Kharron Green

Black Teen Mob Ransacks Georgia Walmart, Attacks Patrons

Led by a teenage boy throwing gang signs, a mob of vandals descended on a Walmart store in Georgia early Sunday and trashed the business in a reported attempt to “see how much damage they could cause,” police allege. During the 1:45 AM ransacking of the Walmart in Macon, rioters pulled a patron from an electric wheelchair and dragged him to the floor, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s office report. Investigators say that a “crowd of 40-50 individuals consisting of black males and females” were led into the store by Kharron Green, 17, who can be seen on surveillance video “presenting gang signs in the air with his hands.” For about five minutes, Green & Co. ran through store aisles “destroying merchandise and vandalizing the property,” cops reported. Upon arriving at the trashed Walmart, a deputy noted that one aisle was “destroyed and coated with broken merchandise” and that the “length of the store from front to rear was lined with items which had been shattered, destroyed, turned over and thrown about.”

You really can’t make this stuff up, folks.  We have vermin like this destroying merchandise, and terrorizing patrons, just because.  They’re livin the stereotype, and making their parents proud, I’m sure.  Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend across the country.  Anyway, to see the mug shot of this worthless piece of garbage, and to read the rest of the story, click on the text above.