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Gutfeld on plastic bags and the coronavirus

We look at small things as trivial, but in reality, the things we ignore come back to haunt us. Look at me. I was once a small thing myself. Still am. Another example: A scientific paper predicted that the presence of SARS-like viruses in bats together with the practice of eating them was “a time bomb.” That was in 2007. Now, a warning from me in 2014. Six years ago, in my book, “Not Cool,” on page 136, I warned readers of reusable shopping bags. One study linked them to a 46 percent increase in deaths from foodborne illnesses. They raise the risk by harboring viruses that can go from your bag to the food you share with your family. Reusable feed bags might have also killed millions of piglets seven years ago by spreading a novel swine virus. Other research among humans shows how viruses spread with similar bags, making people sick. So why is this important? As states ban plastic bags, you’re supposed to rely on reusable bags. Which, in a time like this, ain’t good. We’re told to steer clear of contaminated surfaces, yet we carry one to stores, schools, and workplaces. And we put our food in it. Right now, it makes sense to postpone these bans. Hell, we’re postponing everything else. It’s a vector we can control. So the good news? We aren’t running out of food, and we probably won’t. The bad news? Those bags you put your food in aren’t helping. Some viruses spread through good intentions gone bad. The best intention now is to ask for single-use bags — plastic or paper.

Exactly!!  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on March 18, 2020.  Greg absolutely nails it here.  The whole banning of plastic bags in liberal havens like New York City and San Francisco has only exacerbated this Wuhan virus problem.  This is what happens when liberal Democrat politicians implement politically correct policies so as to pander to misguided enviro-wackos and other liberal interest groups. Thanks Greg!     🙂

Gutfeld on how to do good during a bad time

As we realize we’re in the coronavirus crisis together, people are stepping up to help each other. For example, a college student launched a shopping program for at-risk people in Nevada. Others have done similar things all over, including one young woman. “It has a very large elderly community here and I was just really worried that those people, those neighbors weren’t getting what they needed,” the young woman said in an interview. “We also got another email late last night from a mom with a newborn in Brooklyn whose husband is sick, so we are setting up to get some stuff to her this morning, too. I had so many people reach out, both in the neighborhood to volunteer, but then also all over the world sending me pictures of their signs that they’re making, which I think is so huge.” So shouldn’t doing good things be a competitive sport, since all the other ones are canceled? A virtue-signaling Olympics, with real virtue? Not the kind of phony virtue on social media where a pop star tweets an inspirational phrase she Googled a minute ago. That’s zero cost with zero benefit. By the way, it’s odd how our most famous celebrity crusaders have gone silent. My guess? They’re in guarded seclusion. And I’m sure the gun control zealots among them are armed to the hilt. As for you, do good things that make you feel good. Granted, it’s hard in isolation, but small things matter. Even washing your hands should make you feel heroic because you’re killing germs! And sharing. Even sharing your toilet paper. One guy actually started a toilet paper exchange on a California street corner. His homemade sign said, “Share your toilet paper.” It’s working. Why? Because good deeds make you feel less crappy. It’s not virtue signaling. It’s virtue doing. We saw idiots hoarding toilet paper, and true to their memetic nature, people copied it. So why not initiate good behavior and hope people copy that, too? This is also a good time to eat better, exercise more and practice that guitar gathering dust on the wall. Now is the time to be your better self. It’s the opposite of every panic imagined by our entertainment industry. Prove them wrong by doing things right. Again.

Agreed!  And well said, Greg.  We’re definitely all in this thing together.  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on March 17, 2020.

Gutfeld on Biden and Bernie

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s victories in recent Democratic presidential primaries have been a triumph of taxidermy. So what did we learn, America? First, politics is like real estate. It’s location, location, location. As forceful as Bernie’s vision was, it was in the wrong place: America. Being a socialist in the most successful economy in history is like trying to sell Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Siberia. America listened to a 78-year-old try to sell a bad idea that’s twice his age. Americans said, “No way.” And the youth vote? It looks like the 50-plus crowd, who pay their bills, make wiser choices. Surprise! Biden is similar to a cardboard contraption that may have structural flaws. At least it’s standing in the right place. Plus, he remembered his pants. Perhaps Democrats who vote for Biden are purchasing a “teardown.” It’s not for the structure. It’s for the land. His pick for vice president may be in charge at some point if he wins. So voting for him is like snapping up a prime lot to build the Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., home, or a Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., castle, or a Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., wigwam. Which is why Democrats want to end this thing before a debate. They know that with each passing week, the weakness of what they’re left with is becoming more apparent. They should’ve blasted the radical leftism of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., early on, but they liked the look of agreeing with him. He’s going nowhere. “Donald Trump must be defeated, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen,” Sanders said in a speech Wednesday. “On Sunday night, in the first one-on-one debate of this campaign, the American people will have the opportunity to see which candidate is best positioned to accomplish that goal. … I very much look forward to the debate in Arizona with my friend, Joe Biden.” So Democrats had two choices. The “radically wrong,” who reflects the party’s secret socialism, or the conventional codger, who will limp to the finish line to deliver someone younger and new. Like Hillary Clinton! It could work. But if they don’t get Biden prepped and propped before he faces President Trump, it will be like feeding old-growth logs to a wood chipper.

