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Armed Texans Defend Alamo from Potential Rioters

Armed Texans placed themselves at the Alamo Cenotaph Saturday afternoon in advance of George Floyd protests in San Antonio, Texas. Protesters defaced the monument early Friday with downward-facing arrows placed next to the statements “white supremacy,” “profit over People” and “the ALAMO,” according to an article by the San Antonio Express-News. Texans consider the Cenotaph sacred because it is a memorial to those who died fighting at the Alamo. “Well, it’s all pretty simple. If you’re mad that George Floyd got murdered, well good. So am I,” David Ahmad with Open Carry Texas said in a video posted on Facebook. “If you want to respond to that by burning Target, or a drug store, or looting a liquor store, or destroying the Alamo, you can kiss both sides of my ass. We’re going to put a stop to you.” He was very clear that some of those there would use “any means necessary” to put a stop to it. “So, just do it right. Protest the man’s death because it should be protested. Things need to change. This bullshit’s got to stop.” He warned protestors not to use Floyd’s death to “tear up the Alamo or tear up a restaurant,” or use it as an excuse to burn or steal. “This Is Texas Freedom Force,” warned that “the Brown Berets and Black Lives Matter” would be rallying at a park close to the Alamo. The nonprofit organization describes its mission as “Protectors Of All Things Texas.” The group posted on Facebook: “Given the incident that took place Thursday night (Cenotaph Vandalized) and the fact that PD did not protect that site, it is up to Texans to watch over our most valuable historical monument and ensure its safety.” A self-identified Second Amendment advocate who is a pastor and college instructor said he was there to support those armed and ready to protect the Cenotaph. He explained that the memorial had been defaced less than 48 hours ago. “They are showing up here to do what they have been doing for a long time. For months. And that’s protecting this place. For years for that matter.” He said they were standing up for what’s right.” He then invoked the names of Walter Scott of South Carolina, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and George Floyd of Minneapolis. “To make sure that 184 years ago when our true patriots were fighting to protect the Alamo, that I too can stand and let them know that it’s worth fighting for.” When asked about the “white supremacy” graffiti, he answered, “It’s saddening because they obviously don’t know the history of what has taken place.” He explained that 200 men fought for 13 days. “That was not just for white people. Or Hispanics. It was for Americans. That was the point whereby we still call the ‘rally cry.’ That rally cry is ‘Remember the Alamo.’ That rally cry is something that has affected me as an African American, as a black man in American, because that rally cry led toward the freedom for all of us.” Some said the group was not really concerned about any damage being done at the Alamo. Officers arrived at the Alamo Plaza dressed in riot and protective gear. They had batons and zip ties, and a few had shields, reported the San Antonio Express-News.

Good for these guys protecting the Alamo.  More people need to follow their fine lead, and stand up against these thugs and losers destroying businesses, government bldgs, and so on.  We have a Second Amendment, and the right to self-defense.  If you’re home or business is threatened, then stand firm and protect what’s yours.  Don’t let these thugs, losers, and punks win.

Todd Starnes: Anti-Trump Rep. Castro taught a lesson by Texas barbecue lovers who support president

