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Ricky Gervais Blasts Cancel Culture — Getting People Fired Is ‘Not Cool’

Comedian and former Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais is speaking out about the dangers of cancel culture once again. The often controversial comedian and creator of the U.K. version of “The Office,” is often outspoken about cancel culture’s impact on the world of comedy and constantly lambastes fellow celebrities for engaging in it. Speaking in an interview with Metro, he explained that the meaning of cancel culture is different depending on who you ask, but he personally boils the definition down to simple dollars and cents. “Everyone’s got a different definition of cancel culture,” the 59-year-old explained. “If it is choosing not to watch a comedian because you don’t like them, that’s everyone’s right. But when people are trying to get someone fired because they don’t like their opinion about something that’s nothing to do with their job, that’s what I call cancel culture and that’s not cool.” He added: “You turning off your own TV isn’t censorship. You trying to get other people to turn off their TV because you don’t like something they’re watching, that’s different.” Gervais explained that everyone has a right to essentially vote with their dollar by not supporting people who publicly hold an opinion or stance that they personally disagree with. However, he believes the danger comes when people demand everyone else to fall in line behind how they feel about someone. He went on to share a story about a negative reaction he got to a recent tweet in which he quoted Winston Churchill that he says demonstrates exactly what he’s talking about. “I did a tweet a month ago about freedom of speech, quoting Winston Churchill. Someone came back with, ‘You know he was a white supremacist?’ And I wrote back, ‘Not in that tweet he isn’t.’ It’s like if someone did something once that’s wrong, everything they did was wrong,” he said. “You are allowed to have things in common with bad people as long it’s not the bad things. I’m a vegetarian and I love dogs, like Hitler. But the only thing I have in common with Hitler are the good bits!” This is far from the first time that Gervais has commented on the proliferation of cancel culture. He previously sat down for an interview on talkRadio in the U.K. and explained that he feels his beloved sitcom “The Office” could never be made today because it wouldn’t stand up to the “new weird sort of fascism” that all content is now subjected to.

Again, Ricky nails it.  We love how he takes on the self-righteous, entitlement-minded, extreme liberals in HollyWEIRD over their brazen hypocrisy. And, to be clear..  Ricky is a self-described “snowflake” liberal himself.  We appreciate and respect his integrity.  Thanks Ricky!!      🙂

Ricky Gervais Slams Cancel Culture as a ‘Weird Sort of Fascism’

British actor Ricky Gervais raged against the rising tide of political correctness and cancel culture in the wake of the Black Lives Matter uprising, describing it as a “weird sort of fascism” fueled by trendy myths. “There’s this new, weird sort of fascism of people thinking they know what you can say and what you can’t,” Gervais said in an interview with talkRADIO. “There’s this new trendy myth that people who want free speech want to say awful things all the time. This just isn’t true. It protects everyone.” Gervais also bemoaned the growing level of exaggeration across the political divide, a trend he says is worsened by social media.”If you’re mildly left-wing on Twitter, you’re suddenly Trotsky, right?” he said. “If you’re mildly conservative, you’re Hitler and if your centrist and you look at both arguments, you’re a coward.” The 59-year-old recently said in an interview with Times Radio that his breakthrough comedy show The Office would struggle to find success or even be allowed on television today. “I think now it would suffer because people take things literally,” he said of the British mockumentary series, in which he starred as David Brent, the hapless and cringeworthy manager of a paper company Wernham Hogg. The show was so successful it was adapted into a U.S. version featuring Steve Carell that ran for nine seasons and won multiple awards. Last week, Gervais admitted that cancel culture at places such as the BBC, which is funded by British taxpayers, had made people fearful of losing their jobs and livelihood. “People want to keep their jobs, so would worry about some of the subjects and jokes, even though they were clearly ironic and we were laughing at this buffoon being uncomfortable around difference,” he explained. “I think if this was put out now, some people have lost their sense of irony and context.”

