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Mike Huckabee: Farewell, Charlie Daniels — you lived a life done well

A message hit my inbox on Monday morning that shook my world. It was an email from Charlie Daniels’ publicist who told me Charlie had passed away unexpectedly from a stroke. I was numb for a few minutes trying to process it. Charlie had been a guest on my weekend TBN show just a couple of weeks ago. He talked passionately about his projects for veterans. No one loved them more than the legendary singer, songwriter and musician Charlie Daniels. His career spanned almost 70 years and touched virtually every genre of music from pop, southern rock, country and blues. He was an unmatched musician, capable of playing every instrument on the stage and doing it better than anyone else on that stage. His shows and appearances were epic because of the sheer level of energy Charlie put into every performance. He performed every set as if it was his last. His book “Never Look At the Empty Seats” revealed his commitment to his fans that whether a venue was packed or not, he would give his all every time he appeared. He never thought about those who didn’t come — he took the stage and emptied himself to the last ounce of energy he had so as to leave everything on the stage for those who WERE there. No one left disappointed at a Charlie Daniels show. Off stage, Charlie Daniels was the consummate gentleman. For a man of his stature in the entertainment industry, he was humble, thoughtful and selfless. His band and crew adored him. He was loyal to them and treated them like family. He took care of them as if they were family. He freely gave advice, encouragement and assistance to young performers and genuinely sought to help them to stardom. He never had to feel threatened because (to borrow a line from one of his great hit songs), he was “the best that’s ever been.” He never said that about himself, but everyone who was ever around him sure did! Charlie Daniels was a man of sincere, authentic and demonstrable faith. His personal faith was not pious or put-on, but powerful and persuasive. When he spoke of God, he talked about someone he personally knew, not just a conceptual God “out there somewhere,” and he spoke with clarity and conviction and never with reluctance or timidity. As a true American patriot, he spoke and sang for the working men and women of America. He had fans from all walks of life, but Charlie stayed close to his working-class roots. His song, “Simple Man” was in many ways a personal reflection of who he was. He loved America deeply and devotedly. He spent blocks of his personal time giving to those he treasured most — veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Whether playing free concerts, raising money to help veterans get medical aid or a new home or just shaking their hands and thanking them, Charlie Daniels believed in those who fought for his freedom. And they — and all of us –believed in him. Rest in Peace, my friend. We will catch you on the other side. Keep a seat for us.

Thanks Mike for the moving eulogy.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) is the author of that piece.  Many folks don’t know that Mike plays bass guitar.

Mike Huckabee rips Mayor de Blasio for comments about National Guard: ‘His ignorance is stunning’

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) said on Wednesday that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio refusing to send in the National Guard to address the rioting “makes no sense.” Huckabee told “Fox & Friends” that it was wrong for de Blasio to claim the National Guard is not trained to help police quell violence. “Yes, they are. That is exactly what they are trained for. … His ignorance of that is stunning to me,” Huckabee said. Huckabee said that the National Guard is “carefully trained” and “know how to get into these situations” to handle them. De Blasio earlier Tuesday announced that the city’s curfew will be extended through the end of the week following yet another night of looting, destruction and “vicious attacks on police officers.” The decision to order residents to stay indoors from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. comes as De Blasio simultaneously urged local community leaders to “not let outsiders attack” by stepping forward, creating peace and taking charge of their neighborhoods. The Democrat’s administration so far has failed to stop roving bands of looters from ransacking everything from chain stores to mom-and-pop businesses in recent days. “We are going to ensure there are additional NYPD resources where they are needed,” de Blasio told reporters Tuesday while announcing the curfew extension. “We are going to work actively and strategically to stop any disorder, but again community leaders need to be a part of this effort.” When de Blasio was asked by a reporter if he intends to call in the National Guard for help – as many governors across the U.S. have done in hopes to quell rioting linked to George Floyd demonstrations – he poured cold water on the idea. “We do not need, nor do we think it is wise for the National Guard to be in New York City. Nor any armed forces,” he said. “When outside armed forces go into communities no good comes of it.” New York City implemented its first curfew in decades Monday night around 11 p.m. But before that even went into effect, the looting was well underway, particularly in the Manhattan and Bronx boroughs.

Wow..  Gov. Huckabee (R) is exactly right.  Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) comments truly are stunningly ignorant.  To borrow a Rush-ism..  He is a “glittering jewel of colossal ignorance,”…and equally incompetent.  First of all..   The National Guard in peacetime is local to the state, and the commander in chief is that state’s governor.  So, they are NOT “outside armed forces,” as he suggests.  They are members of that state, and that community.  They are citizen soldiers who are full time citizens, and part time soldiers  and are specifically trained to support and augment civilian critical response agencies whether it is to support disasters from hurricanes and blizzards, or to supporting law enforcement in times like these.  For him to suggest otherwise shows either his ignorance of that fact, which illustrates his incompetence for the job he holds, OR it illustrates his disdain for the military in general.  It’s actually probably both, as he has on numerous occasions spoken out against the NYPD, oh…and remember, his daughter was arrested Saturday night for involvement in the protests/rioting that occurred there.  Soo..  The seed probably doesn’t fall far from the de Blasio tree..  Bill de Blasio is arguably the most incompetent mayor of a big city in America.  He is a disgrace.

