John Dickerson

CBS’s John Dickerson Tries To Link Omar Mateen To Gun Shows

Face the Nation host John Dickerson twice asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch if alleged Orlando attacker Omar Mateen had tried to get guns at a “gun show.” Dickerson made the “gun show” reference June 19 when asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch about the fact that Mateen raised the suspicions of at least one gun dealer while shopping for firearms or firearm accessories. Lynch asked for clarification: “You’re referring to the gun store owner whom the killer met with a while ago and talked about body armor?” Dickerson responded by adding an unexplained reference to guns-shows, which are strongly opposed by Democrats: “Any gun show owner anywhere. So that’s the one. And, so what do we know about contacts between gun show owners and the killer?” Senate Democrats are pushing for a vote on legislation that would expand background checks to include sales at gun shows. The vote is expected on Monday. Mateen passed a background check for both his guns, which he purchased at a gun store.

These self-righteous, self-serving, agenda-driven, extreme liberal Democrats, and their supporters in the dominantly liberal mainstream media, make me want to vomit!  They have zero interest in actually doing something to fight Islamic terrorism.  Instead, they just want an excuse to rid law-abiding Americans of their Second amendment rights.  So, they shamelessly are seizing the tragedy in Orlando to push their fascism.  Typical..