Arrests of UN-linked agency officials for Hamas ties calls US funding into question

Last week, officials of World Vision, an internationally known humanitarian organization, were indicted in Israel for secretly aiding military activities of Hamas, designated by the U.S. as a “Foreign Terror Organization.” This week, Israeli security officials swooped down on officials of a much larger humanitarian organization which openly operates Hamas military activities. That organization is United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, the agency that hosts descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 war in refugee facilities for perpetuity. Knesset Member Avi Dichter, former head of ISA, the Israeli Security Agency, who now chairs the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, pointed an unusually harsh finger at UNRWA, warning from the rostrum of Israel’s Knesset Parliament that “almost 100 percent” of UNRWA workers in Gaza are active in the Hamas terrorist organization.” UNRWA operates with a budget of more than $1 billion, provided by more than 40 western nations. The U.S. is the leading donor to UNRWA, at $400 million each year. Working with an Israeli-Palestinian team of journalists over the past few years, I have documented and filmed how UNRWA allocates cash from donor nations to conduct military training for children in the UNRWA classroom along with weapons training camps which Hamas organizes for UNRWA children. Al-Kutla al-Islamiya, a division of Hamas, runs military activities, which attract UNRWA’s younger students, paving the way for recruitment in al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. UNRWA “education” teaches children how to fight, shoot lethal weapons, use hand grenades and climb through various spaces all in preparation for war. After exposure to al-Kutla, elementary and middle schoolers join a week-long war games program, held in a military campment, where they study “jihad, determination, to trust Allah and other Islamic values” in addition to military tactics. Here is a case where a UN agency actually violates the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which states “children… should not be forced or recruited to take part in a war or join the armed forces”. Yet all this occurs in the public domain, without a peep from 38 nations that donate more than a billion dollars each year to UNRWA, with the notable exception of Canada. Ottawa suspended aid to the UNRWA general fund in 2008, in response to a report commissioned by the European Parliament, which documented how Hamas was elected to run the UNRWA teachers association and the UNRWA workers association. Now there is a move in the new Canadian government to restore Canadian tax dollars to the general fund of UNRWA. Yet binding legislation passed by the U.S. Congress requires UNRWA to vet personnel to see if there are terrorists on their payroll is ignored. UNRWA simply refuses to vet personnel in the UNRWA facilities, which operate in the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority, and no one is asking them to do so, including the U.S. After the March 2009 election, when Hamas was again elected to run the UNRWA workers union and UNRWA teachers association in Gaza, Congress asked the newly appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for comment on whether she would demand the removal of terrorists from the payroll Of UNRWA. Amazingly, Clinton told Congress that there was no evidence of Taliban activity in UNRWA – even though Taliban have never played a role in that part of the Middle East. It wasn’t the Taliban people were concerned about, it was Hamas.

Hillary is such a moron..  The Trump campaign needs to find the video of her saying that, and play it over and over.  Anyway, we need to cut off ALL funding to UNRWA, and any other organization that clearly undermines our national security interests.  Why on earth would we knowingly give HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations?   Yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing.  That’s fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer dollars at a whole new level.  Thanks Obama.  Thanks Hillary.  No wonder those two brain trusts can’t say “radical Islam.”  They wouldn’t want to offend their beneficiaries…and their donors.  Thanks to David Bedein for this excellent article.

