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Tucker Carlson: Michael Cohen demolishes the Russia collusion conspiracy – Will anyone be fired for lies?

Michael Cohen spent a decade as Trump’s high-profile lobbyer, toady, defender and personal attorney. And then one day, he decided that he hated Donald Trump and became Donald Trump’s mortal enemy. A big change. How did that happen? Well, Cohen told Congress this week that he had a kind of a road to Damascus experience. He was personally and morally offended by what his boss said on two occasions. First, after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, that was the summer of 2017 and later, when he watched Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland about a year later. Those two scandals, both of them fraudulent, entirely manufactured by the left and its servants in the media, changed Michael Cohen’s mind forever. Democrats must have been gratified to hear that. Michael Cohen is a sensitive, progressive now. He is tormented by climate change and his own toxic masculinity. He is basically a one-man crusade against privilege. He is a new man. That’s his story. Well, now comes a Daily Mail piece that puts a different gloss on it. It turns out, just weeks before the FBI raided his offices last summer, Michael Cohen was shopping a book proposal. In the manuscript, which the Daily Mail has, Cohen professes love and admiration for Donald Trump. In the book proposal, Cohen defends the president against claims that he is “crazy, dumb, paranoid, in over his head or a liar” — all claims that Cohen made this week before Congress. Keep in mind that Cohen wrote the book proposal well after Charlottesville and Helsinki, those scandals that just changed him as a man. It turns out that Michael Cohen is not a very reliable narrator. But too late, he is the narrator the Democrats have chosen, and they are stuck with him. They brought him to Capitol Hill on Wednesday in the hope, the expectation, that he would prove the Russia conspiracy true. He didn’t. Instead, he demolished that conspiracy. Nobody on the left wants to admit that, but we have the tape. Let’s start with the claim that Cohen held secret meetings with Russian agents in Prague in an effort to steal the 2016 election. On its face, it sounds nuts, but they have been telling you that for years. Even John Brennan has said it. Whatever his faults, he was literally the head of the CIA, the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, and he claimed to believe that. Oswald went to Mexico City, Cohen went to Prague … it’s the perfect conspiracy. Except that Michael Cohen has never been to Prague. He testified to that on Wednesday. And by the way, he had no incentive to lie about it. “Have you ever been to Prague?” Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C. asked. “I have never been to Prague,” Cohen responded. “Never have?” “I’ve never been to [the] Czech Republic.” “Never been to Prague” … but I kind of like the music. How frustrating it must have been for Rep. Adam Schiff to hear that. “Never been to Prague.” This was the part where Michael Cohen was supposed to admit swapping micro-film with Vladimir Putin in the sauna at the Prague Marriott. Instead, he looked kind of mystified and admitted he had never even been to the country. Michael Cohen is from Long Island. He pretty much stays there. Okay, let’s try this again. How about the claim that Vladimir Putin’s agents have video of Donald Trump cavorting with hookers, and that’s how they’ve managed to blackmail Trump into saying nice things about Russia. We’ve been hearing about that since the day BuzzFeed first claimed it. If there is a hooker tape out there, I think it’s fair to assume that Michael Cohen would know about it. He is that kind of guy, a hooker tape kind of guy. Now would probably be the time he would tell us all about it, but no. “Are you aware of anything that the president has done at home or abroad that may have subjected him to or may subject him to extortion or blackmail?” asked Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md, at Wednesday’s hearing. “I am not. No,” Cohen said. “Okay, are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail?” I’ve heard about these tapes for a long time. I’ve had many people contact me over the years. I have no reason to believe that that tape exists. Oh damn, he did it again, straying from the script. Instead of confirming the Russia conspiracy that dominated and controlled American politics for more than two years, Michael Cohen just refuted it. What kind of witness is this guy anyway? This is getting very frustrating. Where do we get to the part where he blows the Russia case wide open and they lead Big Orange away in handcuffs and Hillary can be the president? Well, here is an idea, let’s just ask him directly. Did the Trump campaign collude with the Russian government during the 2016 election? Michael Cohen would know. He was there. By the way, it’s almost a rhetorical question. Democrats have long been absolutely certain that it happened. “I think there is plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight,” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has said. “We saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign, and indeed the Trump family, eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with Russia,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said. “Plenty of evidence.” “Cold, hard evidence.” Well, if anyone can provide that kind of evidence, it would be Michael Cohen. After all, he was Donald Trump’s — is that really his name? No, it’s Donnell Troponovich. He was Donnell Troponovich’s personal attorney during the years that Troponovich was accepting suitcases full of rubles in exchange for subverting American democracy. So what is the answer, Mr. Cohen? “Based on what you know, would Mr. Trump or did he lie about colluding and coordinating with the Russians at any point during the campaign?” asked Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla. “So, as I stated in my testimony, I wouldn’t use the word ‘colluding,'” Cohen replied. “Was there something odd about the back and forth praise with President Putin? Yes. But I’m not really sure that I can answer that question in terms of collusion.” The balloon just deflated. Talk about a let-down. No meeting in Prague. No blackmail. No collusion. No Russia conspiracy at all. It was all a hoax. It was a much less interesting Loch Ness monster. You’ve got to be feeling a little silly right now if you ever believed any of this. But wait. We’ve got one last idea. There is still a way Michael Cohen could send Donald Trump to prison even without Russia. What if Cohen could confirm that Trump once told him to lie to Congress? That would be obstruction of justice, at the very least. It would certainly be a crime. BuzzFeed ran a story alleging that happened. Yes, BuzzFeed is a cat blog run by unhappy people in Brooklyn. But who knows? Maybe there is something there. Certainly, cable news was convinced they had the latest bombshell from the cat blog –our last hope to end this infernal presidency and return to the happy status quo of 2010. Our hopes are on you, Michael Cohen. Did it actually happen? The reveal, please? “You lied to those congressional committees, is that correct?” Greg Steube, R-Fla., asked Cohen at Wednesday’s hearing. “Previously?” Cohen asked. “Correct.” “Yes, sir.” “You stated that Trump never directed you to lie to Congress. Is that correct?” “That’s correct.” No. Four for four. Michael Cohen strikes out. Game, set, match. The Trump presidency continues. The other team looks despondent. You can hear weeping from the press box. But wait, before we head to the parking lot and drive home, one final piece of business: What about all of the lies you just heard, not from Cohen, but from the others? Blackmail. Collusion. Russia, Russia, Russia! Are any of the liars who told those lies going to be punished for lying? Is anybody going to lose a job? Or a reputation? Or a contributor contract? Maybe just what happened to Carter Page? That might be enough. Is there any penalty for being relentlessly and recklessly dishonest for two solid years? For intentionally misleading the public in the service of a political agenda and a political party? The Democratic Party? Is a single person even going to concede what just happened, much less apologize for it? Of course not. It’s Washington. They will all be promoted tomorrow. You watch.

