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Opinion/Analysis: The ‘Institutional Racism’ Canard

About twice as many white people as black people are killed by police. In fact, in about 75 percent of police shootings, the decedent is not black. Of course, that is not what you would grasp from consuming media. Take the website statista.com, specifically its breathless focus on “Hate crime in the United States” — counterfactually insinuating that any shooting involving a black victim must be a “hate crime.” Here’s their big headline from Tuesday: “Black Americans 2.5X More Likely Than Whites to Be Killed By Police.” It is fiction. It is sheer demagoguery, peddled as American cities are besieged by rioters in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police. The falsity of the claim is demonstrated even by statista.com itself. Just three days ago, the site posted another series of bar graphs, showing that, in fact, whites are nearly twice as likely as blacks to be shot to death by police. The rest of the bar graphs break out the numbers of Hispanic decedents (slightly lower than black, significantly lower than white), as well as those whose heritage is described as “other” and unknown. Right underneath its chart, statista.com writes, “Sadly, the trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems only to be increasing.” In point of fact, it is steady — and if I wanted to play games like statista.com does, by, say, weighting the numbers to account for population growth while ignoring all other relevant factors, I could even pretend that the number was decreasing. The Washington Post acknowledges that fatal shootings by police have run steadily at around 1,000 per year since 2015 — 995 (2015), 963 (2016), 987 (2017), 998 (2018), and 1,004 (2019). As Heather Mac Donald relates in an insightful Wall Street Journal op-ed, blacks make up only a quarter of the total number of people killed in police shootings annually, a ratio that has held steady since 2015. The reigning canard, however, is that this 25 percent figure proves racism since African Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population. Ridiculous as this syllogism is (as we’ll see, it conveniently elides more consequential factors), it still puts the lie to the slanderous narrative that police are hunting down black men. Even if we ignore the fact that an increasing number of police officers — obviously including those involved in encounters with black suspects — are themselves African Americans, the percentage of black deaths from police shootings would be much higher if blacks were being targeted. Police do not go looking for people to shoot. In shooting situations, police are confronting crime suspects, the majority of whom are armed. But given that George Floyd was unarmed, let’s consider unarmed people killed in such encounters. Such unarmed decedents, too, were twice as likely to be white as black in 2019 — i.e., 19 unarmed whites, nine unarmed blacks. As Ms. Mac Donald observes, this ratio is not stable (and there is some looseness in what the media define as “unarmed”): In 2015, it was 38 unarmed blacks to 32 unarmed whites. The Floyd killing has been injected into the bien pensant narrative of innocent, unarmed black men murdered by cops. But the number of unarmed black men killed by police is vanishingly small. As Mac Donald notes, there were 7,407 black homicide victims in the United States in 2018, the last year for which final numbers are available. Assuming a comparable number in 2019, the nine unarmed men killed in police shootings would represent just 0.1 percent of black homicides. In stark contrast, she asserts, “a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.” The media, the bipartisan political class, the academy, and the commentariat concoct their “systemic,” “institutional,” “unconscious” racism fiction by statistical tunnel vision: We must conclude that African Americans — in particular, young black men — are being targeted by police because the percentage of killings of blacks significantly overrepresents the black population. It makes no sense, however, to look only at the percentage of blacks involved in police shootings, as if it were the only attribute that mattered — as if it were the only attribute by which blacks are overrepresented compared to their percentage of the overall population. While African Americans are involved in two times more police shootings than their percentage of the population would seem to warrant, they commit 53 percent of murders and 60 percent of robberies — well over four times their percentage of the population. The political establishment would have you assume this statistical disparity is caused by institutional racism that myopically beams police attention onto black men. But we know the statistics accurately reflect reality because crimes get reported by victims — a large percentage of whom are black (also outstripping their share of the overall population). If you just focus on interracial crime, though, Mac Donald (writing this time in the City Journal) has crunched those numbers. “Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations.” This, she qualifies, excludes interracial homicide. Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff fills in that blank: “Blacks commit around 70 percent of black-white interracial homicides.” For this, he draws on FBI crime statistics for 2016. They show that, of 776 black–white homicides, blacks committed 533 and whites 243. Neither of these numbers, by the way, nor their combined total, comes anywhere close to the number of blacks killed by blacks: a staggering 2,570 — the overwhelming majority male.