Agreed..  Thanks to Greg Gutfeld for his usual dry wit and sarcasm calling it as he sees it.  Bernie is still in the game.  But, his campaign is on life support.  Really, at this point it’s Joe Biden vs. President Trump.  And, if Joe makes the kind of verbal gaffes he’s been making during his campaign on the debate stage with Trump, then Trump will absolutely demolish him.  And, Trump won’t hold back or pull punches out of deference to Joe’s age and apparent mental shortcomings.  That’s what John McCain, and then later Mitt Romney, did with Obama.  They went out of their way to be overly civil and nice, so as to avoid being called “racist.”…and look where it got them.  Trump won’t make the same mistake.  Joe Biden will bring a butter knife while Trump will bring a tank or self-propelled howitzer.

Gutfeld on Bernie vs. Joe

Moments after getting endorsed by Democrats who were fleeing this slow-rolling disaster, former Vice President Joe Biden quickly inspired confidence in their decisions. “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, go, you know, you know the thing,” Biden said. “Look, tomorrow’s Super Thurs… Tuesday. And I want to thank you all. I’ll tell you what, I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I?” As always, he could blame it on the Russians! I wonder if President Trump noticed? He did. “Tomorrow voters in states all across the nation will head to the polls for Super Tuesday. Not Super Thursday. Oh, he said, ‘Super Thursday.’ You can’t do these things,” Trump said. “He’s constantly naming the wrong state. ‘It’s great to be in the state of Ohio.’ ‘No, no, no. I’m sorry. You’re in North Carolina.'” “I honestly don’t think he knows what office he’s running for.” Trump added, “They’re going to put him into a home, and other people are going to be running the country, and they’re going to be super-left radical crazies.” Now, everyone makes gaffes, but Joe’s multiply faster than rabbits. And while sometimes Trump’s words are shocking, they don’t hint at an underlying decline. Biden’s words remind you that he’s not getting any younger, let alone wiser. And it makes you wonder about the endorsements from Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg really mean. Is Biden really leading a parade of enthusiastic support? Or is this a gurney race to push him across the finish line on a stretcher? He also faces a bigger challenge though. He is moderate by today’s loony-left standards, but his one and only idea is, “Get rid of that orange meanie.” That’s not a vision. That’s a complaint. Meanwhile, Bernie is the outsider whose vision is strong — despite being wrong. It’s why he attracts the youthful, the mad and the crazy. In a world where we idealize the bold, a radical is just sexier than a bumbling moderate. Even a radical with ear hair. It’s not fair. It’s not smart. But it’s life. Maybe if Democrats hadn’t thrown all their weight behind the fantasy of impeachment, they would have seen this coming. Instead, Democrats are stuck with three voting choices. Two are cranky old men, and one who is sleeping in. I put my money on the “snooze” button.

Of course, since that was all said, “mini” Mike Bloomberg threw in the towel.  Thanks as always to Greg Gutfeld for this latest “Gregologue.”      🙂

Gutfeld on the media ‘hoax’ hoax

In the world of fake news, we no longer have to worry about hoaxes. We now have to deal with ‘hoax’ hoaxes. On Friday, when President Trump called Democrats’ attempt to politicize coronavirus a “hoax,” how did the media portray that? That he was calling the virus itself a hoax. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank kicked it off with this: “Remember this moment: Trump, in South Carolina, just called the coronavirus a ‘hoax,’” Milbank wrote. Politico lazily picked it up with this headline: “Biden blasts Trump for calling coronavirus a ‘hoax.’” True, the “hoax hoax” spread like a virus to desperate Democratic candidates — Joe Biden and also Mike Bloomberg trumpeting this lie, even though anyone who read Trump’s actual quote could see that it was B.S. But the media expects us not to do that. They hope our laziness will let hoaxing hacks like Milbank get away with their misinformation. And if you point out their lies, then CNN’s hall monitors will accuse you of “politicizing” it, the “I know you are but what am I” school of debate that is then met with laughter. But even as there are hacks, there is hope, as better reporters now promptly call out these fake news viruses. After Bloomberg blasted Trump for “calling it a hoax,” reporter Scott Pelley stopped him. Pelley wasn’t the only one. Others on Twitter quickly called out the lie, which forces the media to find another path to hammer those they hate. That’s the problem with the media’s bias. It’s not so much contagious as it is incurable. The best defense? Washing your hands — of them.

