Federal judge denies Oregon’s request to stop arrests by federal agents in Portland

A federal judge on Friday denied an order sought by Oregon’s attorney general to prohibit federal agents from making arrests during the ongoing protests in Portland amid a battle between progressive local leaders and the Trump administration over the presence of federal forces. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman said the state lacked standing to sue on behalf of protesters. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sued the Trump administration last week, alleging federal agents have arrested protesters without probable cause and used excessive force. Authorities deny the accusations. The lawsuit sought a restraining order to stop federal authorities from unlawfully detaining protesters. Agents have arrested 18 people in Portland this week, the Justice Department said Friday. They face a slew of charges, including assaulting federal officers, arson, looting and damaging federal property. The agents have been “subjected to nightly threats and assaults from demonstrators while performing their duties,” said U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams. Federal agents were sent to the city by President Trump, who has blamed local officials for not addressing the nightly gatherings while trying to project himself as a law and order president. The most recent civil unrest has occurred near the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse where fires have been set and some protesters have hurled projectiles at agents. Protesters also projected lasers on the building and tried to take down a security fence. They scattered as clouds of gas rose up and agents fired crowd control munitions, which critically injured a demonstrator this month. However, the use of tear gas and rubber bullets have set off a wave of criticism from Democratic mayors and civil liberties advocates across the country who are opposed to the deployment of federal agents to cities. “While the decision in the state’s lawsuit is disappointing, federal agents should not for a minute think their unconstitutional actions will go unanswered,” said Jann Carson, interim executive director of the ACLU of Oregon. “The ACLU will be in court again to hold federal agents accountable for their unconstitutional attacks on the right to protest.”

We applaud Judge Mosman’s excellent decision here.

Group petitions to join this state, blaming Oregon’s liberal Democrats

A group of frustrated Oregon conservatives, who have tried everything from voting out Democratic state officials they consider too liberal to recalling the state’s governor and appealing to their Washington representatives, now want to leave the state – by moving the border with neighboring Idaho westward, a published report Monday said. The group, Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho, has secured initial approval from two counties and has set a goal of getting enough signatures to put the proposal on local ballots in November, USA Today reported. Barring a setback, voters in southeastern Oregon could see a question on a redrawn state border with Idaho, the newspaper reported. Last year, a controversial bill protesting greenhouse gas emissions caused state Republicans to flee Salem, the state capital. Democrats currently control both branches of the state legislature as well as the governor’s mansion. However, Valerie Gottschalk, another petitioner, said she hopes the proposal will gain traction similar to how the petition to recall Gov. Kate Brown did last summer. Proponents were unsuccessful collecting the 280,000 signatures for a recall election, but Greater Idaho said it only needs to collect about 2,400 signatures from Josephine County and about 3,000 from Douglas County to appear on the ballot, USA Today reported. “People here would prefer Idaho’s conservative governance to the progressive/liberal current Oregon governance. Every time I look at the Facebook group Greater Idaho, the group has gotten bigger,” Gottschalk said in a news release. Of Oregon’s 36 counties, only 14 in the Willamette Valley area would remain if the group succeeds, the newspaper reported. Moving the border would require approval from the U.S. Congress as well as the Idaho and Oregon state legislatures, however. The proposal to join Idaho isn’t the first effort Oregonians have made to leave the state. In 1941, residents of residents of southwestern Oregon tried to secede by creating a state of Jefferson with northern Californians.

Oregon antifa activist sentenced to nearly six years for cracking man’s skull

An Oregon antifa activist was sentenced Friday to nearly six years in prison for using an expandable baton to crack the skull of another man at a June melee pitting right-wing activists against protesters from the left-wing anarchist group. Gage Halupowski, 24, of Oregon City received 70 months after pleading guilty to second-degree assault in connection with the June 29 attack on Adam Kelly in Portland. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said that as Mr. Kelly moved away from the crowd, “law enforcement witnessed a person, later identified as Halupowski, run up behind Mr. Kelly and strike him on the top of the head with an expandable metal baton.” “This was a powerful strike to the head,” said the Saturday press release. Mr. Kelly, who was shown on video being kicked, sprayed and struck by masked black-clad activists, said on Facebook that he suffered a concussion and needed 25 staples to close gashes on his head. At least eight people, including conservative journalist Andy Ngo, were injured as hundreds of protesters, including those affiliated with Rose City Antifa, descended on downtown Portland to counter a rally by a few dozen right-wing activists. Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Marrero said the “sound of the blow was sickening and caused people who heard it to gasp.” “The intentionality of Mr. Halupowski was extremely egregious and the injuries to Mr. Kelly could have been much worse,” she said in a statement. Defense attorney Edward Kroll said his client “did a very terrible thing and made a horrible choice,” but argued the sentence was excessive, which he attributed to Oregon’s mandatory-minimum law, Measure 11. “My take on the case is, yes, prison time was almost certainly warranted in this case,” Mr. Kroll told The Washington Times. “But I also think that sending a 24-year-old with no history away for at least 4-1/2 to five years, if not more — I think that’s too harsh in this particular circumstance.” He said Halupowski was sentenced to “70 months soft,” which means he will be eligible for earned time off for good behavior and the possibility for transitional leave. Prosecutors considered a first-degree assault charge, which would have carried a sentence of up to 90 months, although it would have been more difficult to prove, he said. “He’s a kid who made a really, really dumb decision, and he got caught up in the political back-and-forth,” Mr. Kroll said. “And that’s no excuse for what he did, certainly. This was a conscious choice that he made, and he’s paying the price for it.” No arrests have been made in the attack on Mr. Ngo, who was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage after activists struck him and hurled “milkshakes” at him as he walked away.

