Seal Accuses Oprah Winfrey of Enabling Harvey Weinstein: You Are ‘Part of the Problem’

Grammy-winning singer Seal blasted Oprah Winfrey in a searing post to his Instagram account Thursday, accusing the billionaire media mogul and potential 2020 presidential candidate of being “part of the problem” in Hollywood’s culture of sexual harassment and abuse. The 54-year-old “Kiss from a Rose” singer called out Winfrey for her relationship with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of harassing and abusing dozens of women over a decades-long career in Hollywood. Winfrey made two films with Weinstein’s involvement, including 2013’s Lee Daniels’s The Butler and 2007’s The Great Debaters, and can be seen in online photos embracing the fallen mogul. “Oh I forgot, that’s right… you’d heard the rumors but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into,” Seal wrote on his Instagram account. “My bad.” The singer included a meme of Winfrey and Weinstein that accused her of being “part of the problem for decades,” and captioned the post with the hashtag, “#SanctimoniousHollywood.” Winfrey fueled speculation that she would make a run for the presidency in 2020 after delivering a fiery acceptance speech Sunday at the Golden Globes, during which she spoke about the #MeToo movement to end sexual abuse and said a “new day is on the horizon.”

How great is this?!?  Kudos to Seal for calling out Oprah on her brazen hypocrisy.  Excellent!!

Race-Hoax Backlash: ‘Selma’ Earns Only Two Oscar Noms

Oprah Winfrey’s “Selma” took a pretty harsh beating Thursday morning as nominations were announced for the 87th annual Oscar nominations. The civil rights drama was blanked in every major category, including Best Actor, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Score.

Oprah for years has been part of the liberal, Democrat, black race-hustling industry, but on a more low-key, subtle, level because she’s smart enough to know that she’s made her millions off the backs of predominantly white women who buy her crap (literally).  Oprah has pushed many false narratives like the one in “Selma” about LBJ.  Anyway, John Nolte over at Breitbart calls her on the carpet here.  He also reminds us of how she destroyed a poor Swiss young female shopkeeper in Switzerland who was just trying to help Oprah find an expensive purse in her store, but there was a bit of a language barrier.  So, Oprah, being the elitist liberal that she is, falsely accused the poor girl of racism.  Kudos to John for calling Oprah on the carpet.  Excellent!