Abbas Confirms He Lied When He Said PA No Longer Pays Terrorists’ Salaries

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed this week that the Palestinian Authority is continuing its policy of paying salaries to jailed terrorists, despite having previously claimed that it had ceased to do so. Norway’s Foreign Minister Borge Brende demanded that Abbas stop using PA funds, which include foreign donations, to provide financial aid to terrorists and their families. He said the salaries were “unacceptable and should be abolished” and added that aid from Norway was only intended to support “building and institutional development.” Abbas did not make any effort to refute the claim, and only assured Brende that Norwegian money was not going toward remuneration for terrorists. In 2014, Abbas declared that the PA would no longer be using funds controlled by the Prisoners’ Affairs Ministry to pay terrorists’ salaries. The Times of Israel reports that the ministry was subsequently shut down and the PA announced that all monies paid to those who commit terrorism against Israel would be distributed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which does not receive international support. However, in a special report entitled, “The PA’s Billion Dollar Fraud,” watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) exposed that Abbas lied when he made this promise to donor countries in 2014. PMW cites various reports proving that the PA’s Finance Ministry continues to pay terrorists. One example is the fact that the PA’s budget for the PLO was increased by NIS 481 million ($127 million) – roughly the same amount as PA funds previously earmarked for prisoners – in 2015, at the same time the PLO established its Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs. The PA, the report concludes, continues to support terrorists financially, albeit in a circuitous way via the PLO.

Which is just one of the many reasons we need to cut off ALL “foreign aid” to the PA. The PA, PLO, and Hamas (a Islamic terrorist organization) is all the same thing. And yet, our federal government sends it millions and millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to it every year.. How dumb is that?!? It’s not just offensive, it’s foolish. And, it’s time we stopped that practice.

Hamas standing in West Bank and Gaza Strip weakens

For years, Israel has treated the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas as the main danger posed by Palestinians to the security of the Jewish state. But recent rifts inside the group — marked by the execution last month of Hamas‘ military wing commander Muhammad Eshtawi for “moral and behavioral trespasses” — have eroded the organization’s standing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, leaving it weaker than it has been in at least a decade. It was exactly 10 years ago that Hamas won a bombshell victory in Palestinian elections, a result that many in the U.S. and Israel believed spelled trouble. If a similar vote were held today, the group’s bitter rival, Fatah, would defeat it by a margin of 39 percent to 17 percent, said Nader Said-Foqahaa, director of the Arab World for Research & Development, a public opinion survey firm based in Ramallah. What’s more, Fatah would probably garner 45 percent in the Gaza Strip, Hamas‘ traditional stronghold. The disastrous 2014 Gaza War is one reason why Hamas is so unpopular, especially in Gaza. Hamas started the conflict by kidnapping three Israeli teens. Now the war and other clashes with Israel, Egyptian and Israeli economic blockades, and overcrowding mean “Gaza could become uninhabitable by 2020 if current economic trends persist,” according to a recent U.N. Conference on Trade and Development report. Only 35 percent of the $3.5 billion promised for Gaza reconstruction by international donors has arrived, the World Bank reported recently. Israel is asserting that Hamas is “stealing” material for the construction of tunnels for black market commerce between Palestinians and Israelis. Hamas leader Ahmad Youssef recently acknowledged the need for change. “The Islamic movement in Palestine in particular needs to undertake intellectual and practical revisions regarding its role in the local and the international changes in the world,” he told Sama News, an independent news outlet in the Gaza Strip. “These Islamic movements have to make reforms.” But the group isn’t turning away from violence. Hamas is trying to recapture the nationalist enthusiasm of Palestinians by embracing the “Intifada of Knives” — the Palestinian uprising against Israel that has included numerous stabbings — celebrating teenage “martyrs” committing the stabbings and trumpeting the success of its tunnels from Gaza into Israel. The Hamas-affiliated Al Aksa TV channel has even produced a music video urging attacks on Israel’s public transit. The television station’s studio was destroyed in the 2014 Gaza War, a conflict that resulted in more than 2,000 Palestinian deaths and the destruction of tens of thousands of homes and businesses. “The intifada is not an intifada if the bus roof doesn’t fly off,” sang the Promise of Islamic Art, the Lebanese band commissioned by Al Aksa, whose studios have been rebuilt after their destruction in an Israeli airstrike during the 2014 conflict.

And yet these “peaceful” Palestinians continue to support with money, votes, and blood, Hamas; an Islamo-fascist terrorist organization.