No kidding!   Thanks to Greg Gutfeld for that outstanding monologue (or “Gregologue” as he calls ’em) which aired on March 2, 2020.  To see Greg say all that and discuss with his co-hosts on “The Five,” click on the text above.      🙂

Opinion: Gutfeld on the media reaction to the coronavirus

So let’s review the media reaction to President Trump’s coronavirus presser. CNN’s ball of hysteria, Brian Stelter, tweeted: “Since the dawn of the Trump era, countless experts have warned that the president’s lack of credibility would imperil the country in the event of an emergency. As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, those fears may be coming true.” That one tweet defines the media’s dark desires for something bad to happen so that all of their previous hate for Trump is validated. “The fears may be coming true,” Brian wish-tweets, relying on the word all CNN’s false fantasies bank on: “may.” Every story that collapses hinges on “may.” Trump may resign. Trump may not leave office. Michael Avenatti may run for president! It’s a word that provides cover for the media’s delusional dreams. Today, that dream is a disease. This time people will surely die! But it will be Trump’s fault, and then finally I’ll be right and CNN President Jeff Zucker will give me a lollipop! It’s a diabolical deal, welcoming a grim hell just to say, “I told you so.” Meanwhile, Gail Collins wrote in The New York Times that we should call the disease “Trumpvirus.” I say, let’s rename “dementia” and call it “The New York Times.” Because only a truly mindless paper would still run Gail’s laughable drivel. It’s an example of how they’d rather politicize than actually help. Members of the press claim to champion credibility, but their own credibility is a joke. The Times and CNN can’t be trusted on any topic, because their deranged filter spits out the same answer on everything. “Orange man bad!” I would call it a “plague,” otherwise known as “Gail Collins Disease.”

As usual, Greg Gutfeld from “The Five” absolutely nails it.  Brian Stelter and Gail Collins are an embarrassment to journalism.  I suspect if an asteroid hit the earth, they’d somehow blame Trump for that too.  And, if Trump found the cure to cancer, they’d probably say he didn’t do it fast enough.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is on full display now with this coronavirus scare that’s negatively impacting the market, among other things.  Thanks to Greg for this outstanding piece!  Excellent!!     🙂

Gutfeld rips media after Avenatti verdict: Their ‘deranged filter’ depicted ‘bald bozo’ as anti-Trump savior

The mainstream media failed to see convicted attorney Michael Avenatti for who he really was, but latched onto him because he seemed able to damage President Trump, Greg Gutfeld said on “The Five” Friday. Earlier Friday, a federal jury in Manhattan convicted Avenatti of trying to extort athleticwear giant Nike, but not before he made hundreds of appearances on the likes of CNN and MSNBC, Gutfeld said after playing a montage of TV hosts praising the onetime attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels. “‘The Five’ saw him for what he was, but the clowns from the [media] … they couldn’t because they have a deranged filter,” Gutfeld said. “All they saw when they looked at this clown was somebody that could hurt Trump, so they all lined up to kiss the bald bozo’s ring,” The montage featured CNN anchors Christopher Cuomo and Don Lemon, MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell, and CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert. “This is a piece of evidence that shows you the corporate media cannot be trusted,” Gutfeld continued, adding that those same media figures portray themselves as more knowledgeable and sophisticated than the American people. “But they are credulous. They’ll take in anybody. They are a tribe looking for a savior and that’s what they saw in this guy.” At the height of Avenatti’s fame, images circulated on social media that showed him partying with CNN anchors. Juanita Scarlett, a former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (brother of Chris Cuomo) once tweeted — and then deleted – a photo of herself with Avenatti and another CNN anchor, Don Lemon, who apparently hosted a bash at his posh Hamptons home. Avenatti, 48, was convicted of extortion, wire fraud and transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort. He faces up to 42 years in prison.

Greg is exactly right.  These morons at CNN and MSNBC, and other liberal media types like Joy Behar over at The View saw in Avenatti someone that could bring down Trump..