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Opinion: Dictator? Trump understands limits to his power better than press does

As always, President Trump’s humble modesty is his greatest asset. I know what you are thinking. Everybody knows he is a swashbuckling, loud-mouthed, crass-talking Yankee. You know … Don. Don from Queens. The real estate mogul who slaps his name in gold on everything he owns. The guy who picks fights with reporters in wildly entertaining beatdowns worthy of the pro wrestling circuit. “When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total,” Mr. Trump recently bellowed at reporters questioning his authority during this time of crisis. “And that’s the way it’s got to be.” Let’s put aside the stupidity of reporters for one second. They are forever vacillating between accusing Mr. Trump of not doing enough and doing too much. They will claim whatever it takes at any given moment to tarnish, ridicule or undermine this president. Mr. Trump’s claim on “total” authority sent the jackals scurrying back to the Constitution to declare that Mr. Trump was behaving more like a king. Suddenly, the press corps had broken out in hives of federalism. Well, good for them. They will be back to crotch-nuzzling a king and getting scratched behind the ears with his scepter just as soon as the next Barack Obama gets into the White House. As usual, the problem here is that even after years of listening to Mr. Trump, these morons have no idea how Mr. Trump speaks or what he means. Clearly, the president does not believe he has “total” authority. (Think of all he could have accomplished if he did!) Instead of freaking out over his words, they should consider his actions. Just last week, he advised that it was governors — not the president — who actually have the frontline authority to ease restrictions to reopen the economy. That is because the president understands that his highest authority during these times is merely that he has the biggest bullhorn. It is his press conferences that Americans are tuning into. He is the man with the biggest pulpit. And, as a wise leader, he knows that is where his authority to force people into quarantine begins. And he knows that is where it ends as well. Obviously, the president does have specific authorities in times of national crisis to take other bold actions, such as closing borders or prohibiting foreigners from flying into the country. And he did that. But when it comes to forcing American citizens to stay home, he can only advise. The real stupidity starts when state and local authorities start arresting preachers or citing people for showing up at church or chasing after people running down an empty beach. The First Amendment of the Constitution could not be clearer on the right of Americans to assemble peacefully. And the right of Americans to attend church unmolested by government actors. Only a complete fool politician would test that authority by arresting someone or detaining them or physically barring them from going to church. Any such case would quickly shoot to the top of the courts, where the Supreme Court would flatly rule any such actions as totally unconstitutional. This would erode any future governor’s ability to use the bully pulpit to advance public safety, as may be necessary in the next pandemic.

Indeed…and well said, Charles.  Charles Hurt was the author of that outstanding piece.  He can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com or @charleshurt on Twitter

Trump’s policies, border wall have been critical in containing coronavirus, CBP chief says: ‘We’re much better positioned now’

The United States would be in a much worse position to combat the coronavirus if President Trump hadn’t implemented a series of reforms surrounding immigration, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan said this week. “Look at where we’ve come because of this president, because of this administration, because of the tools, including the wall … We’re much better positioned now today to handle another threat to our country today through infectious disease,” Morgan told Fox News during an exclusive interview on Thursday. His comments came as the administration faces heightened scrutiny over the way it responded to the pandemic — and in particular, how it limited immigration. According to Morgan, Trump’s policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols helped dramatically reduce the number of illegal immigrants it detained and processed from the height of the migrant crisis last May. “Last May, one month, 144,000 individuals we encountered — most of that at the southwest border. We had over 20,000 individuals in CBP custody. And because of the network initiatives and efforts, including the wall, the wall system — in 10 months, we were able to drastically reduce that. We reduced the flow by over 100,000 per month,” he said. He added that his agency is averaging less than 100 migrants in custody today “versus 20,000 ten months ago. We’re averaging about 500 to 600 encounters per day when back in May, that was thousands per day.” Because of the unsustainable number of detainees, Morgan said the agency was releasing tens of thousands per day. If the current conditions were the same as in May, “that would have meant we would have encountered an additional 200,000 individuals coming across the border right now — 35,000 a week.” “We were overcrowded,” he added. “That means, we would have been back in May, remember, we were being forced to release people to the shelters, at the bus stops, at a tune of tens of thousands a week, we were doing that.” CBP hasn’t needed to process as many detainees, but the coronavirus posed challenges for housing those individuals as the agency’s facilities aren’t set up for isolating individuals during a pandemic. “Most of our facilities are large, open-air facilities or smaller holding facilities where multiple people are required to be housed in that,” he said. “And so clearly, that violates any semblance of social distancing and the other exposure risks. And so, CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] decided that that creates an … exposure risk to not only the CBP employee or the work staff, but also the migrants themselves.” He added that CBP was in the process of converting facilities so that the agency could, if needed, isolate individuals during the pandemic. Morgan warned that without limitations on migration, local public health systems could easily be overwhelmed. At the end of March, the CDC ordered CBP to tamp down on migration, granting them sweeping authority to reject thousands of illegal entries after undergoing an appropriate level of processing. Morgan said that his agency has “almost immediately” been returning about 85 percent of those they encounter on the southwest border. “Literally, in just a few short weeks, our holding facilities dropped by almost 97 percent. Pre the order, we were sitting at about 3,500 in our holding facilities and literally now, we have less than 100,” he said..

