NAACP Vows to Oppose Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation

The head of the NCAAP has come out in stark opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s coming investigation into voter fraud, claiming it is “racist.” In an interview on CNN, Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, insisted that his organization would “resist” the president’s investigation into fraud during the 2016 election. “The President has claimed millions of fraudulent ballots were cast. The only place you will find millions of fraudulent ballots are right beside that fake birth certificate for Barack Obama, inside the imagination of President Trump. They don’t exist,” Brooks said on Thursday. Instead of vote fraud, Brooks insisted that there was “unrelenting voter suppression” of the minority vote in 2016. “We have seen our rights denied as Americans. Particularly seniors, African-Americans, Latinos and younger people,” Brooks exclaimed. “So, if the President insists upon conducting an investigation into voter fraud as a pretext for voter suppression, the NAACP, along with millions of Americans of every human heritage, will resist. We will push back.” Brooks recently jumped to his Twitter account to attack the President’s investigation, calling it a figment of Trump’s imagination. In a formal statement, Brooks called vote fraud a “myth” and insisted that voter suppression is a fact.

No, Cornell, you black racist tool..  It’s a self-serving, liberal, agenda-driven talking point of yours, intended to drum up support for your racist organization..  Turns out, President Trump was right in that there WAS a LOT of voter fraud in the 2016 election.  Just scroll down 3 articles (below) and you’ll see that research has determined that at least 800,000 illegals voted for Hillary!  That’s not chump change, folks.  Based on those findings, Trump absolutely SHOULD direct a federal investigation into voter fraud and corruption nation-wide.  We ALL deserve to know how far-reaching, and impacting, this voter fraud and corruption was…and we want to feel comfortable knowing that our votes count, and that dead people and illegal aliens aren’t voting in our elections.  But, for Cornell, who doesn’t really care about the truth or the integrity of our elections, it’s just another opportunity to put out more self-serving, agenda-driven, liberal lies..and continue to play the failed race card.  Historically, its a card that has unfortunately been effective in suppressing the truth, as too many white Republicans are too afraid of being labeled a “racist.”  Thank God Donald Trump doesn’t care, or fall, for those disingenuous tactics.

NAACP accused of anti-GOP bias at Sessions confirmation hearing

At a Senate hearing Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham confronted the president of the NAACP with accusations that the civil rights group has an anti-Republican bias. NAACP President Cornell Brooks was testifying in opposition to President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general when Mr. Graham challenged his and the organization’s political motives. Earlier, Mr. Brooks said that Mr. Sessions’ record “evinces a clear disregard, disrespect, and even disdain for the civil and human rights of racial and ethnic minorities, women, the disabled, and others who suffer from discrimination in this country.” “Based on his record and his statements, the NAACP strongly believes that confirmation of Senator Sessions as attorney general would be bad for America and could exacerbate already deepening racial divisions in this country,” he told the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican, later asked what was Mr. Sessions’ score on the NAACP legislative score card. “The senator has received a low grade, a failing grade, for years on end,” Mr. Brooks said. Mr. Graham notes that every Republican on the committee received a failing grade in the teens or 20s, while nearly every Democrat on the committee received a score of 100 percent. Sen. Christopher Coons of Delaware was the only Democrat on the committee that didn’t get a 100 percent form the NAACP. He got a 96 percent. “The report card is based on legislative record, not party,” Mr. Brooks said. Mr. Graham said the huge disparity in NAACP scores between Republicans and Democrats was “really odd.” “I think it speaks for itself,” said Mr. Graham. “I hope that doesn’t make us all racist and all of them perfect on the issue.” He asked Mr. Brooks to name one person on the Republican side who would make a good attorney general. Mr. Brooks did not respond. Mr. Sessions has been labeled a racist, sexist and homophobe by Democrats and liberal groups attempting attempting to derail his nomination.