Mike Huckabee: Leaders backing ongoing lockdowns should skip paychecks until people can return to work

Elected officials in support of the ongoing lockdowns in various U.S. states should forego their paychecks until their residents can return to work, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee argued on “Fox & Friends Sunday.” “I think one thing we are beginning to recognize is part of the reason this has extended is because, all of the government people who are telling us to lock our doors and not go anywhere, they’re all getting their paychecks, every last one of them,” Huckabee said. “Not one government employee is failing to get their paycheck. So if we really want to solve this let’s say this: if you’re a government person and you’re telling other people they can’t get their pay, you don’t get yours. And that includes Nancy Pelosi and the members of Congress,” he added. Huckabee made the comment Sunday morning, following a weekend of protests as fed-up residents across the U.S took to the streets in opposition to the strict quarantine measures imposed on their states. “I think governors across the country are recognizing that people have had about enough of just being told to stay home, don’t go anywhere, don’t do anything. Everybody wants to be safe,” Huckabee argued. “People have applied extraordinary measures to protect themselves and their friends and their neighbors – but there’s also a point in which we cannot live hunkered down forever,” he explained. “It’s not like bombs are dropping on top of London. We’re at a time when we’ve got to get back to work or there’s not going to be anything to get out of the house to go back to.” Huckabee praised Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for moving forward with their plans to safely reopen and slowly get their respective economies up and running. Though widely criticized at first, Kemp announced Saturday that the state had the lowest number of hospitalized coronavirus patients it has seen in just over a month – while DeSantis, once ridiculed for his lack of immediate action to the virus, has received much praise for properly protecting Florida’s older population. “These governors who have managed by saying, ‘Let’s not shut everything down too quickly,’ have actually had far better results than the ones who closed the doors, locked the key and started arresting people for doing such things as getting a haircut or buying seeds to plant tomatoes in their garden,” Huckabee said. “There may be a political incentive” for governors to extend their lockdown orders, Huckabee argued. “You know, there’s certainly a power grab that I find revolting. We don’t live in a police state. I’ve been all over the world … to places that are authoritarian, totalitarian governments. And every time I’m there, I’m thinking, I want to get out of here. This is not America. I like freedom. And I’ve visited some police states. I don’t want to live in one.” Asked to comment on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) attempts to knowingly deceive the world on the threat of coronavirus, Huckabee did not mince words. “The way that the World Health Organization, WHO, has kowtowed to China is disgusting and revolting and President Trump is exactly right to do what he’s done,” he said. “Let me just say this,” he concluded, “I’ve got more confidence in the rock band [The] Who than I have in the WHO, World Health Organization.”

We  ALL do, Governor!  And, I’m sure Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey (of The Who) appreciate that shout out.  I think The Who’s iconic rock anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again” would be appropriate here.  Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR), who btw plays the bass guitar, makes some really good points here.  If we can’t collect OUR paychecks because these idiot politicians won’t let us work, then THEY (who are paid by OUR tax dollars, ironically) shouldn’t get theirs…and shouldn’t, until we’re allowed to get back to work.  Fair enough!      🙂

