Opinion: Hillary Clinton, our leading feminist icon, still doesn’t believe women can think for themselves

Woe are the Democrats. For generations now, they’ve been telling the American people that only they, and their cohort of liberals and leftists, understand and truly value women. Because of their special understanding of women, only they can be trusted to do what’s right politically for them, they tell us. Then came Hillary Clinton pulling the curtain back on that dangerously false narrative. At a speech in Mumbai, India, the twice-failed presidential candidate blamed her loss on mindless women who do as their husbands tell them. Again contemplating why she lost the 2016 presidential race, Mrs. Clinton blamed certain women for not thinking for themselves. “We don’t do well with married, white women,” she said, because of “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should,” Mrs. Clinton told the audience. It’s obvious from the last election that the Democrats also didn’t do well with married, white men. Yet, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t argue that it was Republican women bullying and pressuring their husbands into voting a certain way. In other words, the leading liberal feminist in the country is pushing the ironic narrative that if you’re a woman who does not conform to the liberal narrative, you have no mind of your own and are controlled by the men in your life. Yet it’s conservatives who are sexist and reliant on perpetuating gender stereotypes. Got it. Having come from the left, one of the most constant and appalling demonstrations of sexism in the feminist movement was the degrading and dehumanizing of women with whom liberal feminists disagreed. One of the most famous public illustrations of this is brought to us by Gloria Steinem, an icon of the modern feminist movement. In 1993, Ms. Steinem declared that then-Senate candidate from Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison was “a female impersonator … someone who looks like us but thinks like them,” reported the Orange County Register at the time. Publicly declared from on high by the Supreme Feminist for All Women: You are not a woman at all if you don’t think like us. When this columnist was within the feminist establishment in the 1990s, Ms. Steinem’s remarks reflected an attitude that was standard operating procedure. Heck, maybe Hillary thought she was doing women who don’t fall in line a favor by accusing them of simply being dumb pawns, instead of stripping them of their womanhood entirely. One of the biggest threats to the liberal “feminist” movement was for women to see there was a different way to think about the issues, better ways to think about policy and politics. This is why women who do not conform remain such a threat to the liberal status quo. Knowing what Mrs. Clinton exposes about the inherent sexism on the left, even her allies expressed dismay at the comments. FoxNews.com reported, “Clinton’s former 2008 presidential campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle didn’t defend her remarks. ‘Look this was bad. I can’t sugarcoat it,’ Solis Doyle said on HLN this week. ‘She was wrong and clearly it’s not helpful to Democrats going into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020.’ “ “Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who is up for re-election, come the midterms in November, in a state Trump won by 19 points, [noted], ‘Those are kind of fighting words for me, because I’m partial to Missouri voters,’ McCaskill told The Washington Post. ‘I think they were expressing their frustration with the status quo,’ ” Fox News reported. The Washington Examiner noted, “What if the notion that women’s votes somehow belong to Democrats by default was always the product of leftist self-delusion and nothing more? What if these women voted for Trump of their own accord, in part because like many of the people who actually did vote for her, they were turned off by Clinton’s obvious and easily detectable insincerity and inauthenticity?” And Liz Peek, a writer and frequent guest on Fox Business and Fox News tweeted: “Hillary is supposed to be supportive of women but secretly she thinks they are cowed by husbands & bosses — shame on her. She can’t imagine women didn’t support her — that’s the biggest sign they actually think for themselves.” Hillary Clinton is turning out to be a touchstone for our time, just not in the way she expected. She reminds us almost every day that the left exercises a sexism that this nation has rejected. It also reminds us of the importance of a genuine advocacy for women in this country that instead of punishing women for thinking for themselves, we value and elevate all women, making sure they’re free to make choices that best suit them.

