Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Opinion: Trump’s pardon of ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the right (and courageous) thing to do

President Trump stood up for justice and for enforcement of our immigration laws when he courageously granted a pardon Friday to Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Despite knowing he would face criticism, the president did what was right. Arpaio was convicted by a federal judge in July of criminal contempt after being charged with violating a court order that attempted to prevent suspected illegal immigrants from being targeted by the sheriff’s traffic patrols. The sheriff acknowledged continuing the patrols, but said that targeting was not the focus. Arpaio’s conviction arose out of a lawsuit wrongfully accusing the sheriff’s office of violating the rights of Hispanics, allegedly using racial profiling tactics to identify people for traffic stops, and detaining convicts based only on the suspicion that they were illegal immigrants. Arpaio denied all wrongdoing. I sat in the courtroom through Arpaio’s trial and concluded that he was wrongfully convicted. As a former law enforcement officer myself and former executive director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, I know that Arpaio was dedicated to protecting the public he served and that his highest priority was keeping his community safe. Hearing testimony during Arpaio’s trial, I realized that any reasonable person who was there to pass judgment on this honest law-abiding man – who gave his life to the rule of law – could never have found him guilty on the evidence presented. However, the only one who could pass judgment on the former sheriff was U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, because Arpaio was denied his right to a jury trial under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The judge’s verdict convicting Arpaio was a travesty of justice. Arpaio’s critics have claimed for a long time that he is a racist and biased against Hispanics. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Under his command, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office boasted the highest percentage of Hispanic deputies, detention officers and staff in the state of Arizona. Moreover, he promoted more Hispanic officers to command positions than any other law enforcement agency in the state. On top of this, Arpaio has two grandchildren who are of Hispanic descent. To say he is biased again his own family members is absurd. Labeling him a racist for enforcing U.S. immigration law is a tired, exhausted, left-wing strategy that fails time and time again. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said that he would be the voice for law enforcement officers everywhere and always fight to protect them when they protected the public. President Trump held true to his promise by using his presidential pardon for Arpaio to set an important precedent: judges should interpret law and not try to rewrite it. And good men like Arpaio should not be prosecuted, persecuted and punished for doing their jobs. President Trump recognized that Sheriff Arpaio was doing his job, following the law, and protecting the people of Maricopa County – which includes Phoenix – by punishing criminals to the fullest extent, under the laws on the books. Arpaio was first elected as sheriff in Maricopa County 1992. He maintained that position for 24 years, receiving the honor of being the longest-serving sheriff ever been elected in the county. In June, the National Center for Police Defense, which I now head, delivered 40,000 petitions to the U.S. Department of Justice urging it to drop charges against the sheriff. Arpaio’s case has been politically motivated from the beginning, when the Obama administration’s Department of Justice filed misdemeanor charges against him a mere two weeks before the election, contributing to Arpaio’s loss in his reelection bid. The Department of Justice typically refrains from taking legal action against an elected official so close to an election in order to avoid influencing the outcome. Arpaio is now 85-years-old and has over 55 years of experience serving in law enforcement. He knows the limits of his power, and for 55 years stayed within those limits, while keeping the bad guys off the streets and the good people of his community safe. That’s how he earned the title of “Americas Toughest Sheriff.” By pardoning the wrongly convicted former sheriff, President Trump has shown he stands with the law-abiding people of our great country, who have the right to live in peace and safety. And the president has shown he stands against criminals, including those who have crossed our borders illegally. The author leads The National Center for Police Defense (NCPD) a non-profit dedicated to helping law enforcement officers who have been charged with a crime while following, “to the best of their ability,” the training and knowledge that they have been taught to use, by their departments. His charity supported former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s legal defense. James J. Fotis is president of National Center for Police Defense and a former law enforcement officer. He served more than 23 years as the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) an association of law enforcement officers, crime victims and concerned citizens. Follow his organization on Twitter @defendpolice

Author James Fotis is, of course, spot on here.  Sheriff Joe’s prosecution, and subsequent conviction, was entirely politically motivated, and clearly a violation of Sheriff Joe’s 6th Amendment right to a trial by a jury.  After over a half century of honorable service in law enforcement, Pres. Trump was absolutely right in granting this pardon.

