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Jeffress: Trump is right to hit back against Pelosi, Romney on ‘phony’ faith remarks

President Trump was right when he ripped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney for their comments on faith surrounding the impeachment trial at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning, First Baptist Church pastor Robert Jeffress told Fox News. “[Trump] absolutely hates phoniness…and the president thinks there’s something inherently phony about saying that you’re praying for him while you’re working 24/7 to destroy him,” the author of “Courageous: 10 Strategies for Thriving in a Hostile World,” told “Fox & Friends” Friday. “And, by the way, the Bible supports his skepticism,” the Dallas pastor added, quoting James: “We shouldn’t be blessing and cursing at the same time.” At Thursday’s prayer breakfast after being acquitted by the Senate, Trump, referring to Romney and Pelosi, said, “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong, nor do I like people who say, ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so.” Pelosi, who was four seats away when Trump made the comment, responded during her weekly press conference. “He’s talking about things he knows little about — faith and prayer,” Pelosi said. After someone told Trump that Jesus commands us to “love our enemies,” he asked Jeffress what the pastor thought about it. “I said, ‘Mr. President, to love your enemies means to want God’s best for them, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be unified with them. Truth divides people.” “As long as this president speaks truth — especially about the sanctity of life, religious liberty — the Left is going to continue to hate him,” he said. “They’re going to continue to try to destroy him, and they’re not going to be holding hands with him singing kumbaya.” On Romney, who became the first senator in U.S. history to vote in favor of removing a president from his own party from office, Jeffress said, “I can understand why the president would think the decision was based more on self-promotion and bitterness than it was prayer.” “Mitt Romney has had vitriol against this president for years,” he explained. “It’s obvious he’s bitter that the American people rejected him two times for president and President Trump was able to do something he wasn’t.” Trump’s evangelical support, a key part of his conservative base, is steady with a 71 percent approval rating, according to the latest Fox News poll. “This impeachment process has really mobilized his evangelical base,” the pastor said, predicting a “landslide” in November. “I believe that evangelical turnout will be greater than even the historic turnout in 2016.”

Kudos to President Trump for calling out Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for their nauseating, self-serving, self-righteous, and brazen hypocrisy….and hiding behind religion for their own self-serving reasons.  And, extra kudos to Pastor Jeffress for having the courage to support Trump in that regard.  It’s about time we had people of faith calling it as they see it.  Excellent!        🙂

Ann Coulter counts Mitt Romney among ‘feckless old ladies’ in GOP who may vote to convict Trump

Conservative writer Ann Coulter took a shot Saturday night at three Senate Republicans who reportedly were the only remaining members of the GOP who hadn’t signed a Senate colleague’s resolution condemning the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump. A story in The Hill on Friday had identified the trio as Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah — lawmakers who’ve each opposed Trump from time to time from within the GOP tent. Coulter offered her reaction to the story in a Twitter message. “BREAKING: The Hill newspaper names 3 GOP senators as possible votes to convict Trump,” Coulter wrote. “Turns out they’re all legendarily feckless old ladies: Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, & Mitt Romney.” Within a few hours the tweet had gained more than 16,000 likes and 4,000 retweets. “The RINO’s want Trump impeached? I’m shocked!!,” one Twitter user commented. “Disappointed; but not surprised about Romney,” another wrote. “I have faith in Susan Collins after standing up for Brett Kavanaugh,” another commenter wrote. “I have no faith in Lisa Murkowski or Mitt Romney for this [if nothing] else [requires] integrity.” The resolution defending President Trump was introduced Thursday by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and had been signed by every Senate Republican except the trio, Graham told The Hill on Friday. Graham’s resolution calls on House Democrats to allow Trump to “confront his accusers” and to allow Republicans to issue subpoenas to witnesses of their choosing, according to The Hill. Neither Murkowski, nor Collins, nor Romney has endorsed the impeachment inquiry or the removal of Trump from the presidency, the story noted, adding that all three have simply refrained from taking a position on the matter so far.

