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Democrats fall short in bid to stymy Trump in Electoral College

House Democrats attempted to lodge protests Friday against the Electoral College votes of several of the states that backed President-elect Donald Trump but each was ruled out of order by Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Protesters then attempted to disrupt the count, standing up and chanting their own objections as they were dragged from the chamber by police officers. Mr. Trump was confirmed the winner with 304 electoral votes, well more than the 270 needed for a majority. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ nominee, earned 227 votes. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was also confirmed as the next vice president, with 305 electoral votes. As the roll call of states proceeded a handful of House Democrats refused to accept the results, claiming that massive voter suppression, interference by Russian-backed actors and other problems poisoned the vote in a number of states, making it invalid. But under the rules, an objection needs to be in writing and signed by a member of both the House and Senate. No senators signed onto the objections, and Mr. Biden tossed each of them out.

And our Republic stands strong as ever!  Kudos to VP Joe Biden (D) for doing his job and not putting up with this nonsense from members of his own party.  Crazy Uncle Joe, as he is sometimes called, oftentimes does and says some breathtakingly stupid things.  But, on this day, when it mattered, he stepped up.  So, we give credit where credit is due.  Now..all you sore loser Dems…it is now officially over.

Colorado ends presidential caucuses in favor of primaries

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) signed two measures to allow voters to choose presidential nominees through a primary, and not caucus, process. Each measure was approved by voters in November referenda by margins of two-to-one. Proposition 108 allows all voters to participate in party primaries, even if they are not affiliated with parties. Colorado voters, since 2004, were required to identify themselves as Democrats or Republicans in order to participate in presidential primaries. Proposition 107 eliminates the state’s caucus procedures. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, signed both on Tuesday. Se. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., won Colorado’s Democratic caucuses in 2016. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, won the most delegates in Republican Party district conventions, held instead of precinct-level caucuses. It is anticipated the expanded primary procedures will increase the cost of elections in Colorado, and local and state governments will pay for them. The state estimates the 2020 presidential primaries will cost it $2.7 million, and counties are expected to spend an estimated $5.3 million.

Oh yea..  What this also means is that those unaffiliated voters can just arbitrarily vote in a primary.  That should not happen, and was a big con that a bunch of Democrat lawyers inserted into the ballot initiative.  Only those registered with a certain party should be allowed to vote in that party’s primary.

Schweizer: Hillary Lost Because ‘Corruption Has Consequences’

Monday night on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election because “corruption has consequences,” and added that the continuous narrative of pay to play at the Clinton Foundation, former President Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and the email scandal bothered voters. Click here to read a partial transcript of that interview:

Excellent interview with Peter!  I saw most of it last night.  As usual, Peter absolutely nails it.     🙂

Trump easily secures victory in Electoral College, as bid to flip electors flops

Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote on Monday and secured his election as the 45th president of the United States, as the latest – and perhaps last – stop-Trump movement failed to gain traction in state capitals. A fervent push by anti-Trump forces to persuade electors to defect had turned the normally mundane civic procedure into high drama. But Trump easily surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, as representatives tabbed to cast ballots in accordance with their states’ Nov. 8 decision mostly adhered to the election results. After all the states had voted, Trump finished with 304 votes and Clinton had 227. Texas put Trump over the top, despite two Republican electors casting protest votes. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence afterward tweeted “congratulations” to his running mate while saying he was “honored & humbled” to be officially elected the next vice president. Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day urged Trump’s detractors to stop fighting his election, now that his victory is affirmed. “This historic election is now officially over and I look forward to President-elect Trump taking the oath of office in January,” she said in a statement. “For the good of the country, Democrats must stop their cynical attempts to undermine the legitimacy of this election, which Donald Trump won decisively in the Electoral College with more votes than any Republican since 1988.” Elector antics were few and far between throughout the day, with most the disruptions occurring on the Democratic side. A Democratic elector in Maine tried to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, but switched to Clinton after it was ruled improper. Another who tried to vote for Sanders in Minnesota was replaced; a Colorado elector who tried to back Ohio Gov. John Kasich likewise was replaced. One of the biggest deviations was in Washington state, where three electors voted for Colin Powell and one voted for “Faith Spotted Eagle;” the remaining eight went to Clinton, the state’s winner. It marked the first time in four decades the state’s electors broke from the popular vote. Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman vowed to work with the state attorney general and charge the four unfaithful electors with a violation of Washington state civil law. Such violations carry a fine up to $1,000. With Trump’s win now secured, a joint session of Congress is scheduled for Jan. 6 to certify the results. Trump’s clear Electoral College victory could serve to deter any further last-ditch efforts to effectively nullify his November win and prevent his inauguration, though the battle may shift next to his Cabinet picks.