And they’re failing miserably.  Cornell Brooks, and the rest of the black racists at the NAACP, were made to look like the bigoted and biased fools that they are.  Here at The Daily Buzz we oftentimes are at odds with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).  But, he was spot on today.  So, we give credit where credit is due.  He called Mr. Brooks, and the NAACP out…and rightly so.  Outstanding!!   🙂

NAACP Leader Speaking Against Cops In Charlotte Financed By George Soros

As riots continue to plague Charlotte, North Carolina after a police shooting there, Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, has taken center stage in helping to shape the public narrative by commenting on the issue in the news media. Not only is the NAACP heavily financed by Soros to the tune of millions of dollars, Barber himself was singled out in a hacked document from the billionaire’s Open Society Institute as part of the rationale for offering a local grant to the NAACP’s North Carolina branch, Breitbart News has found. The memo states that the NAACP’s North Carolina chapter “advances several key OSI (Open Society Institute) priorities,” and describes Barber himself as a “dynamic leader, catalytic speaker, and builder of powerful and diverse alliances.” On Thursday, Barber participated in a news conference where he demanded, “We all stand together declaring there must be transparency and the videos must be released.” “At this point, there is speculation because the videos have not been released. Be clear: There is unrest in Charlotte and across America because of what we do know,” he continued, with his quotes being utilized in news media articles about the riots. On Thursday, Barber also took to MSNBC to accuse Donald Trump of flaming racial tensions and also to describe some cops as trigger-happy.

What a self-righteous, grandstanding, racist opportunist..  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

NAACP leader uses F-word to apologize for using T-word after N-word meeting

The NAACP’s mission of political correctness and equality careened off the rails this week when a local president complimented a TV reporters breasts during an interview. Don Harris, the president of the Maricopa County Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, had just finished an event at Tempe Union High School District to discuss an incident at the school in which several girls wore black t-shirts bearing the letters “N-I-*-*-E-R” on them. The outrage was instantaneous. “The six students in question pulled ranks to spell out NI**ER on their own, smiling gleefully to pose for an Instagram picture. Their punishment was 5-days suspension,” a petition demanding their expulsion reads, EAGnews reports. “This hurtful use of a racial slur is a complete disregard for the dignity of the black community in Arizona and across the nation and the punishment does not fit the total ignorance and cruelty of the crime.” Harris was on hand to accept apologizes and demand action. But after the meeting, while participants were speaking with the media, he was caught on camera saying Channel 12 reporter Monique Griego had “nice tits.” “I can’t believe that someone in his position would not understand how inappropriate that comment was at the time that he made it,” says Ray Stern, a reporter for the Phoenix New Times, who was talking to Griego at the time. “Here’s the leader of the NAACP talking about the N-word and then making this comment, that was more inappropriate than I could even believe,” he tells ABC 15. The news station reports Harris doesn’t believe Griego heard him at the time and says he feels like he let down the NAACP. He calls his comment “ugly” and says it just slipped out “guy to guy.” After the reaction, Harris now says he feels “down in the dumps.” The New Times contacted Harris after that incident and reports the NAACP leader said, “I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing . . . I’m really f*cking sorry.” He argued that the meeting was over when he complimented the reporter’s rack and then really blew a gasket (edited for a family audience): “I’m going to slash my wrists,” he spews. “Better yet, I’m going to throw myself out of a f*cking window, except I’m on the first floor . . . I’m one of the best g*dd*mned people in the state.” People criticized him when he first took over the NAACP chief post from the Reverend Oscar Tillman, who retired in 2014 after 22 years in the position, he says, because “I was the wrong flavor. “They’ve seen me now, they’ve seen what I’ve done. I’ve given up my law practice. I’m down here six, seven days a week. That’s what my commitment is. I support NOW, the women’s organization — g*dd*mn! — are you sh*tting me? Are you going to write this up?” Griego didn’t comment on the situation but Harris insists he wants to apologize face-to-face. (Of course he does.) Last June, when white NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal was exposed for pretending to be black, Harris appeared on CNN and claimed “credibility” is one of the most important assets the organization has. “This is a race-based organization — the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And being a race-based organization, when you have a leader in any capacity, you’ve got to have credibility. “Once you lose that credibility, the efficacy of your leadership fails,” Harris said. There are now calls for Harris’s resignation and at least one minister seeking his ouster blames not Harris’s sexism, but his “white privilege.” “Don can be a bit of a character, but I think he’s also a well-to-do, older, white male and he exhibited some of the signs of what we’ve called ‘white privilege,’ Rev. Jarrett Maupin says, according to KTAR. “He should know better than anyone, as the NAACP, to do what he did.”