And that’s “milkshakes” in quotation marks because they weren’t milkshakes at all.  We understand they were really liquid concrete, which was VERY heavy and caused severe injury to Mr. Ngo.  We’re glad to see at least one of these Antifa losers get caught, charged, and found guilty for a crime.  Antifa is a brazen domestic terrorist organization, and needs to be treated as such.  Even President Trump has considered labeling the organization a domestic terrorist organization.  Gage is a punk and a loser, and frankly got off easy.  Glad he’s behind bars for several years, and we wish Mr. Kelly a speedy recovery.

Starnes: Oregon official who bullied Christian bakery owners loses election

An Oregon bureaucrat who waged political jihad against the owners of a Christian bakery was given the heave-ho by voters. Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian was defeated by Republican Dennis Richardson in his bid to be Secretary of State. It’s the first time a Republican has been elected to a statewide office in Oregon since 2002. So consider this – Avakian was too liberal for what is arguably one of the most liberal states in the country. Avakian, a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA crowd, was thrust into the national spotlight when he declared war on a Christian bakery in 2013. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple’s ceremony. The Kleins, who are devout Christians, explained that participating in a same-sex wedding would violate their deeply-held religious beliefs. Avakian launched a very public and very ugly assault on the Klein family – alleging they had discriminated about the lesbian couple. They faced boycotts and picket lines and other wedding vendors were threatened with similar action if they did business with Sweet Cakes. The family’s young children received death threats and the store’s social networking platforms were overrun by militant LGBT activists posting obscene and profane messages. The Kleins were eventually ordered to pay $135,000 in “emotional damages” to the lesbians. They were also forced to shutter their retail location – and eventually shut down their family bakery. “The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate,” Avakian told The Oregonian in 2013. Avakian was just as ruthless in his attacks on a Portland bar that turned away transgender patrons. The owner of the Twilight Room Annex did not want his establishment to be known as a “gay bar.” The bar was slapped with a $400,000 judgment and was forced to shut down. The Kleins are represented by First Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s most prominent religious liberty law firms. They are appealing the fines levied by Avakian’s office. “We will never know if Mr. Avakian’s unprecedented attack on religious liberty played a role, but we are hopeful that there is a path toward justice,” attorney Hiram Sasser told me. “Everyone’s beliefs deserve respect and tolerance even if some disagree with those beliefs.” Sasser said Americans should have the freedom to live according to their own conscience without the force of government being used to punish those who disagree with government officials like Avakian. “Perhaps this will serve as a point of reflection for government leaders that the people of Oregon and indeed most Americans believe in tolerance and respect and the dignity of each person to live their lives according to the dictates of their own consciences,” Sasser said. Voters saw Avakian for who he really was – an anti-Christian bully with no regard for the U.S. Constitution. Nobody likes a bully – especially a liberal bully.

Indeed!!  Glad the good people of Oregon threw this jerk, Brad Avakian, out on his butt.  One word..karma.

‘White Privilege’ survey in Oregon high school class sparks parents’ ire

A high school in Oregon is coming under fire from some angry parents after students in one class were assigned a “White Privilege Survey,” leading to accusations the school was trying to push a particular brand of politics. The assignment was for a Literature Composition class at Aloha High School, KATU reported Thursday. Students responded to statements including, “I can be in the company of people of my race most of the time,” “I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me” and “I am never asked to speak for all the people in my racial group,” scoring them on how often they felt the ideas were true. “I think he should be learning actual education and not be a part of some social experiment or some teacher’s political agenda,” commented Jason Schmidt, whose son is in the class. “With the amount of money we pay for schools, they should be educating, not indoctrinating our students about the latest political fad or political agenda a teacher wants to get across,” Schmidt added. School officials were quick to defend the assignment. “The survey is just one activity that engages students in exploring this area,” Maureen Wheeler, the Beaverton School District spokeswoman, told NWCN. She said the class was meant for students to explore social issues, specifically in relation to race, class and sexuality, with the aim of having students “gain empathy, understanding and to build bridges.”