Well said, Tammy!  Author Tammy Bruce is a radio talk show host and a New York Times best-selling author…and calls it exactly right here.  Hillary is a nauseating, self-righteous, entitlement-minded, whiny hypocrite.  And now, even her former supporters are running away from her because they realize just how toxic Hillary’s big mouth is.  Of course we hope she continues to keep talking.  She’s the gift that keeps on giving.    🙂

Opinion: Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich? This is why real men don’t marry feminists

Have you ever made your husband a sandwich? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t you realize such behavior sets women back decades? That’s the message of a new article in The Daily Telegraph, entitled “When making a sandwich is a crime against feminism,” about an Australian woman named Maddie who asked a Facebook group of 26,186 mothers whether anyone had some yummy alternatives for her husband’s lunches, which she said she makes for him every day. Now that’s what anyone I know would call a nice wife. But that’s not what Maddie was called on Facebook. Instead, she was told she was nothing but a “slave” and a “1950s housewife.” She was also “weird,” as no woman in her right mind would do something so demeaning as to make her husband lunch. Click here to see just a sampling of some of the responses Maddie got:

And to read the rest of this excellent op/ed by Suzanne Venker.

Timpf: Feminist Internet – Men Proposing to Women Is Rape Culture

According to a piece in the feminist blog Bustle, the tradition of men proposing women is “problematic” because it “perpetuates rape culture.” Yes — not “problematic” because it perpetuates recklessly emotional social media posts, but because it “perpetuates rape culture.” “The stereotype that men must get women to date them or marry them or sleep with them and that it’s up to women to respond can be problematic — not just because it discourages women from going after what they want, but also because it encourages men to pursue what they want at a woman’s expense,” Suzannah Weiss writes in a piece titled “6 Marriage Traditions That Reinforce Rape Culture.” “Putting what men pursue over what women want perpetuates rape culture,” she continues. Uh. First of all, by saying “date them or marry them or sleep with them,” Weiss is putting propositions for sex in the same category as marriage proposals. FYI: A man asking you for sex is not the same thing as him asking you to spend the rest of your life with him, and if you can’t understand that, then you have some pretty disappointing mornings awaitng you in your future. Second of all, “pursue what they want at a woman’s expense”? “Putting what men pursue over what women want”? How the hell does this even make sense? Is Weiss under the impression that dudes propose by saying, “Marry me, or else!” or “I want to marry you. Say yes, or you’ll never see the cat again!”? Because as far as I know, it’s usually something more like “Will you marry me?” and it costs the woman literally nothing to say no. Sure, it might be a little awkward (I saw it happen once when a dude proposed to his girlfriend at the dry cleaners), but to suggest that any woman who wanted to say no would even consider doing anything else — and instead suffer through an entire life with someone she didn’t like that much because she was too scared and weak to stand up for herself — is the most insultingly anti-feminist thing I’ve ever heard. Among the other rape-y marital traditions (according to Weiss): the bride’s wearing a white dress (because “it is supposed to symbolize purity”) and “putting more focus on the bride’s looks than the groom’s,” which means she might not like my plan to throw people out of my wedding if they dare to even think of looking at anyone else but me. But maybe not. After all, Weiss does acknowledge that “you should be able to do whatever you want on your wedding day” as long as “you are aware of the problematic sources of certain traditions.” In sum: do what you want — so long as you remember to feel kind of bad about it first. Weiss sounds fun. I don’t know if I’ll ever get married, but if I do, she’s definitely the kind of gal I’d want planning the bachelorette party! Oh, and one more thing: There’s absolutely nothing more repulsive to me than the thought of a man who would even consider me proposing to him as an option. And, “problematic” or not, I assure you that most women would completely agree.

Millennial journalist Katherine ‘Kat’ Timpf is the author of that piece.  She is a regular on Greg Gutfeld’s show on the Fox News channel.

Young Women in NH ‘Offended’ Clinton Using Gender as Political Tool

Young women in New Hampshire were offended by the way Hillary Clinton uses her gender to garner support, an MSNBC survey revealed Friday. When MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall asked young female voters about Hillary Clinton’s claim on Wednesday that she is not an establishment candidate because she is a woman, they responded negatively. One of the respondents said that she did not like how Clinton assumed that her feminism was identical to the feminism of all women. “I also am a woman. I also face discrimination as being a woman. Her feminism does not represent my feminism, and I think it’s really important to differentiate that,” one young woman said. Her complaint is a common one among young women and reveals a generational divide within the Democratic Party. Another respondent said that Clinton’s gender does not automatically make her the best candidate. “You have to realize that, you know, everybody’s human and … you have to go for who has the best ideals,” she said. “Just because she’s a woman doesn’t necessarily make her the best candidate.” Hall expressed shocked at the responses she received to her questions. Although it is well known Clinton’s opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) polls better with young voters, Hall did not expect young women to react negatively to Clinton’s use of gender. “Here you are in New Hampshire, this progressive college environment, and young woman after young woman really shrugging it off and taking issue with the fact that Hillary Clinton brought it up,” Hall said. “I thought that was fascinating. It blew me away. Of all the things last night, I didn’t see that coming.” Though Clinton has long relied on a base of feminist voters, multiple scandals, trust and authenticity issues, and closeness to the “establishment” of the party have put a dent in her following. In addition to incorporating gender as an important positive aspect of her platform, Clinton has leveraged her gender to attack her opponents, interpreting Sanders’s claim that she was “shouting” about gun control as a sexist remark. “I’ve been told to stop, and I quote, shouting about gun violence,” Clinton said in October. “Well, first of all, I’m not shouting. It’s just when women talk, some people think we’re shouting.”

