PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor mocked for confronting surgeon general over ‘offensive’ remarks appealing to minority groups

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was ridiculed after a bizarre exchange with Surgeon General Jerome Adams over his appeal to minority groups to stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. Recent reports have shown that the virus has disproportionately impacted the black and Latino communities, particularly in urban areas. While Adams acknowledged at Friday’s coronavirus press briefing that the didn’t have the answer to that, he did list physical traits that are prevalent among minority groups that could have a role with the outbreak as well as “multi-generational housing” that can accelerate the spread of the disease. “I want to close by saying while your state and local health departments and those of us in public service are working day and night to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect you regardless of your color, your creed, or your geography, I need you to know that you’re not helpless and that it’s even more important in communities of color, we adhere to the task force guidelines to slow the spread,” Adams said. “Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. And call your friends and family. Check on your mother, she wants to hear from you right now.” “And speaking of mothers, we need you to do this if not for yourself than for your abuela. Do it for your granddaddy. Do it for your Big Mama. Do it for your Pop-Pop. We need you to understand, especially in communities of colors, we need you to step up and help stop the spread so that we can protect those who are most vulnerable.” Shortly after, Alcindor confronted Adams over his remarks, which she claimed had already “offended” individuals online. “You said that African Americans and Latinos should avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. You also said do it for your abuela, do it for Big Mama and Pop-Pop. There are some people online who are already offended by that language and the idea that you’re saying that behaviors might be leading to these high death rates,” Alcindor told Adams. “Do you, I guess, have a response to people who might be offended by the language that you used?” Adams responded by telling Alcindor that he had spoken with The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and stressed that they need “targeted outreach to the African American community” and that he was using language that he uses in his “own family.” “I have a Puerto Rican brother-in-law. I call my Grand Daddy ‘Grand Daddy.’ I have relatives who call their grandparents ‘Big Mama.’ So that was not meant to be offensive, that is the language that we use and that I use and we need to continue to target our outreach to those communities,” Adams explained. “It is critically important that they understand that it’s not just about them and I was very clear about that. It’s not just about what you do, but you also are not helpless.” He continued, “We need everyone — black, brown, white, whatever color you are — to follow the president’s guidelines, the coronavirus guidelines and do their part because when I talked to the NAACP three weeks ago, it’s important to note that one of the things that they asked me was will you help dispel the myths in this community that people actually can’t get coronavirus if they’re black. That was a myth that was out there that’s actually very important for us to squash here.” Alcindor then asked the doctor, “So do you recommend that all Americans avoid tobacco, alcohol, and drug use?” “Absolutely,” Adams responded. “It’s especially important for people who are at risk with comorbidities. But yes, all Americans. So thank you and I will clarify that. All Americans need to avoid these substances at all times.” The PBS journalist was widely mocked over her exchange with the surgeon general. “Now, the surgeon general is being accused of using insensitive language in real time at the coronavirus briefing,” National Review editor Rich Lowry reacted. “@Yamiche Alcindor lecturing the Surgeon General of the United States as a member of the P.C. Police is pretty pathetic. And never forget — she works for PBS, so she’s doing this on OUR behalf as taxpayers,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck tweeted. “This is the dumbest question I’ve ever heard,” political strategist Caleb Hull declared.

Yamiche is an obnoxious, self-righteous, agenda-driven waste of space.  I’ve been watching the way she asks ridiculous and irrelevant gotcha questions of the President and his very talented and capable team.  This time, she tried to play the race card, but it backfired BIG time because, like her, the Surgeon General is also black.  And, kudos to our Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, who handled her bs with class.

Brent Bozell slams $75M spent on public broadcasting in coronavirus bill

One veteran media watchdog is not happy that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — CPB — received a tidy $75 million grant from the federal government as a part of the recent CARES Act, designated for coronavirus relief around the nation. “We believe this was misguided. Just as Amazon, Microsoft, Ford Motor Corporation, and Starbucks have given so generously to help in the fight against COVID-19, so should the CPB give,” wrote Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, in an open letter to President Trump. “The CARES Act is already law and the money the government issued to the CPB is unlikely to be returned. Regardless, it is worth noting what this money could have been spent on instead,” he said — noting that the grant could have instead purchased the following medical items: 300,000 Covid-19 test kits or 21,428 hospital beds — even 357,483,318 pairs of medical safety gloves or 12.5 million bottle of hand sanitizer “At this point in our country’s history, all of these things are infinitely better uses of taxpayer money than giving it to left-wing outlets like NPR and PBS, both of which attack you and your administration continuously,” Mr. Bozell said, adding that the organization behind public broadcast already has an annual budget of $445 million. “The CPB produces programs promoting values which many Americans just don’t agree with. The federal government, by funding CPB, is forcing Americans to support values they oppose,” he noted. “No amount of classical music, Ken Burns documentaries, or ‘Morning Editions’ is worth one saved human life,” Mr. Bozells said

Agreed!  Unfortunately, this is the kind of liberal agenda nonsense that we can expect will be packed into ANY so-called “stimulus” piece of legislation coming out of a Democrat-controlled House.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is essentially PBS and NPR, receives millions and millions of dollars from we-the-taxpayers.  It needs to stop.  PBS/NPR should get its funding like every other channel or network does; advertising, fund-raising, etc.  That all aside, this shouldn’t even be IN any of these so-called “stiumulus” bills intended to address the public health crisis we’re all in.  And, to include $75 MILLION dollars (which, again comes from hurting American taxpayers in need of financial help; NOT a bill!) for CPB is incredibly offensive.  Shame on Speaker Pelosi and the other Dems in the House pushing this political “porn,” as Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calls it.  Awful..