Excellent!!  That was taken from Tucker Carlson’s monologue yesterday..     🙂

Alan Dershowitz: Michael Cohen falsely conflates ‘wrong’ and ‘illegal’ while bashing Trump

Legal icon Alan Dershowitz says the latest version attorney Michael Cohen — the one who says his lying days are behind him — is obfuscating when it comes to President Trump. Mr. Cohen gave an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Friday regarding the now-infamous hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal, but Mr. Dershowitz was not impressed. The Harvard Law School professor emeritus told Fox and Friends that a word like “wrong” in this case is erroneously being used as a synonym for “illegal.” “Reasonable people can disagree about whether it’s wrong to pay hush money to somebody to stop them from disclosing alleged improprieties sexually. Reasonable people can say that’s wrong or that’s right,” Mr. Dershowitz said. “It’s not illegal.” Mr. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison this week for various crimes, including campaign-finance violations. “It’s sad that I should take responsibility for [Trump’s] dirty deeds,” Mr. Cohen said. “I will not be the villain, as I told you once before. I will not be the villain of his story. … I knew what I was doing was wrong. I stood up before the world yesterday and I accepted responsibility for my actions.” Mr. Dershowitz countered that Mr. Cohen is conflating moral questions regarding allegations of marital infidelity with an incorrect reading of campaign-finance laws. “If a presidential candidate took cash and went to one of these women and said, ‘I’m paying you not to disclose what happened and I’m doing it in order to help myself be elected president,’ that would not be a crime,” Mr. Dershowitz said. “A president is entitled to make campaign contributions to his own campaign. The only issue is if he did it at all, did he do it properly. To the extent that he authorized Cohen, that makes them payments by the president, which makes them legal.” “Whether you think it’s wrong or right, I don’t understand the case for how it’s illegal. If you look at the very, very complicated campaign laws, the one thing that comes out simply is that a candidate may himself or herself contribute as much as they want to a campaign,” he added.