FBI Chart and Documents Portray CAIR as Hamas-Related Organization

An FBI chart has surfaced depicting connections between the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the chart shows CAIR falling under the umbrella of the jihadi outfit. This FBI chart details the Hamas-related groups, which included CAIR, that were created to ultimately support the Palestinian terrorist organization. It also established Nabil Sadoun’s (former CAIR national board of directors member and vice chairman) connections to Hamas. The IPT also obtained groundbreaking new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents that trail CAIR back to its roots as a subversive Hamas-related group. In 2007, CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, a Hamas financing case that would result in the FBI ceasing its working relationship with CAIR. The HLF trial was the largest terror-financing case in American history. In 2008, during a retrial of the HLF case, an FBI Special Agent labeled CAIR as “a front group for Hamas” during her trial testimony. In 2010, a federal judge reiterated that his court had “ample evidence” that CAIR was involved in “a conspiracy to support Hamas.” CAIR, which relies upon millions of dollars in Saudi cash, was recently listed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a terrorist organization. The group, which fashions itself as a civil rights voice for American Muslims, was founded by members of the Palestine Committee (PALCOM), an organization “established to support Hamas,” according to the chart. Nihad Awad, currently CAIR’s executive director, was previously an official at PALCOM. The FBI declaration submitted in connection with removal proceedings for Nabil Sadoun (a former top CAIR official) said PALCOM members used coded language to discuss the “true nature” of their clandestine operations in support of Hamas. During a Philadelphia conference, which was being wiretapped by the FBI, they “referred to Hamas as ‘Samah’–Hamas spelled backwards–or simply as ‘the Movement,’” the FBI declaration said.

Next time you see some representative from CAIR on some news program, keep all of this in mind.  They, along with Hamas (whom they support), are Islamo-fascist terrorists.  Period.  Anyway, to see this FBI chart, and read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

Hamas Terrorists Complain About Trump’s Immigration Policy

Palestinian terrorist organizations did not take kindly to Donald Trump’s call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Responding to Trump’s proposal, Ismail Radwan, a Hamas leader and spokesman in Gaza, told Breitbart Jerusalem: “We do not estimate that the current U.S. administration, any administration, will implement these racist suggestions. This is a pathetic attempt to attribute terror exclusively to Muslims.” Radwan, whose group’s charter calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel, lectured Trump: “Islam is a religion of peace, a religion which opposes bloodshed.” Radwan glossed over Hamas’ own long and sordid history of bloodshed in the name of Islam, including thousands of terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of Israelis. Hamas has been responsible for suicide bombings, shootings, and rocket attacks targeting Israeli neighborhoods. Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, a senior Salafi jihadist in the Gaza Strip, also sounded off..

Well, if ever there was a solid endorsement of putting an immigration moratorium on Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, it’s this one.  We have Hamas leaders whining about it.  Hamas is just one of the many Islamo-fascist terrorist organizations out there.  That’s like Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, or the Taliban complaining.  If THEY’RE complaining, it MUST be a good idea!