Soo…to be VERY clear (since the dominantly liberal mainstream media, and anti-Trump, posturing Democrats will tell you the exact opposite).. The Commissioner of Customs and the Border Patrol is saying that Trump’s policies regarding the Border Wall, and his strong stance on illegal immigration BEFORE this Wuhan virus took hold, put them in a much better position, and that they are working.  And, Commissioner Morgan provided FACTS to back up his assertions.  So, the next time CNN, MSNBC, Jim Acosta, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other agenda-driven Democrats start spouting off their liberal talking points of how the President hasn’t been providing “leadership” (as Nancy shows videos of her and her chocolate ice cream in her fridge), and how his policies are only making things worse… Remember this.  The President should play this interview at one of his daily press briefings, and then drop the mic and walk offstage.  Boom!  For more, click on the text above.

Harvard/Harris Poll: 5-in-6 Americans Want to End Immigration from Mexico

In the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, about five-in-six American adults said they want to see the United States end all immigration from Mexico. The latest Harvard/Harris Poll asks Americans whether they would support or oppose an immigration moratorium on Mexico during the coronavirus crisis. Overall, 83 percent — or five-in-six — said they favor ending all immigration from Mexico at the moment. This sweeping support for ending immigration from Mexico includes 75 percent of Hispanic Americans and 77 percent of black Americans. Another 73 percent of Democrat voters said they support ending immigration from Mexico, while 84 percent of swing voters and 93 percent of Republican voters support such a measure. Even among the most liberal voters, nearly 70 percent said they support ending immigration from Mexico, as well as 74 percent of voters who supported failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. The poll comes as Mexico’s coronavirus cases continue to climb, now reaching nearly 1,000 confirmed infections with 20 deaths and 938 active cases. While the overwhelming majority of Americans want to see an end to immigration from Mexico, the State Department has issued waivers that will more quickly fast-track many Mexican workers into the U.S. through the H-2B and H-2A visa programs. The directive effectively allows agricultural and nonagricultural businesses to quickly import foreign workers on H-2A and H-2B visas without standard interview and application procedures. As Breitbart News has reported, immigration moratoriums are not uncommon in American history. Currently, there are about 45 million foreign-born residents living in the U.S., a 108-year record high. The country’s last immigration boom — between 1900 and 1920 — was eventually met with a near immigration moratorium. Between 1925 and 1966, the U.S. legal immigration level did not exceed 327,000 annual admissions. Since major changes were enacted in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) and in the 1990s by President George H.W. Bush (R) — changes that allow foreign nationals to bring as many foreign relatives to the country as they want — legal immigration levels have continued booming for about five decades. Today, about 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted to the U.S. every year.

And that’s not even counting the over 22 MILLION illegal aliens living here already.  Americans of all political stripes and affiliations are saying enough is enough.  We need a moratorium on ALL immigration, legal and illegal.  Our infrastructure is being crushed.  And, especially in these times, it is critical we put a stop to immigration entirely, and in fact, work to remove those who shouldn’t be here in the first place.  Now is the time to be ramping up deporting illegals by the hundreds of thousands (and yes, you read that correctly), paying particular attention to known gang members, criminal aliens, and those determined by an immigration judge to be deported…regardless of age or gender.  And NOW is the time for the federal government to ramp up construction of the wall/fence on our southern border.  This poll must be driving Democrat politicians, the dominantly liberal mainstream media, and the rest of the open-borders crowd absolutely crazy.  🙂

ICE deports illegal immigrants to Central America, brings back Americans stranded under coronavirus measures

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is using flights deporting illegal immigrants to two Central American countries to bring back Americans stranded by restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. ICE, working with the State Department, has brought home 209 U.S. citizens on the return leg of two deportation flights to El Salvador and Honduras, the agency said in a statement. Those flights took place on March 22 and 24, respectively. Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli touted the moves in a series of tweets where he posted pictures of the Americans being brought home. “This was an ICE flight repatriating Hondurans to Honduras, & ICE arranged your bring stranded Americans home on the return flight from Honduras,” he tweeted. Both countries have placed significant restrictions on movement and travel over the coronavirus, with Honduras closing its borders entirely — leaving some foreigners stranded. A U.S. women’s tackle football team was airlifted out of Honduras on Friday by the U.S. military after being stuck there for nearly a week. The Trump administration last year made a number of Asylum Cooperative Agreements with Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, which includes greater cooperation for returning migrants to their countries. ICE said in a statement that it will continue to use flights from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to return U.S. citizens. The agency said that such operations could also be expanded to countries outside the Northern Triangle. The U.S. has placed a number of restrictions on non-essential incoming travel at the northern and southern border, as well as from Europe, China and Iran, but those restrictions do not apply to U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. On illegal immigration, the Trump administration has said it will change procedures in order to protect officers and the general public, while continuing to apprehend and deport illegal immigrants.

