KISS pauses Louisiana concert to lead crowd in Pledge of Allegiance

KISS band members got patriotic during Saturday night’s concert in Louisiana, temporarily pausing the classic rock show to lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. After finishing up their signature song, “(I Wanna) Rock and Roll All Nite” at the Gretna Heritage Festival, guitarist Paul Stanley thanked the U.S. military and gave a shout-out to Army Maj. Steve Roberts, who was in attendance, The Times-Picayune reported. “It’s always cool to love your country,” Mr. Stanley told the crowd. The concert in Gretna wrapped up the band’s KISSWORLD 2017 Tour in North America and Europe, and it wasn’t the first time the pledge was made part of the show. Last week, Mr. Stanley recited the pledge along with the audience in Sugar Land, Texas, ending it with: “God bless America! God bless our troops!” It comes amid a renewed debate in the country about paying respect to American symbols, as athletes continue to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice. Last year during their “Freedom to Rock” tour, KISS took a veiled shot at former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who sparked the movement. “A lot of times the people that are born free think that freedom is free and it’s not. Freedom is only free because there are people willing to sacrifice to keep us free,” Mr. Stanley told the crowd at the time.

Agreed!  And well said, Paul.  Kudos to Gene and Paul for taking such a politically INcorrect stance during their shows!   Excellent!!   🙂

Gene Simmons on why KISS loves St. Louis

KISS bassist Gene Simmons discusses his new book, and why he and the other members of KISS love to play in St. Louis. Gene recounts an event there hosted by world reknown rock station, KSHE.

I grew up in St. Louis listening to KSHE, and still listen to it here in sunny Colorado thanks to their app and my iPhone.  John, U-man, Ulett, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium for over 3 decades, has been at KSHE for over 38 years…and still does the morning radio show which I listen to as I drive to work.   Good times!    🙂

KISS’ Peter Criss: You don’t need boobs to get breast cancer

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Peter Criss on leaning on his faith and raising awareness about breast cancer

A really great interview with Peter Criss, founding member/drummer of the rock band KISS. He was diagnosed with male breast cancer. Yep, you read that correctly. He talks about that experience and being inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of fame along with the rest of the founding members. Peter is a class act, and takes the higher road when the interviewer gives him an opportunity to bash KISS bassist Gene Simmons, and the bands lead singer Paul Stanley.

Gut Check–In Defense of Obnoxious Jerks: Gene Simmons

Gut Check–In Defense of Obnoxious Jerks: Gene Simmons

This is another fun piece by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ “The Five” and “Redeye.”   KISS bassist Gene Simmons is unquestionably, a jerk of epic proportions.  He is also very hypocritical in calling out the foibles of others, while shrugging off those who call him on his short comings.  That said, he IS a very successful business man.  And I agree with him on his call for immigrants to learn English.  We agree wholeheartedly.  If you come here, you should learn the language and the unique American culture, and assimilate.  Anyway, a fun read..

Gene Simmons Has No Sympathy for Drug Addicts, People with Depression: ‘I’m the Guy Who Says, ‘Jump!”

Gene Simmons Has No Sympathy for Drug Addicts, People with Depression: ‘I’m the Guy Who Says, ‘Jump!”

Gene’s positions on this are well known.  And, I respect his stance on drugs.  Ya certainly don’t hear that from most in the rock world.  That said, I still think he could have handled Peter and Ace a little bit better, for the fans; the fans who miss Ace and Peter and that very unique chemistry.  Gene has this mental block and is quick to point out the foibles and character flaws of others, and yet is surprisingly (and hypocritically) quick to dismiss and blow off others that point out his shortcomings.  He has for YEARS boasted about how many THOUSANDS of females he has slept with over the years.  And, he was less than faithful to Shannon, his wife (and mother of his children), when they were living together, yet not technically married, for over 20 years…before he finally proposed under pressure from others, and threat from her to leave him.  I guess everybody has their issues..  Gene might be well to reconsider his ironclad positions and be a little more open and forgiving toward Peter and Ace.  After all, ya know what they say about those who live in glass houses.  His is in Beverly Hills, CA.  He can more than afford to be a little more open toward and forgiving of Ace and Peter’s shortcomings, and maybe extend an olive branch.  After all, without them, and the first six KISS studio albums and first two live albums they were on (along with their pop culture iconic characters), he wouldn’t be the gazillionaire he is today.  Nowadays Gene dons his outfit along with co-founding member Paul Stanley, and they go on stage with two sit-ins (who are admittedly good musicians), wearing Ace and Peter’s makeup, etc….while Ace and Peter watch from the sidelines and the fans are asked to get over it and move on.  And that’s why I, and many others, didn’t see their recent tour when it came through town.

Gene Simmons: Reporters Harass Tim Tebow, Give Troubled Athletes a Pass

Gene Simmons: Reporters Harass Tim Tebow, Give Troubled Athletes a Pass

Excellent!  Good for Gene and Paul in this venture.  I’ve certainly had my issues with those two as it relates to the way they’ve treated Peter and Ace in the band, and the way they handled the whole induction into the Rock n Roll Hall Fame earlier this year.  I was probably one of their harshest critics on the internet.  But, the way they’re handling this football team is unconventional, and not very pc. I like it!  🙂   So, kudos to those two for the team thing.  I’m curious to see if Tebow will take Gene up on his offer.  Stay tuned!

Paul Stanley: Former KISS members were anti-Semitic

Paul Stanley: Former KISS members were anti-Semitic

This is such a bummer..  Why do Paul and Gene have to go there; playing the race/religion card?  Seriously?!?  Why couldn’t they just put aside their differences with Ace and Peter so they could play together for the fans, one last time, at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (HOF)?  How/what does it benefit Paul to do such sleazy tabloid nonsense like this?  Shame on Paul AND Gene for the way they’ve handled this, and the whole lead up to the HOF induction in a couple days.  I got to see the original four perform in Denver back in the 1999.  It was a fun show, and something I could check off my bucket list of things to see.  Its too bad when gazillionaires like Gene and Paul act like 16 year old girls, and forget (and dismiss) those who made them so rich and famous; the fans.  Boo..