Starnes: Shame! Iowa high school marching band walks off field during national anthem

Ames High School has the unfortunate distinction of having one of the most un-American marching bands in the nation. More than a dozen members of the band linked arms and walked off the football field Friday night during a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” An untold number of other band members refused to play their instruments. It was absolutely disgraceful. Sickening. The children who staged the musical insurrection told local reporters they did so to protest all sorts of social maladies. “How can we be unified if there’s racism, sexism and homophobia in our school,” one of the teenage malcontents told the Des Moines Register. They denied they were disrespecting the flag or the military even though they really were disrespecting the flag and the military. “It was an expression of my anger and sadness in the direction our country is heading,” one of the budding anarchists told the newspaper. “It’s to express I stand with people who are feeling persecuted or marginalized by the current president or people in power.” There are two issues that need to be addressed: First, the school district must deal swiftly to put down this anti-American uprising within the marching band. Those students who chose not to play and those who marched off the field should be immediately removed from the roster. School leaders must not coddle or tolerate a bunch of petulant and belligerent children dishonoring the U.S. Military or the National Anthem. The school’s band director declined to comment so we do not know if he had prior knowledge of the protest. Regardless, it is clear the band director does not have control over his program. And the principal clearly does not have control over the school. The Ames Tribune reports that the students originally intended to take a knee on the field, but Principal Spence Evans rejected that plan. The newspaper reports the principal told them to stay in the band section if they chose not to play. Oh, so the principal knew about this in advance? Well, that should be an easy decision for the taxpayer-funded school district – fire the principal. The school district needs to send a clear message to the student body and the taxpayer-funded employees – there are consequences for disobeying the rules. If that means disbanding the marching band, so be it. If that means firing the employees, so be it. Second, the parents who allowed their children to publicly dishonor must also be held accountable. What kind of a person raises their kids to hate America? Why didn’t parents snatch their kids by the ear and drag them out of that stadium? What happened in Ames, Iowa should be a wakeup call to the nation. One minute these little anarchists-in-training are wielding trombones, and the next minute they’re wielding baseball bats and burning down city blocks.

Agreed…  Thanks to culture warrior Todd Starnes for bringing this story to our attention.  We as Americans cannot tolerate this type of crap from kids.  Ohh..  and thanks a lot to the idiots in the NFL who started this bs.  Now we have kids who think its the new cool, and trendy, thing to be a disrespectful tool when the National Anthem is played.  It’s not cool in the least.  Todd is right.  Shame on everyone who was involved with this obnoxious stunt at Ames High.

Bald eagle found shot dead, dismembered in Iowa

Authorities are investigating the shooting and dismemberment of a bald eagle in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources said the eagle was found at Yellow Banks County Park near Des Moines by a hiker on Wednesday, the Des Moines Register reported. In addition to being shot, the bald eagle had his head and talons removed, making it more difficult to estimate when it had died. “We don’t have much to go on so we need some help. If anyone saw or heard shots in this area during the first two weeks of the year, we would like to know about it,” State Conservation Officer Nate Anderson said in a statement. The Iowa DNR said it’s searched for the person or persons responsible. Bald eagles have been protected on the state and federal levels since 1940 under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. People with information can use the Turn in Poachers website at or by calling the hotline at 1-800-532-2020

I think I’m gonna vomit..  Whoever did this should also be shot and dismembered…and not necessarily in that order.  Hopefully they catch, and arrest, the disgusting maggot who did this.  Awful..

‘Suck it up’: Iowa lawmaker wants to cut funding for schools coddling students over Trump

An Iowa lawmaker is looking to slash funding for public colleges spending money on grief counseling and other kid-glove treatment for students upset over last week’s presidential election results — telling snowflakes everywhere: “Suck it up, buttercup.” Since Donald Trump’s upset victory last Tuesday, colleges across the country have brought in therapy dogs, canceled exams and held “cry-ins” on campus. But Republican state Rep. Bobby Kaufmann says he will introduce a “suck it up, buttercup” bill in January when the Iowa State Legislature resumes, in a bid to fight back against campus coddling. The bill would hit taxpayer-funded state universities with a budget cut for double the amount they spend on such election-related activities. Kaufmann emphasized that existing therapy and mental health services are not being targeted. “I saw schools with rising, skyrocketing tuition costs where they are also finding money and expenditures for things such as cry rooms. I heard reports of rooms where you can play with Play-Doh, where you can color on books and talk about your feelings, and I was hearing reports of some schools that were bringing in ponies to be able get students through the election,” he told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday. After receiving hundreds of emails of support from across the country, Kaufmann also has set up a website where supporters can “Adopt a Trump protester” and get a “suck it up, buttercup” hat for $17.76. He says he hopes other states pursue similar legislation.