Thanks to acting DHS Sec.Ken Cuccinelli for this smart policy of using aircraft deporting/repatriating illegals back to their countries of origin, to bring American citizens back.  Smart/wise use of federal monies.  Now, more than ever, DHS and ICE need to be deporting illegals here by whatever means necessary.  We have over 22 MILLION illegal aliens in this country, and their very presence is crushing our  nation’s infrastructure.  So, we need to be deporting them by the hundreds of thousands (and yes you read that correctly)…regardless of age or gender.  And, we need to seriously ramp up construction of the wall/fence on our southern border and ensure border security now more than ever.

President Trump Activates National Guard in California, New York, and Washington to Fight Coronavirus

President Donald Trump announced at the White House on Sunday that he had activated the National Guard in California, New York, and Washington. “I know that this is a challenging time for all Americans. We are enduring a great national trial,” Trump said. “We’re at war. In a true sense, we’re at war.” Trump said that he activated the National Guard under Title 32 status, allowing the guard to remain under the control of the governor, but is paid for by the federal government. Officials clarified that activating the National Guard would provide important resources to governors, but that it was playing an assistant role in the fight against the virus. “I want you to understand, this is not martial law,” FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor said. Trump also said that military hospital ships would be sent to states. The USNS Mercy will be deployed to Los Angeles and the USNS Comfort will go to New York.


Coronavirus: Federal Judge Rules Migrants Must Stay in Detention Center

A federal judge in Seattle rejected three nonprofits’ effort to force U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release migrants in a detention center in Washington state because of the threat from coronavirus. U.S. District Judge James L. Robart on Thursday denied a request for a restraining order requested by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ACLU of Washington, and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. The organizations argued that holding migrants who are older or have underlying medical conditions puts them at high risk for contracting the virus. “There is no evidence that anyone at NWDC has COVID-19, and plaintiffs do not address the measures defendants are taking to prevent such a spread from occurring,” Robart said in a Law360 article on the development. Law360 reported on the ruling: ” Attorneys have told Law360 that they are concerned ICE is not prepared to handle a potential outbreak of the virus at the agency’s detention centers, where immigrants are trapped in communal spaces. ICE has been hit with numerous lawsuits accusing it of not providing detainees with adequate medical care, including an August complaint alleging the agency has been failing to ensure centers operated by private contractors are meeting the standards of confinement mandated by federal law and the U.S. Constitution.” Eunice Cho, an attorney for migrants, issued a statement vowing continued litigation. “Public health officials are in agreement — it is not a matter of if there is a COVID-19 outbreak in immigrant detention centers, but when,” Cho said. “ICE should heed their warning. By refusing to immediately release our clients, ICE is jeopardizing their lives and the lives of its staff and their families.” Law 360 reported that ICE responded Wednesday to the request for the restraining order, but the filing is not being made public. The case is Dawson v. Asher, No. 2:20-cv-00409 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

Thanks to Judge Robart for this well-considered decision, especially given the current paradigm.

ICE director says deporting illegals from border surge would take 140 years

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday, that at current deportation rates, it would take 140 years to remove all the illegal immigrants who came in during the border surge of the last two years. Matt Albence, ICE’s acting director, said the border surge over the last two years added 900,000 cases to ICE’s non-detained docket, which now totals more than 3.3 million. That far outstrips the agency’s ability to track down and deport people, he told the House Appropriations Committee. “We arrested about 2,500 non-criminal fugitives last year. If we do that, based on just the numbers that came in the last two years, it would take us about 140 years to clear up that backlog,” Mr. Albence said. He was defending ICE’s significant budget increase request for fiscal 2021, which envisions an average of 60,000 detention beds each day. That’s up dramatically from the 34,000 beds the Obama administration had for its final years, and nearly 15,000 more than Congress approved for this current year. “Without additional resources to actually effectuate a judge’s removal orders, we will have an immigration enforcement and court system in which billions of dollars a year are spent to obtain orders, that are not worth the paper they are written on,” Mr. Albence told the House Appropriations Committee.

Absolute insanity…  As we’ve been saying here at The Daily Buzz for over 6 years, we need to be deporting illegals by the hundreds of thousands…and yes, you read that correctly.  Mr Albence’s testimony here gives credibility to our position.  Remember, we have over 22 MILLION illegal aliens in this country.  That’s a staggering number, and it’s crushing our nation’s infrastructure.  The Trump Administration is making progress.  But, they need to take a far more aggressive posture.  Given the new novel coronavirus situation, they can use that to justify a more aggressive posture.  Hopefully they will.  And, of course, it is critical that we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and make that our number one domestic national security priority.  Click on the text above for more of this article.