Rep. Nancy Pelosi

House Dem torches Pelosi as ‘aloof, frenetic and misguided’ as he calls for her replacement

A Democratic congressman from New York state torched Nancy Pelosi this week, calling her “aloof, frenetic and misguided,” as he joined a growing group of rebel Democrats who say they won’t back the Californian for another term as the party’s leader in the House. U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins, from the Buffalo area, told the Buffalo News that Pelosi has shown a lack of leadership and failed to produce an alternative to President Trump’s agenda, such as pursuing a Medicare expansion or an investment in infrastructure. “I will not support her,” Higgins said in the interview. “She’s listening, but this is my conclusion: She’s aloof, frenetic and misguided. “I’m giving voice to a frustration that I hear every single day,” he added, referring to other House Democrats. “I don’t want to call anybody out. But this is the conversation that is taking place.” Pelosi responded to Higgins’ criticism, saying his concerns were largely based on their disagreement regarding his bill that would expand Medicare to people aged 50 to 64. The New Yorker’s comments about Pelosi came as multiple prospective candidates and sitting members of Congress expressed concerns about their 78-year-old leader, who was House speaker for four years before becoming minority leader in 2011. Clarke Tucker, a Democrat running for a congressional seat held by Republicans in Arkansas, released a new ad this week in which he distanced himself from Pelosi, saying he won’t back her if elected. The video follows relentless GOP attacks trying to link him with Pelosi. “[Republican Congressman French Hill] opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing full well that I’ve said from day one that I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi. We’re better than that,” Tucker says in the ad. U.S. House Rep. Conor Lamb from Pennsylvania, who won a special election in March in a historically GOP district that Trump had won by nearly 20 points, also said he won’t vote for Pelosi and campaigned as a moderate Democrat. Higgins remains particularly concerned about the party’s ability to come up with policies that could persuade the traditional Democratic voters, who supported Trump in 2016, to come back to the Democratic Party. “Our leadership is out of touch with what is going on, not only in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan but in Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Orchard Park and Lancaster,” he told the newspaper, mentioning the states and municipalities Trump won in the presidential election. He adds that the party needs a clearer vision, a stronger leader and offer more than just opposition to the White House if the party wants to retake the control after the midterm elections. “The only thing I have is a voice and a vote, and I have to use that to try to get my conference to recognize that resistance to Trump at best is only half of it,” he said. “We have to offer something affirmative.” Speaking of 2020, the Democrat remained skeptical. “We are not ready for 2020. We’re lacking a clear, coherent and compelling narrative,” he said. One reason why the party isn’t yet ready to challenge Trump, according to Higgins, is the leader of the House. “When she’s on the floor, she’s all over the place; she’s frenetic,” he said of Pelosi. “I think she lacks gravitas.”

That’s being nice..  Definitely something to keep an eye on.  Congressman Higgins isn’t the only Dem in the House who has had enough of ol’ Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has been a total disaster for her party.

GOP rep says Pelosi ‘visibly shaken’ during dust-up on House floor, defends remarks

GOP rep says Pelosi ‘visibly shaken’ during dust-up on House floor, defends remarks

We reported this a couple days ago here..  This is just the follow up.  Watch the video.  What Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did was a very rare, and extremely inappropriate, display of crossing over to the other side and physically confronting this Congressman from PA.  It takes “out of order” to a whole new level, and she should be admonished by the entire House for it.  Shame on you Nancy!

Pelosi on the Border: We Have to Use This ‘Crisis’ as an ‘Opportunity’

Pelosi on the Border: We Have to Use This ‘Crisis’ as an ‘Opportunity’

We SHOULD use this current invasion of illegals as an “opportunity”… BUILD THE WALL!!  …AND start deporting by the thousands.  This touchy-feely nonsense by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the sorta ridiculous, incoherent, hippie language we’d expect from a brain-trust like her.  Its absolutely tragic what these poor kids are going through, I agree.  Its true child abuse by any definition.  And, shame on the Mexican government for the way they’re treating these kids and then helping them violate OUR borders, and dumping the problem on us and expecting us to somehow just pick up the tab by the BILLIONS of dollars.   Unlike Hillary, we as a country truly ARE “dead broke” and in debt at $17 TRILLION and growing.  We simply don’t have the dollars, resources, infrastructure and so on to be the world’s day care and charity program.  Its time that the media and our federally elected officials started to have that adult conversation.  Furthermore, our Border Patrol is overwhelmed changing diapers and being sitters while the drug cartels and criminals are waltzing across our border with impunity.  Nancy says she wishes she could take all these kids home.  Sounds like a plan!  I say we divert all these buses full of illegal immigrant children to her palatial home in San Francisco, CA.  Shes worth around $60 MILLION dollars, give/take.  So, I’m sure she can afford a few happy meals, and the means to take care of these poor kids.  Of course she would never lift a single finger to actually do anything.  She only went down to the border for a photo op.  Shes your typical arrogant, elitist, limousine liberal who says WE (meaning you and me) need to “do something” (i.e. pay for it in the form of higher taxes, of course) while she enjoys her latte in the comfort of her limousine and does nothing.  She truly is nauseating..