We expect this sorta stuff from Lisa and Susan.  They may as well be Dems.  But, Mitt..he’s from Utah; a decidedly Republican/conservative state.  He ran to fill the retiring Sen. Orin Hatch’s seat.  And Orin was a big supporter of President Trump.  For Mitt, its pure jealousy.  Mitt has an ego complex and can’t believe after he lost his presidential run (against Obama), and that some buffoon playboy from New York City could win.  Mitt is an arrogant, elitist, self-righteous, jealous tool for the liberal left.  Utah needs to primary against him next opportunity.  Kudos to Ann for calling this “feckless old ladies” out.  Excellent!    🙂

Tancredo: Mitt Romney’s Gift to Hillary Must be Condemned

This week the snake demanded the skunk leave the party. It made big news for a moment in snaketown, but the party rolled on. Mitt Romney told Republicans — no, he decreed from his throne– that Donald Trump is “a fraud, a phony,” and therefore unworthy of the Republican nomination. Romney’s arrogance in trying to stop a horserace at the half-mile pole was exceeded only by his nastiness, as if he were a prosecutor reading an indictment. Romney could have endorsed a candidate and pledged his help to that candidate. That would be honorable and even admirable from a civic point of view. But instead, he chose to throw a stink bomb, like a selfish, angry teenager who wasn’t invited to a birthday party. To anyone paying attention to American politics over the past 20 years, Romney’s pretense of high-minded independence is laughable. His bad record and bad judgment give him no credentials as a referee among warring factions. Romney’s motives are open to question. It was revealed this week that a “Romney for President 2016” account was opened in January at a Washington, DC bank by Red Curve Solutions, a campaign management company. The idea being floated by some pundits and “elder statesmen” is that Romney can be “drafted” at the Cleveland convention in July after the 2,000-plus elected delegates reject Donald Trump. That is one of the colorful fantasies popular in Washington these days. The truth is that Romney has a dubious history of interfering in Republican primaries to manipulate the outcome—and more often than not, picking the wrong horse, and by that I mean the losing horse. Romney did that in a Republican primary in Colorado in 2014, when, with the help of Gov. Chris Christie at the Republican Governors Association, another elitist enclave, he secretly funneled money to a front to finance an 11th hour Colorado radio hit piece against the leading candidate in the GOP gubernatorial primary— which happened to be Tom Tancredo. Romney’s out-of-state “dark money” helped push the number 2 candidate — who had been the losing GOP candidate in 2006 — into the victory circle. Predictably, Romney’s chosen “sure winner” then lost the general election in November. Sound familiar? Yep, Romney knows how to pick winners — and losers. But let’s return to 2016 and Romney’s newest venture into king-making by way of political assassination. For the record, it is well known that I have my own reservations about Donald Trump and am supporting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the most qualified and most electable candidate. Yet, I can neither endorse Romney’s elitist intervention nor condone it by my silence. Romney’s unprecedented, venomous attack on the leading candidate cries out for condemnation as totally unacceptable, traitorous behavior. My reason for speaking out is that more is at stake than Trump versus Cruz. Our nation is at historic crossroads, and a third term for Obama is a path that leads to utter destruction of the Constitution. In 2016, the stakes are enormous, so yes, political rhetoric has gone off the rails. But even in perilous times, the people should have the final say, not unaccountable elites like the gang behind Mitt Romney. As one of the characters in the movie “The Big Lebowski” said, “This is not ‘Nam, there are rules.” One of the cardinal rules is, thou shalt not insult millions of Republican voters by implicitly endorsing Hillary Clinton as preferable to the Republican candidate who has followed the rules and won ten of the fifteen primaries. This is Romney’s real message, and everyone who echoes him understands it: Better to lose the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton than put Trump in the White House. That is what Romney is doing; he knows it, and so do the minions who follow his advice. He is willing to help elect Hillary Clinton if that is the price for “stopping Trump.” It is familiar territory for Romney and party elites: his father, Michigan Governor George Romney, did it to Goldwater in 1964 with help from Nelson Rockefeller. Patriots have a message for all of the Mitt Romneys of the Republican Party: Sit down, shut up, and get out of the way. The Cleveland Republican National Convention belongs to “We, the People,” the elected delegates, not to you.

Amen, Tom!  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, is the author of that op/ed.  I was a big Mitt supporter in 2012, and voted for him.  Unfortunately, he blew it…or as Trump might he say, he “choked.”  Indeed..   Mitt’s out-of-nowhere bizarre attack on the Donald was hypocritical, selfish, off-putting, and frankly insulting.  So, shame on him and his self-righteous attitude which only helps Hillary.

