Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Gutfeld on conflating protesters with rioters

As New York City burned, Gov. Andy Cuomo said this Tuesday on Twitter: “There are those who want to intentionally blur the lines between peaceful, legitimate protesters and looters. The president is among them. They want you to watch the videos of the looting – not the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered. Don’t fall for it.” So, a governor whose citizens and taxpayers are under attack, claims the biggest problem is witnessing the attack. The mayhem. The looting. Attacks on cops. Because that “blurs the lines between peaceful protests and looters.” I supposed he would prefer him joking around with his brother Chris on CNN again and again. So, who is blurring the lines between protesters and looters? It’s not me. It’s people like him. Because every time you mention the rioters, they accuse you of smearing protesters. We do understand the difference. Does he? Do you remember when you condemned actions of jihadists, and suddenly they accused you of Islamophobia? That when you criticized beheadings that was the same as calling all Muslims “extremists?” That idiotic response revealed who does the blurring. And it’s that blurring that hurts the protest movement. But by exposing the violent mob, you protect the future of legitimate protest. Not doing it, forever links it to destruction and death, while saying or implying that black grievance only matters if it’s expressed violently. That’s nuts. If that’s what you’re saying, Andy, you’re the one sowing discord. You’re the one who left us hanging – sacrificing citizens to the mob – just so we don’t blur any of your precious lines.

Agreed..  Thanks Greg.  That was another “Gregologue,” from yesterday’s (June 4th, 2020) “The Five.”  To watch it, click on the text above.

Dana Perino: ‘Disgusting’ for Cuomo to support income taxes on health care workers who came to NYC

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino voiced her displeasure Thursday with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after he announced that health care workers from around the country who traveled to his state to help fight the coronavirus pandemic would have to pay income taxes on money earned there. “I remember when the governor made this plea and he said, ‘Please, if you come to New York — we need additional workers, health care workers, nurses, doctors, please come to New York.’ And so many people answered the call,” Perino said. “And now he says, ‘Thank you for coming … You’re going to actually have to pay taxes on what we are paying you.’ “They’re getting paid. But it wasn’t easy to come to New York, to the epicenter where they’re putting themselves in harm’s way,” Perino added. “And then what he said today is, ‘If the federal government could help us out with some of our state losses, then maybe I wouldn’t have to do this, but sorry. Because the government won’t do it. I have to do this to you.’ That is wrong.” Cuomo said New York, which has seen more coronavirus cases than any other state in the U.S., is in dire need of federal funding to help it cope with the crisis. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has opposed so-called “blue state bailouts,” and rankled Cuomo last month when he suggested that states be allowed to declare bankruptcy instead. “Using [health care workers] as pawns in this scheme, terrible behavior,” Perino said. “That’s disgusting.”

Go Dana!!  Dana is exactly right here!  The dominantly liberal mainstream media has been building up Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) as this well spoken, attractive, articulate governor in command of the facts, and who might be a serious contender for the Dem Presidential nomination (something he has said he’s not interested in, btw) should Joe Biden’s campaign dissolve.  But, in fact, Gov. Cuomo has been a disaster for New York.  What he’s done with putting sick people in nursing homes and increasing the mortality of the elderly there is horrific.  And, the way he’s treating these care givers from out of state is, as Dana say, “disgusting.”  Shame on him, and those in the media not calling him out for it.

New York Times Says ‘No’ To Cuomo

New York Times Says ‘No’ To Cuomo

From a practical standpoint, this really doesn’t mean much.  Dems OWN New York, and its taxes and regulations are evidence of that.  But, its HUGE that the uber-liberal New York Times has chosen NOT to endorse corrupt (yet sitting) Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) in the New York Democrat gubernatorial primary.  Of course Gov. Cuomo will win his primary.  I’m just curious to see if after that the NY Times will endorse Cuomo’s GOP challenger.   Yeah..  I doubt that as well, lol.