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Gutfeld on campus absurdity

Clapping has been banned at Britain’s University of Manchester Student Union because it triggers anxiety and discourages people from attending events. It will be replaced with a silent version of “jazz hands” – which is said to encourage an “environment of respect.” Meanwhile, a Massachusetts professor says that the label “veteran” should be expanded to include peace activists. I say the label “professor” should be expanded to include messy droolers. The one thing these things have in common, besides lunacy, is that they’ve both broken out of the asylum gates of the local university. The seed pods from that garden of stupid, are now blooming in the real world. Why is that? Because no one wants to say, “that’s really dumb.” We are all bullied to silence by the tyranny of grievance. Nobody wants to share the risk in calling out absurdity because that makes you a big meanie. Example: you’re on a subway and a maniac gets on board. He’s a babbling idiot. So everyone looks down at their phones. Why? Because no one wants to assume a piece of the risk. So they hide from the maniac. Then you realize the maniac is Bill de Blasio. Again. He’s screaming inanities. Your head aches. He won’t shut up. So now the joke’s on you. You should have complained the moment de Blasio got on. You should have said, ‘shut up and get out of here. You’re too loud and stupid for mass transit.’ Ideological excess spreads when everyone looks the other way. Whether it’s on campus, in congress, and in media. But maybe for once, let’s share the risk. It might be the only defense we have left.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five,” Oct. 3, 2018.  Greg Gutfeld currently serves as host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Greg Gutfeld Show (Saturdays 10-11PM/ET) and co-host of The Five (weekdays 5-6PM/ET).  To see the video of Greg going through this monologue, and then the discussion afterwards, click on the text above.  Excellent!!     🙂

Gutfeld: CNN Is a ‘Sad Spinster Who Can’t Take a Joke’

CNN’s response to President Trump’s tweet last Sunday of a GIF showing him tackling a fake CNN reminded Greg Gutfeld of a “sad spinster who can’t take a joke.” “Once again CNN fell for fake news,” Gutfeld said on his show on Saturday. The network “didn’t just step in it. They jumped head first into a sewage treatment plant and did the breaststroke.” CNN slammed the president’s tweet and went after the Reddit user who created the meme, saying they would not reveal his identity if he did not do it again. The meme creator has since apologized on Reddit saying he does not advocate violence against journalists. CNN said they reserve the right to expose his identity, but are not doing so “because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media.” “When a giant corporation threatens to expose a nobody in order to silence him … it’s like swatting a fly with a nuke,” Gutfeld said. The host remarked that conservatives and liberals have switched places over the years. “Conservatives were always painted as humorless. We were the shrill, tight-ass scolds,” Gutfeld said. “But now we’ve changed, and so has the Left.” “By embracing identity politics and victimhood they became the tattletales and we became by default the troublemakers,” he said.

And it’s far worse than even Greg is saying..  The liberals in the dominantly liberal mainstream media (i.e. CNN, and MSNBC) have NO sense of humor, and are the real fascists in this country.  If you cross them, they’ll bully you.  As for CNN’s Jim Acosta..  He Tweeted, “..he (i.e. Trump) is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office.  We will keep doing our jobs.  He should start doing his.”  Wow!!  What a self-righteous, arrogant prick!!  If I were Trump or the Press Secretary, I’d revoke Jim’s press credentials immediately.  Nowhere in the First Amendment does it require the White House to automatically give some press member access to the White House, despite what media would have you believe.  All the First Amendment says is, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”  The media can say whatever it wants.  But, nowhere in there does it say the executive branch can’t restrict access to the President.  Nowhere.  It’s time the Trump White House cut off access to tools like Jim Acosta.