Palestinians torch Joseph’s Tomb in West Bank as unrest continues

Hundreds of Palestinian rioters set fire to the site revered by some Jews as the tomb of the Biblical patriarch Joseph in the West Bank city of Nablus early Friday, ahead of an emergency United Nations Security Council session to discuss the ongoing violence. Palestinian security forces extinguished the blaze early Friday before Israel Defense Forces could arrive on the scene, according to the Jerusalem Post. There were no injuries in the fire, but the tomb suffered severe damage. The site has become a popular prayer site in recent years among some religious Jews. Local media showed flames leaping from the small stone structure in the West Bank city of Nablus. The IDF said in a statement it intends to repair the site for worshippers to enter, according to JPost. The military also said it is treating the matter with the “utmost severity” and will work to identify the arsonists. The fire was condemned harshly by Israeli politicians, with Avigdor Lieberman, a former foreign minister under Benjamin Netanyahu, proclaiming “This arson shows that the Palestinian Authority’s occupation is no different than that of [ISIS]”. He added that the rioters had been incited by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, first to kill Israelis with machetes and knives, “and now burning holy and historical sites, just like [ISIS] is doing in Iraq and Syria.” Meantime, a Palestinian posing as a journalist stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier in the West Bank city of Hebron. The attack took place near a clash between Palestinian stone-throwers and Israeli troops. The assailant was described as wearing a T-shirt with the word “press” written on it in large letters. Soldiers rushed to the scene, administering aid to the injured soldier who was eventually taken away by ambulance. The Foreign Press Association for Israel and the Palestinian territories called on local Palestinian media organizations to verify all credentials. Tensions are high in the region after a series of recent attacks, most of them stabbings, that killed eight Israelis. In that time, 31 Palestinians have been reported killed by Israeli fire, including 14 labeled by Israel as attackers, and the rest in clashes with Israeli troops. On Thursday, Abbas ignited an uproar in Israel after falsely claiming in a televised speech that Israelis had “summarily executed” Ahmed Manasra, when the 13-year-old actually was recovering at an Israeli hospital after he stabbed two Israelis, including a boy his own age. Palestinians, in turn, were enraged by video appearing to show Ahmed lying in the street, his head bloodied and his legs splayed, as bystanders curse him and shout “Die!” in Hebrew. The images, widely circulated on social media, made no mention of the preceding attack by Ahmed and his cousin Hassan, 15, who was then shot and killed by police Monday. “Now we have a new big lie. That new big lie is that Israel is executing Palestinians,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday. Still, he said he would be “perfectly open” to meeting Abbas to address what the Israeli leader said was a wave of incitement. Abbas, who has long argued that armed attacks on Israelis go against Palestinian interests, has denied the Israeli allegations that he is fomenting unrest. He did not immediately respond to Netanyahu’s offer.

Wow.. This should offend every Christian (Protestant and Catholic) and Jew everywhere.. Just fathom if some Christian or Jew had done this to, oh I dunno..Mecca? Muslims burn whole villages, and behead people in droves when they hear a mere rumor about a Koran having been thrown out (even by accident) or burned. So, again, fathom if the roles had been reversed and some Muslim holy tomb had been set on fire. It’d be WWIII! The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) should find whoever did this, and wipe them all out. And hey.. I I were Bibi, I’d use the opportunity to go deep into the West Bank and destroy Hamas. You cannot let something like this go. This is a BIG line crossed. These intollerant, hate-filled, Islamo-fascist barbarians want some ridiculous religious war. Well, Israel should accomodate them and wipe them out once and for all. Israel needs to make it VERY clear to other would-be Muslim fanatics that attacking Jewish and Christian holy sites isn’t worth it.

Hamas hatred: New documentary shows Iranian-backed terror group indoctrinating kids

