Idaho mayor says ‘NO WAY, NO CHANCE’ to PETA’s request to rename Chicken Dinner Road

The mayor of a small Idaho town said there was “NO WAY, NO CHANCE” he would consider a request from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to rename a street called Chicken Dinner Road to something more fowl-friendly. PETA sent Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas a letter on July 3 asking him to change the name of the mostly deserted rural road. The animal-rights group said it opposes “speciesism” and asked the name be changed to just Chicken Road. “Just like dogs, cats, and human beings, chickens feel pain and fear and value their own lives,” said the letter from Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president. “PETA is asking Mayor Nancolas to change this road’s name to one that celebrates chickens as individuals, not as beings to kill, chop up, and label as ‘dinner.’” Nancolas responded to the group in snarky fashion in a July 4 Facebook post. “When I first received the letter, I thought it was a joke,” he wrote. “I literally laughed! When I realized the letter was for real, it made me extremely irritated that they would waste our time with such a ridiculous request!” The road in question is not even in Caldwell’s jurisdiction, the mayor said, adding that even it if was, there would be “NO WAY, NO CHANCE I would ever consider this truly unbelievable request!!” The road is the responsibility of Canyon County, the Idaho Statesman reported. Most locals agree the road was named after Laura Lamb, who lived along the road and was known in the 1930s for her fried chicken.

What a great story!  Kudos to Mayor Nancolas for standing up to, and calling out the PETA bullies.  Outstanding!!    🙂

PETA’s Dirty Little Secret: Shelter Puts Down 80% of Animals in Its Care

In a remarkable turn of events, Virginia legislators reportedly have had to step in to protect animals from PETA, which runs a gulag-style animal shelter at its headquarters on the banks of the St. Elizabeth River that euthanized over 80 percent of the animals in its care in 2014. Virginia lawmakers found that rate so abnormally high that they passed a bill in February to redefine a private animal shelter as “operating for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes.” The law will squeeze PETA whose primary service to animals in Norfolk has not been adoption, but rather a quick exit from the world. The bill, put forward by Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. (R-Franklin), passed the House of Delegates in a landslide 95-2 vote, after the Senate had approved the measure by 33-5. This despite the fact that PETA hired lobbyist Stephen Haner to try to kill the bill. According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took in 3,017 animals in 2014. Of these, a mere 162 were adopted, while 2455 were “euthanized.” This rate of 81% was not exceptional, since in prior years the rate has risen above 90%. A website documenting PETA’s killing record claims that the organization has euthanized more than 33,000 animals since 1998. “It’s just impossible to consider that they are making an attempt to adopt out animals with that failure record,” said Debra Griggs of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies. She said that the new law codifies what “all shelters in Virginia are already doing — except for PETA.” PETA’s shelter, in fact, stands alone in its draconian policy, with a kill rate more than three times that of other shelters in the state. Combined, Virginia animal shelters took in 210,599 animals last year, of which only 49,302—less than 25%—were euthanized.

Doesn’t that make you want to vomit?!?  What a duplicitous, arrogant, brazenly hypocritical, and disgusting organization PETA is.  I’ve adopted my last three dogs from the Denver version of the Humane Society (  And it does some great work!  They certainly put PETA’s adoption rates to shame.