Robin Williams back at rehab

Robin Williams back at rehab facility to ‘fine-tune’ sobriety

Robin Williams back at rehab facility to ‘fine-tune’ sobriety

I’m a big fan of Robin, all the way back to his “Mork” days…and wish him the very best.  Truly.  That said, Robin has a LONG and storied past with cocaine (he used to party with John Belushi in the ’70s.  Nuff said) and alcohol.  So, this is far from his first trip to rehab.  Ironically (or hypocritically, as the case may be), Robin has made poking fun at conservatives with similar foibles a big part of his act both in stand up and on the silver screen.  Normally this would be fair game.  But, given his colorful past (including very recent past) of substance abuse, multiple marriages, and so on..  he might consider thinking of other less brazenly hypocritical topics…especially when he gives those on HIS side of the political fence a free pass.  Just a thought..