Gold Star Widow Releases Trump’s Call After Husband Was Killed In Afghanistan

Gold star widow Natasha De Alencar released the audio of a phone conversation she had with President Donald Trump in April about the death of her husband who was killed in Afghanistan. “I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a horrible thing, except that he’s an unbelievable hero,” Trump told her in the call about her husband Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, which The Washington Post released. “Thank you. I really, really appreciated it,” she said. “I really do, sir.” Trump also told the widow if she is ever in Washington D.C. that she is welcome in the Oval Office. “If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office,” he said. “You just come over and see me because you are just the kind of family … this is what we want.” “Say hello to your children, and tell them your father he was a great hero that I respected,” Trump said. “Just tell them I said your father was a great hero.” The phone call was released after White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly pushed back against Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson’s criticism that Trump told a Gold Star widow “he knew what he signed up for.”

A comment that was completely taken out of context.  It was meant as a tribute.  Scroll down two articles to read more, and then below that (three down) is the video of Gen Kelly schooling the press and explaining that comment.

‘Keep that sacred:’ Disgusted Kelly berates congresswoman, defends Trump in Green Beret’s death

Some Democrats and their liberal media allies are referring to the deaths of four U.S. Green Berets in Niger as “Trump’s Benghazi” and questioning the need for troops there, ignoring that it was President Barack Obama’s decision in 2013 to deploy more military forces to northwest Africa. The soldiers killed in an ambush by Islamist extremists on Oct. 4 were part of a U.S. contingent in Niger, where Mr. Obama initially deployed 100 soldiers in February 2013 to conduct drone surveillance and to help French troops train and advise local forces in the fight against terrorists groups such as Boko Haram and Islamic State in Greater Sahara. The partisan fallout over the deaths prompted White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, a retired Marine general whose son was killed in Afghanistan, to deliver a blistering rebuke of Democratic Rep. Frederica S. Wilson of Florida on Thursday, saying he was “stunned and heartbroken” that the “selfish” lawmaker went on TV to politicize Mr. Trump’s phone call of condolences to the widow of one of the slain soldiers. “It stuns me that a member of Congress listened in to that conversation,” Mr. Kelly told reporters. “I thought at least that was sacred.” Ms. Wilson said she and the family of Sgt. La David Johnson were horrified that Mr. Trump told the widow her dead husband “knew what he was getting into.” Mr. Kelly, struggling at times to control his fury at the White House press briefing podium, recounted the advice he gave to Mr. Trump when the president asked him how to make the difficult phone calls to families of the fallen. He told the story of how Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivered the news to Mr. Kelly in 2010 that his Marine son, Robert, had been killed when he stepped on a landmine on patrol in Afghanistan. He said Gen. Dunford told him at the time that his son “was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed.” “He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1 percent,” Mr. Kelly said, recalling his friend’s words about volunteering to serve. “He knew what the possibilities were. When he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this Earth — his friends.” Mr. Kelly explained, “That’s what the president tried to say to four families the other day.” “In his way, [Mr. Trump] tried to express that opinion, that [the fallen soldier] is a brave man, a fallen hero, who knew what he was getting into because he enlisted, and he was exactly where he wanted to be,” Mr. Kelly said. “That was the message that was transmitted.” The chief of staff said he was so angered by Ms. Wilson’s criticisms of the president on Wednesday that he visited Arlington National Cemetery, where his son and many of his other brothers in arms are buried. “When I listened to this woman and what she was saying, what she was doing on TV, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go to walk among the finest men and women on this Earth,” Mr. Kelly said. “I went over there for an hour and a half, walked among the stones, some of whom I put there, because they were doing what I told them to do when they were killed.” He issued a public plea on Thursday not to let an “empty barrel” such as Ms. Wilson erode the sanctity of a soldier making the ultimate sacrifice.

