Mark Herring

Virginia family group outraged over teen abortion ruling

A traditional values group in Virginia is sounding an alarm over a legal opinion that says some underage pregnancies do not have to be reported to child welfare or law enforcement officials.

Wow.. So, if you’re UNDER 15 and get pregnant, and try to get an abortion….nobody is notified? Not even the parent? Keep in mind that the age of consent in Virginia is 18, with a near age exception for 15-17, with the other person being under 18. So, the grey area is 15-18. That’s why we’re noting, specifically, the UNDER 15 ruling here. The AG for Virginia, Mark Herring, is a Democrat (big surprise) who came into office in January of this year. And who, exactly, is waging a “war on females?”..especially young girls?? Yeah.. Not so ironically, there is a HUGE human trafficking problem in Virginia. Gee.. I wonder why! Virginia AG Mark Herring is simply throwing a bone to Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, at the expense of young girls in Virginia…and giving cover to the illegal human trafficking industry in that state. Awful..