Joe Arpaio on the ropes as illegal immigrants join fight to oust ‘America’s toughest sheriff’

Maricruz Ramirez can’t even vote, but she’s doing everything she can to get others to turn out on Election Day to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. An illegal immigrant from Mexico, Ms. Ramirez led a group of immigrant rights activists Saturday as they went door to door, hoping to find young or infrequent voters they could entice to turn out, emboldened by the prospect of taking out the Republican lawman who’s been dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” This could well be the year. After cruising to election in his first five races, Sheriff Arpaio barely topped 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race in 2012, and Paul Penzone — the Democrat who was part of that three-way race the last time — is leading the sheriff in the latest polling this year. In fact, it’s not even close: An Arizona State University/Arizona Republic poll released last week put Mr. Penzone at 45.9 percent support and Sheriff Arpaio at just 31.1 percent. Some analysts have questioned that poll’s sample — and the timing. It was taken just as the Justice Department announced it was pursuing criminal contempt charges against the sheriff, accusing him of continuing racial profiling against Hispanics despite a court settlement that ordered him to cease. Sheriff Arpaio calls the accusations “a bunch of garbage” and said it wasn’t a coincidence the charges were announced the day early voting started. He said his opponents, ranging from the Obama administration to billionaire liberal crusader George Soros and immigration activists, are pulling out all the stops to defeat him. “They’ve been after me since Day One for doing my job,” he says in a new campaign commercial. “This is all politics. Hillary gets a free pass, but they’re coming after me?” The sheriff might have been a juicy target no matter what, but in 2016 — the year of Donald Trump — he’s all the more ripe for the attacks. Long before Mr. Trump won the GOP’s presidential nominee by staking out a law-and-order stance and vowing to get tough on illegal immigration, Sheriff Arpaio was doing it. He set up tent cities as jails, even in Phoenix’s punishing summer heat, and issued pink underwear to inmates. He also brought back chain gangs. On immigration he pioneered a crackdown at the local level, including training officers to enforce federal immigration laws and having his deputies raid workplaces where he suspected illegal immigrants were working under false identities — a violation of state law.

Imagine that!  A sheriff that actually does his job and enforces the law!  Let’s hope Sheriff Joe comes from behind and wins re-election!!

Arpaio defeats immigrant groups in court; Arizona ID theft law upheld

States can impose their own stiff penalties on illegal immigrants — or anyone else — who steal someone’s identity in order to get a job, a federal appeals court ruled Monday, upholding Arizona’s law and dealing a setback to immigrant-rights advocates. The decision is yet another victory for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and more broadly for Arizona, which has been a pioneer in trying to find ways to punish illegal immigrants, stepping into a void left by the Bush and Obama administrations. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said that while there are still some questions about how police and prosecutors use the identity theft laws, on their face they do not violate the Constitution, nor do they trample on the federal government’s ability to set national immigration laws. As long as the laws apply to anyone, including U.S. citizens who steal someone’s identity, they are allowed — even if the legislature intended them chiefly as a way to strike at one of the symptoms of illegal immigration, the judges said. “In this case, Arizona exercised its police powers to pass criminal laws that apply equally to unauthorized aliens, authorized aliens, and U.S. citizens,” Circuit Judge Richard C. Tallman wrote in the unanimous opinion. “Just because some applications of those laws implicate federal immigration priorities does not mean that the statute as a whole should be struck down.” The identity theft law was one of a series of changes Arizona passed over the last decade to try to put pressure on illegal immigrants. The Supreme Court has already upheld a state law requiring all businesses to use the federal E-Verify program to check their employees’ work authorization, while the justices split on another law, SB 1070, striking down Arizona’s stiffer penalties against illegal immigrants but upholding the part that orders police to check the legal status of those they encounter in their regular duties, and who they suspect are in the country illegally. In 2007 and 2008 the state updated its identity theft laws to punish anyone who used a false identity, such as a stolen or fake Social Security number, to try to get a job. Arizona at the time had the highest rate of identity fraud in the country. Immigrant-rights groups sued, arguing the state was trying to interfere with federal powers to set immigration law, and they challenged Sheriff Arpaio in particular for using the law to pursue illegal immigrants. A federal district court initially agreed, striking down the law. But the appeals court on Monday reversed that ruling and sent the case back to the district court, saying it needs to see how the law is being applied, but at least on its face it doesn’t conflict with the federal government. “Although most of these enforcement actions have been brought against unauthorized aliens, some authorized aliens and U.S. citizens have also been prosecuted,” the judges said. “And while many of the people prosecuted under the identity theft laws used a false identity to prove that they are authorized to work in the United States, other defendants used false documents for non-immigration related reasons.” Puente Arizona, the group that sued Sheriff Arpaio, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Sheriff Arpaio, though, had already conceded to the groups, disbanding his special identity theft unit and halting enforcement of the new law in 2014. At the time, he said President Obama’s efforts to grant work permits to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants meant those individuals didn’t need to resort to stealing someone else’s identity.