No kidding…pun intended.   Ricky is back at it, and we love it!  Remember when he roasted everyone present at the Oscars?  It was awesome!  Google it, if ya missed it.   🙂

Ricky Gervais mocks celebs in the ‘I Take Responsibility’ anti-racism PSA

Comedian Ricky Gervais had some fun at the expense of the A-listers who appeared in a new public service announcement attempting to combat racism. n a video for the “I Take Responsibility” campaign, multiple high-profile white celebrities are featured taking “responsibility for turning the racist tide in America,” denouncing police brutality and committing to learning more “about issues facing the black community.” Some of big-name performers include Julianne Moore, Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Debra Messing, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci and Ke$ha. “Black people are being slaughtered in the streets, killed in their own homes. These are our brothers and sisters, our friends, our family. We are done watching them die. We are no longer bystanders. We will not be idle. Enough is enough.” The video also alludes to the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Atatiana Jefferson, which have sparked global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Going for a jog should not be a death sentence,” the celebrities continue. “Sleeping in your own home should not be a death sentence. Playing video games with your nephew should not be a death sentence. Shopping in a store should not be a death sentence. Business as usual should not be life-threatening.” Gervais, however, took to Twitter with a zinger. “Terrible lack of diversity in this video,” the British comedian jokingly pointed out. Gervais, 58, isn’t afraid to skewer Hollywood. In January he sent shock waves through social media when he shaded a room full of A-listers at the Golden Globe Awards. Gervais’ message at the time was that many celebrities were being too preachy and were much too out of touch to speak on issues plaguing the common man. And in April the comedian slammed celebrities for their words of advice during the coronavirus outbreak. “I’ve got nothing against anyone being a celebrity or being famous,” Gervais said during an interview. “I think that people are just a bit tired of being lectured to. Now celebrities think: ‘The general public needs to see my face. They can’t get to the cinema – I need to do something.’ And it’s when you look into their eyes, you know that, even if they’re doing something good, they’re sort of thinking, ‘I could weep at what a good person I am.’ Oh dear.”

Ricky strikes again, and i’s a beautiful thing.  These self-important, self-righteous, nauseating liberal celebs drive us crazy with their sanctimonious bloviating.  Thanks Ricky!!       🙂

Ricky Gervais calls out celebs amid coronavirus quarantine: ‘People are just a bit tired of being lectured to’

British comedian Ricky Gervais continues to roast Hollywood’s elites whom he believes are becoming lecturers to the general public amid the global coronavirus pandemic and should simply stop trying to tell others what to do. “I’ve got nothing against anyone being a celebrity or being famous,” he told the New York Times in an interview published on Thursday. “I think that people are just a bit tired of being lectured to. Now celebrities think: ‘The general public needs to see my face. They can’t get to the cinema – I need to do something.’ And it’s when you look into their eyes, you know that, even if they’re doing something good, they’re sort of thinking, ‘I could weep at what a good person I am.’ Oh dear.” Gervais, 58, sent shockwaves through social media when he shaded a room full of A-listers at the Golden Globe Awards in January. Gervais’ message at the time was that many celebrities were being too preachy and were much too out of touch to speak on issues plaguing the common man. He told the Times that he strategically navigates the fine line between putdowns and offered an interesting take what it means to be a “court jester” and admitted that while he can get away with the jokes he makes on stage, he knows he likely won’t be lambasted for doing so. “No, the world hasn’t changed. No one looks at me differently. And I’ve got nothing against those people, really,” he explained when asked of his growing conservative fan base. “I think that’s the mistake people make: They think that every joke is a window to the comedian’s soul — because I wrote it and performed it under my own name, that that’s really me. And that’s just not true. I’ll flip a joke halfway through and change my stance to make the joke better.” He continued: “I’ll pretend to be right-wing, left-wing, whatever wing, no wing. I’ve got to go after the richest people in the room, and NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press [Association, which organizes the Golden Globes]. I’ve got to be a court jester, but a court jester’s got to make sure that he doesn’t get executed as well. I’ve got to make all the peasants laugh at the king, but the king’s sort of got to like it.” The funnyman said he was taken aback by the uptick in support from right-leaning backers but said he wasn’t aware of it until “a couple of disgruntled liberal elites suddenly said, ‘Oh, Gervais is alt-right now.’” “And I went, what? What’s right-wing about taking the mickey out of the richest, most powerful corporations on the planet?” Prior to Gervais’ conversation with the Times, numerous celebrities have showered the internet with videos starring themselves from the confines of their homes or their chosen quarantine quarters.

And NOBODY cares about them…which they don’t get….but Ricky does.    🙂

Ricky Gervais bashes rich celebrities complaining about coronavirus quarantine: ‘I just don’t want to hear it’

