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Timpf: College Employs ‘Safe Space Marshals’ to Patrol Speeches for Offensive Content

King’s College in London is paying people £12 per hour to police speaking events on campus and take “immediate action” if they hear anything that might offend the audience. The marshals also put up posters and hand out leaflets reminding all attendees that “this is a Safe Space.” Examples of speech that might violate the policy “could include derogatory comments about someone’s age, disability, marital or maternity or paternity status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, trans status, socio-economic status, or ideology or culture,” according to an article in the Telegraph. In addition to their pay, the marshals also receive benefits such as free spin classes and free fruit. The Telegraph reports that not one, not two, but three of these marshals were present when Jacob Rees-Mogg, a conservative member of Parliament, spoke there earlier this month. He was no fan of the policy. “It’s absolutely weird to send marshals to check the content of the speech by an elected member of Parliament,” he said. The school’s Libertarian Society has also launched a campaign against the marshals — and the group’s president, Georgia Leigha, claims that it has been “surprisingly” popular. But Momin Saqib, president of the university’s students’ union, still insists that the safe-space policy was simply “protecting” students and speakers. Listen: I’m all for being sensitive, but this has got to be one of the most insane things that I’ve ever heard. For one thing, the list of things that apparently can qualify as “offensive” or “discriminatory” in our politically correct culture seems to be growing by the day — hoop-earring-wearing white girls, trying to make people like the Beatles, and the size of classroom chairs have all been added to the list within the last eight months alone. It seems like it could potentially be quite difficult to get through a speech at King’s College without saying or doing something that the marshals might deem offensive. After all, just think about what kind of person would actually sign up to be “safe space marshal” in the first place. Most likely, these are people who have an obsession with safe spaces and microaggressions, and at least enough sanctimonious arrogance to actually feel that they have the authority to police other people’s speech — in other words, the kind of people who are generally the most ridiculous when it comes to declaring the innocuous unacceptable. Sure, Saquib may brag about how the marshals are “protecting” students from offensiveness, but honestly, if I were a student there, the thing I’d be most offended by would probably be the idea that I was unable to handle sitting through a speech without protection from insensitivity. The vast majority of these students are adults. What adult is not capable of existing in society without protection from hearing words they don’t like? I’m not sure I even want to know the answer to that.

Agreed!!  Thanks to millennial reporter Katherine “Kat” Timpf for sharing this eye-rolling story from across the pond.  Let’s hope this kind of insanity doesn’t take hold here at American colleges and universities…

Conservative Millennial to Students: There Are No ‘Safe Spaces’ in Real Life

Conservative millennial blogger Allie Beth Stuckey has been causing shock waves on social media with her tough talk on liberals, feminists and college campus “safe spaces.” In a recent Facebook video, Stuckey absolutely ripped the state of higher education in America. “Since when did college become a place for parents to ship their kids off to become indoctrinated and brainwashed?” Stuckey said. “Since when did professors stop teaching critical thinking and mental fortitude? Since when did it become more important to protect people from getting their feelings hurt than preparing for real life?” “Because here’s the deal, college students: there are no ‘safe spaces’ in real life.” On “Fox & Friends” today, Stuckey explained that she posted the video, which has more than 700,000 views on Facebook, because she’s concerned about the growing problem of “oversensitivity” on college campuses. “We’re seeing these perpetually hurt feelings all over the country, and the scary thing is, you can’t reason with these social justice warrior college students,” Stuckey said. “Not because they have a good argument, but because they don’t have one, because their protests and their riots are largely based on feelings and on a subjective interpretation of what’s right and wrong.” The warned that they are actually adopting the same “self-righteous bigotry” that they’re accusing conservatives of preaching. “They are becoming the totalitarian fascists that use physical violence to shut down ‘violent speech,'” Stuckey said. “It’s extremely hard for me to understand how they don’t see their own hypocrisy.”

Exactly!!  Go Allie Beth!!   To see her video, click on the text above.  Excellent!!

‘Safe spaces’ on college campuses run at odds with First Amendment, say law experts

So-called “safe spaces” — where students can shield themselves from uncomfortable or dissenting viewpoints — might be all the rage on college campuses, but they would not have been too popular with the founding fathers, say Constitutional law experts. “I think the problem is they’re trying to use this word ‘safe’ – which conveys the image of a violent attack – and turning it into safe from ideas and statements we find offensive,” said UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. “There is no right to be safe from that.” “That is directly contrary to what universities are all about,” Volokh told Friday. The controversy over such zones comes after a string of recent, racially-charged incidents at universities nationwide that — while different — share a common denominator: the promotion of a “PC culture” where real or perceived threatening thoughts or ideas should not be tolerated. Such a heated debate played out on the campus of Yale University last week — one over culturally sensitive Halloween costumes that was recorded in a video that has since gone viral.

It has, indeed…  This is just more idiocy on our college campuses..  The very notion of so-called “safe spaces” is repugnant, and goes against everything that higher education has traditionally stood for.  It also runs contrary the values espoused in our First Amendment.  And, nobody has the right to not be offended.  That’s absurd.  You go to college to learn how to think, and to be exposed to varying opinions, viewpoints, philosophies, and so on.  Not now, apparently.  These kids want to stay stupid, and have the right to be that stupid and ignorant.  Anyway, to read the rest of this disturbing article, click on the text above..