John Adams once said, “facts are stubborn things..”  Indeed..  That was some great scholarly research done there by attorney Andrew C. McCarthy.  Andrew is the author of Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency. .  For more of this article, click on the text above.  Thanks Andrew!!    🙂

Colorado officer cleared in deadly February shooting of suspect with gang ties

A law-enforcement officer will not face criminal charges in the deadly February shooting of a suspect with gang ties in northern Colorado, police announced late last week. Greeley Police said that Weld County district attorney made the decision last Monday about an unnamed officer who shot an armed man sitting in a car with a woman at a Section 8 apartment complex on Feb. 26. Released body camera footage showed Ramiro Carrasco reaching for a gun on his lap and throwing it on the ground after being shot, police said. Warning “this body camera footage is graphic and has explicit language,” Greeley police released the disturbing video Thursday on its YouTube page. The 19th Judicial Critical Incident Response Team, a five-year-old group of highly trained and skilled investigators from 24 law enforcement agencies in Weld County working with the DA to probe officer-involved shootings, said the cop was justified in firing at Carrasco after he failed to follow police orders. For safety reasons, the cop was not named given Carrasco’s “very strong and documented ties,” to criminal gangs.

To see the video, click on the text above.  Looks pretty cut and dry.  Bad guy had gun on his lap and was told NOT to move, and he failed to comply.  We’re glad the cop, who was wearing a body cam, won’t face any charges.  From what we can tell, he did this by the book and was professional and clear with his instructions.

Teddy bears made from uniforms of slain St. Louis County officer

The widow of a slain St. Louis County police officer posted a heart-wrenching picture on Instagram showing their 2-year-old son hugging stuffed teddy bears made with his father’s uniform. “He’s been asking for his daddy a lot,” an emotional Elizabeth Snyder told Fox2Now.com. “Which is hard, because I don’t know how to respond to him yet, because every time I look at him, I’m reminded that my husband’s not coming home.” St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder, 33, was fatally shot at point-blank range on Oct. 6. He was responding to a report of a disturbance in a normally quiet St. Louis County neighborhood of Green Park. Authorities said Snyder saw the 18-year–old suspect inside a car and ordered him to show his hands. Authorities said the suspect shot Snyder once with a 9 mm pistol that was found at the scene. Snyder was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later. The community has rallied around the family.A park where the couple used to run is now dedicated in his name.Hundreds of police officers gathered for the dedication ceremony. The park was renamed in honor of Snyder following a petition drive signed by thousands. The photo of the boy, Malachi, was posted on Elizabeth’s Instagram account on Tuesday. The boy is smiling and holding the two bears closely. A large St. Louis County Police patch is easily visible on one of the bears. She posted, “There beautiful bears were made for us from Blake’s uniform.” “I am deeply proud of my husband,” she said. “He is a hero. A true hero, and his son will grow up knowing that.”

I’m sure he will.  As many of you know, we tend to avoid human interest stories, as there are so many other venues for that sorta thing.  But, every once in a while something catches our eye.  And, being from St. Louis County myself, this one hit home on a personal level.  To see some photos of Malachi and his hero dad, click on the text above.  Our prayers are definitely with Elizabeth and Malachi during this tough time.  Thank you for your service, Blake.  You are a true hero.  R.I.P.

Burn Down White Suburbs, Sister of Man Killed by Milwaukee Police Urges Rioters

Video footage shows the sister of the man shot dead by police in Milwaukee calling on rioters to burn down white suburbs instead of their own neighborhoods. “Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothin’,” yells Sherelle Smith. “You’re burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community.” “Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down!” she demands. “We need our sh*t! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!” According to police, body camera footage shows 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith aim a gun at officers before he was shot dead by an African-American cop. The incident sparked a wave of violent unrest that continued through Sunday night. Milwaukee is the most segregated metropolitan area in the United States, with whites almost exclusively living in the suburbs. Between 1950 and 1990 there was a “white flight” from Milwaukee County into Waukesha County and suburbs of Milwaukee. Smith’s call for rioters to stop burning down their own communities is being reported by the media as a rebuke to those behind the violence. However, in reality she is really just calling for the mayhem to be inflicted on the suburbs, or in other words – where all the white people live. Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey responded to the weekend’s violence by tacitly threatening more riots if “oppression,” “unemployment” and “injustice” wasn’t addressed. Rainey failed to explain what this had to do with an armed man with a lengthy criminal record aiming a gun at police officers. White people brave enough to venture through Milwaukee on Saturday night were directly targeted for racial attacks, with rioters yelling, “they white, get their ass!,” as they attempting to drag white drivers out of their vehicles. Don’t expect a DOJ investigation or a national media “hate crime” outcry any time soon.

