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Democrat Keith Ellison Asks for Examples of ‘Bernie Bro’ Violence, Steve Scalise Delivers

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) on Thursday issued a sharp retort to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who asked for examples of “a ‘Bernie Bro’ being bad,” reminding the former lawmaker that he was shot by a Sanders supporter during a congressional baseball practice in 2017. “I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude. Can someone send me an example of a ‘Bernie Bro’ being bad,” Ellison asked. “Also, are we holding all candidates responsible for the behavior of some of their supporters?” he continued. “Waiting to hear”: “I can think of an example,” Scalise replied: James T. Hodgkinson, the man who shot Scalise and injured three others at a congressional baseball practice in 2017, was a Sanders supporter, even volunteering for his campaign. He also supported a slew of left-wing causes and, according to his social media accounts, adamantly opposed Trump and the Republican Party. As Breitbart News reported at the time: According to the Belleville News-Democrat, a paper from the St. Louis area community in which Hodgkinson lived, the shooter has been identified with particularly progressive and liberal causes. He even worked as a volunteer on the presidential campaign of self-professed socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The suspect’s Twitter feed is also filled with tweets on liberal politics. The paper reported that Hodgkinson belonged to a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party.” The shooter’s Facebook page was also linked to a long list of far left-wing groups and pages, including, “Expose Republican Fraud,” “Liberal Democratic Socialist Party,” “Boycott The Republican Party,” “I Hate Donald Trump,” “Healthcare & Education Berners United to Resist Trump,” among others. The now deceased shooter also noted on his Facebook page that MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was one of his “favorite TV shows.” Facebook has since deleted the dead suspect’s account. Even CNN described the suspect as a man who “defined himself publicly by his firm support of Bernie Sanders’ progressive politics — and his hatred of conservatives and President Donald Trump.”

Boy did Keith Ellison (D) step in it!   What an idiot!!  Kudos to Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) for that smackdown.  Excellent!!    🙂

Keith Ellison Decries Money in Politics While Supporting Union Front Group

Keith Ellison Decries Money in Politics While Supporting Union Front Group

Keith Ellison is awful..  What a brazen hypocrite.  Hes pretty smart, or at least gives that impression.  So, he HAS to know that he is being a hypocrite here.  And, he is about as corrupt a politician as exists on Capitol Hill.  Hes been busted on more than one occasion for campaign finance/disclosure laws, and has been arrested and fined multiple times.  And hey, how can we forget him taking his oath of office on the KORAN.  Yep.  Hes a Sunni Muslim.  And while I couldn’t care less what his religion is (although I found his taking his oath of office on the Koran a bit off-putting)…  It kinda makes ya wonder where his allegiances are with respect to our military efforts in the middle east, doesn’t it?  That little (yet notable) part aside, hes just your typical liberal, lawyer, Democrat that enjoys a 100% rating from NARAL for his militant pro-abortion voting record.