A new documentary grimly predicts the role Iran plays in financing terror organizations and the indoctrination of children at military summer camps in the Middle East will significantly increase as a result of the imminent release of huge sums of money to Tehran under the nuclear agreement endorsed by the Obama administration. “Iran: Billions for Terror?” depicts children blowing up mock Israeli villages and parroting Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who is seen telling an adoring Iranian crowd, “The entire world – particularly the world of Islam – is duty-bound and obliged to help the Palestinian people with as many weapons as possible.” Produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research (CNEPR) and filmed by a team of Arab reporters at various locations in Gaza this summer, one of the most disturbing aspects of the footage is the recent introduction of terror training for little girls. The Hamas summer camps mantra, “We will sacrifice our lives for the sake of Allah” is chanted over and over. “With billions of dollars of unfrozen assets expected to be unfrozen and available to Iran, Iranian leaders have stated that they will continue to fund Hamas,” states a promo for the film. “This film includes interviews with boy and girl child soldiers of Hamas, who describe their intention to destroy Israel with guns, and other weapons.” Hamas’ relationship with Iran has notably improved over the last few years with funding and weapons from Tehran continuing to reach Gaza. Despite the blockade by Israel and Egypt of the enclave, the munitions find their way into their hands of Hamas, as well as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terror organizations. Hamas counselors such as Hassan Suhare appear on the film, and express no qualms about the training of child soldiers. “In Gaza there are over 50 camps in which 15,000 children are being trained. [They] underwent weapons and military training,” he said. “We were able to help the kids overcome their fear and then the children opened fire. Yesterday the kids blew up model Zionist [Israeli] villages.” Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is seen proudly declaring, “This camp graduation, celebration, is part of a holy effort and a continued struggle” as girls as young as six are shown dressed in military fatigues and carry replica machine guns. “Jerusalem will be reconquered only by the weapons of our resistance,” says Esra Halil Juma, a military counselor from the girls’ camp. “I call to the people: “Please point your guns in the face of the enemy until we liberate Jerusalem and build Palestine, Inshallah [with God’s will].” Sabrin Barakat, another Hamas military girls’ camp counselor adds, “Jerusalem belongs just to the Muslims. The Jews are pigs and don’t have any connections with Al Aqsa and Jerusalem. All they have is a pig pen.” The Center has for years documented the cruel indoctrination of Palestinian children, as well as the role of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, which is charged with running schools in the Palestinian territories. The Center has charged that UNRWA worked with the Gaza teachers union allegedly taken over by Hamas in 1999, but such cooperation and the historical use of UNRWA schools for Hamas military camps has been denied by the UN agency that reportedly faced a shortfall of around $100 million ahead of the recent start of the school year.

Sounds like teacher’s unions are even worse in the middle east! lol On a more serious note.. This shows just how foolish and incompetent Obama is, and how wrong-headed his push to get some sort of “deal” (regardless of how good or bad it is) with Iran regarding the whole nuke situation. The current “deal” would free up monies for Tehran to provide even MORE support to Hamas, an Islamo-fascist, barbaric terrorist group that has been identified by our State Dept as a “sponsor of terror.” To see just how unbelievably evil they are, just click on the text above to see the video of these kids being brainwashed/trained. THIS is the fight we’re up against, and again we have Obama and his willing accomplice Dems in Congress supporting ANY deal with Iran, which undermines that fight, and our national security interests. As we’ve been saying from day one here at The Daily Buzz… Obama is our nation’s greatest national security threat. And, for all of those Hillary supporters… She too supports working with Iran. Yeah.. Those are the brain-trusts at the top of the Democrat party leadership. And, that’s why they need to be defeated at the polls a year from now.. In the meantime, call or email your member of Congress and BOTH U.S. Senators, and tell them to oppose ANY “deal” with Iran, especially the one being pushed by Obama.

Terrorist, torturer, turncoat make short list to succeed Palestinian chief Abbas

The age and flagging popularity of Mahmoud Abbas have spurred speculation the Palestinian Authority president is preparing to step down, and the short list of likely successors is topped by a convicted terrorist serving life in an Israeli prison. Abbas, who is 80 and reportedly in failing health, has led the West Bank government for the entire decade since the death of Yasser Arafat. But growing and open discontent with Abbas has been accompanied by an Egyptian TV report that he told that nation’s president he intends to step down in the coming months. “He doesn’t have a protege, he hasn’t facilitated a system in which people feel they can rise to the top,” Grant Rumley, an expert on Palestinian affairs at the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told The Jerusalem Post. Abbas was originally elected to serve a four-year term, but no elections have been held since he took power and he rules by decree. His tenure has been marked by accusations of cronyism and corruption, and in recent months there has been open criticism of the wealthy lifestyle led by members of his family, presumably on the dime of international donors who prop up the Palestinian state. In theory, the PA represents Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank, but the two territories are effectively governed separately. An exit by Abbas could theoretically clear the way for a successor sympathetic to Hamas, which runs Gaza, to take control of both territories.

