student spills over onto a school setting and disrupts a campus activity, the Code of Student Conduct can be applied.” “Depending upon the severity of the disruption, a suspension could be given or the consequence could result in a recommendation for expulsion,” Vianello told the Banner.

Thanks to the pc police and speech nazis, plan on seeing more stories like this.  It was liberal Dems who made a big thing out of the “Stars and Bars” (Confederate flag) being banned in many public places..  Sooner or later, folks would get tired of that silliness.. So, this was bound to happen.