Rep. Joaquin Castro learned a very important life lesson the other day. It turns out the gun-toting, Bible-clinging Trump supporters in San Antonio don’t take kindly to a politician who disrespects their brisket. Castro, D-Texas, recently published a list of President Trump’s top San Antonio donors. He also doxed their places of employment. “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders’,” Castro wrote on Twitter. One of the businesses the congressman targeted for political retribution was Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, one of the most popular brisket and sweet tea joints in San Antonio. For those of you north of the Mason-Dixon line, eating brisket is something of a worship experience. I’ve heard stories from the Hill Country that some Baptist churches in those parts actually serve brisket and sweet tea for the Lord’s Supper. Castro must have imagined thousands of San Antonians converging on the barbecue joints armed with torches and pitchforks, terrorizing customers in the drive-thru and staging boycotts. He must have dreamed about literally running the pit masters out of town. But there are some rules about living in the Lone Star State. You go to church on Sunday. You don’t talk bad about somebody’s momma. And you don’t mess with the brisket. The day after Castro published that hateful screed, thousands of Texans piled into their pickup trucks and drove to the nearest Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. Social media reports flooded in showing massive drive-thru lines backing up onto busy streets. Hungry customers patiently waited in lines out the door. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a photograph of a plate piled high with barbecue noting it was a “perfect night for @BillMillerBarBQ.” Conservatives have rallied to the restaurant’s defense, much like they did when Chick-fil-A was victimized by leftist bullies over the company’s Christian beliefs. Remember that story? In my forthcoming book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” I urge conservatives to stand up to the militant thugs and bullies who want to destroy this nation. And we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by a bunch of pajama boy liberals and their pink-hat-wearing gal pals. In the days after Castro’s attempt to dox and destroy Trump supporters, something unusual happened. Instead of being afraid, conservatives decided to rise up – and fight back. “We found that our fundraising actually has gone up since the congressman tried to out those people and shame somebody for supporting President Trump,” Lara Trump told me during an interview on “The Todd Starnes Radio Show.” She said Castro’s hate-tweet was “sick and twisted.” “People don’t like this,” Lara Trump, who is the president’s daughter-in-law and a senior adviser to his reelection campaign, told me. “This is not acceptable. When has it ever been OK to harass people and try and silence them and make an effort to stop them from contributing to a political campaign just because you disagree with it?” The Republican National Committee also reports an uptick in donations after the recent attacks on Trump donors. And it’s clear to me that Americans are sending a message to political punks who think it’s OK to bully private citizens. “This isn’t how we do things in this country,” Lara Trump said. Amen! God bless Texas and God bless barbecue.

Well said, Todd.  Congressman Castro (D-TX) probably broke the law with this stunt of his.  But, regardless, it was a punk thing to do.  He’s a shameless, self-righteous, self-serving bully…and the stunt definitely backfired on him.  So, kudos to everyone in Texas who pushed back against that punk. Todd Starnes is host of “The Todd Starnes Radio Show” and “Starnes Country” on Fox Nation. He is the author of a number of best-selling books. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Whataburger patron, bullied for wearing ‘MAGA’ hat, gets new cap signed by Trump: report

The Texas teen who had his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen inside a Whataburger restaurant in San Antonio last week was gifted a new cap signed by President Trump, a report said Wednesday. FOX29 San Antonio reporter Joe Galli tweeted a photo of the presidentially signed hat sent to 16-year-old Hunter Richard, who made national news after a video of the incident went viral. “You ain’t supporting s—, n—-!” a man identified as Kino Jimenez, 30, is heard saying on camera after tossing a large drink in the direction of the person filming the video. He then walks away with the hat while muttering “b—- a– motherf——” as one of the other teens sitting at the table appears stunned. Richard had his original cap returned by police after they arrested Jimenez in Universal City on Friday, WAOI-TV reported.

This is the follow up to a story we’ve been covering here..  We’re very glad to see it ended on a good note.  The loser/punk who threw a drink in the face of Hunter and took his MAGA hat, was caught by police, arrested and booked.  Yeah, he bonded out.  But, he’ll still have to face a judge at some point.  We’ll, of course, keep an eye on that part of the story.  And, the original hat was returned to the kid, and as a bonus, he got another MAGA hat signed by Trump himself!  Excellent!     🙂

Man accused of tossing drink at pro-Trump teen inside Whataburger arrested

The man accused of hurling a drink in the face of a Texas teen inside a Whataburger restaurant and then stealing the 16-year-old’s “Make America Great Again” hat was arrested Thursday, officials said. San Antonio Police identified the suspect late Thursday as 30-year-old Kino Jimenez. “Kino Jimenez was located in Universal City, Texas,” police said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “Universal City police officers took Mr. Jimenez into custody without incident.” Jail records Friday morning showed Jimenez was detained on a warrant for theft of person. A jail spokesperson later told Fox News that Jimenez’s bond was set at $5,000 and he was booked and released on bond the same day. The incident, which was captured on a video that soon went viral, reportedly happened Tuesday at one of the burger chain’s restaurants in San Antonio. “You ain’t supporting s— n—-!” Jimenez is heard saying on camera after tossing a large drink in the direction of the person filming the video. He then walks away with the hat while muttering “b—- a– motherf——” as one of the other teens sitting at the table appears stunned. The events preceding the video were not clear. Hunter Richard, the 16-year-old teen who says he was wearing the hat, told WOAI some of his hair was ripped off as Jimenez removed it from his head. “I support my President and, if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off,” he said. “I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.” There was no word Friday if the original hat has been recovered, but there have been offers for Richard to receive a replacement cap signed by Trump himself. “If someone can get me this young man’s information I’ll get him a new #maga hat… SIGNED by #potus!!!,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday night. A spokesperson for Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., also told Fox News hours earlier the Congressman was looking to see what he could do to secure the teen a signed hat. “Don’t let a few left bullies stop you from showing your #MAGA!” Brad Parscale, the president’s 2020 campaign manager, tweeted in reaction to the video.