Agreed!!  Rep. Frederica S, Wilson (D-FL) is a nauseating, self-righteous, arrogant, worthless piece of garbage.  She is what is wrong with politics in this country.  Her and her silly hats, Botox, and the tons and tons of makeup on her face only add to the caricature that she is.  Someone needs to slap that disrespectful, grandstanding, lying blow-hard.  If you’ve not seen the video of Gen. Kelly talking to the press, then click on the text immediately below.  You really need to see this.

Video: White House Chief of Staff, Gen Kelly, Schools the Press

Click here to watch a video of today’s impromtu appearance at the White House press briefing room by White House Chief of Staff, Gen John Kelly responding to the recent media storm over what President Trump may or may not have said to the widow of one of the four U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers killed in Niger earlier this month. As the father (a “Gold Star” father) of a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, Gen Kelly shares his persepctive. He was also present when Pres. Trump called the widow.

If you’ve not seen this video, you need to watch this.  Gen. Kelly schools the liberal mainstream media, and his message needs to be heard by all Americans.  He is a true American patriot, and “the real deal.”  Thanks General for your service, and your personal sacrifice.

Starnes: Shame! Iowa high school marching band walks off field during national anthem

Ames High School has the unfortunate distinction of having one of the most un-American marching bands in the nation. More than a dozen members of the band linked arms and walked off the football field Friday night during a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” An untold number of other band members refused to play their instruments. It was absolutely disgraceful. Sickening. The children who staged the musical insurrection told local reporters they did so to protest all sorts of social maladies. “How can we be unified if there’s racism, sexism and homophobia in our school,” one of the teenage malcontents told the Des Moines Register. They denied they were disrespecting the flag or the military even though they really were disrespecting the flag and the military. “It was an expression of my anger and sadness in the direction our country is heading,” one of the budding anarchists told the newspaper. “It’s to express I stand with people who are feeling persecuted or marginalized by the current president or people in power.” There are two issues that need to be addressed: First, the school district must deal swiftly to put down this anti-American uprising within the marching band. Those students who chose not to play and those who marched off the field should be immediately removed from the roster. School leaders must not coddle or tolerate a bunch of petulant and belligerent children dishonoring the U.S. Military or the National Anthem. The school’s band director declined to comment so we do not know if he had prior knowledge of the protest. Regardless, it is clear the band director does not have control over his program. And the principal clearly does not have control over the school. The Ames Tribune reports that the students originally intended to take a knee on the field, but Principal Spence Evans rejected that plan. The newspaper reports the principal told them to stay in the band section if they chose not to play. Oh, so the principal knew about this in advance? Well, that should be an easy decision for the taxpayer-funded school district – fire the principal. The school district needs to send a clear message to the student body and the taxpayer-funded employees – there are consequences for disobeying the rules. If that means disbanding the marching band, so be it. If that means firing the employees, so be it. Second, the parents who allowed their children to publicly dishonor must also be held accountable. What kind of a person raises their kids to hate America? Why didn’t parents snatch their kids by the ear and drag them out of that stadium? What happened in Ames, Iowa should be a wakeup call to the nation. One minute these little anarchists-in-training are wielding trombones, and the next minute they’re wielding baseball bats and burning down city blocks.

Agreed…  Thanks to culture warrior Todd Starnes for bringing this story to our attention.  We as Americans cannot tolerate this type of crap from kids.  Ohh..  and thanks a lot to the idiots in the NFL who started this bs.  Now we have kids who think its the new cool, and trendy, thing to be a disrespectful tool when the National Anthem is played.  It’s not cool in the least.  Todd is right.  Shame on everyone who was involved with this obnoxious stunt at Ames High.