Indeed..  So… Let me get this straight..  The thug that was shot by cops was armed, and the officer who shot him was black.  So, how does race have ANYTHING to do with the shooting?  It doesn’t.  But, instead of the sister accepting the fact that her late brother was a thug and a loser who got himself shot…by a black cop, she uses the occasion to reveal HER racial hate.  Anyway, to see the video of this racist piece of garbage, Sherelle Smith, urging black rioters to burn down the white burbs, click on the text above.  Unreal..

Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police

The glow of the Texas Governor’s Mansion bathed in blue light shined brightly to show support for not only the fallen officers in Dallas but all law enforcement officers in Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the lights to be turned on to paint the image of support for the Dallas officers who were killed Thursday night will defending protesters who were protesting against police. Abbott cut short an out-of-state trip following the shooting and travelled directly to Dallas to meet with officials and police officers. The governor then issued an open letter to Texans titled, “A Time to Come Together.”

To read Gov. Abbott’s (R-TX) letter, and see photos of the Governor’s mansion bathed in blue light, click on the text above.  Excellent!   🙂

Starnes: Dallas attack: The ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ crowd got what they wanted

If you are prone to microaggressions you might want to stop reading and evacuate to your safe space — because what I’m about to write is politically incorrect. All lives matter. Every single life — matters. Back home in the Deep South, we used to sing a song in Sunday school – “Red and yellow black and white – they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” We are all God’s children no matter what color our skin might be. I thought about that song as Dallas Police Chief David Brown delivered the stunning news about the sniper who went on a killing spree Thursday night. “The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said. “The suspect stated that he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone.” To be clear – we do not know the suspect’s affiliations or allegiance, nor do we know anything about other suspects. But we do know this – the sniper was hunting for people on Thursday night – white people. As the shots rang out in downtown Dallas — police tried to protect the anti-police protesters. They put themselves in harm’s way for people who were taunting them — calling them hateful names. While others ran away, police officers ran towards the danger. They did what they were trained to do. And they paid the price. Five police officers were assassinated. Seven were wounded. It was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11. Brent Thompson was just 43 – a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer. He was married a few weeks ago. But today, his beautiful bride is planning his funeral. For eight years President Obama, the mainstream media, Hollywood and professional race agitators have vilified law enforcement. From “cops acting stupidly” to “If I had a son…” this president and his administration have proven time and time again that they are no friend to American law enforcement. In the aftermath of the shootings, the president and his attorney general made clear that what happened in Dallas was about guns. Granted, he offered his condolences, but honestly – his words seemed empty, hollow. I’ve noticed an unusual pattern with the Obama administration. Whenever there is a Muslim terrorist attack they are quick to urge people not to rush to judgment. And yet, when there is a police-involved shooting, it’s “Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.” In Dallas, the narrative is about guns. In Baton Rouge and Minnesota, the narrative is about racism. The Commercial Appeal in Memphis published a column calling on white people to repent in the aftermath of police-involved shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. “This is the time for white people in America to tell white police officers to stop killing black men,” the author wrote. Not too long ago a Black Lives Matter crowd chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon. Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” In New York City, protesters once shouted, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” On July 7th in Dallas, Texas – they got their wish. -Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” Follow Todd on Twitter@ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook

Again, Todd nails it.  Obama, the dominantly liberal mainstream media, and the black race-baiters got their wish; dead white cops.  Thanks Todd, for saying what needed to be said.

High Profile Fugitive With Cartel Ties Attacks Texas Border Cops, Dies In Shooting

A wanted fugitive with apparent connections to a Mexican drug cartel is dead after attacking Texas border sheriff’s deputies who were trying to arrest him. The shooting took place just north of the border city of Mission where authorities tried to arrest the wanted man. It remains unclear, at this time, if the fugitive fired a weapon at authorities or if he used some other weapon to attack them. Investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office had been trying to arrest the man on various state charges from the sheriff’s office and McAllen Police, said Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Commander Joel Rivera in an interview with Breitbart Texas at the scene just moments after the shooting. “This was part of Operation Lockdown,” Rivera said. “It was an attempt to apprehend a high profile fugitive. We worked with our partners with DPS, U.S Border Patrol and Constable’s Precinct 3.” Investigators had developed information that he had been hiding out just north of Mission. When they went to arrest him, the man attacked, forcing the deputies to “use deadly force” which is the police word for shooting the suspect who later died, Rivera said. A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed that the suspect had a long criminal history and some connections with a Mexican drug cartel.

