Mary Katharine Ham

CNN’s Ham, Cuomo Get in Heated Health Care Debate

Things got a little heated Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.” In a debate about health care, host Chris Cuomo insulted network contributor Mary Katharine Ham by calling her “cheap.” “[Y]ou can be nasty about it or you can listen to me,” Ham responded. “I am a person, single mom of two, who has lost three or four plans since Obamacare passed,” she added. “I was told I would not. That was a lie. When I said that I would lose my plan, people called me a liar when this was going on. I have had a 160 percent increase in my premiums. I was told those would go down, and I’ve had a 300 percent increase in my deductible. One of the ways you can fix that is by cutting some of these ‘essential health benefits’ because they are indeed not essential.”

Way to go Mary Katherine!!  Chris is such an ass..  And, by the way..  Where are all the outraged liberal females??  It’s ok to call a single mom (widow) who is trying to make ends meet “cheap,” if that woman happens to be conservative.  Just fathom if a conservative white guy called a liberal female “cheap.”  The liberal media would go flippin nuts, and the Dem women in the House would do a walkout or something.  We’ve all seen it.  As usual, the hypocrisy is breathtaking.  To see a video of this exchange, click on the text above.