Wow..  This is SO rich.  So, where to even begin?  For starters, this disgusting piece of garbage, Don Harris, is white.  How crazy is that?!?  Not that any of us cares..  But, how exactly is it that a white guy is the head of any NAACP chapter/organization?  So, for him to show up with his self-righteous, sanctimonious, entitlement-mined attitude looking to accept apologies for this epic transgression is just so breathtakingly hypocritical, it’s unreal.  Then, he says that he is one of the “best goddamned people in the state” (of Arizona).  Wow!  He certainly thinks a lot about himself…and is using that inflated view of himself to justify is crass behavior.  What a loser!  As for the girls who took that photo..  Yeah, it was dumb.  According to reports, they were part of a sign that said, “BEST*YOU’VE*EVER*SEEN*CLASS*OF*2016”..  and then a few of them peeled away after that and put their shirts together privately and put their shirts together to essentially spell the word “nigger.”  But, the two GGs were just asterisks (**).  Anyway, it wasn’t a school-related thing; just a dumb teen thing.  So, the suspension was more than enough.  And, for these pc police feigning being all offended need to get over it and move on.  Besides, black youth call each other that word all day long, and those same pc police and speech nazis don’t say a thing…while they, along with those same black youth call whites who use the word “racist” and offensive.  So, again, more hypocrisy and double standards from the race hustlers.

Rachel Dolezal insists she’s black: ‘It’s not a costume’

Rachel Dolezal, the daughter of white parents who passed herself off as black for years as she led the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington, chapter, insists that she fully identifies as a black woman. “It’s not a costume,” she told Vanity Fair in an interview published Sunday night. “I don’t know spiritually and metaphysically how this goes, but I do know that from my earliest memories I have awareness and connection with the black experience, and that’s never left me. It’s not something that I can put on and take off anymore. Like I said, I’ve had my years of confusion and wondering who I really [was] and why and how do I live my life and make sense of it all, but I’m not confused about that any longer. I think the world might be — but I’m not.” Ms. Dolezal, 37, stepped down as chapter president amid national headlines in June after she was accused of lying about her race by her own parents. “I just feel like I didn’t mislead anybody; I didn’t deceive anybody,” Ms. Dolezal says now. “If people feel misled or deceived, then sorry that they feel that way, but I believe that’s more due to their definition and construct of race in their own minds than it is to my integrity or honesty, because I wouldn’t say I’m African-American, but I would say I’m black, and there’s a difference in those terms.” “I would like to write a book just so that I can send [it to] everybody there as opposed to having to continue explaining,” she said. “After that comes out, then I’ll feel a little bit more free to reveal my life in the racial social-justice movement. I’m looking for the quickest way back to that, but I don’t feel like I am probably going to be able to re-enter that work with the type of leadership required to make change if I don’t have something like a published explanation.”

What a total nutcase! Well, at least she’s been exposed for the fraud that she is. So, she can go around and call herself whatever the heck she wants. But, at least people will know she’s a white female with some weird racial identity crisis.

President of Local NAACP Chapter in Washington state… White!

On Friday, after a long news week, the story of Rachel Dolezal hit the press, proving once again that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Just last week the President of the United States congratulated Bruce Jenner on his courageous decision to pretend to be a woman, and the entire left bursting into spasms of ecstasy over a collectively insane decision to ratify the notion that men can magically become women. Today, the entire left is struggling to explain how a white woman who identifies herself as black is not, in fact, black. Here’s the basic story: Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. For years, she has passed herself off as black. Now her parents have told the press that she is their “birth daughter and we’re both of European descent… we’re puzzled and it’s very sad.” Her ethnic heritage: German, Swedish, Czech. She is less black than Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 12% is Native American. Rachel stopped corresponding with her parents because she was afraid, according to them, that they would expose her ruse. Now, some additional facts on the greatest story in human history: She Has Admitted Her Parents Are White. When asked by The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington whether she was white, she answered, “That question is not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of complexities… and I don’t know that everyone would understand that.” She concluded, “We’re all from the African content.” Except, of course, for Barack Obama, who was born in Hawaii. She Says She Lived in a Teepee, and Her Family Used Bows and Arrows to Hunt. In an interview with The Easterner, the newspaper for Eastern Washington University, conducted by Shawntelle Moncy (who described Dolezal as a woman with unexpected green eyes, a caramel skin complexion and a warm smile, as well as a woman of “many faces”), she said that she was born in a “Montana teepee.” She said that her family “hunted their food with bows and arrows.” She said she and her parents lived in Colorado and South Africa after moving from Montana. Her parents say all of that is false. She Is An Adjunct Professor of African-American Studies at Eastern Washington University. President of the university Mary Cullinan described her in March as “an inspiring role model for EWU students.” She teaches African-American studies, as well as classes including “African and African American Art History, African History, African American Culture, The Black Women’s Struggle, and Intro to Africana Studies at EWU.” Yes, “The Black Women’s Struggle.” Her profile says her “scholarly research focuses on the intersection of race, gender and class in the contemporary Diaspora with a specific emphasis on Black women in visual culture.” She has other interests, too, including “African dance” and “ethnic hair styling.” Yes, seriously.