Sounds like this loser got some Texas justice. Outstanding!

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ did not happen in Ferguson, Missouri

This phrase became a rallying cry for Ferguson residents, who took to the streets to protest the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Witness accounts spread after the shooting that Brown had his hands raised in surrender, mouthing the words “Don’t shoot” as his last words before being shot execution-style. The gesture of raised hands became a symbol of outrage over mistreatment of unarmed black youth by police. That narrative was called into question when a St. Louis County grand jury could not confirm those testimonies. And a recently released Department of Justice investigative report concluded the same. Yet the gesture continues to be used today. So we wanted to set the record straight on the DOJ’s findings, especially after The Washington Post’s opinion writer Jonathan Capehart wrote that it was “built on a lie.” From time to time, we retroactively check statements as new information becomes available. In this case, the Justice Department has concluded that Wilson acted out of self-defense, and was justified in killing Brown. Does “Hands up, don’t shoot” capture the facts of Brown’s shooting? What has it come to symbolize now? “Hands up, don’t shoot” links directly to Brown’s death, and it went viral.

And we now know definitively what many of us have really known all along..and we’ve been saying for months now here at The Daily Buzz..  The whole narrative was a lie.  Even black liberal journalists like The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart have finally come around to admitting it…which we give him credit for.  So, Ferguson burned, the Chief of Police of Ferguson was fired, former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson lost his job (with NO severance package), and has been targeted by groups like the New Black Panther Party and so on.  Darren Wilson was the true victim in that situation.  He was physically assaulted, and did his job…and then lost his job because of a lie; a lie perpetrated by the dominantly liberal media, and racist, entitlement-minded, liberal, black politicians who wanted to advance their preconceived, prejudged (i.e. prejudice) narrative… that the white cop shot an unarmed nice black kid who was just trying to surrender.   Heck, AG Eric Holder even tried to define the narrative and TRIED, believe me, to make something stick on Wilson..  But, in the end realized he couldn’t.  So, instead, he went, and continues to go, after the entire Ferguson Police Department, and the city government of Ferguson.  The truth was that a pot-smoking, robber, black thug attacked a police officer and tried to go for his weapon..an altercation ensued, and the thug was shot.  THAT is what happened.  It’s what the St. Louis County Grand Jury concluded, and it’s the same conclusion that AG Eric Holder’s racist Justice Dept came to (which HAD to be a painful admission.. DOH!).  And now, EVERYONE knows it.  So, the next time you see some idiot black Democrat politician, Al Sharpton, or heck…a bunch of “protestors” chanting “hands up, don’t shoot”…fire back with the truth and them to stop pushing a lie.  Then, laugh at them for making fools of themselves.

The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, study finds

It’s widely assumed that white police officers are more likely to shoot black suspects as a result of racial bias, but recent research suggests the opposite is true.

Isn’t that interesting…and inconvenient for the liberal, Democrat, black race hustlers (i.e. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, AG Eric Holder, Obama, etc.)..

Ferguson Protestors Storm St. Louis City Police Department Headquarters on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve protests began early in St. Louis as protesters rushed the doors of the 1915 Olive St Police Headquarters in Missouri with chants of, “We say fight back,” “We’re going to occupy,” and calling police officers racists.

Yep.  That’s it.  ALL police officers (including the black, Hispanic, and Asian ones) are ALL “racists.”  This shows how utterly dumb these protestors are.  Actually, it is THEY who are the racists.  It is THEY (i.e. Al Sharpton, the Brown family, Jesse Jackson, AG Eric Holder, Obama, the NAACP, the liberal media, etc.)who made the whole thing about Michael Brown a “racist” incident, when in reality race had NOTHING to do with Officer Darren Wilson’s approaching Michael.  As you’ll recall from the video, Michael had just brazenly, in the middle of the day, robbed a convenience store and bullied the shop keeper before sauntering out the door.  Then, he decided to arrogantly, and stupidly, walk down the middle of the street.  About that time, Officer Wilson got the call about the robber, and Michael fit the description.  Ultimately there was an altercation and Michael went for the officer’s gun.  So, race had NOTHING to do with Michael’s demise.  Michael brought it all on himself…and everyone with half a brain knows it.

Anyway…and then to make these self-righteous tools look even more foolish, they continue to do the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” chant, when that is NOT what happened at all.  It was a made up story by Michael’s loser friend.  But, it caught on, and the black race-hustlers ran with it.  To them the facts mean nothing.  They’re all about furthering their liberal, anti-cop, racial agenda.