This is a follow up to the article we posted (scroll down about 7 articles) earlier in the week when we heard of this shocking story.  As result of what this maggot did to this poor kid, he lost his part-time job at a local San Antonio bar called Rumble, and got arrested and charged with assault.  One word…KARMA!!  And, it pretty clear he immediately changed his appearance after that video of him stealing the MAGA hat and throwing the drink in the kid’s face.  In the video he has glasses on and a full facial hair.  In his booking photo there are no glasses and he’s clean shaven; looks VERY different.  Kudos to the police for tracking this piece of garbage down.  And, seems like the victim of this unprovoked assault will get a new hat signed by Trump!  Let this be a lesson to other thug wannabes.  Excellent!!   🙂

Video: Teen attacked at Whataburger for wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hat

Police are investigating after a teen says he was verbally attacked and assaulted at a Whataburger for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. In the video, you can see a man throw a drink in 16-year-old Hunter Richard’s face before leaving the restaurant with his hat. Hunter said some of his hair was pulled during the assault. “I support my President and if you don’t let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me,” he said. Hunter was with his friends at the Whataburger off Nacogdoches and Thousand Oaks Tuesday night when it happened. They say the attack was unprovoked. “I didn’t think it was going to generate the amount like what people are doing, I was looking at the comments by some people and “they are like this is uncalled for” and other people are like mixed opinions but I didn’t think it would blow up to what it is now,” he said. A police report has been filed. Police said a suspect is in custody, but the victim, Hunter, will need to meet with them to positively identify the person.

And hopefully Hunter will do that soon.  This guy needs to be properly charged for assault, and to spend some time in jail.  As an update, this piece of garbage who did this was a part-time employee of a bar called Rumble in San Antonio.  WAS is the active word in that sentence.  He has since been fired after this video went viral.  For more on this story, and to see the video of this unprovoked assault, click on the text above.

‘Islam or Die’ Reportedly Tagged on Texas Churches

San Antonio news outlets are reporting that two area churches were defaced by vandals. Identical graffiti on the structures reads: ‘No to wall’ and “Islam or Die” with an unknown symbol stenciled beneath. These incidents purportedly occurred in San Antonio on Monday at Gethsemane Lutheran Church and Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church. On both, black spray painted messages read in capitalized letters: “No to wall” and “Islam or Die,” along with an unidentified image, according to KABB. The TV news outlet said the defacement was done by an unknown suspect. The San Antonio Express-News reported the unidentified image as a “stenciled symbol of some kind, although it’s unclear what the symbol means.” Gethsemane Lutheran Church Pastor Eric Miletti told the San Antonio newspaper he was disappointed that someone vandalized his church. Miletti has served as pastor for the past two years. “This is something else, said Miletti. “They did put some time into this.” The news publication reported the pastor said the graffiti could be “a response to views by presidential candidate Donald Trump” and also indicated Miletti said he was “unsure if the tagging has anything to do with views expressed by Trump.” As part of his presidential bid, Trump has proposed to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall. The article included no speculation as to the possible reason why someone would spray paint “Islam or Die” on the church. Miletti told the San Antonio newspaper: “We need to pray for peace, we need to talk about peace, and we need to help everyone.” According to the Express-News, Miletti said a church member first noticed the desecration to the church’s front wall Monday morning while tending to a pumpkin patch the church sponsored. The pastor said he contacted law enforcement and filed a police report. The alleged vandalism at Gethsemane Lutheran Church occurred on the brickwork near the main entrance. “I didn’t understand what the wall had to do with the ‘Islam or Die,” said church member Anthony Boulan, who saw the graffiti and spoke to KABB, saying: “But evidently whoever put it there had some kind of statement to make.” Boulan noted: “When I actually read what it said, it kinda hurt, you know?” Also according to KABB, the tagging was removed from both churches and San Antonio police continue to investigate the purported acts of vandalism.