Ricky Gervais has some choice words for rich celebrities who are complaining about being under coronavirus quarantine in multimillion-dollar mansions. The 58-year-old comedian took notice of stars that have been reacting negatively to being in isolation in an effort to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Ellen DeGeneres returned to do her talk show from home where she caught backlash for joking that being in quarantine is like a prison. Meanwhile, Sam Smith and Kelly Ripa got emotional during video interviews while talking about the struggles of staying at home. In a new interview with The Sun, Gervais pulled no punches in lambasting the affluent celebrities for struggling under the new conditions. “After this is over I never want to hear people moaning about the welfare state again, I never want to hear people moaning about nurses again. Or porters,” he explained. “These people are doing 14-hour shifts and not complaining. Wearing masks, and being left with sores, after risking their own health and their families’ health selflessly. But then I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool. And, you know, honestly, I just don’t want to hear it.” After his seemingly angry rant, the comedian pivoted to a lighter tone, noting that he’s doing fine under quarantine given that he was always more of an introvert. “I didn’t go out much anyway, and there’s always too much booze in the house. It’s always been the 6 p.m. watershed for as long as I remember. Obviously, I am looking at the watch,” he joked. Gervais explained that, despite the fame, success and money he’s earned today, he remembers the humble beginnings that he came from, noting that he “had no money growing up, I didn’t have any until I was 40.” He was especially grateful for his hardworking mother, who he says made sure his family wanted for nothing, except cash. “Men worked hard, but women worked miracles,” he told the outlet. “Because when my dad finished his work that was his own time. But my mum didn’t stop working, women didn’t stop working. Carers didn’t stop working, all the women in my family were carers in some respect.” This is hardly the first time that Gervais has used his platform as a celebrity to tear into fellow actors and actresses. In January he hosted the Golden Globes for the fifth time and made no bones about criticizing the Hollywood elite at the event. He even called out the many stars in the room for their relationship to large corporations like Apple, Amazon and Disney. “Apple roared into the TV game with ‘The Morning Show,’ a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China,” he said at the time. “So you say you’re ‘woke’, but the companies you work for, Apple, Amazon, Disney… If ISIS had a streaming service you would be calling your agents.”

HAHAHA!!  We posted what all Ricky said that night at the Golden Globes back in January.  Glad he’s still at it, telling his fellow entitlement-minded, out-of-touch,  HollyWEIRD liberal elitists to shut the hell up.  It all kinda started with Arnold S. posting some video of him soaking in his hot tub, smoking  a cigar and telling us all to just stay home and relax.  As much as we love the former Governator, it showed a breathtaking lack of relatability to the rest of us peasants who don’t have a gazillion dollar mansion, and the only worry we have is if our housekeeper can’t come to clean up after us during this lockdown.  Millions of Americans are suffering, and now unemployed trying to figure how they’re gonna pay for groceries or make the next rent/mortgage payment.  It’s like Colin Kaepernick whining how he’s all “oppressed” with his three mansions, and so on.  Yeah right..  Can I please be that “oppressed?”  Thanks Ricky for calling these pampered idiots out!  Excellent!!     🙂

Ricky Gervais Heckles Hollywood Ahead of Oscars: Only Time Your Badly Paid Migrant House Staff Will Sleep

Actor-comedian Ricky Gervais viciously trolled Hollywood celebrities just hours ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, preemptively deflating their self-important acceptance speeches in a series of humorous tweets. Ricky Gervais took the stars to task for their progressive views on migrant workers, noting that many celebrities employ migrants in their homes to perform menial and backbreaking work. The British comedian also mocked the sex scandals that have consumed the entertainment industry during the last three years. Gervais’s Oscars trolling was in response to a hypothetical question posed to him on Twitter asking what jokes he would make if he were hosting the Oscars tonight. This year’s Academy Awards will be hostless, marking the second year in a row that the show’s organizers have opted to do away with a host after Kevin Hart stepped down last year following the mainstream media’s efforts to destroy his career by digging up his old tweets. Viewership of the Oscars has been on a downward trajectory as viewers tire of Hollywood’s political hectoring and non-stop bashing of President Donald Trump. Ratings have fallen since 2014’s high of 43.7 million viewers. In 2018, the show only managed to draw an audience of 26.5 million, its biggest yearly decline. In January, Gervais hosted the Golden Globes, ripping decorum to shreds by cracking jokes about virtue signaling celebrities, Apple sweatshops, and Harvey Weinstein. “If you win, come up, accept your little award tonight… thank your agent and your God, and fuck off. No one cares about your views on politics or culture,” he said at the Globes.