Opinion/Analysis: CNN mocks tens of millions of Trump voters

Liberals don’t really hate Donald Trump; they hate his supporters. President Trump just presents a more convenient target — most of the time. This weekend, never-Trump carnival barker Rick Wilson went on the least-watched of the big three cable news networks, CNN, to take another swing at the President’s supporters. Wilson has gotten rich and — among a certain set — famous from this game, so he’s not afraid to push the boundaries. He’s called Trump voters neo-Nazis and worse, and he once told a Trump-supporting CNN guest he would “gut” him “like a fish.” This time, though he went even lower. Mocking the “credulous boomer rube demo that backs” President Trump, Wilson switched into a parody of a southern accent and started acting like a buffoon. Then fellow guest Wajahat Ali got in on the action, riffing with Wilson as the two portrayed dumb hicks who support the President because they hate “the elitists” with their “math and readin’” and “sippin’ lattes.” Make no mistake, that is exactly what Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali think huge swaths of the country are like. CNN host Don Lemon literally buckled over in laughter as his guests continued their spiteful routine. When he was called out for engaging in that mean-spirited mockery, Lemon tried to claim that he “didn’t catch everything that was said.” Lemon, who has launched into heartfelt on-air tirades over things as trivial the Trump Campaign tweeting an Avengers meme, eventually asked his guests to stop — not because he found it offensive, but because he needed a pause to laugh some more. Lemon not only agrees with this assessment of the President’s millions of supporters but thinks it’s positively hilarious to denigrate and stereotype people he has obviously never bothered to interact with or understand. What upsets people like Wilson, Ali, and Lemon so much about President Trump is that he represents, in their minds, “credulous boomer rubes” having political power — political power they believe rightfully belongs to people like them. Wilson spent 30 years in Republican politics trying to make sure the “rubes” who make up the base of his putative party wielded as little political influence as possible. Wilson’s political philosophy derives essentially from the belief that his degree from George Washington University and his ties to politicians like former President George H.W. Bush elevate him from the “credulous rubes” of Middle America into the cadre of people who deserve a say in how their country is run. Ali, unlike Wilson, has always been a man of the left — but contempt for the rubes in flyover country is every bit as central to his understanding of American politics. His career has been devoted in large part to promoting the idea that American conservatives became beholden to an “Islamophobia network” in the years after 9/11. Don Lemon, meanwhile, has been caricaturing Trump supporters on CNN for years, smearing them as racists at every opportunity — even at a presidential debate. His arrogance is matched only by his ignorance. The America first movement is an existential threat to people like Don Lemon, exposing their essential mediocrity and the precariousness of their “elite” status. We saw that Tuesday night in Wildwood, New Jersey. The tens of thousands of Trump supporters who descended on the Jersey Shore weren’t the gap-toothed yokels of liberals’ imaginations, but hard-working men and women from every segment of society. They were union workers and bankers; single mothers and families; students and tradesmen; young and old; black, white, Asian, and Hispanic; Democrats, Republicans, and independents. For the establishment elitists of both parties, President Donald J. Trump represents their worst fear: the American people voting for their own interests.

No kidding…  Thanks to Mike Huckabee for that brutal, yet well-deserved, smack-down of Don Lemon and the chuckleheads at CNN. Mike Huckabee was the 44th governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican candidate for president. He is currently host of “Huckabee” on TBN.    Excellent!!    🙂

Mike Huckabee on Oregon shooter: ‘It was a cop with a gun that stopped him’

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Friday questioned whether any gun law could have prevented the shooter at a community college in Oregon from killing at least nine people and wounding a handful of others. “I keep waiting for someone to tell me what new gun law can we pass that would have prevented this shooting, or Sandy Hook, or Aurora, [or] Charleston — just tell me what gun law that is, [because] I have yet to hear somebody tell me what that is,” Mr. Huckabee, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said on CNN. “Let’s ask this question: what stopped that shooter in Oregon yesterday? What stopped him?” he said. “He was continuing to shoot — what stopped him? It was a police officer with what? A conversation? A reading from a book? It was a cop with a gun that stopped him.” He said Umpqua Community College in Roseburg chose not to arm their security guards. “So when I hear people say ‘fewer guns’ — fewer guns in the hands of crazy people, I agree, but maybe a gun in the hand of a police officer, in a security officer or in a well-trained citizen who can intervene and at least save some of the lives, if not all of them,” he said. Interim President Rita Cavin called Thursday’s incident “a tragedy” and “anomaly” and said there aren’t any planned security changes. “We have a beautiful, warm, friendly, loving campus and we intend to keep it that way,” she said. Mr. Huckabee said there’s always a discussion about the particular kind of weapon used, but that “we’ve got a human behavior problem. We’ve got a problem with uncivilized savages.” “We have a problem with people who elevate themselves,” he said. “This particular gunman targeted Christians, apparently — I might suggest that if people really followed the spirit of Christ, which is to put others above self instead of self above others, people wouldn’t murder each other like this. And we’ve got a nation and a world in which people have just obliterated that sense of moral character, responsibility, and accountability for their actions.”

Well said, Governor!! The “Huck” is spot on here. No “law” could have prevented what happened at that community college in Oregon, and we all know that. This was a raging, hate-filled, lunatic who was specifically targeting Christians to execute. You’d think he was a member of ISIS/ISIL if it were the middle east. But, it was at a community college in Oregon. And, what stopped this maggot? A cop with a gun. But, if guns had been allowed on campus by law-abiding students/citizens, OR the college security were permitted to carry, then maybe he wouldn’t have killed as many as he did. But, because of “Gun Free Zones” and other such silly, touchy-feely, Democrat, liberal, FAILED policies..it is the law-abiding, good people who suffer; NOT the evil criminals who break the laws. When are we as a country gonna wake up and tell morons like Obama, and other gun-control freaks, off?!? It is BECAUSE of such Democrat, liberal, anti-gun laws that we have these problems!!