Idaho mayor says ‘NO WAY, NO CHANCE’ to PETA’s request to rename Chicken Dinner Road

The mayor of a small Idaho town said there was “NO WAY, NO CHANCE” he would consider a request from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to rename a street called Chicken Dinner Road to something more fowl-friendly. PETA sent Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas a letter on July 3 asking him to change the name of the mostly deserted rural road. The animal-rights group said it opposes “speciesism” and asked the name be changed to just Chicken Road. “Just like dogs, cats, and human beings, chickens feel pain and fear and value their own lives,” said the letter from Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president. “PETA is asking Mayor Nancolas to change this road’s name to one that celebrates chickens as individuals, not as beings to kill, chop up, and label as ‘dinner.’” Nancolas responded to the group in snarky fashion in a July 4 Facebook post. “When I first received the letter, I thought it was a joke,” he wrote. “I literally laughed! When I realized the letter was for real, it made me extremely irritated that they would waste our time with such a ridiculous request!” The road in question is not even in Caldwell’s jurisdiction, the mayor said, adding that even it if was, there would be “NO WAY, NO CHANCE I would ever consider this truly unbelievable request!!” The road is the responsibility of Canyon County, the Idaho Statesman reported. Most locals agree the road was named after Laura Lamb, who lived along the road and was known in the 1930s for her fried chicken.

What a great story!  Kudos to Mayor Nancolas for standing up to, and calling out the PETA bullies.  Outstanding!!    🙂

Shocking New Details Emerge in Idaho Muslim Migrant Rape Case

A hearing was held Thursday in the case of the little five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho who was raped — with three Muslim migrant boys being the primary suspects. Now I believe it is absolutely certain and undeniable: Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs lied outright when he said, “There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang-rape.” In fact, there was a knife involved, and there was gang rape. Why are Loebs and other law enforcement and government officials so desperate to cover up the facts of this case? The hearing was called a pre-sentencing hearing and was essentially worthless, but one stunning and previously unknown fact emerged: two of the suspects — the seven-year-old and ten-year-old Muslim migrant boys — are accused of assaulting this defenseless five-year-old girl both orally and anally. This appalling allegation had not even been revealed previously to the victim’s mother. And Grant Loebs has the audacity to say that there was no gang rape? It is not yet known whether or not the alleged ringleader of this appalling attack also assaulted the girl orally and anally, because he has not yet had to appear in court. But what was revealed Thursday coincides with and amplifies what the poor little girl’s mother got straight from the victim herself: “This is what my daughter has told me: that they grabbed her at knifepoint and forced her into the laundry room and told her that if she tried to leave, they would kill her. The seven-year-old boy took her clothes off. She tells me he put his private in her mouth and peed in her mouth, and put it in her private, and then peed all over her. And she said they recorded her, too… She also told the emergency room CARES doctor that they had a knife as well, and they found on her neck a cut. Then the day after, they claimed it was a scratch, when in fact it looked like a cut.” It also provides confirmation of what the father reported to me about video he saw that the attacking boys took of their attack: “I watched the 8-year-old boy push my daughter up against a wall and pull her pants down and his pants down; he then attempted to penetrate her from behind. She was able to run away and crouch in a corner shaking in fear while the boy danced around naked laughing at her. I stopped watching after that.” It also was revealed during the court hearing that the two Muslim migrant suspects who were required to appear in court Thursday have moved, and all three are not in custody – they are free. They roaming around loose and unsupervised. The court hearing Thursday was a circus. The family of two of the alleged attackers appeared (the seven-year-old and ten-year-old); the alleged rapists’ father came with three Muslim women, one of whom was likely the mother of the seven-year-old attacker. A Muslim interpreter was on hand via telephone and was translating the proceedings for the Muslim parents. In other legal cases, Muslim interpreters have been accused of exercising undue influence over the proceedings, often at the expense of victims. One Muslim woman who was raped wrote this in a suicide note to her attorney: “Everything I told you then is true… But the interpreter there told me that a faithful woman must not use words like sex and rape. Words like that would dishonor my husband and our family. She also said that I was a blasphemer, because I went to the police. No woman should report her own husband. The husband must be honored.” Meanwhile, the victim in Twin Falls, once a happy and social child, now frequently insists that she wants to be alone. She finds a small and safe space inside a closet and stays in it alone for hours. Once a very chatty child, she has become very quiet. Even in the summer heat of Twin Falls, she now always wears two t-shirts and two pairs of underwear. She talks constantly about “those naughty boys” and asks her mother repeatedly not to tell her father everything that happened because it will upset him. The alleged attackers’ families had no trouble getting new home, but the victim’s family is still without a new apartment. They are enrolled in new schools. Do Grant Loebs’ children go to their new school? Local news editor Matt Christensen’s? This little girl deserves justice. And she is not getting it.

Agreed..  If that story didn’t make you want to vomit, then you have no soul.  Thanks to Pamela Gellar for bringing us that very disturbing story from Idaho.  Just think, our tool of a President wants to import more of these Muslim so-called “refugees” from Syria and elsewhere from the middle east and northern Africa…and Hillary wants to up that by over 500% should she make it back into the White House, God forbid.  This is the insanity we’re already dealing with, and Obama and Hillary want to impose more of this terror on us.  Feel safer?  Unreal…

Transgender woman arrested in voyeurism incident at Idaho Target

An Idaho man who told police he identifies as a woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly taking photos of a woman in a Target fitting room, officials said. Sean Patrick Smith, 43, was allegedly dressed in women’s clothing when he entered the fitting room in the women’s section of the store in Ammon on Monday, East Idaho News reported. Smith, also known as Shauna Patricia Smith, then began taking pictures of a woman in the changing stall next to him, police said. “The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness told East Idaho News. “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.” Detectives found Smith on Tuesday and charged him with one felony count of voyeurism. He was booked into the Bonneville County Jail and was set to make a court appearance Wednesday.

