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Rachel Maddow called out by fellow liberals for pushing anti-Trump conspiracy

MSNBC star Rachel Maddow’s latest anti-Trump conspiracy theory was so outlandish that even the dependably liberal HuffPost criticized it as “so flimsy that it could be debunked by a quick glance at a map.” On Thursday evening, “The Rachel Maddow Show” opened with a somber 25-minute diatribe that attempted to connect the tragic ambush attack that killed four American soldiers in Niger to the latest version of President Trump’s proposed travel ban, which included the nation of Chad. Maddow essentially claimed that the inclusion of Chad, which recently pulled its troops out of Niger, in the revised travel ban resulted in extremist attacks such as the one that left four Americans dead. The HuffPost, which is so anti-Trump that it refused to even cover him in the political section during the early stages of his campaign, published a story headlined, “What the hell was this Rachel Maddow segment?” The MSNBC host proclaimed that Chad’s pullout from Niger “had an immediate effect in emboldening ISIS attacks,” but the HuffPost easily shot down her theory. Colby College Department of Government assistant professor Laura Seay told the HuffPost that “any expert” would have said Maddow’s conspiracy theory was “crazy” and the pullout of Chadian troops isn’t necessarily related to the Trump travel ban. “Everybody that I know is appalled by this. I would like to think that Maddow’s researchers are more responsible,” Seay told the HuffPost. While the MSNBC host called the tragic attack on American troops “absolutely baffling,” Seay said it was actually “almost inevitable,” because it’s such a remote and hostile area. “The attacks that have increased can be traced back to militant group Boko Haram, which is based just across the border in Nigeria,” the HuffPost reported, citing the Council on Foreign Relations and accounts from local residents. “The Rachel Maddow Show” declined to comment to HuffPost but the host addressed the situation on Friday night’s episode. “Over the course of the day today, lots of people have been very upset with me for reporting that last night, which is fine. I didn’t know you cared. But the upset over my reporting doesn’t mean that anything I reported wasn’t true,” Maddow said. “Everything I reported was true.” Maddow continued: “Now, this doesn’t mean that Chad withdrawing their troops was necessarily the cause of what happened to those U.S. troops who were ambushed. That ambush is being described by the Pentagon as a shock.” The HuffPost’s Willa Frej wrote that Maddow built “myths” using unrelated or unreliable information and “reduced the story so thoroughly that it lost any semblance of the larger truth.”

Exactly..  Rachel is a sanctimonious, self-righteous, arrogant, extreme liberal elitist who thinks she’s smarter than everyone else.  The irony is, she really is breathtakingly stupid.  Unfortunately, far too many brain-washed liberal millennials follow her pathological ‘hate Trump at all costs’ crusade…just because it’s Trump; the source of all evil in the universe…at least according to these brain-dead idiots.  Rachel is such a lunatic, that even the uber-liberal HuffPost is calling her out now.  That takes some doin’.  We’ll, of course, continue to expose Rachel’s idiocy and document her factual shortcomings and ineptitude.  Please share this article with all of your friends and family members who watch Rachel, or MSNBC in general.  They are the ones that need to see stuff like this.

‘Reynolds Wrap’s #1 Customer’: Malkin Rips Maddow’s Conspiracy Theories

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow delves so often into “destroy Trump” conspiracy theories, she is “Reynolds’ Wrap’s number one customer.” “The tin foil hat consumption is through the roof,” Malkin said. “I think that Rachel Maddow must be Reynolds’ Wrap’s number one customer,” she said. Malkin and Sean Hannity recounted several incidents on Maddow’s news program in which she tried to draw connections between President Trump and Russia. “Even Chris Matthews said it’s dead,” Hannity said of Trump-Russia a “conspiracy theory.” Malkin dismissed a Rolling Stone profile of Maddow in which they bill her “the most trusted name in news.” She said Maddow shares with several others the “number one goal… to bash and obstruct the Trump administration.”

Honestly..  Who is really dumb enough to admit the actually regularly watch Rachell Maddow now that she has completely been discredited??   I saw her “breaking news” piece where she dragged out the “bombshell” about Trump’s partial IRS return from a few years ago.  What did we learn?  He’s a billionaire.  Yep, knew that.  And that he paid a LOT of taxes (around $38 million that year).  Yep.  We knew that too.  That self-righteous, sanctimonious, arrogant, smug, extreme liberal elitist is such a nauseating tool..  And, what’s worse…she thinks she’s smart!  Yet, all of her conspiracy theories and “fake news” pieces have been thoroughly discredited!!  What a moron..  Kudos to Colorado Springs native Michelle Malkin for calling Rachell on her nonsense.  Excellent!!


Maddow: Trump ‘Wants to Kill Us’ – ‘It’s a Dangerous Time for the First Amendment’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow stated that there’s a “tension” in the news media where it’s both “a dangerous time for the First Amendment” and the press is “oddly influential with” President Trump, “who wants to kill us.” Maddow said, “There is a tension…because there’s never been a presidency, an administration that was this overtly hostile to the press. I mean, they’re talking about, like, revising the First Amendment. The chief of staff this weekend was saying that they’re looking at those libel laws. … And they put out their first campaign ad for 2020, which denounces the fake news.” She continued, “But at the same time, there’s never been a president who is more addicted to the news about himself, and who’s more responsive to the news that he supposedly thinks is so worthless. So, it’s — it is a weird tension. I think it’s a dangerous time for the First Amendment and for the free press in this country. And at the same time, we’re oddly influential with the guy who wants to kill us.”