Yes!!  Excellent decision!!    🙂

Obama’s DOJ to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Speak Spanish in jails

The Justice Department announced a deal Friday requiring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to provide services in Spanish to his jail inmates, settling part of a two-year-old discrimination complaint the Obama administration filed against the man known as “America’s Sheriff.” Federal authorities will also become permanent overseers for all worksite raids, with the power to demand information about any raids that deputies perform. The Justice Department says it will scrutinize them to make sure they’re following the Constitution. Still to come is a ruling by a court on charges that sheriff’s deputies discriminated in targeting Hispanics for traffic enforcement. But Friday’s deal settles many of the complaints about how Sheriff Arpaio runs the county jails and how it conducts its worksite raids. “The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office changed many of their practices after the commencement of our litigation, and these agreements ensure that progress continues and the Constitutional rights of the people of Maricopa County will be protected for the long term,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mark Kappelhoff said. The case is the culmination of the Obama administration’s effort to push Sheriff Arpaio out of the business of enforcing laws against illegal immigrants, and federal authorities have been mostly successful. Sheriff Arpaio had already agreed to stop enforcing a controversial state identity theft law, and disbanded its Criminal Employment Unit that had been the spearhead for those efforts. If he wants to restart those operations, he’ll have to write up new procedures, get Justice Department approval of them, and turn over information about any raids, including video, to federal authorities for review to make sure the actions were legal. The sheriff’s office said it would comment “at the appropriate time” on the deal. According to the terms of the 26-page settlement, Sheriff Arpaio also agreed to provide bilingual services for inmates and other members of the public, and will also make sure that classes for inmates are provided in Spanish and other appropriate languages.

Unreal.. This makes me want to vomit! I’m sure our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. This is political correctness and big government gone crazy! Our founders NEVER intended the federal government to be this big and intrusive. This is a local county matter; NOT a federal one. Obama and his fascist nazis at DOB have NO business bullying a local county sheriff like this because he doesn’t happen to agree with Obama’s agenda of political correctness. A note to our new Attorney General… Illegal aliens have no rights!! They’re here illegally!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio is called “America’s Sheriff” for a reason. He get’s results! And, DOJ is all over Sheriff Arpaio because he has been a thorn in Obama’s side (which is always a good thing). He, and his deputies, have been enforcing the immigration laws of our country; something Obama and his minions at DOJ have been actively undermining for over 6 years. In other words, Sheriff Joe has been doing his job! There was even a recall attempt (funded by George Soros and other liberal, Democrat special interests), which failed miserably because the good people of Maricopa County, Arizona love what he’s doing! They’re tired of being invade by illegals. I don’t blame them! Anyway, hopefully, the Sheriff Joe will fight some of this nonsense in federal court. Otherwise, he’ll have to put up with this bs for another 18 months until we get a new President and new AG.

Scalping Frenzy Erupts For Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Free Event

Here’s how much pent-up demand there is to see the twin bill of Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking about illegal immigration this weekend: First the free event had to be moved to a bigger venue to accommodate the interest, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Now, there’s a scalping frenzy, with tickets going for $50 on Craigslist. Trump’s speech with America’s self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff” initially was going to be held at the Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix. At the time, Trump’s campaign only expected about 1,000 people to attend the free event. Tickets, however, were gone within hours and organizers were forced to move the speech to a larger venue at the Phoenix Convention Center, where it again sold out almost immediately. As of Friday morning, organizers expected 5,000 people to attend the event, with hundreds more on a waiting list hoping to get in. Now tickets are popping up on Craigslist, among other classified-ad sites, where the going rate is $50.

This illegal immigration issue is definitely touching a nerve across America.  The Donald is tapping into that because he’s smart.  Hopefully the other GOP candidates will wake and smell the coffee and get with the program!

Sheriff Arpaio: Border Tensions So High Top US Law Enforcement Officials Afraid to Enter Mexico

Tuesday on NewsMax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Maricopa Co., AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he was unable to convince top U.S. law enforcement officials to step foot inside of Mexico to try and work on border security issues.

As usual, America’s Sheriff, Sheriff Joe, doesn’t mince words about the problem on our southern border with the flood of illegal aliens. And, Obama and AG Eric Holder aren’t just looking the other way, they’re actively complicit in encouraging the chaos down there. So, guys like poor Sheriff Joe are doing the best they can given their limited resources, and despite the fact that securing the border is the responsibility of the federal government; NOT county or state governments. It is critical that we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border. And, those troops need to stay there until that wall is built once and for all, and the border sealed, however long that takes.