To see the top 5 contenders for the position, and to read the rest of this article, click on the text above. Keep in mind that Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization. And the PA (formerly called the PLO) is run by those either sympathetic to, or directly connected to, Hamas. So, keep that in mind. Abbas has simply been a puppet of Hamas this past decade, and it boggles the mind how our federally elected leaders have courted him, while simultaneously distancing themselves from our ally, Israel. That’s just stupid and NOT in our country’s national security interests. Obama has taken that to a whole new level. But, then again, he’s a bumbling idiot…so I’m repeating myself.

Egypt Arrests 600 Terrorists in April – Crackdown on Palestinian terror tunnels

Egyptian authorities arrested at least 600 terrorists in the month of April in massive raids meant to crack down on illicit extremist activity in Egypt’s lawless Sinai region, according to the country’s president. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi revealed the arrest figures during a recent national address to discuss the country’s security situation, which has been in flux since al-Sisi deposed former Muslim Brotherhood-backed leader Mohamed Morsi. Egyptian security officials have spent great resources ferreting out terrorist forces and a network of illicit tunnels used by extremists in the neighboring Hamas-controlled Palestinian territories. Palestinian terrorists use these tunnels to smuggle weapons and wage attacks in Egyptian and Israeli territory. The high number of arrested “reflect the efforts we exert and the magnitude of the challenges we face,” al-Sisi was quoted as saying in the speech, excerpts of which were translated and circulated by the Egyptian Embassy. The local Egyptian population has aided in identifying and capturing these terrorists, al-Sisi said. The involvement of local citizens “is a strong, moral message that shows they won’t accept the current conditions,” he said. Around 80 percent of the tunnels crossing the Rafah border area between Egypt and the Palestinian territories “have been destroyed,” al-Sisi said. Authorities “arrested 62 defendants with explosives and ammunition” during these raids and “confiscated 122 explosive bombs,” according to al-Sisi. Meanwhile, an Egyptian court this week sentenced former President Morsi to death. He was charged with conspiring to break out of prison along with extremist forces. Morsi also is suspected of working with Hezbollah and Hamas in the lead up to his popular coup that brought him and the Muslim Brotherhood into power.

Major kudos to President al-Sisi!! He’s doing what he has to do to bring security and stability to his country ravaged by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamo-fascist crazies. Our limp-wristed, metro-sexual, man-child of a President could learn a thing or two from al-Sisi who, incidently, is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College. Yeah.. Exactly.

Obama Administration to send $212M in Foreign Aid to Palestinians, Kerry says

The United States is promising $212 million in immediate assistance to the Palestinians as part of an international effort to rebuild the Gaza Strip after this summer’s 50-day war.

Are you serious?!?! Why on EARTH are we sending $212 MILLION DOLLARS of hard-earned, tax-payer monies to the Hamas-lead Palestinian government to rebuild their settlements after the Israelis decimated them.. And why was that? Because Hamas was attacking innocent Israeli citizens. This is a problem between Israel and the people of Palestine. And, if the Palestinian people are too stubborn and stupid to separate themselves from Hamas, then they should live with the consequences of that. Its not our problem to have to pay for THEIR mistakes. This is another pathetic patronizing of our enemies. Hamas would wipe us out in a nano-second if they could…and yet we’re sending them $212 MILLION tax-payer dollars?!?!? Call your member of Congress and your two U.S. Senators and tell them to NOT send ANY foreign aid to Palestine until they totally reject any affiliation with Hamas! We cannot keep sending millions of our tax dollars to countries and terrorist organizations like Hamas. Its breathtakingly stupid and goes totally against our national security interests; something Obama has a habit of doing a LOT. Now, hes just robbing us at point blank range, and giving our money to terrorists….and calling it “foreign aid.” This should infuriate every tax-paying American!