Just more liberal political correctness in our schools..

Mexican National Charged in Oregon Farm Shooting Was Deported 6 Times

A Mexican national charged with aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of three people at a rural Oregon blueberry farm had been deported six times, most recently in 2013, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, 29, has no significant prior criminal convictions, but ICE asked Oregon authorities to turn him over to them if he’s released from custody in the current case, the agency said in a statement to The Associated Press on Friday. Oseguera-Gonzalez pleaded not guilty to three counts of aggravated murder and one count of attempted murder Tuesday in Marion County Superior Court. His attorney, Deborah Burdzik, did not immediately return a call seeking comment about his immigration status. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted about the case Friday, saying the suspect “should have never been here.” Two men who lived at the blueberry farm in the Willamette Valley town of Woodburn, in northwest Oregon, died at the scene of Monday’s shooting. The third victim, the girlfriend of another resident who was not home at the time, was pronounced dead at a hospital. A third man was seriously wounded but survived and is able to speak with investigators. The Oregon State Police arrested Oseguera-Gonzalez a few hours later on Interstate 84 in the Columbia River Gorge, about 100 miles northeast of Woodburn. He acknowledged to authorities in an interview that he shot four people, according to a probable cause statement.

If, in fact, Bonifacio committed these murders in Oregon, then hopefully he will be convicted.  But, Trump is exactly right..  He should never have “been here” in the first place.  IF we had a secure border with Mexico, AND immigration policies that actually protected we-the-actual U.S. citizens from maggots like this from re-entering, after multiple deportations, things like this wouldn’t be happening as often as they are..  As we’ve been saying from day one here at The Daily Buzz..  We need to BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border with Mexico..where they should remain until that wall is finally built above and below ground (to prevent tunneling)…however long that takes.  Simultaneously, we need to be deporting the illegals already here by the hundreds of thousands (and yes, you read that correctly)…paying particular attention to known gang members, convicted criminal aliens, and those already determined by an immigration judge to be deported…regardless of age or gender.  And, before they are deported, we should be getting biometric data (i.e. fingerprints, etc.) from deportees so we can track if they attempt to return.  This is but the bare minimum we should be doing.  Of course things like Bill O.’s so-called “Kate’s Law,” and other legislative efforts at the federal and state levels can be helpful..  But, securing our southern border, and deporting illegals already here should be our federal government’s #1 domestic national security priority.  To do anything less is foolish.

Oregon judge allows person to change gender from female to ‘non-binary’

An Oregon judge ruled Friday that a transgender individual can legally change their sex to “non-binary” rather than male or female in what is believed to be an unprecedented ruling. The Oregonian reported that Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Amy Holmes Hehn legally changed Jamie Shupe’s, 52, sex from female to non-binary. The co-executive director for Basic Rights Oregon Nancy Haque said the ruling was a “momentous day for genderqueer Oregonians.” “It’s really exciting for the courts to actually recognize what we know to be true: gender is a spectrum,” Haque told the paper. “Some people don’t identify as male or female.” Shupe is an Army veteran who retired in 2000 a sergeant first class. She began transitioning in 2013 while living in Pittsburg and knew that neither the male or female gender label fit. Shupe chose the name “Jamie” because it was a gender-neutral name and would rather be called “Jamie” rather than a pronoun. “I was assigned male at birth due to biology,” Shupe said. “I’m stuck with that for life. My gender identity is definitely feminine. My gender identity has never been male, but I feel like I have to own up to my male biology. Being non-binary allows me to do that. I’m a mixture of both. I consider myself as a third sex.” In April, Shupe and lawyer Lake Perriguey filed a petition to legally change Shupe’s sex to non-binary. According to the Oregonian, state law allows a court to change a person’s legal sex if a judge decides the person has undergone the surgical or hormonal treatment related to their gender transition. Though the law doesn’t require a doctor’s note, Shupe brought letters from the Oregon Health & Science University, as well as the Veterans Hospital. “The sexual reassignment has been completed,” Hehn wrote in the ruling. “No person has shown cause why the requested General Judgment should not be granted.” Attorneys at the Sylvia River Law Project in New York told The Daily Dot that some cities have IDs that allow residents to decline to declare a gender. However, Haque said more work has to be done. Basic Rights Oregon is working with officials across the state to offer people gender designations beyond male or female. Oregon residents still cannot list “non-binary” on a driver’s license or state ID. “It’s a huge barrier to being able to live your life, to having a driver license, to employment, to having records about your life, transcripts, all of those things,” Haque said. “In all the ways our lives are gendered in ways they frankly don’t have to be, it can be a barrier for people whose identities aren’t easily put in a box.” However, Shupe said her win felt “liberating.” “I’m not under pressure anymore to conform to either thing,” Shupe said.