Greg Gutfeld: Stone Age liberals

Last week a liberal writer from Newsweek criticized me on Twitter over something I said on “The Five,” writing: “Your premise is factually incorrect. But keep cashing those checks.” To which I responded: “I direct deposit.” Yeah, I won that round. I left the poor guy on the ground in silence, dazed by my pithy genius. But later, I found his tweet actually generating a revelation in my slightly buzzed brain. While the guy might consider his insult (“keep cashing those checks”) a real bruiser, it was old. Tired. Not relevant in this day and age. “Keep cashing those checks” is something you might have heard someone say in the era before direct deposit — so it’s exactly what you’d hear from a liberal who’s fallen behind, who’s been passed by, who’s been trampled by the boots of progress. He might as well have made a withering comment about my CD collection. Or scolded me for not owning an encyclopedia. Or suggested I get a second landline for my computer. I wonder if he still calls the movie theater for correct show times. It would be cute if he did. His tweet, in short, was a neat little reminder of where liberals are today: in the past. They’re operating in a bygone era, so when confronted by the present, all they do is fret about the things they don’t understand. And so they are stuck, repeating the same grade (likely sophomore year) over and over again. They don’t like a president who tweets, or right-wing radicals who get book deals, or lesbians who voted for Trump. They don’t understand why identity politics isn’t resonating anymore after demanding we all bow before the altar of political correctness for decades. They don’t get it: No one cares who you’re sleeping with anymore, or what percentage of you is Cameroonian. No one cares if you require one of 50 different pronouns, or that you get easily triggered by words and images from action films. That’s the past. No one cares about who you are anymore. We only care about what you do. (A piece of advice to the young social justice warrior: You may think people care about who you are. They don’t. If you’re trafficking in identity politics, then you’re likely surrounded by people just like you. Which means everyone is in it for the same reason: not to listen, but to be heard. So they aren’t listening to you either. Get a life outside your grievances.) Liberals are still clinging to the old ways of the easy, protestable past. For so long, they were embraced by the media for their emotional candor that they mistakenly think the public finds their outdated outbursts romantic or daring. But the public doesn’t. To them, the whiny public service announcement videos, the Funny or Die detritus and long-winded emotional speeches at awards shows are as old and musty as your grandma’s rotary phone. Their threats of boycotts come off as edgy as a Harvey Wallbanger or a warm bottle of Zima. It’s why Meryl Streep impressed so few people outside the Golden Globes auditorium. We all saw it coming, because we’d seen it before. You wanna shock us, Ms. Streep? Have lunch at Applebee’s. Meanwhile, have you seen the response to the protesters during the Cabinet hearings? No, because there hasn’t been any. No one cares about those protests — except for their moments of comic relief. As I said on The Five, such protesters are now the rodeo clowns of politics. They are there to break up the monotony of long hearings and boring speeches. All that’s missing is the barrel they can climb into after their performances. These pathetic tantrums might have worked in the 1990s, but now they come off as the opposite of persuasion. The world has seen this all before, and after eight years of fomented fury, we know it’s all orchestrated baloney with no substance behind it. And so as we approach the inauguration, such tantrums will grow more intense, but less and less interesting. They will feel as old and clunky as a disposable camera, or that stack of VHS tapes you once used to record your favorite episodes of “Get A Life.” And yeah — you can take that to the bank. Or direct deposit it.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld absolutely nails it with his dry wit and sarcasm.  Greg is a go-host of “The Five” on the Fox News channel, and is the host of his own weekend show on Fox News.  Excellent!!   🙂

Greg Gutfeld: Obama slams Fox News (and rings the division bell, for the last time)