PBS airs anti- Pruitt documentary funded by environmentalist group backer

A new PBS Frontline documentary that paints Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt as a tool for the fossil fuel industry received major funding from a group that has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to environmentalist activists like the Sierra Club. The documentary, “War on the EPA,” received major support from the Kendeda Fund, an Atlanta-based nonprofit focused on the environment and sustainability. The documentary features interviews with numerous Obama administration backers, including Gina McCarthy, the former EPA administrator, and Betsy Southerland, a former EPA director making $250,000 who claimed earlier this year she resigned in protest because of the Trump administration’s budget. Southerland was eligible for early retirement and told coworkers she was retiring because of family issues. Southerland tells PBS that Pruitt’s EPA is a “clear and present danger to public health and safety in this country.” The documentary calls critics of the Obama administration’s wide-ranging regulatory actions targeting the coal industry and nuclear power plants “climate deniers” and “extreme.” The PBS narrator refers to Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) as “the Senate’s leading climate change denier” and features Jane Mayer, a journalist with the New Yorker, calling the Trump EPA “radical.” “What you see now in the Trump administration is the triumph of the anti-environmental movement,” Mayer says. “They are now in control of the government and in control of the regulatory process in a kind of a brazen way we haven’t seen before.” Obama administration alums are depicted as crusaders against pollution, as they appear in interviews dismayed by President Trump and Pruitt following through on campaign promises to roll back environmental regulations.

If you really want to read the rest of this vomit-worthy article, click on the text above.

Colorado Congressman Introduces Bill to Defund NPR and Corp. for Public Broadcasting

Representative Doug Lamborn, R, CO, has introduced a pair of bills to eliminate the federal tax dollars that fund the budgets of National Public Radio (NPR) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Upon the filing of H.R. 726 and H.R. 727, Lamborn said congressional Republicans need to prove they take fiscal responsibility seriously. “American taxpayers do not want their hard-earned dollars funding superfluous government programs just because that is the way things have always been done,” Lamborn wrote on his congressional webpage. The Coloradan introduced the bills to “permanently defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio. CPB received $445 million during Fiscal Year 2016, and this money could be put to better use rebuilding our military and enhancing our national security.” Lamborn insisted that with a $20 trillion national debt, cuts must be made; since these broadcasting services have been able to pick up funding from private sources in the past, cutting the tax dollars flowing into their coffers now is a good start at reducing government spending. Rep. Lamborn, though, took pains to say that this proposal isn’t about the content aired by either of these broadcasting services. “This is not about content, as CBP certainly airs some quality programs,” he wrote, “the point is that it is perfectly capable of standing on its own two feet and not on the financial shoulders of the American taxpayers. ” Lamborn noted that the savings to the taxpayer could reach upwards to $500 million annually. NPR features a webpage that breaks down its expenditures, but a recent assessment found that NPR receives about about 40 percent of its $166 million budget from the federal government, or about $66 million from taxpayers annually.

Yes!!  Here at The Daily Buzz we’ve been calling for the defunding of CBP from day one!  FINALLY someone in Congress has the courage to actually take on that sacred cow that’s waste, fraud, and abuse of our hard-earned tax dollars.  It should have to compete in the market place like every other media both on tv and on the radio.  If people like it, it’ll get corporate sponsorship like every other channel.  If the people don’t like it, it’ll go away.  That’s how this country works, and it’s an affront that it is underwritten by big government through our tax dollars.  Kudos to Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) for initiating this effort!  Excellent!!     🙂

PBS Buries Stephanopoulos Scandal; ‘NewsHour’ Anchor Woodruff Exposed as Clinton Donor