And it begins…

Mother of Idaho Girl Raped by Refugees: Authorities Withholding Police Report from Family

The mother of the five-year-old girl who endured a vicious sex assault at the hands of Iraqi and Sudanese refugees in June said she feels her family is being treated like “criminals” by local authorities and the media. One June 2, she was outside with her daughter when she left for two or three minutes to take a quick bathroom break — and that’s all the time it took for the three perpetrators to grab the little girl, before dragging her into a nearby laundry room, stripping her naked, urinating on her clothes and in her mouth, and filming the attack until stopped by an elderly resident. But no one will allow her to read the police report or her own daughter’s medical records, she said. “As victims it just makes us feel like they’re treating us like we’re the criminals. I called the victim’s advocate a few times to get the records and she said, ‘I told you several times now you can’t have nothing.’ And she’s like ‘why do you want this stuff?’ And I tell her because it’s my daughter and I want to know and I have a right to it under our Constitution,” she told World Net Daily. This despite what her daughter endured was almost certainly a rape at the hands of the youngest attacker, the seven-year-old Iraqi living next door whose Muslim family has ignored eviction notices and allows their son to roam free in the neighborhood. Idaho attorney Mark Guerry explained to World Net Daily that what the film showed the Iraqi doing to his victim qualifies as felony rape, but authorities are working flat-out to hush up the attack. Guerry said: She’s incapable of consenting, she may very well have been threatened with force or violence. I think even with what little we know there’s a case here to be made for felony rape. But, part of what’s going on, in my opinion, is the state is trying to keep this thing well under the radar so they can make a decision about how to handle this without having to face the public, and be able to dispose of it as fast as they can without it reflecting badly on them. Nobody wants the scandal of protest over someone being injured by a Muslim immigrant. An Obama administration official threatened local residents discussing the rape and Third World refugee resettlement with federal prosecution for discussing the case not once, but twice. The victim starts counseling next week, the mother said. “She’s still traumatized really bad… When she sees boys, she’ll tell me ‘those are bad boys, those are all bad boys.’”

From the mouth of babes..  Just awful..

Hunter with broken leg in Idaho wilderness crawls for days until rescue

A lifelong hunter stranded in Idaho’s rugged back county with a badly broken leg survived the ordeal by crawling for days and overcoming thoughts of suicide to deal with the intense pain. John Sain, 50, even penned goodbyes to his wife and kids, but those letters made him realize that his will to live was a lot stronger than he thought. The image of his family, and a lot of prayer, sustained him in his hope that he would be found. “When you’re laying there and your foot’s back there, you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’re not going to make it,” he told KIVI-TV late Wednesday from a hospital bed in Boise where he was recovering from the four-day nightmare. “It’s just the bottom line,” he added. “Do I want to suffer or do I just want to get it done with. And at one point I was reaching for my pistol, asking the Lord for forgiveness.” Jennifer Sain told Friday her husband was working hard to get his strength back. “He’s hanging in there,” she said. Sain was bow hunting for elk in remote wilderness near McCall last week when his foot slipped between two logs and he fell. The accident broke both of the bones in Sain’s lower leg, leaving him badly injured and unable to walk. He had no cellphone service and was miles away from anyone else, the Press Enterprise reported Thursday. He did have a little food, a water purifier and a small survival kit, and built a fire each night for warmth. After he rejected suicide, he fashioned a splint out of sticks and ripped cloth and began the arduous crawl toward a trail. He reached the trail, a distance of three miles, after two agonizing days, the paper said. Sain then scrawled “help” in the dirt in hopes someone would notice, his wife said. Eventually, motorcyclists who wound up on the trail after making a wrong turn, found him. One rode to a spot where there was a cellphone signal and called for help. “Thank God. I was praying the whole way that it would happen and it did. My prayers were answered for sure,” Sain told KTVB-TV. The motorcyclists then chopped down some trees to clear a spot so a helicopter could land and transport Sain to the hospital. He was also suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. Sain was reunited with his wife and children Brooke and Cole at St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise. “It was hard just knowing that he’s out in the hills just trying to stay alive,” Jennifer Sain said. “It still doesn’t seem real to me.” Sain said he will hunt alone again, but not without a satellite phone or GPS locator.

We don’t typically do human interest stories here at The Daily Buzz..  But, wow..  What a compelling, and inspiring, story!  Glad to here John will be making a full recovery!

Idaho refugee program faces opposition from activist group

Conservative activists are calling for the College of Southern Idaho to remove its refugee program following concerns over the influx of Syrian refugees expected to arrive in south-central Idaho later this fall. The Times-News reports that the group formed after college officials announced in April that 300 refugees were expected to resettle in Idaho at the start of the new federal fiscal year. Many of the refugees will possibly come from Syria, leading some community members to speculate they could be radical Muslims. Just how many refugees come to Idaho and from which countries will be decided by the federal government. However, resettlement officials have maintained that all incoming refugees undergo extensive background checks. The community college’s Refugee Center has resettled roughly 5,000 people since the 1980s.

Definitely something to keep an eye on…