In a recent interview in that reprehensible wad of trash called Rolling Stone, President Obama pinpointed why the Democrats lost the election. He blamed it on Fox News. He initially blamed his own party for its inability to connect with voters, but then he couldn’t help himself. He did what he’s done in the past when faced with denial or defeat: He targeted my place of employment. Yes, his party sucks for losing, he says. But then he adds: “Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.” So, where to begin? First, let’s call BS on this observation. If Barack Obama actually traveled the United States, he’d laugh at his own words. It’s true that “big chunks” watch Fox News, but they don’t have it on in their bars and restaurants, because those who are not leftists are usually not outwardly political. They have no desire to enforce their views on you. And perhaps they’re used to keeping their views to themselves because people like Obama often mock them for having them. Trump’s outgoingness may have changed this, but for the most part, the average non-liberal would rather talk pets than politics. For the left, it’s always been the reverse. For them, the personal is always political, and they have no choice but to infect every arena in life with their strident opinions. Whether it’s in the work cafeteria, at Thanksgiving dinner or at a play date with assorted brats … if you’re a strong, dedicated progressive, every moment in life is simply an opportunity for proclaiming evidence of your heroic, sensitive belief system. Those of us who aren’t liberals have no such reflex. When I’m among friends or strangers and politics comes up, I generally find a way to subvert or deviate from debate. I tell a joke. I say something stupid. I comment on my assorted body aches. It’s essentially what I do on The Five. True, as you enter the political season, this changes. People talked more politics in the back half of 2016, because that’s when this subject’s Super Bowl hits. People were talking Trump, because it was no different from talking about the next heavyweight champion, or a leading NASCAR driver. It’s not political, it’s just the season for it. It’s a topic for friendly or pointless conversation to pass time while ordering a sandwich. But because Obama is a progressive, and because he’s surrounded by progressives, he projects their sense of political urgency and identity onto his political adversaries. He assumes we’re all just like him, only in reverse. But we aren’t, and he can’t see it, because he is a victim of the very disease that he accuses others of having: divisideria. In the Rolling Stone interview, he accuses Fox News and others of lying to foment division. That’s ironic, given that he’s saying these things in Rolling Stone, the rag that peddled a massive lie (the UVA rape hoax) that ruined lives, and the same rag that put the Boston Bomber in heroic pose on its cover. You can’t get a better mix of deceit and divisiveness than that. The bottom line: The division began decades ago, when the left made politics a measure of your morality. (It’s no surprise it sprang up when Rolling Stone did, too.). If you weren’t like them, you were immoral. You were not simply wrong, as the saying goes, you were evil — a point made often by Charles Krauthammer and Dennis Prager. This began after World War II, when young Americans had the time to turn politics into an all-consuming hobby of emotional activity. No one on the right ever pulled this kind of stuff on the left. True, some held on to bad ideas, but some on the left did, too. We just assumed they were wrong. They saw us as damned. Or as Hillary said, irredeemable. That paved the way for her excruciating loss. You can’t win over people you just sentenced to a life of being deplorable. This narrow, highly destructive sensibility exists still, even after Trump’s beatdown. Comedians, singers and assorted talking heads continue to crap on Trump voters, reducing them to some braying, mindless, bigoted mob. But the more they do this, the more Trump supporters they create. Their simplistic, single-minded arrogance reveals the debilitating irrelevance they feel when the country no longer listens to their whine. Oh, yes … in the good old days, it used to be that you could call someone a bigot, a sexist or simply evil — and it mattered. But the left called it all too much, abusing their power, so it’s no longer believable. It’s as if a superhero had only one single gift (call it “bigot-smearing”), and Trump arrived with the kryptonite. So you’re left with a President Obama — a smart, gifted man — ending his tenure bitterly chatting to a pathetic, marginal magazine about a network he believes gave the country President-elect Trump. He’s lost the plot. All Trump did was galvanize and organize a group of people tired of being villain-shamed by the arrogant and the elite. The fact that this group happened to watch Fox News is simply a correlation, not a cause. But by blaming Fox News, it at least helps the outgoing president achieve one thing: not having to blame himself.

Exactly!!  Obama is such a tool..  And, as usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it here.  Greg his is own show on weekends on the Fox News channel, and is part of the team on Fox News’ The Five show Mon-Fri.  Excellent!!