Opinion: GOP Establishment Chooses Mount Romney as Hill to Die on

After President Jeb, President Walker, President Christie, President Kasich, President Ryan, and President Rubio, the Republican establishment is now turning once again to the Adlai Stevenson of the GOP – Willard Mitt Romney. Perhaps nothing is more symptomatic of the GOP establishment’s death drive than their continued embrace of the presidential aspirations of a man who shrank the party in 2012. But then, these are the same Republican elites who are determined to grant amnesty to 40 million future Democrats. So, obviously party expansion and broad national victories are not their priorities. How else do you explain their bizarre desire to board the S.S. Mittanic one more time? A full recounting of the unmitigated disaster that was the Romney campaign is beyond the scope of this op-ed. But let’s cut to the chase. Mitt Romney lost because he was unpalatable to working class Americans. Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics explained in detail how Romney lost the election in large part because he couldn’t win over white working class voters. That wasn’t an accident. It was by design. An August 2012 op-ed by Matthew Continetti in the Washington Free Beacon outlined the Obama campaign’s “voter suppression” strategy “to disillusion white voters without degrees in the Rust Belt and Mountain West.” Obama calculated that these working class voters would make Romney president if they voted Republican by the same 30-point margin as they did in 2010, but if they were demoralized and alienated by the GOP candidate, they would hand the election to Obama by simply sitting it out. And that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t very difficult to turn working class voters against the “King of Bain,” the man who perfected the art of the leveraged buyout which cannibalized industrial towns across America. Of course, Romney did his best to pretend he was actually a venture capitalist. Among his much-touted job-creation successes was Sports Authority, which just filed for bankruptcy yesterday. But the real business of Bain was private equity. They made a killing for their shareholders by buying out American companies, loading them with debt, bankrupting them, shuttering their factories, and shipping those jobs overseas. Unfortunately for the GOP establishment, the American electorate isn’t comprised of libertarian think tank pencil necks who worship at the Church of Ayn Rand. If the demonization of Bain Capital wasn’t enough to finish Romney off in the eyes of working class voters, his “47 percent” comment did the trick. When you trash half of the electorate – a group that includes senior citizens living on fixed incomes, active duty military, and blue-collar Reagan Democrats – as freeloaders who don’t contribute to the country, that isn’t just bad retail politics, that’s downright offensive. After slinking away in defeat four years ago, Romney is back again as the establishment’s St. George to slay the Trump dragon. But here’s the problem: While Romney shrank the GOP, Trump is expanding it. The primary race this year has blown out 2012 numbers. In three states alone, the Associated Press reports a massive voter increase of “386 percent in Virginia, 261 percent in Arkansas, 154 percent in Tennessee” from what it was just four years ago for Romney. Trump’s populist, nationalist message is bringing back the disaffected working class voters Romney alienated. On Super Tuesday, Trump did his best among lower income voters making less than $30,000 a year. They’re coming out in droves – and it’s not just the white working class voters or even just working class voters in general. Trump’s base of support reflects every demographic. As Trende writes, “Trump’s blue-collar populism could theoretically appeal to more Hispanic and especially African-American voters than Romney’s message did by cutting through identity politics and appealing on an economic level.” That blue-collar populist message is centered on two working class grievances long ignored by the political establishment and their donor class patrons: 1) mass illegal immigration that unfairly pits American workers against cheaper foreign labor, and 2) bad trade agreements that gut American industry and send jobs overseas. Trump is winning because he’s addressing these vital issues. For years now, average Americans have dialed out of politics because of the dryness and thinness of the political dialogue. Trump has cut right to the vital issues that Americans feel. He talks about building a wall to stop illegal immigration, renegotiating our trade policies to bring back millions of jobs from China and Mexico, and putting a temporary ban on Muslim migration to halt the spread of Islamic terrorism on our shores. His basic themes have driven the narrative back to things that matter to ordinary Americans outside of the Georgetown salons. None of this is really good news for the financiers, consultants, and commentariat that comprise the GOP establishment. The financiers, who want cheap labor and don’t care where it comes from or who it hurts, loathe Trump’s trade and immigration policies. The consultant class would gladly torpedo any candidate who doesn’t need their racket, and a GOP frontrunner who wins seven states on Super Tuesday after spending only $1.6 million is an existential threat to their bottom line. The commentariat is frantically hash-tagging #NeverTrump! Can you blame them? They built an industry predicated on their status as the self-appointed gatekeepers of authentic conservative thought. A populist paradigm shift upends their carefully crafted business model. So, now the establishment has lift up their eyes unto the hills of Salt Lake City from whence cometh their help. And it looks as if Mount Romney is the hill they’ve chosen to die on.