Wow…  Hillary really is a disgusting, arrogant, self-righteous, elitist, shameless, entitlement-minded, sexist bitch!  What’s worse..  She is SO out of touch with millennial females, and doesn’t get it…and neither does this Hillary-fanatic MSNBC reporter, Tamron Hall.  At least Ms. Hall admits how clueless she is.  So, at least that’s something.  But, it’s MSNBC…

Gloria Steinem Blames Rush Limbaugh for Ruining Word Feminism

During an appearance on Friday’s CBS This Morning to promote her latest book, far-left feminist Gloria Steinem eagerly blamed Rush Limbaugh for making the word feminism a “bad word” because he “talks about feminazis everyday.” Co-host Norah O’Donnell teed up Steinem to bash Limbaugh by noting the Meryl Streep “doesn’t consider herself a feminist. She says she considers herself a humanist. Why is it that the feminist label do you think has that–” bad connotation? After Steinem bashed Limbaugh for allegedly making the word feminism a “bad word” she then claimed that most Americans actually identify as feminists themselves: “But if people just go to the dictionary and discover that it means a person, male or female, who believes in the full equality of women and men then they do subscribe to it. And it is a majority now which it didn’t used to be.” Steinem was likely citing a poll from the liberal website Vox, which stated that 18% of respondents “identified as feminists” but “[e]ighty-five percent of people favored ‘equality for women,’ and 78 percent agreed that they believe in the ‘social, political, legal, and economic equality of the sexes.”’ This view of feminism probably does not include Steinem’s radical views on abortion which she argues women “need” because it is a “sacrament.” Ironically, the far-left feminist argued that “violence against women” was the most important women’s issue today but the CBS hosts did not press her on why we as a society don’t do more to stop the violence against unborn girls that occurs as a result of abortion and instead allowed to her rant about there being “so much violence”: “What is tied, I think, for first place is, first of all, violence against women. Because there is so much worldwide, whether it’s sexualized violence and more time or domestic violence like here, or, you know — I mean, there’s just so many….Because there is so much violence, for the first time that we know of, there are now fewer females on Earth than males. So, you know, we really need to look at this and understand that when a country is violent against females it’s the biggest indicator that they will be militarily violent too. It needs to be part of our foreign policy.”

Gloria is such an obnoxious fossil..  But, it’s beneficial for us to be reminded of what some ’60s hippie, hairy-armpit, loser from Berkeley really is like.  Ya know the kind.. Those that are still stuck on Vietnam, Nixon, and so on.  “El Rushbo’s” term “feminazi” is a term HE specifically has said for years is reserved for but a VERY small percentage of extreme liberal feminists like Gloria, the gals at NOW and Planned Parenthood, and so on…who make ensuring abortions are free from any type of common sense restrictions (i.e. parental consent or minors, waiting periods, informed consent, etc.), even in the third trimester, for such things as gender selection, and so on…their main/primary goal.  We’re talking about the kind of people who laugh at stay at home moms, or those who actually elect to HAVE their kids.  The term “feminazi” is a very specific, and targeted term…and is NOT a term Rush casually uses for women who simply want equality in the work place and so on…which is what most people who call themselves “feminists” really are.  But, CBS, which is a major player in the dominantly liberal mainstream media, let her get away with her bs and spin.  Typical…  If you really want to read the transcript of this interview, or to see a video of it, click on the text above.  Have a barf-bag handy..  Dittos Rush!!   🙂