Glad to hear that evil crap was quickly removed  Hopefully the hate-filled maggots who did that are identified, arrested, and charged with not just vandalism…but a hate crime.  That’s what it is.  But, our limp-wristed, Democrat, liberal politicians won’t call it that…and yet they’d do just that if the religions were reversed and it was Christian tagging on a Muslim mosque…and that story would be EVERYWHERE; not just in the local San Antonio news.  We as a society cannot allow this cancer to continue…and the dominantly liberal mainstream media to continue to portray  Islam as a “religion of peace.”  It’s far from that…and we all know it.

Alamo dig: Archaeologists unearth tip of Mexican sword

Archaeologists digging near the Alamo have unearthed the broken tip of a Mexican soldier’s sword that may have been used in the famous 1836 battle. “We’re pretty excited, we didn’t expect it,” explained Nesta Anderson, the dig’s lead investigator and senior archaeologist at Pape-Dawson Engineers, during a press conference Thursday. The sword tip was found in the dirt near the possible site of the Alamo’s south wall and gate. The heavily-corroded fragment, which is almost six inches long, was identified by Sam Nesmith of the Texas Museum of Military History. “It would have been issued to a non-commissioned officer in the Mexican infantry,” said Anderson. The fragment was once part of a French-built sword called a Briquette that was widely used by the Mexican army of that era, she explained. The Alamo site was first established as a Spanish mission in 1744. Experts are trying to locate the compound’s original walls and gain insight into the site’s history as part of a major excavation project that began July 20. Archaeologists believe that the sword may have been used during fortification of the Alamo in 1835 by Mexican troops under General Martin Perfecto do Cos, prior to its capture by Texan forces that year. Another possibility is that the sword was used when a column of Mexican soldiers attacked the Alamo’s south wall during the 1836 battle, Anderson said. Anderson explained that archaeologists found a similar sword tip in 2006 at the main plaza in downtown San Antonio that may be associated with the battle of Bejar in December 1835 when Texan forces defeated Mexican troops. Three months later Mexican troops returned to the area and laid siege to the Alamo, which fell on March 6, 1836. Archeologists recently reported that they may be close to locating the Alamo’s main gate. Experts discovered stones beneath San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza last week that could be associated with the main gate of the 18th century Mision San Antonio de Valero, as the Alamo Mission was originally known. The stones are near the possible site of the Alamo’s south wall and gate, Anderson said..

Fascinating!!    🙂

The original Alamo may have been found

Bet you don’t remember the original Alamo. When the World Heritage site we know as the Alamo opened in San Antonio as the Mission San Antonio de Valero, it wasn’t the first iteration of the mission. Archeologists now think it was initially founded at a different site in 1718, then moved about a mile away from 1719 until 1724, when a hurricane forced the mission to move a final time. And the researchers also believe that the earliest Alamo predecessor has been found. A three-year investigation at a parking lot, field, and courtyard owned by San Antonio’s Christopher Columbus Italian Society has turned up artifacts that link the site to the mission, including pottery fragments, beads, hand-made nails, stone flakes, gun flints, colonial glass, and a grinding stone possibly dating to the early 18th century, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Some artifacts were even lying visible on the ground. “I looked down and started seeing the metal and I literally, really, I just had to sit down on the ground because I was like, ‘This is too incredible,'” archaeologist Kay Hindes tells News 4 San Antonio. Topography and written records also suggest the original mission was located in the vicinity of the site. However, archaeologists couldn’t definitively prove the site was the original. “What is missing from the site to confirm it 100% would be shreds of Puebla polychrome or San Luis polychrome, that we know in Texas those types of ceramics are not found on sites that postdate 1725,” Hindes tells Texas Public Radio. But as “the site has been greatly impacted by 300 years worth of occupation and construction,” Hindes notes, “the fact that we’ve found anything is truly miraculous.”