The wake of destruction behind Bill and Hillary Clinton is 25 years wide and deeper than any abyss known to man or beast. The latest victim is “NewsHour” anchor Judy Woodruff, and by extension, PBS itself, which now admits to burying the $75,000 Clinton Cash scandal involving ABC News senior anchor George Stephanopoulos. Friday, as though anything will ever change, PBS ombudsman Michael Getler stepped up and pretty much pled guilty on both counts: The following evening, May 15, Woodruff closed the NewsHour broadcast with a “short editor’s note before we go.” She said: “There have been questions this week about journalists’ contributions to the Clinton Foundation and my name has come up. I want to clarify what happened. In 2010, after the massive earthquake in Haiti, I made a gift of $250 to the Haiti Relief Fund, established by the Clinton Foundation. It was meant for charitable purposes only.” Was the Woodruff link the reason the NewsHour chose not to cover a story that has generated lots of continuing coverage in The Washington Post, New York Times and many other outlets? It doesn’t look good from where I sit. The program did post an Associated Press story on its web site last Friday but, aside from the Woodruff statement, it has broadcast nothing about the broader story to its viewers. And the AP story did not mention Woodruff. I asked the NewsHour’s executive producer, Sara Just, for the reasoning behind not covering the Stephanopoulos story on the air. She said: “We had an online piece but for broadcast we didn’t think it met the bar as a story for our limited on-air news hole that day.” Cover ups. Conflicts of interest. And all of it at taxpayer expense. PBS is nothing more than dulcet-toned propaganda machine funded by money coerced from taxpayers by a big central government in order to protect big central government. The Ombudsman can’t even be honest. Getler claims he has no idea how Woodruff votes. Does he mean in a race between Stalin and Castro? Hillary and Bernie? Galloway and Warren? And where is Woodruff’s explanation for why she believed, of all the charities out there, the Clinton Foundation was the most effective place to park her money? Stephanopoulos isn’t being forced to answer these questions, either. Granted, $250 is not a lot of money to a multi-millionaire like Woodruff. But what better way to prove your fealty to power than with just a small token of your integrity? In ClintonLand, that token means everything. There is no institution in America more corrupt, dishonest, and compromised than the American media. Monday you had 48 reasons to despise and distrust the media. Thanks to Woodruff and PBS, you now have reasons 49 and 50.

One thing we do here at The Daily Buzz is expose the hypocrisy, double standard, and brazen corruption of the dominantly liberal mainstream media which tries to, disingenuously, paint itself as non-partisan, without agenda, and sincere.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  PBS news is a big part of that corruptive force.  What makes PBS/NPR particularly offensive is that it (i.e. the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) is funded by our hard-earned tax dollars.  It is WAY past the time that Congress passed legislation ending ALL public funding of PBS/NPR.  Those defending PBS will say, “you don’t like Big Bird.”  That’s all they have; cheesy bumper-sticker lies.  Well, if Big Bird is THAT popular, then he’ll survive just fine in the private world like everything/everyone else.  If people want him, or Elmo, there will be a private channel/network that’ll pick up Sesame Street and anything else of any value at PBS.  We should have the OPTION of paying for those programs; NOT be forced to pay for them.  And, c’mon.. Let’s be honest.  PBS Newshour is dreadful.  It makes CSPAN look like an Avengers marathon.  PBS/NPR wouldn’t survive one day in the free market.  Heck, even MSNBC, as awful as that propaganda machine is, would beat it.  And, Fox New would completely obliterate it.  Judy Woodruff is fossil.  It blows the mind to think people actually watch that old windbag anymore.  But, some do.  And, she, like George Stephanopoulos, have been caught red-handed in their clear support for Hillary; for the Democrat candidate for President.  it’s not even subtle anymore.  Now you know without any doubt where Judy, George, and the rest of them stand.  Keep that in mind..

Opinion: PBS Stem Cell Stupidity

After all these years, why can’t the media report even basic embryonic stem cell issues accurately? We have been told by the media over and over again that federal funding of embryonic stem cell research was somehow “banned.” Pure. Baloney. Now, it’s PBS–NOVA, no less–that either doesn’t have reporters/editors capable of reporting facts, or who just assume that a continually repeated false meme is true. In a story laudably reporting on the real promise of ethical stem cell research, the supposed thwarting of embryonic stem cell research again rears its false and ugly head. From Nova Next’s, “Stem Cells Finally Deliver, But Not on the Original Promise:” Stem cells appeared to offer that potential, but when Congress banned federal funding in 1995 for research on embryos—and thus the development of new stem cell lines—scientists found their work had ground to a halt. Pure crap. The 1995 “ban” wasn’t a statute, but a budget item (Dickey-Wicker Amendment) aimed at preventing federal funding for the creation of embryos for research and the destruction of embryos. While controversial, it has been passed every year since–by Democratic, Republican, and mixed Congresses–and signed each year by Clinton, Bush, and Obama, respectively. Human embryonic stem cells weren’t derived until 1998. That breakthrough sparked a big push for federal funding of the nascent field. Bill Clinton got around the seeming impediment of Dickey-Wicker by requiring private funding to destroy the embryo. But he permitted full federal funding on the resulting embryonic stem cell line once the embryo was destroyed. That has been the law ever since. Actual federal funding commenced after George W. Bush’s August 2001 executive order–so often railed against in the media and by ESCR advocates as a “ban.” In fact, Bush-didn’t prohibit federal funding at all, but it to funding research on stem cell lines already then in existence. In fact, under Bush, the NIH paid out tens of millions each year to fund scientific research on human embryonic stem cell investigations. Add the federal support, state support, and private funding, and billions were spent in funding during the Bush years

A rather dry discussion about stem cell research funding..  But, it DOES address, and expose, how the dominantly liberal mainstream media twist the facts to fit their agenda and their narrative.  In this case, its PBS, and the issue is funding for stem cell research.  It always amazes me how many people STILL go to PBS (and its radio version, NPR) for news and information.  I mean.. c’mon!  That said, those numbers continue to go down..thanks to alternative sources for news and information.