It’s finally over, thank God! As expected, Trump easily won the electoral vote, and it was simply affirmed today. The magic number, of course, was 270. He exceeded that with over 30 electoral votes to spare. That was never in any doubt, despite the best efforts of tools like Michael Moore, George Soros, and those nauseating B and C lister HollyWEiRD celebs in that silly video they put out begging the electors to violate their oath, and earn their “respect.” The real irony is that most of the “faithless” electors were on the Dem side! I wonder if Vlad Putin was part of that too! lol As was mentioned, a joint session of Congress will be convened on Jan 6th, the certify this election.

Opinion: Stop Blaming Hillary Clinton’s Loss on Racism

Only in the fever swamp imagination of the race-obsessed Left can a white man beat a white woman and the reason is racism. Yet that is emerging for some as the explanation for 2016. The campaign wasn’t about Obama’s policies, or Hillary’s corruption, or Trump’s massive celebrity. It wasn’t about the threat of Islamic terror or the declining prospects of the white working class. It was about white supremacy. How do we know? Well, according to the Huffington Post, liberal icon Ta-Nehisi Coates explained it “perfectly” to The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. Here’s the exchange: “If I have to jump six feet to get the same thing that you have to jump two feet for ― that’s how racism works. To be president, [Obama] had to be scholarly, intelligent, president of the Harvard Law Review, the product of some of our greatest educational institutions, capable of talking to two different worlds. . . . Donald Trump had to be rich and white. That was it. That’s the difference. ” This is pure, unadulterated nonsense. There’s no better word for it. For proof, look no further than Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns. Can Coates look America in the face and say that Obama had to jump higher than John McCain to win the presidency? McCain was shot down over North Vietnam, badly wounded, tortured in enemy prison camps, and put in solitary confinement for two years. Yet he still refused an offer of early release unless every person captured before him was released as well. McCain then went on to serve in the House and then, for two decades, in the Senate before he ran for president against a first-term senator barely removed from the Illinois legislature. But, yeah, Obama had to do more. Mitt Romney can’t match John McCain’s record of public service, but his pre-campaign biography was formidable as well: An elite education (like Obama’s), decades of near-legendary business success (which included turning around multiple companies), a successful term as governor, and saving the Salt Lake City Olympics gave him a presidential résumé far superior to Obama’s pre-election record. But Obama won, handily. Don’t forget that Clinton was rich and white also. And a former senator. And a former secretary of state. And a former first lady. So, no, you don’t just have to be rich and white to win the presidency. Coates’s Daily Show appearance comes on the heels of his extended valentine to Obama in The Atlantic, where he made the same point — but only stronger: “Pointing to citizens who voted for both Obama and Trump does not disprove racism; it evinces it. To secure the White House, Obama needed to be a Harvard-trained lawyer with a decade of political experience and an incredible gift for speaking to cross sections of the country; Donald Trump needed only money and white bluster.” And lest anyone think that Coates is all on his own, he’s actually more moderate than some. In Slate, Jamelle Bouie called Donald Trump and Dylann Roof “brothers in white resentment” and declared that the “ideas that radicalized” a racist mass murderer will now “thrive from the Oval Office.” With both Bouie and and Coates, the argument is that in rejecting Hillary Clinton, America somehow rejected not Obama’s policies but Obama’s blackness. Again, this is total nonsense. Obama is leaving office with his highest approval ratings since his reelection. He’s far more popular than Trump. And Trump’s own electoral coalition is less white and more diverse than Mitt Romney’s. Clinton got a smaller share of the black and Hispanic vote than Obama did in 2008 and 2012. And, of course, as Coates notes and dismisses, Trump won in part because people who voted for Obama also voted for Trump. That’s not racism. It’s disappointment with failed policies. There are indeed vicious alt-right racists who support Trump. They’ve threatened journalists, invaded comment boards, and — helped by Russian accounts — dominated Twitter timelines. While these people should be condemned, opposed, shunned, and prosecuted (when their harassment becomes truly threatening), they are a microscopic constituency in American politics. Their conventions are incapable of filling a decent-sized conference room. Trump got more than 62 million votes, and there is simply no evidence that any meaningful number of his voters were influenced by (or even knew the existence of) the alt-right. It’s grotesque that a man like Steve Bannon self-consciously gave them a platform, and it’s even worse that Trump still keeps him close. But the alt-right did not win the election for Trump. There’s no actual evidence that it was even a factor. Clinton likely got more votes from outright Communists than Trump did from bona fide members of the alt-right. Instead, there’s abundant evidence that he was facing a historically bad opponent. Voters didn’t trust Trump, but they also didn’t trust Clinton, and it’s stunning to consider how little effort she made (compared with Trump’s) to win the election. As Damon Linker noted in The Week, between the end of the Democratic convention and the first debate, she was “largely out of the public eye.” Unlike Obama, she didn’t even bother to seek Evangelical votes. Her campaign rejected calls for help when Michigan was slipping away. She was arrogant. She assumed she would win. Her aides popped champagne corks on Election Day. But, yeah, white supremacy. It’s tempting to ignore Coates’s absurd argument (and Bouie’s even more absurd linkage of Trump to a mass murderer), but their ideas are heard in the halls of power and soon may harden into leftist conventional wisdom. This would be terrible for race relations and therefore terrible for a healthy republic. It further (and needlessly) polarizes an already divided nation. White people didn’t embrace racism. They rejected a Clinton. That’s a profound and meaningful distinction.