Very cool!!     🙂

San Antonio Mayoral Politics: Even Dems need to remember it’s Texas…not California

Because the mainstream media was fawning all over Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign re-set, you might not have seen these weekend headlines. A quietly determined underdog triumphed over an entrenched political machine. A potential vice-presidential candidate in 2016 was abandoned by his political base. And the underdog began her victory speech by shouting “To God Be The Glory!” – a felony anywhere but in Texas. All those things happened on Saturday when Ivy Taylor became the first black woman elected as San Antonio’s mayor. Initially given little chance, she defeated former State Senator Leticia Van de Putte by a 52-48 margin, her victory delivered by a multicultural coalition of evangelical voters. Anywhere else, invoking the Almighty’s blessing might seem like a dubious strategy. But Mayor Ivy led her own prayer meetings in a campaign that counted on Bible-belt religious faith to overcome hard-wired dividing lines of race, class and ethnicity. Other than Ms Van De Putte, the night’s biggest loser was Ms. Taylor’s processor, former mayor Julian Castro. Mr. Castro, now Secretary-of-Something-or-Other under Barack Obama, is busily scoring Washington resume points as a potential 2016 running–mate for Hillary Clinton. With San Antonio’s media salivating on command, the former mayor must have assumed that his machine could elect a trained Chihuahua as his successor. But Mr. Castro never understood the long-term effects of the divisiveness he stirred up in 2013 while railroading a “non-discrimination ordnance” that granted protected status to the LGBGT community. It was never really clear why easy-going, laid-back San Antonio had a gay-rights problem to begin with. Why did it need draconian legislation to fix a non-existent problem? But the rising young caudillo was off to conquer Washington: So opponents were beaten down, religious leaders co-opted and the new measure enacted. One of the few City Council members who voted “NO” was Ivy Taylor, then one of its most junior members. If you remember Bible stories, then you may also remember how often the phrase, “and suddenly” seems to crop up. Well, Mr. Castro resigned his post and suddenly Ivy Taylor was somehow appointed as interim mayor. Another piece of Mr. Castro’s legacy legislation seemed hell-bent for passage: And suddenly there was Ivy Taylor insisting that the city couldn’t afford it. Texas Monthly began calling Ivy “the anti-Castro:” And suddenly there was a whole city applauding the courage and leadership of its new mayor. Ivy’s rising popularity with the local conservative and evangelical communities – black and white, Protestant and Catholic – outraged the power-brokers of the Castro machine. It got even worse when she announced her candidacy for a full-term. Ernesto Ancira, a widely- known local business leader, became her campaign treasurer. He told me, “San Antonio has long been dominated by congressmen, judges and entrenched business interests. But Ivy Taylor was something different.” The contest quickly settled into a two-lady race between Ivy and Leticia Van de Putte, Wendy Davis’ one-time running-mate but now championing San Antonio’s entrenched Democratic machine. Her well-funded TV ad campaign first suggested inevitability and occasionally even a coronation. But as the runoff drew closer, Leticia’s ads got ugly, even suggesting the interim mayor was soft on black crime. “Yeah, it was like Willy Horton had come to San Antonio,” one of Ivy’s supporters told me at a rally. San Antonio’s reigning media outlets never questioned Leticia’s tactics: But as direct beneficiaries of all those advertising dollars, why would they? Because evangelicals are sometimes reluctant to vote their values, would they now show up at the polls? Others worried because some Texas elections have historically been decided by means other than what purists might call 100% legal. But the Election Day turnout was heavy and steady, as if voters knew what they wanted.”Every time I hear Leticia, she sounds more and more like Hillary!” one voter shouted outside a polling station. The last word belonged to Ivy, who told her supporters, “because of you we have achieved the unexpected and the unprecedented.” So what lessons can we draw for 2016? Any hint that a coronation is afoot invites contempt and opposition. As well it should. If your faith is real, then don’t hesitate to appeal to the great values Americans share in common, regardless of the cynics. Mr. Reagan understood that and not only won the presidency but changed the world as well.Talking candidly about faith has the benefit of making the media viscerally uncomfortable. To the delight of everyone else. In complexity theory, a butterfly flapping its wings can cause cyclones half a world away. In politics, an underdog armed with faith and courage can change an entire city. As Ivy Taylor just did.

An interesting op/ed about the recent mayoral election in San Antonio…and a lesson that can be applied at the national level.