Gutfeld: ‘The Media Wants Hillary To Win,’ They ‘Set Up,’ Trump and ‘Then, Out Came the Knives’

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Five,” FNC host Greg Gutfeld stated, “the media wants Hillary to win. There’s no doubt about that, even after devoting billions of dollars of free media to Trump. So, do you feel that you were set up? Because you were. You were set up.” Gutfeld said, [relevant 4:10] “[W]hen you look at the tiny ratio of coverage devoted to WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks now knows what it feels like to be [Sen.] Marco Rubio (R-FL), or Rick Perry, or Jeb Bush, because during the primaries, that’s exactly what the ratio was. So, clearly, to your point, the media wants Hillary to win. There’s no doubt about that, even after devoting billions of dollars of free media to Trump. So, do you feel that you were set up? Because you were. You were set up. The media, including Hillary…and Obama, they knew elevating Donald Trump, giving him an air of respectability in the press as well, turned him into the Republican nominee. Then, out came the knives.” He added, “We saw it coming, and we were suckers.”

Greg Gutfeld: Brexit’s babies: Why the Leavers won and the losers can’t stop crying

People (I will politely call them that, when referring to celebrities and media on Twitter) are acting like the Brexit vote is the end of humanity. It’s an online spectacle, this manic hissy fit orchestrated by A, B and C listers who seemingly have ignored the scandalous depravity unfolding in Venezuela, the horrors of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the murderous homophobia of ISIS and assorted other Islamist terror outfits, the barrel bombing of Syrians (which helped foster the Brexit vote). Yes, the Chicken Littles’ pleading for a re-vote are the same ones who CAUSED the vote, through selective outrage, shallow taunts and cowardly ambivalence. Brexit could have been avoided if its critics could have been honest about the present day world. But they weren’t. And so, on that note, here’s why Brexit happened, from a Yank’s eye. The Remainders remained home; the silent ones didn’t If you want to know who didn’t go out and vote – it’s the people hilariously demanding a second chance. The people who were sure Brexit wasn’t going to happen, were so sure it wasn’t going to happen, that they didn’t bother to get off their arses and vote. Now they want a do-over, a redo, calling this election a mulligan. I don’t think it works that way. If you didn’t take it seriously the first time, and everyone else who voted did – that’s on you. You were caught out in your arrogance and ignorance, assuming everyone who was for the exit was a frail, white angry pensioner. Turns out they were people you know – they just never told you so! While you ragged on and on about the bigotry of the leavers at a cocktail party in Chelsea or a pub in Islington, those who disagreed just silently nodded, hoping you’d shut up at some point. The Remainders offended anyone who felt discomfort over mass migration. Fact is, Great Britain has been under siege by the Islamophobia-phobia – the same disease that also grips the American media and body politic. If you express any fears over the rise of Islamism and its assorted toxic doctrines (whose consequences are recently visible in horrific splendor), you are the bad guy – the racist. You are actually worse than the perpetrator of such misdeeds. The sense that control over your own country was now in the hands of impotent bureaucrats in Brussels, and that a vote to leave could wrest your country away from such toadies who are putting your country at risk – is not a symptom of racism or xenophobia. It’s actually a sensible outlook given the state of affairs all over the globe. True , the mass migration is not the refugee’s fault: the west shares blame in its ineffectual response. And many don’t wish to flee – they simply have no choice. But given that over a million who might stream into Germany could then now come to Glasgow or Glastonbury –and within these numbers might sneak a lone ISIS fiend – why shouldn’t you, a British citizen, be concerned? You’d be an ostrich with your head not just in the sand, but up your own butt. The modern human lacks sense of priority. I don’t know whether it’s hilarious or sad that Lindsay Lohan, James Corden and others are expressing outrage over Brexit, as Venezuela descends into an abysmal amalgam of Soylent Green and Lord of the Flies. Bold-faced names are expressing elitist outrage over a vote, while people down south are assaulting each other over toilet paper. Venezuela represents real-time suffering, not the hypothetical hysterias put forth over Brexit. The actual policies of a government – one lauded by Sean Penn and Oliver Stone – are creating a living hell, against the wishes of the suffering people. And yet, the stars in our celebrity skies prefer to wring their soft, precious mitts over Brexit. Here’s why: Venezuela’s demise is caused by an ideology romanticized by the same people fretting over Brexit: socialism. It’s just easier to call a British man who fought in World War II a racist, than it is to condemn an inhuman ideology that he fought and beat. Fact is – Venezuela would LOVE to have a referendum like Brexit – to be able to exercise some autonomy over and away from the tyrannical ideologues who’ve destroyed their once rich country. Instead they starve and/or die, while the media denigrates grannies drinking tea. How did this lead to Brexit? I have a theory. Philosophers who are way smarter than me have studied this perplexing priority — that despite leading moral lives we tend to care more about a small problem in our vicinity (my roof is leaking), than a larger problem far away (a mudslide kills hundreds). Even more, research shows that the larger the suffering, the less we react. Meaning our heartstrings will be pulled harder by the photo of one starving child – than many children equally in pain. It’s weird but true. We care less when there is more. What we are seeing with Brexit is a play on this weird reflex. Because a starlet once lived in London, this compels her to express an oh-so-brave stance against Brexit (even though a week ago she might have thought Brexit was a laxative). Yet, has she said anything about Venezuela, or Syria, or Afghanistan, or the Taliban? I must have missed it. My point: it’s no longer a comparison between one starving child and many, it’s a choice between exercising one’s moral superiority in a risk-free environment (let’s go on Twitter and call pro-Brexit people racist or dumb) – and calling out real horror (islamists chucking gays off bridges and buildings). This moral cowardice as expressed by the most well-known of earthlings is what led to Brexit. Brexit wasn’t just evidence of a natural concern over one’s well being in the face of rising Islamism amidst the European Union’s lax immigration policy, it’s also a big middle finger (or two “middle” fingers, if you’re British) to those who cannot prioritize injustice, or evil. So call those who voted for Brexit bigots or idiots — you’ll only encourage them. And by selectively ignoring greater evils around you — you’ll be making the case for leaving better than the leavers ever could. And you make the world less safe, too. Maybe it’s good you stick to Twitter.