Stephen K. Bannon and Rebecca Mansour are responsible for that biting op/ed.  They make several really good points.  Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election for a variety of reasons; the racial component, the Mormon issue, and Mitt’s unwillingness to go after Obama for the easy stuff like his associations with former terrorist Bill Ayers, and his black racist (black theology) pastor Jeremiah Wright (“goddamn America”).  Those were easy targets.  Obama was an easy target.   I mean, c’mon..  The man admitted to cocaine use in his autobiography, for crying out loud!  How much easier is than that? But, Mitt didn’t want to be labeled “racist.”  He was terrified of that.  John McCain was equally terrified of that same label, and look what it did for him.  But, Romney didn’t learn from McCain’s mistakes.  So, he foolishly left all of that money on the table, and thanks to his unwillingness to do what he needed to do for this country, we got Obama…again.  Thanks a lot, Mitt.  But, this takes the take.  Mitt asked for, and got, Donald’s endorsement back in 2012.  And, now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the Donald is close to securing the nomination, Mitt is coming out against him?  “Et tu:” Mitt?  Sounds like sour grapes to me.

FLASHBACK ROMNEY: ‘I’ll support the Republican nominee’

As Mitt Romney is poised to give a speech Thursday on the state of the 2016 race, we’ll have to see if he sticks to the declaration he made just five months ago. Appearing at the Washington Ideas Forum in September, Romney unequivocally said he would support the Republican nominee for president. When asked if he would support Donald Trump, Romney responded, “I will support the Republican nominee. I don’t think that’s going to be Donald Trump.” His statement awkwardly ended there. “Why not?” he was asked. “My party, historically, has nominated a mainstream conservative,” Romney replied. He flatly said “no” when he was asked if he would still get in the race.

Given this, it’ll be interesting to see what Mitt says later today..

Romney’s speaking fee at public university is $50,000, far less than Clinton’s

Mitt Romney will charge Mississippi State University $50,000 to deliver a lecture on campus next week, most of which will go to charity — a dramatically lower fee than the $250,000 to $300,000 Hillary Rodham Clinton requires for her university lectures.

Hardly a surprise.  Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R), whatever you think of his politics or faith, is a stand-up guy.  Hillary is an obnoxious, wide-eyed, arrogant, elitist, liberal diva who has to have her tea a certain way backstage, and on and on.  We posted an article last year here at The Daily Buzz that listed all her “requirements” that are stipulated in her 6-figure speaking contract that she absolutely must have if she speaks at some college or university (and she won’t speak ONE minute past what is in that contract)….and this all from someone who said she left the White House (as then First Lady) in 2001 “dead broke.” Hillary is currently worth between $50-80 MILLION..and that’s just by herself, without all the perks she gets.  You throw in her 2-term ex-President’s net worth, and those two are worth MUCH more.  Hey Hillary!  Can I PLEASE be that “dead broke?”  Tool…

Romney: It’s Time For Obama ‘To Apologize To America’

A victory by Terri Lynn Land in Michigan’s Senate race in November is important to winning back Republican control of the chamber, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told supporters during a GOP rally Thursday in his native state.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is exactly right. Obama DOES need “to apologize to America” for his epic failures as a president. Of course he won’t. He was on 60 Minutes last weekend and said that America is better off now than it was 6 years ago when he took office, a reference to Ronald Reagan’s election question, “Are you better off…”

Romney: ‘No Question’ I’d Be a Better President Than Hillary

Romney: ‘No Question’ I’d Be a Better President Than Hillary

Of COURSE, Mitt would be a universe of improvement on (God help us all) the idea of Hillary (back) in the White House. Like Obama, Hillary has never run a company and doesn’t know how our economy works. Hillary was an attorney, just like Obama. Mitt also went to law school (Harvard). BUT, he also got his MBA, and ran several very successful companies, saved the Winter Olympics in Utah, and was a Governor; a chief executive in the public sector as well as the private. Hillary was a one-term carpet-bagging U.S. Senator from NY, and then a one-term disaster as a Sec of State. For those with short-term memories… Remember the “reset” with Russia? FAIL! And what about Benghazi, Libya? FAIL!! I can’t think of a single success on her watch as Sec of State (and neither could she when asked earlier this summer). But, I could list her failures all day long. And, she claims she left the White House with Bill “dead broke,” (and yet is worth well over a $100 MILLION). And, this week she said in Vegas that climate change is the most “urgent,” pressing issue of our day. Yeah.. I think we’ve had more than enough of the Hillary/Obama failed liberal agenda. Like I said, Mitt would be a universe of improvement over that wide-eyed, limousine-liberal elitist diva any day of the week.

Mitt Romney: The need for a mighty U.S. military

Mitt Romney: The need for a mighty U.S. military

Wow! What a powerful op/ed from former Gov. Mitt Romney (R). This is your “read of the day.” If you read anything at all today, READ THIS!! Mitt is spot on here, and I agree 100%!! Remember back in the 2012 presidential debates how Obama laughed at Mitt regarding Russia? Well, turns out, Mitt was exactly right…and his predictions regarding Russia AND China were right on the money as well. Excellent!! 🙂