Ricky definitely did what nobody has done yet, and looked these millionaire, sanctimonious, out-of-touch, self-serving, arrogant, liberal elitist HollyWEIRD hypocrites right in the eye and told them to “f_ck off.”  It was AWESOME!!  They were told basically how Unimportant they are, and that nobody really cares about who they’re sleeping with, or their views on politics, etc.  It was about time!!  Tonight is the Oscars.  Do yourself a favor and NOT watch it.  Thanks Ricky!        🙂

Golden Globe Awards host Ricky Gervais tears into Hollywood elite, Disney, Amazon, Apple

The biggest stars in TV and film gathered in Beverly Hills in the hopes of kicking off the 2020 awards season with a highly coveted Golden Globe award, and notoriously controversial host Ricky Gervais wasted no time laying into the Hollywood elite vying for a big win. Stars from films like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Rocketman” and “The Irishman” as well as shows like “Big Little Lies,” “The Crown” and “Barry” were in attendance but the comedian and host was undeterred by the many famous faces staring back at him. He called out the many stars in the room for their relationship to large corporations like Apple, Amazon and Disney. “Apple roared into the TV game with ‘The Morning Show,’ a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China,” he said.” So you say you’re ‘woke’, but the companies you work for, Apple, Amazon, Disney… If ISIS had a streaming service you would be calling your agents.” Gervais then mocked the stars in attendance for their relation to the late sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Gervais declared that Epstein didn’t kill himself, prompting groans from the crowd. “Shut up, I know he’s your friend but I don’t care.” Next up on Gervais’ jokes list was Felicity Huffman who recently completed a stint in prison for her role in the college admission scandal. “You all look lovely all dolled up, you came here in your limos. I came here in a limo and the license plate was made by Felicity Huffman,” he said to the crowd who cringed. “It’s her daughter I feel sorry for. That must be the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her. And her dad was in ‘Wild Hogs,’ so…” He also took a shot at Leonardo DiCaprio for his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” being three hours long. “Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere and, by the end, his date was too old for him.” He added: “Even Prince Andrew is like, ‘Come on Leo, mate. You’re nearly 50.” He also set his sights on director Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel movies being like theme parks, joking that he doesn’t understand why the director would be at a theme park. “He’s not big enough for any of the rides.” Gervais concluded his scathing monologue by warning the celebrities not to make any political or “woke” statements when accepting their awards. “You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything,” he declared. “You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

And that’s not all Ricky said the other night.  He said, “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech.”  Agreed!!  Then, concluded with, “So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent, and your God and f___ off, OK?”   YESSSSS!!!!!  Ricky looked these self-absorbed, arrogant, self-righteous, extremely-liberal, elitist tools right in the eye and gave them the finger.  It was awesome!..and about time!!  If you’ve not seen this, Google it.  Great job Ricky!!   🙂

Gutfeld on Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globes

Television has a way of uniting Americans in a way nothing else can. The “staged” moon landing. The 1980 Winter Olympics. And, the 2020 Golden Globes, where Ricky Gervais gave a bloody nose to the greatest villain. There, he said everything you’ve ever wanted to say to that self-obsessed pile of pulsating flesh known as Hollywood. “Apple rolled into the TV game with a morning show … a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing, made by a company that runs sweatshops in China,” Gervais said. “You say you’re woke, but the companies you work for … Apple, Amazon, Disney — if ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you? So if you do win an award tonight, do not use it as a platform to make a political speech.” Hello, 911? I’d like to report a massacre at the Beverly Hilton. You know Hollywood’s therapists just hiked up their prices. Gervais also mocked their desperate desire for wokeness, explaining why he left out the “in memorium” segment, which honors performers who died in the past year. That was so clever few in the crowd got it. Then there was this punch in the face. “In this room are some of the most important TV and film executives in the world,” Gervais said. “(Ronan Farrow) He’s coming for you.” How dare you bring up our industry’s rapists, at this fine event? Some of them might be here! “No one cares about movies anymore. No one goes to cinema. No one really watches network TV. Everyone’s watching Netflix,” Gervais added. “You could binge-watch the entire first season of ‘After Life’ instead of watching this show. That’s a show about a man who wants to kill himself because his wife dies of cancer, and it’s still more fun than this. Spoiler alert: Season Two is on the way, so in the end, he obviously didn’t kill himself, just like Jeffrey Epstein.” Nice. All in all, it was a dream come true for anyone tired of Hollywood telling you how dumb and racist America is, even as they continue to take all that money from us dumb racist Americans. Remember, Gervais ain’t no righty. He’s an old-school liberal who believes in freedom of expression, but also freedom from the hypocrisy of the intolerant woke. You think the woke crowd will actually wake up? Nope. They’re too vain, too insecure, and self-unaware to see the truth, even if it came raining down from the beery mouth of a pudgy Brit. Hats off to Ricky, who didn’t really tell a joke. He just exposed the biggest one of all: Hollywood

Exactly!!  Thanks Greg!!  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on Jan. 6, 2020 on the Fox News channel.  Outstanding!!!    🙂