Starnes: Group is gunning for small Iowa town’s veteran memorial cross

The memorial features a silhouette of a soldier holding a gun and kneeling at the foot of a cross. It was installed a few months ago alongside Freedom Rock at Young’s Park in the small town of Knoxville, Iowa. “It was clear to us it was a memorial to fallen veterans,” Mayor Brian Hatch told me. But it wasn’t clear to everyone. About a month ago a citizen filed an anonymous complaint — arguing that the memorial was promoting Christianity and therefore violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Mayor Hatch told me the city council ignored the complaint. “We didn’t take any action because it (the memorial) did not have any religious ties to us at all,” he said. “I only see it as a memorial to the veterans and it shocked me that someone could see it otherwise.” Instead of letting bygones be bygones, the offended citizen contacted Americans United for Separation of Church and State – a group that relishes in bullying towns across the nation. On Tuesday their attorney fired off a letter to the town. “Please remove the Latin cross from government property,” the letter demanded. Americans United said the Constitution prohibits government bodies from promoting religion on public land and they argued that the Latin cross is the “preeminent symbol of Christianity.” They suggested that the inclusion of the cross excludes service members of other faith groups. “Another court prohibited a county government from displaying a war memorial featuring crosses and the Star of David, because this design ‘gave the impression that only Christians and Jews are being honored,’” Americans United wrote in their letter. Mayor Hatch told me the council will meet next month to decide what course of action to take. Meanwhile, the citizens of Knoxville are launching a campaign to save the memorial. “This political correctness stuff is getting way out of hand,” resident Doug Goff told me. “When we are bending to the will of one person in the town — you know something is wrong there.” Goff is a lifelong resident of Knoxville. He’s also a Navy veteran. And he’s helping to spearhead an August 30t rally to defend the cross. “This is a memorial for our veterans,” he said — wondering if Americans United has a problem with the crosses in Arlington National Cemetery. “The cross is white because the headstones in Arlington are white,” he said. “Would you take that cross down, too?” Americans United has given the town 30 days to respond to their demand. If they refuse to comply, don’t be surprised if the town of Knoxville gets hauled into court. Meanwhile, I think Americans United should answer Mr. Goff’s question. Will they demand that Arlington Cemetery remove their crosses? It’s doubtful Americans United would pull a stunt like that. I think they just like to bully small towns in the Heartland.

Exactly! Again, Todd Starnes nails it!

Bald eagle lays egg, becomes Internet sensation

A livecam placed above a nest in Decorah, Iowa, has turned a family of bald eagles into Internet celebrities. The camera, which is run by the Raptor Resource Project, captured the mother laying an egg on Wednesday night. The egg is the first of the 2015 season to be laid in the Decorah nest. By Thursday morning, the livecam had racked up more than 308 million total views on Ustream. WHOTV reports that the egg is the 21st for the pair of bald eagles who inhabit the nest. Prior to the latest arrival, the parents successfully raised 20 eaglets into juvenile eagles. The nest is located across the street from a fish hatchery, according to WHOTV, providing the family with a steady supply of food.

Awesome!!    🙂

5 Criminals Escape a Downed Iowa Policeman. That’s When They Meet a Concealed Carry Owner Named Eastwood

5 Criminals Escape a Downed Iowa Policeman. That’s When They Meet a Concealed Carry Owner Named Eastwood

Excellent!!  I love stories like this, which don’t get much attention in the liberal mainstream media, because it undermines their anti-gun, anti 2nd Amendment agenda.  If you want to protect yourself and your family, buy a firearm, join the NRA, take an NRA-approved safety course, and apply for a concealed carry permit where you live.  Great job Scott!  I wonder if he told these criminals, “do ya’ feel lucky, punk?”   🙂