After Anthem Protests and a Trump Speech in Alabama, the NFL Is Now Viewed As One of the Most Divisive Brands in America

Guess which organization is considered more polarizing than ABC News, Chick Fil-A, the Huffington Post, and only two spots behind MSNBC? If you guessed the NFL, step forward and collect your winnings. After more than a year of rampant NFL player protests, the National Football League is now seen as one of the most divisive brand names in America, a new report finds. As reported in the New York Times, a new Morning Consult survey found that the NFL is viewed as “polarizing,” by nearly as many people as view President Donald Trump’s hotels that way. The survey found that the NFL now figures in among the top ten most polarizing brand names. The top ten most divisive list includes Trump hotels, CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, the NFL, ABC News, HuffPost, and CBS News. In large part, the sports league ended up in the number seven most divisive spot because President Trump criticized the league during a rally for a U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama on September 22. After the president’s broadside against the NFL for allowing players to continue protesting against the country during the anthem, the whole of the league erupted in mass protests. Yet, instead of coming to the league’s side, football fans in particular and Americans in general, seem to have turned against the league. Along with being seen as most divisive, TV ratings for the league have also continued a long dive into the basement. For instance, last weekend, NBC’s Sunday Night Football earned only a 10.6/18 ratings for Week 5, a 3% drop from last week’s numbers. The NFL isn’t the only sports franchise seen as divisive. The National Basketball League has also come under question, according to The New York Times. “After LeBron James tweeted his support for Stephen Curry, whose invitation to the White House was rescinded by Mr. Trump (after Mr. Curry indicated he wouldn’t attend),” the Times wrote, “the share of Trump voters who said they held very unfavorable views of Mr. James more than doubled, to 23 percent from 11 percent.

Titans WR Rishard Matthews Tweets He Will No Longer Play in the NFL, if Made to Stand for the Anthem

Liberals are quite fond of saying they’ll move to foreign countries, if Republicans get elected to the presidency. Yet, to the disappointment of all, they remain. Something like that may be starting with NFL players and anthem protests. Take for example, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews. On Thursday, Matthews was asked by a Twitter user, whether he would stay in the locker room, or take the fine or penalty for kneeling during the anthem. The Marine pictured in Matthews’ profile pic is his half-brother, Christopher Ruiz, who died in Afghanistan in 2015. Matthews response in a Tweet? “No I will be done playing football.” So here we have ourselves a bit of a Susan Sarandon moment. An instance where, an ardent leftist promises to give up something if he doesn’t get his way politically. However, this is actually more serious than a Susan Sarandon moment. Sarandon, merely threatened to leave the country if John McCain won the election in 2008. She didn’t threaten to give up her livelihood. She said she would move, not that she would quit acting. Matthews is actually threatening to walk away from football if he’s not allowed to protest. Now, will he walk away from the game if the league bans anthem protests? In all likelihood, he will not. However, what a thing for the fans to be able to hold over his head if he doesn’t? Not to mention, imagine being so repulsed by your country’s anthem that you would walk away from a contract paying you over $6.3 million, just because you couldn’t protest it? Sad!

No, it’d be funny.  Let’s see if some of these self-righteous, entitlement-minded, America-hating losers say this sorta thing, and then actually leave the NFL.

ESPN’s Wilbon Compares Jerry Jones to a Slave Owner for Requiring Players to Stand for National Anthem

Monday on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” co-host Mike Wilbon likened Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner because he said Cowboys players will either stand for the national anthem or not play. “[T]he word that comes to my mind, I don’t care who doesn’t like me using it, is ‘plantation,’” Wilbon told co-host Tony Kornheiser. “The players are here to serve me and they will do what I want no matter how much I pay them. They are not equal to me. That’s what this says to me and mine.”

That’s because you’re a self-righteous, nauseating, ignorant, black racist, liberal tool!  The NFL requires it’s players to wear certain clothing, certain labels, and on and on..   That doesn’t make the NFL or it’s owners “plantation” owners.  It’s called business.  I’m sure Mr. Wilbon is required to wear certain clothing while at work.  And, if the NFL ever decides to pull it’s collective head out of its ass, and requires the players to show a little respect and stand during the playing of our National Anthem, then it’ll be good for that business.  Oh.. and someone ought to explain to Mr. Wilbon that slaves are not paid. Obviously he wasn’t a history major.  These obnoxious players, who claim they’ve being “oppressed,” and have been disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem are paid millions.  Can I please be that “oppressed?!?”  This is yet another reminder of why I don’t watch ESPN..  Unreal..