Indeed!! Aside from the inaccurate, trendy, and otherwise unnecessary dig at Steve Bannon, who is no more of a racist than Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is.  That (again, otherwise) outstanding op/ed was written by attorney, and Army Reserve officer (Major), David French. David was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq.

Michael Moore: Trump ‘Has No Right To Enter’ White House

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” filmmaker Michael Moore argued that President-Elect Donald Trump “has no right” to enter the White House. Moore called for “protesting, obstructing, disrupting, civil disobedience.” He added, “I mean, the man has no right to enter that house. There are too many questions about the — whatever collusion was going on. I mean, they admitted that they were in touch with the Russians during the campaign. They have said that. So, we would need to know as Americans what the hell was going on there, and he does not have a mandate. He does not have a mandate.”

Huh? Did this calorically-challenged buffoon NOT see the results of this last election? Of course Trump has “a mandate,” you stupid tool! Someone needs to break down an electoral map for Michael…and make sure it’s colored, to make it a little easier for him. Of course Trump as a “right to enter” the White House next month. This is just more hysterical lunacy from the extreme, socialist liberals (like Michael Moore, and the HollyWEIRD celebs who put out that video begging electors to not vote for Trump tomorrow) who are still in denial over what happened and are frantically doing everything they can to stop what WILL happen. What a bunch of sore losers..

Liberal Hollywood stars reach out to Republican electors to stop them from voting for Trump

A bevy of liberal Hollywood stars have put aside their differences with Republicans in an eleventh-hour plea to GOP electors to convince them not to cast their ballots for Donald Trump at the Monday vote of the Electoral College. A self-described “public service announcement” released last week by Unite for America featured 17 celebrities assuring the Republican electors that “you will have my respect” by refusing to vote for Mr. Trump. Leading the Hollywood stars is Martin Sheen, who played President Jed Bartlet in the NBC TV series “The West Wing.” “You have the position, the authority and the opportunity to go down in the books as an American hero who changed the course of history,” said the stars in the YouTube video. “And you have my respect for your patriotism and service to the American people.” In a separate video, Jason Alexander of NBC’s long-running hit “Seinfeld” said in a message to Republican electors that those who refuse to vote for Mr. Trump would be doing “the most patriotic service you could ever do.” “We are not asking you to vote for any particular candidate. We are not asking you to vote for Secretary [Hillary] Clinton,” Mr. Alexander said. “We are asking you to consider the possibility of voting for any other eligible candidate whom you feel has the character, the intelligence and the experience to be the president of these United States.” The message comes as part of a last-ditch campaign by left-wing groups attempting to stop 37 GOP electors from voting for the Republican president-elect, which would leave him with 269 electoral votes, one short of the number needed to win the presidency. The House, which is controlled by Republicans, would then decide the result of the election from among the three candidates with the most electoral votes. Mr. Trump received 306 electoral votes to 232 for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election, with no other candidate earning any electoral votes. Democratic political analyst Doug Schoen blasted the video on Fox News as an effort to “influence and otherwise undermine our electoral system.” “I understand Hollywood B-list and C-list actors are always looking for work, but this is also undermining what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said during the campaign, which is you have to accept the peaceful order of transition to a different administration,” Republican strategist Tony Sayegh said.

