Sen. Rand Paul

Rand: ‘Nobody Would Have Survived’ Baseball Shooting Without Capitol Police, ‘It Would Have Been a Massacre Without Them’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) credited Capitol Police officers on the scene for preventing the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice from turning into a “massacre.” Rand said, “I can tell you, that I think with absolute certainty, nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill Police. They saved everybody’s life. Incredibly brave and deserve everyone’s praise, because, with this guy, who knows what his — how heavily armed he was, but nobody else had a weapon. So, he was just killing everyone — he would have. … They deserve our gratitude for saving — it would have been a massacre without them.”

Paul Seeks to Remove Obama Waiver Power on Palestinian Aid

Paul Seeks to Remove Obama Waiver Power on Palestinian Aid

Doesn’t look like Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) bill will go anywhere.  But, as a matter of principal, I definitely support his efforts to cut off foreign aid to the new Hamas-backed regime in Palestine.  We should only send tax-payer funded foreign aid in extremely rare situations, with a LOT of strings (i.e. we get something tangible out of it, not just “good will”), and only to countries friendly to us, and it is in our national security to do so.  Sending our hard-earned, U.S. tax-payer,by our President, to a terrorist-backed regime is foolish, and is contrary to our national security interests.  So, again, I applaud Sen. Paul’s efforts here.  Its too bad that he has only received less than two dozen supporters thus far.