Wow..  You really can’t make this stuff up, folks..  Someone needs to remind this brain-trust that it was her hero, Obama, who actually attacked those in the media.  As you may recall, former AG Eric Holder personally signed off on a search warrant of Fox New journalist James Rosen in 2013, and tracked his visits to the State Department, monitored his calls and on and on.  James was just doing his job as an investigative journalist, and was ultimately cleared  It was the sort of activity you might find in nazi Germany.  But, it was under OBAMA that this happened; NOT Trump.  The only thing Trump does is call what he has problems with “fake news.”  And, when he does that, Trump is simply exercising HIS First Amendment rights, which he has EVERY right to do like the rest of us.  But, to this pathological Trump-hater, Trump’s use of the phrase “fake news” is akin to him “killing us.”  Someone really needs to smack this smug, elitist, socialist, lesbian loser upside the head and call her on her ridiculous, over-the-top nonsense.  Perhaps, reminding her how foolish she looked when she “disclosed” Trump’s old tax return showing that yes, he was wealthy, and yes, he paid $38 MILLION in taxes that year…at a higher bracket than most of his peers…would be a good start.  It boggles the mind how anyone would be dumb enough to actually pay any attention to that self-righteous blowhard.

Rachel Maddow Airs Headline Linking Venezuelan Protests to Trump, Retracts Online

A segment of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show displayed a chyron implying the widespread anti-socialist protests in Venezuela were actually against President Donald Trump. The show, which aired on Thursday, implied that a donation to Donald Trump’s inauguration of $500,000 from a subsidiary of a Venezuelan state-run oil company was a cause of recent protests. A headline at the bottom of the screen during a segment explaining the donation read: “Unrest in Venezuela Over Trump Donations,” without noting the growing food and medicine shortages that have occurred there as a direct result of nearly two decades of socialist mismanagement. During the segment, Maddow claimed, “Venezuelans are enraged anew over by this brand new FEC filing from the White House [showing]… that Venezuela’s state-run oil company somewhere found a half million dollars to donate to the very, very, very inexplicably overfunded Trump inauguration.” Maddow was referring to a report showing that Citgo Petrol, the American affiliate of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the state-run oil company, donated $500,000 to the Trump inauguration. A report from November last year found that Venezuela’s state-run oil corporation, Petróleos de Venezuela, has $11 billion unaccounted for in the past decade. While Maddow did not directly link the protests to the donation, the only thing close to an explanation for the protests she gave was that “the sanctions that the U.S. put on Venezuela were put there in 2014, after 43 people got killed while participating in anti-government protests.” Nowhere in the segment are socialist policies or left-wing political oppression, including the imprisonment of prisoners of conscience, mentioned, nor does she mention that the victims in the 2014 protests were largely killed by state police, national guard, or socialist gangs. There is no evidence suggesting the reason behind the civil unrest was the donation. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who was recently banned from holding public office for 15 years without cause, called for protests to fight the government’s military plan designed to silence opposition, promising that they “will not rest until Venezuela returns to constitutional order.” Many Venezuelans are starving living under the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. The average Venezuelan lost nearly 20 pounds throughout 2016 due to food shortages, according to a recent poll. Over 15 percent of Venezuelans rely on industrial waste as food to survive. Maddow failed to link any of Venezuela’s socialist policies, such as the mass nationalization of industries, to the country’s current crisis. The show later apologized for the chyron and updated it in its web version of the broadcast.

It wasn’t much of an apology.  And, they only issued it because they had been caught.  But, the lies had already been put out there.  So, it becomes a never ending battle of setting the record straight and exposing the lies and fake news put out by the likes of Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, and the rest of the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  That’s ok.  We’re here doing our part.

Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks Rachel Maddow’s Lengthy Trump Tax Form Tease

Stephen Colbert poked fun at MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday’s Late Show, following Maddow’s show on Tuesday night when she revealed two of President Donald Trump’s tax forms. “I hold in my hand something very significant,” Colbert said, dressed in Maddow’s signature blazer in front of a graphic that resembled the backdrop used on The Rachel Maddow Show. “It is a joke, a joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump. We believe this is the first time any joke dealing with Donald Trump has been released.” Colbert rambled on, poking fun at Maddow’s nearly 20-minute-long preamble intro on Tuesday’s program before revealing the tax information, an act that made Maddow the subject of much Twitter mockery. “Why did the chicken …,” Colbert teased before adding, “but first a word on chickens” and segueing into a lengthy informational rant on the fowls and pulled out a live chicken in a necktie. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Colbert finally continued. “OK, what are roads?” he added, launching into another series of non-sequiturs. When it finally seemed as though Colbert would deliver the punchline, he tossed to commercial. Maddow had invited investigative journalist David Cay Johnston onto her show to reveal two less-than-revelatory leaked pages from Trump’s 2005 1040 form. The Pulitzer prize-winning reporter said the information was delivered to him anonymously, and unsolicited, in the mail. Based on the documents, Trump paid $36.5 million in taxes on $153 million in income, for an effective tax rate of around 24 percent. That percentage is higher than what the average American pays each year..

No kidding!  Trump was at 24%, while Obama was aroun 18%, and crazy ol’ socialist Bernie Sanders was around 13%.  Not exactly paying YOUR fair share, huh Bernie?  The whole “revelation” by Rachel was a total flop.  Despite Hillary’s assertion that Trump may not have paid any federal income taxes, we learned in 2005 he paid around $38 MILLION dollars in federal taxes, and was in a pretty high tax bracket, and took some pretty standard, legal, deductions.  There was no there, there.  If anything, it made Trump look pretty good…which is why a few Democrat pollsters has suggested this story get dropped, and quick.  Rachel portrays herself as this super smart, elitist, who kinda makes fun of the unwashed conservatives…and in the process reveals herself to be the real fool.  Kudos to Stephen, who is an uber-liberal himself, for mocking her.  You know its bad, when a liberal eats one of their own like this..  To see the video, and read the rest of this article, click on the text above.   🙂