Exactly! What a bunch of self-righteous, entitlement-minded, liberal sore losers!! Hopefully Monday will go smoothly, and these tools will look even more foolish. Unreal..

Colorado Judge Rules Against ‘Faithless’ Electors Seeking to Block Trump Presidency

Denver, Colorado District Judge Elizabeth Starrs has ruled against the state’s “faithless” electors who sought to defy the voters’ will by using Electoral Votes for Hillary Clinton to prevent President-elect Donald Trump from ascending to the White House. The judge reportedly warned they could face criminal charges if they defy her court order. “If [presidential electors] take the oath and then they violate the statute, there will be repercussions,” Starrs said in an order from the bench, according to the Denver Post. The phrase “faithless” electors refers to individuals who break away from the party’s pledged candidate and who refuse to vote for their state’s choice candidate. In this case, Hillary Clinton won Colorado and gained nine Electoral College votes. Judge Starr’s order means those nine electors must vote for Clinton and could face replacement, and possibly jail time, if they fail to do so. The electors in each state will meet and cast their votes for the president and vice president on separate ballots on Monday, December 19. Judge Starr’s ruling was in response to two Democrats among the state’s nine electors who had sued in an attempt to be freed from laws binding them to vote for the candidate who won their state’s popular vote, so they could join other Republican electors who are allegedly attempting to block Trump. Judge Starr’s court order reportedly also granted authority to Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams to replace electors — collectively referring to themselves as the “Hamilton Electors” movement — who violate the law. (The phrase “Hamilton” Electors is a reference to Alexander Hamilton’s argument in Federalist No. 68 that the Electoral College would be a special, elite deliberative body: “A small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations.”) Some of the “faithless” electors are taking cues from Harvard University constitutional law professor and former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Larry Lessig, who is offering pro-bono legal counsel to Republican electors who are considering blocking Trump, through his anti-Trump non-profit known as the “Elector’s Trust.”

Good for Judge Starrs for standing for the rule of law! Excellent!! 🙂

Wikileaks founder Assange on hacked Podesta, DNC emails: ‘Our source is not the Russian government’

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denied Thursday that hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta were stolen and passed to his organization by Russian state actors. “Our source is not the Russian government,” Assange told “The Sean Hannity Show.” “So in other words, let me be clear,” Hannity asked, “Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC?” “That’s correct,” Assange responded. Assange’s assertion contradicts the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which concluded in October that “the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails [sic] from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations.” In addition to the hacked emails from the DNC and Podesta, Assange admitted that Wikileaks received “received about three pages of information to do with the [Republican National Committee] and Trump [during the campaign], but it was already public somewhere else.” Late Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Russian hackers had tried and failed to access the RNC using the same methods as the DNC hackers. Assange had previously denied that the DNC and Podesta emails had came from any government. He has steadfastly refused to identify the source of the messages. “We’re unhappy that we felt that we needed to even say that it wasn’t a state party. Normally, we say nothing at all,” Assange told Hannity. “We have … a strong interest in protecting our sources, and so we never say anything about them, never ruling anyone in or anyone out. “And so here, in order to prevent a distraction attack against our publications, we’ve had to come out and say ‘no, it’s not a state party. Stop trying to distract in that way and pay attention to the content of the publication.’” Assange added that the U.S. government, corporations and even private citizens are vulnerable to a cyberattack like the one on the DNC and Podesta. “Everything is almost completely insecure now,” he said. “Computer systems have become so complex that it is not possible to understand all the parts, let alone secure them. It’s just impossible.”

That’s a pretty big bombshell…that nukes the narrative being put out by Obama, and other Dems.

GOP Rep Blackburn to Dems: Stop Blaming Russia and Realize Voters Didn’t Like Your Candidate

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” while reacting to the controversy over allegations Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said Democrats need to stop trying to justify and “start learning” why they lost, adding their candidate was one “people did not like and didn’t want to vote for.” When asked about Democrats claims the Russian involvement cost Hillary Clinton the election Blackburn said, “I think that is another of their justifications in a long list of justifications of why they lost. And they need to start learning from why they lost. They completely misread the American people. They were out of step, and they had a candidate that the American people did not like and didn’t want to vote for.”