You really can’t make this stuff up, folks..

House panel calls for criminal probe into failed Oregon health care exchange

Ex-Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and his staff mismanaged the creation of the state’s doomed health insurance website, including by making decisions based on his re-election campaign, according to a congressional report released Wednesday which seeks a criminal probe. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report calls for the Department of Justice and state attorney general to conduct criminal investigations into the events surrounding the creation and eventual failure of Cover Oregon, which ultimately led to the waste of $305 million in federal money. “More than $305 million in federal taxpayer dollars were sent to Oregon state for purposes of implementing a state exchange to benefit the people,” the Republican-led committee said in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “The state exchange never came to fruition, and the money is gone.” The report also found there has been no effort from the Department for Health and Human Services to retrieve the lost funds. The report said that state officials improperly commingled official and political resources to enrich Kitzhaber’s re-election bid. Democrats on the committee released their own report, which laid the blame at the feet of Oracle Corporation, the state’s contractor, saying it misled officials and failed to deliver a functioning website. The Democrats’ report also found that Oracle’s work was so flawed the state should stop payments to them. Oregon had the country’s worst rollout of the national health insurance program. While the crippled federal website eventually worked, Oregon failed to enroll a single person online. The state-supported platform eventually was abandoned for the federal HealthCare.gov. Cover Oregon was dissolved in March 2015. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ “failed oversight of the development and implementation of Cover Oregon resulted in millions of wasted taxpayer dollars,” the committee’s report said, calling for the reform of its grant and oversight process. The report also found that state officials and Kitzhaber’s campaign staff collaborated to such an extent that the “lines between official and political activities became blurry.” Kitzhaber resigned in February 2015 amid allegations his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, did private consulting work for organizations seeking to influence state policies. The report found that at least one email discussing Cover Oregon included Hayes, “who did not have any Cover Oregon role or responsibilities.”

Portland public schools ban textbooks that cast doubt on climate change

The Portland Public Schools board voted last week to ban any materials that cast doubt on climate change, the Portland Tribune reported. According to the resolution passed May 17, the school district must remove any textbooks and other materials that suggest climate change is not occurring or that says human beings are not responsible for it. “A lot of the text materials are kind of thick with the language of doubt, and obviously the science says otherwise,” said Bill Bigelow, a former Portland public school teacher who worked to present the resolution. Bigelow says textbook publishers are yielding to pressure from fossil fuels companies. “We don’t want kids in Portland learning material courtesy of the fossil fuel industry.” One commenter to the Portland Tribune story responded to the news, saying, “I have never seen a case for homeschooling more clearly put forward. This is further proof that public schools are not interested in education, only political indoctrination.” A petition, meanwhile, circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) currently lists nearly 32,000 signers, including 9,000 Ph.D.s, who say, “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”

Wow..  If you’re a parent in Portland, OR, NOW might be a really good time to consider charter, private, or home schooling for your kids.  The Portland Public School system is not interested in teaching kids facts, or how to think.  It seeks only to indoctrinate their “young skulls full of mush” with a bunch of political correctness so that they can be good little liberals calling for “regulating” oil companies, and how awful mankind is…and so on.  Prior to WWII the Nazis burned books that they didn’t want the Germans to read.  Seems like these fascist educators are following that fine example..  Unreal..  We recommend a textbook that PPS probably won’t carry; “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science.”  While it won’t be in the PPS book stores, you can find it at your local Barnes & Noble, or at Amazon.com in paperback.

Explicit sex ed book causes controversy at Oregon elementary school

A sex education book full of illustrations depicting sexual acts has ignited a controversy after it was left at an Oregon elementary school library, according to a report late Thursday. The principal at Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier admitted in a letter to parents Thursday that the book was inappropriately shown to fourth-graders in the library recently, Fox 12 Oregon reported. Angry parents were told the book had been pulled from shelves. The book in question, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” explains bodies, sex and sexual health, the station reported. The illustrations in the book include pages of naked teens and adults, some depicting sex acts and even masturbation, the station reported. Rainier School District officials defended “It’s Perfectly Normal,” according to Fox 12. The officials said the book has been approved for students 10 and up and is on the state-approved list of books allowed at the school. The school district told the station a sixth grade class accidentally left the books out where a fourth grade class found and read them. School officials said it was an honest mistake. But parents of some of those 4th graders who spoke to Fox 12 accused the school librarian of showing them to their children, even encouraging them to take the book home. The parents said some 4th graders who saw the book are only 9. The letter to parents from the principal included an apology, the station reported. “Inappropriate human development and sexuality books were disseminated to students who had library,” the letter also said, according to the station. “Procedures have been put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” District officials also told the station the librarian had been “disciplined.”

Define that, exactly…  These parents had every right to be pissed off.  I would be too, if I were in their shoes.