Analysis: Haitians fear Clintons will ‘scam’ them again – Foundation accused of looting impoverished nation after 2010 earthquake

Hurricane Matthew has reopened the debate over whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation provided true disaster relief for the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake or mostly enriched themselves at the expense of the suffering Haitian people. Crossing Haiti with a vengeance, Hurricane Matthew last week killed 877 people in the impoverished island nation and left tens of thousands homeless. It also reignited a cholera outbreak that has killed another 17 people as floodwater mixed with sewage. Former President Bill Clinton on Oct. 4 wrote a sympathetic offer of renewed charitable assistance on Twitter: “Praying for everyone impacted by #HurricaneMatthew. Here’s how you can help in Haiti.” Clinton linked the tweet to a page created on the Clinton Foundation website to solicit tax-favored contributions from U.S. donors to provide relief efforts in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Clinton’s tweet prompted one Twitter user to respond, “Is this a joke, you looted Haiti once already.” Another said, “Clintons still scamming off poor Haiti after a natural disaster.” On Oct. 6, the Committee to Mobilize Dictatorship in Haiti, KOOMOKODA [Komite Mobilizasyon kont Diktati an Ayiti], conducted a small but vocal protest attended by some 20 Haitian activists in front of New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Manhattan office at 120 Broadway, off Wall Street. “We will be there to denounce Schneiderman’s double standard in deciding to prosecute the Trump Foundation for fraud while ignoring the lack of audits and billions ‘missing’ from the Clinton Foundation,” KOMOKODA announced in a press release. “This is clearly Schneiderman abusing the authority of his office to tilt the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US presidential elections.”

Just more Clinton corruption.  Bill and Hillary are self-serving opportunists who have made a lifetime of coming across as caring for the little guy, while scamming them in the process.   Hillary talks about the need to lower school tuition….while speaking at some university for 30 minutes…and getting paid $300,000.00 out of their student activity fund for her self-righteous grand standing.  Such a hypocrite!  This is just more of the same..  To read the rest of this excellent investigative piece by Jerome Corsi, click on the text above.

Obama admin. to allow thousands of Haitians into U.S. without visas

The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee took the Obama administration to task Friday for its “irresponsible” plan to allow as many as 100,000 Haitians to immigrate to the U.S. without a visa.

This is SO outrageous!! Again, we see the completely lawless Obama and his AG Eric Holder intent on undermining, and brazenly violating, our immigration laws. Obama has NO authority to do this whatsoever!! And, why Haiti exactly? Since EVERYTHING that Obama and AG Eric Holder does is related either to race or global warming, I’m gonna go out on a cynical limb and bet that Obama picked Haiti for purely racial reasons. Those two make me want to vomit…