Turley: Cohen lied, broke the law and used Trump to get rich – and now blames Trump for his troubles

In his federal court sentencing hearing Wednesday, President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen cut a tragic figure of his own making as he tried to convince a judge to spare him from prison for a host of crimes ranging from tax fraud to bank fraud to lying to Congress. He claimed he was a trusting soul undone by the ambition and the machinations of an evil man – Donald Trump. It played out like a modern take on the Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” All that was missing was that signature line of the character Blanche DuBois: “Whoever you are … I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” Blanche was describing her life of woe to a doctor escorting her to a mental hospital. But her line could have been easily added to Cohen’s plea to U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III in New York City. The former Trump “fixer” and lawyer – who made millions of dollars off his connection to Trump and illegal business dealings – is now a disgraced confessed criminal facing three years in prison (set to begin March 6) and $2 million in fines, forfeitures and restitution. His legal career is over and he easily fits the role of the type of train-wrecked characters that Tennessee Williams loved. In “A Streetcar Named Desire” Blanche DuBois is a riveting character – imperfect, degraded and ultimately destitute. According to his narrative before Judge Pauley, Cohen has lived much of his professional life like a modern Blanche DuBois. Cohen’s tragedy was presented as a tale of affairs gone bad and women scorned, with a cast of opportunists and sycophants. Cohen latched onto Trump as a powerful man who was his ticket to fortune and the good life. But Cohen’s good life shattered when he was caught up in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. Mueller’s probe has widened like spider’s web, growing larger and larger and ultimately snaring Cohen for conduct having little to do with Russia. Indeed, most of the crimes were not even linked to Trump. Cohen’s sentencing Wednesday came on his earlier guilty pleas to multiple counts of business and tax fraud. He also pleaded guilty to making an excessive contribution to the Trump campaign involving two women who claimed they had extramarital affairs with Trump – claims Trump denies. Cohen also pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress regarding unsuccessful efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. When Trump didn’t protect Cohen with a pardon or intervention, Cohen turned to Mueller and began to publicly praise him while criticizing Trump. For his part, Mueller was clearly receptive to Cohen entreaties. While federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York portrayed Cohen as a liar, manipulator and felon, Mueller undermined their effort to secure a longer prison sentence against Cohen by saying that Cohen is now redeemed and cooperative. Indeed, this remake could be called “A Special Counsel Named Desire.” Mueller’s desire to build a case against President Trump – the man who Cohen described as being responsible for his undoing and leading him into “darkness” – is so overwhelming that he undercut other federal prosecutors. In the end however neither Mueller nor the U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York would recommend a sentence of zero jail time. Cohen sought mercy based on the kindness of another stranger, Judge Pauley. The tragic story of Cohen is fascinating precisely because it is so grotesque. He made a career as a legal thug who bluffed and bullied his way into millions. Even as prosecutors were closing in on him for tax fraud, bank fraud and perjury, Cohen got companies like AT&T to give him millions of dollars for access and influence over President Trump. It didn’t matter that Cohen was bluffing about his great influence over the president of the United States and that he couldn’t deliver on his extravagant claims of being an influence peddler worth millions to his clients. As Blanche said: “I know I fib a good deal. After all, a woman’s charm is 50 percent illusion.” Few saw much charm in Cohen, but prosecutors laid out how his business and legal practices were virtually 100 percent illusion. At his sentencing hearing, Cohen described his tragic Blanche-like life as being undone by a man who was no good. He proclaimed: “I have been living in a personal and mental incarceration ever since the day that I accepted the offer to work for a real estate mogul whose business acumen that I deeply admired.” Falling for Trump led Cohen to choose “darkness over light,” Cohen said. Fighting back tears, he said that he is a “weak” man who “felt it was my duty to cover up his (Trump’s) dirty deeds.” For Tennessee Williams fans, it all seemed too familiar. Blanche explained how she rode a streetcar named Desire to her doom: “It brought me here. Where I’m not wanted and where I’m ashamed to be.” And it was the same unrestrained desire that brought Cohen to this moment. His desire for money and power – matched by an endless willingness to lie and break the law to achieve it. Like Blanche, Cohen had no difficulty making threats – in his case to journalists, students or anyone Trump wanted out of the way. And Cohen had no difficulty lying about everything to everyone. After all, like Blanche, he seemed to accept that “I don’t tell truths. I tell what ought to be truth.” At his sentencing, Cohen threw himself on the kindness of the stranger judging his fate by saying that, after his long and sleazy journey: “I promise I will be better.” The only thing missing was the coquettish flick of a fan and the sound of a rattling streetcar. Yet in the end, Cohen seemed surprised by the relatively lenient three-year prison sentence Judge Pauley gave him. Some media commentators concluded that Cohen actually hoped that his cooperation and plea for mercy would leave the judge entirely disarmed and charmed. It didn’t, though three years in prison was substantially below what Cohen deserved for years of defrauding the public, banks and the government – as well as lying to Congress. Cohen will now seek to please Mueller with the same abandon as he sought to please Trump. The disgraced lawyer could implicate figures in the White House in the creation of his false narrative given to both Congress and investigators. And he could then return to federal court with a motion for a further reduction of his prison sentence. In truth, Cohen has already benefitted from the kindness of strangers with the help of Mueller and the generous sentencing reduction given by Judge Pauley. Cohen is not done, because like Blanche DuBois he’s “got to be with somebody” or he is just a nobody doing time. Mueller is now that somebody, but he might want to consider Blanche DuBois’ secret to attracting strangers: “I want to deceive him enough to make him – want me.”