You really can’t make this stuff up, folks.  This takes the whole “white guilt” thing to a whole new level.  Rachel is so ashamed of her own heritage, for some reason, that she has created a whole new completely fictitious heritage….and the liberal media is cheering her on.  Like I said..  You can’t make this stuff up..

Senator-elect Tim Scott on ‘F’ Grade from NAACP: ‘It’s Because I Believe That Progress Has to be Made’

The first African-American senator to be elected from the South since reconstruction made dual history Tuesday as Tim Scott (R-S.C.) won the seat to which he was appointed after Jim DeMint’s retirement.

The liberal, Democrat, racist NAACP doesn’t think Senator-elect Tim Scott (R-SC) is “black enough” because he is a conservative Republican who doesn’t share the same liberal values as they do.  Never mind the historic nature of Scott’s election.  Again, the NAACP has given him an “F” rating because he doesn’t hold the same liberal, Democrat positions that they do.  They also gave former Sec of State Condoleezza (“Condi”) Rice (R) a similar grade, and I suspect they’re already working on a failing grade for Congresswoman-elect Mia Love (R-UT).  Unreal…

Democrats use race-baiting fliers to spur black vote

The spate of campaign fliers that use images of lynchings, Jim Crow laws and the recent racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to urge blacks to vote in next week’s election somehow failed to grab the attention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

What?  The Dems playing the race card?  Imagine that!  And the NAACP saying they have no knowledge of it?  Gee..  That’s SO believable..  NOT!  For once, it’d be nice if they’d just fess up and be honest about it all.  Of COURSE the Dems are playing the race card, and especially in states like Maryland where nobody expected it to be so close in that VERY blue, Dem state.  And the NAACP saying they had no knowledge is utter bs.  C’mon..

New Black Panthers to Sharpton, NAACP: Don’t Bring Your Ass to St Louis Telling Us Not to Fight

New Black Panthers to Sharpton, NAACP: Don’t Bring Your Ass to St Louis Telling Us Not to Fight

As we’ve been saying here from day one of this tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri…The New Black Panthers are just trying to take advantage of the situation there to further their violent, black racist, militant, socialist agenda.  Those vermin are so bad, they’re telling Al Sharpton and the NAACP to shut up! 


Confederate flag at center of battle between group, NAACP

Confederate flag at center of battle between group, NAACP

Excellent decision!!  Last I checked we have free speech in this country.  Flying the Confederate flag is absolutely a  free speech issue…and the courts have upheld it as so.  Plus this was done on private property.  Whats next?  Are the NAACP Nazis gonna go into peoples’ homes and tell them they can’t have Confederate “stars and bars” in the garage or basement because what?  It offends them?  You don’t have a right to NOT be offended.  And, this Aston brain trust said the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a LONG time.  He said that the flag “reminds people of the days of slavery.”  Is that right?  So there are people that drive along I-95 in Virginia that were actually around during the Civil War and before?  Really?  Wow!  They’d have to be over 145 years old!!!  lol   Where do these morons come from?!?  NOBODY is alive today that was a slave or owned a slave, nor is anyone alive today that was the son/daughter of a slave owner or slave.  And that’s the whole crux of this issue..  They want to keep that issue alive so that they, and the rest of the race hustlers (i.e. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.), have relevance.  THEY are the ones keeping racism alive for their own self-serving reasons.  People on BOTH sides died in the Civil War.  Plus the Civil War had NOTHING to do with slavery least the first couple of years, anyway.  It was absolutely about states rights…and that’s how it started.  Anyway, glad the county in VA came to this decision.