Outstanding!!  Greg just nailed it!!  Consider this your Read of the Day.  If you read just one article here today, then READ THIS!!  Then, forward it on to all your friends and family members.  You can catch Greg over on the Fox News channel’s The Five program during the week, and he has his own show on weekends.

Greg Gutfeld: Gun Control Losing Because Americans Refuse to Feel Guilty over Self-Defense

On April 3, Fox News’ host Greg Gutfeld explained that the media’s gun control arguments increasingly fall on deaf ears because Americans refuse to feel guilty over using guns for self-defense. Gutfeld said, “No matter how hard the establishment media tries, they can’t convince good people how bad guns are when they’re in the right hands.” He then explained that the American people, while supportive of the police, have simply come to realize that there are long seconds–and frequently, agonizing minutes–between the time they dial 911 and the time police arrive. Moreover, he stressed that Americans understand that in many instances the police will only be coming to count bodies–that any defense that is going to happen has to happen before badges, handcuffs, or sirens are on the scene. Gutfeld suggested the gun control media’s inability to understand these things has only placed greater distance between their esoteric arguments and the American people. He said: Perhaps the media misses the big point. They do their theorizing from the fish bowl of a well-protected studio and travel to and from work at reasonable hours through tiny neighborhoods in secure vehicles. The fine people of Detroit don’t have that luxury; they realize that any argument against arming yourself is full of holes, which is not the way they’d like to end up being. Empirical support for Gutfeld’s claims can be seen in the pro-gun attitude taking hold in Detroit’s heavily black community right now. Breitbart News recently reported that concealed carry is surging in the black community, and no less a prominent figure than Detroit Police Chief James Craig explained that this is a seismic shift from how things have been historically. In a tone similar to Gutfeld’s, Craig explained that Detroit residents have simply come to realize that good guys with guns really can protect their own lives and the lives of their neighbors. They have also realized that being armed helps bring stability to their community. In the real world, these realizations are drowning out anything that gun controllers might say to the contrary.

Greg nails it…again.