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro professor of public Iiterest law at George Washington University and a practicing criminal defense attorney.

Rush Limbaugh: Mueller’s team proving ‘dual system of justice at the highest levels’

Radio host Rush Limbaugh says special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is proving to millions of citizens that a “dual system of justice” exists in America. The man behind the “Golden EIB microphone” told listeners on Wednesday that a large population of Americans view legal battles surrounding President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, along ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, very differently than political pundits. Mr. Limbaugh said that the U.S. Department of Justice’s handling of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s secret email server, particularly when juxtaposed with law enforcement’s focus on Mr. Trump, demonstrates a dangerous development. “There is clearly now a double standard, a dual system of justice at the highest levels of our Department of Justice,” the conservative said. “You can see it in the way the DOJ and the FBI exonerated the Democrat presidential candidate when real crimes were taking place for years and years right under their noses, crimes they perhaps even participated in.” “Those crimes, because they involved the Democrat nominee, were exonerated. The Democrat nominee herself was exonerated,” he continued. “You go to the Trump campaign, the Republican, the opponent, where there aren’t any crimes, there wasn’t any collusion with Russia, there hasn’t been any obstruction of justice, and yet this is where the allegation of crimes is occurring? And it’s occurring with people who are peripheral to the original charge of all this — Russian collusion, stealing the election?” Mr. Limbaugh added that members of the media are essentially casting Mr. Mueller as a “sitting supreme branch of government who has the power to oversee the Trump administration” on a daily basis. “What makes it really frightening, and the reason people are losing faith in some of the greatest institutions this country’s ever had, leading with the Department of Justice, is because it’s plain as day what I just pointed out to you: There is a dual system of justice in this country. If you’re a Democrat you’re going to be exonerated or given one hell of a benefit of the doubt. If you’re Republican, you’re gonna be presumed guilty, and a never-ending pursuit to get you will then commence.” The host’s comments came in the wake of Mr. Cohen’s guilty plea to eight criminal charges in federal court in Manhattan, which include bank fraud, tax evasion and campaign finance violations. Mr. Manafort was found guilty of eight financial crimes in an Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom. Charges included filing false tax returns, failing to report foreign bank accounts in 2012 and bank fraud charges. “Robert Mueller, as I said yesterday, and his team are plowing through the Constitution. They’re shredding it as they go,” Mr. Limbaugh said. “None of this is about collusion with the Russians to steal an election. These people have an unlimited charter, Mueller, to go anywhere with the express purpose of overturning the results of the election in 2016.”

As usual, “El Rushbo” nails it!  “Dittos” Rush!!

Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is in the Clear’ — ‘Lanny Davis Blew It,’ ‘You Are a Dummy, Lanny’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker and legal expert Mark Levin criticized the plea deal Michael Cohen made with the prosecutor for the Southern District of New York regarding campaign finance law violations. Levin argued Cohen pled guilty to the charge despite them not being offenses and at the behest of the prosecutor who insisted they were offenses. Click here to read a partial transcript, or watch Mark Levin’s interview with Sean Hannity.

The “Great One,” Mark Levin, is fired up!  Click on the above to see him go off on Lanny for being a moron.  HAHA!!      🙂