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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Questions First Franken Accuser: ‘Playboy Model Who Goes on Hannity, Voted for Trump’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said Leeann Tweeden, the first woman to accuse Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of sexual misconduct, was a “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, voted for Trump,” which gave her “an incredibly uneasy feeling.” On Franken’s resignation, Brzezinski said “I just have an incredibly uneasy feeling about this entire story, to be honest. I tried to say that once yesterday, and it was as if a bomb went off.” After her co-host Joe Scarborough defended her saying she criticized former president Bill Clinton over his sexual misconduct at the time, Brzezinski continued, “I’m concerned about women, who are legitimately sexually harassed in the workplace across America, and where this is taking us.” She added, “We’ve never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken, who is in the picture that you say Susan is just the death nail. I would think a dress owned by Monica Lewinsky, would bring down a president but it didn’t. So I’m surprised that you think a comedians picture of a performer, Playboy model who goes on Hannity, who voted for Trump. I see some politics there, but I haven’t brought that up every step of the way because, of course, in this ‘Me Too’ environment, you must always just believe the women. And I think that there’s a lot of reasons why we need to look at the women seriously and believe them, in many cases. Like, for example, I spoke to accusers of Mark Halperin, in which he admits a lot of what he’s accused of doing. I spoke to them, I believe them. I’m just wondering if all the women need to be believed. I’m concerned that we are being the judge the jury and the cops here and so did Senate Democrats getting ahead of their skis.”

What a hypocrite!  Mika is such a nauseating tool…

Nolte: A Media Week of Fake News, Homophobia, Perverts, Enablers, and Resistance

As though we do not already have enough proof that the American media is nothing less than a rolling clown car packed with deviants, sycophants, and propagandists, in His infinite wisdom and generosity, the Good Lord used all of last week to reveal once again just who these terrible people truly are. Are we at a point yet where “BrianRossing” is now a verb that describes a left-wing reporter (but I repeat myself) rushing before a network news camera to spread flat-out lies? Or maybe “BrianRossing” should be used to describe the consequences of that behavior — such as a month off to enjoy the holidays. Back in 2012, Ross, a marquee reporter for ABC, could not wait to falsely blame a Tea Partier for a horrific mass-shooting in a Colorado movie theater. Fast-forward to last Friday, and this very same Ross could not wait to tell the world that candidate Trump issued orders to get in touch with the Russians — which would prove Trump must be impeached for colluding with said Russians. The only problem is that none of that was true. Nevertheless, ABC News took all day, seven full hours, before issuing a “clarification.” Not a retraction or correction — a clarification. Did I mention that ABC’s fake news tanked the stock market? Between 2007-2009, in what is unquestionably the most blatant and inexcusable act of homophobia attached to any single person currently working in the legitimate media, NBC’s Joy Reid — who anchors a show at MSNBC but has appeared on NBC News programs like Meet the Press — authored somewhere around a dozen articles that committed two breathtaking sins… 1) Without any proof, she outed then-Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist as gay. 2) The left-wing Reid ridiculed and demeaned Crist for being gay. Writing for her online Reid Report, and hurling nicknames like “Miss Charlie,” the NBC News star repeatedly and mercilessly attempted to denigrate Crist over his sexuality. She even questioned his marriage: “Now that he’s married to a girl,” Reid wrote, “Charlie Crist is being sought out for all KINDS of good stuff… [The GOP] are wooing Miss Charlie to run.” “I can just see poor Charlie on the honeymoon, ogling the male waiters and thinking to himself, ‘god, do I actually have to see her naked…?’,” she added. Naturally, after getting caught by the left-wing Mediaite, Reid apologized Monday, and because her politics are “correct,’ that apology will be good enough for a mainstream media that has no scruples, decency, or integrity. But in an effort to save Reid, a cherished member of the anti-Trump Resistance, no one wants to discuss the full context of her monstrous behavior. At the time, Reid’s homophobic attacks on Crist were all part of a concerted effort on the left to kill his presidential aspirations. After 2008, this smear campaign went nuclear to protect Barack Obama’s re-election chances. Because Crist was seen as a comer, an inevitable 2012 presidential candidate, and the popular governor of a crucial swing state, the left went so far as to produce and release a theatrical documentary as a means to (falsely) out him as gay. Moreover, Reid was not some young, immature blogger when she did this. Rather, she was a 40 year-old woman with more than ten years of journalism under her belt. Again, Crist, who is now a Democrat congressman, has been married twice, both times to women. There is absolutely no proof he is a homosexual. This was a straight-up smear campaign. Regardless, no one at NBC News will ever again have the moral authority to lecture anyone about anything, much less homophobia.

Agreed!!  To read the rest of this scathing op/ed by John Nolte, click on the text above

MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ hosts caught faking post-Thanksgiving banter they taped earlier

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” tried to fool viewers into thinking Friday’s pre-taped show was live and host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski even discussed their Thanksgiving meals – even though the holiday hadn’t occurred yet when they taped the show. Brzezinski opened the show by saying, “Day after Thanksgiving… I’m stuffed,” while Scarborough nervously laughed as if he knew the engaged-to-be-married co-hosts were being dishonest. The opening to the show is still available on MSNBC’s website. The move, which TV insiders consider disrespectful to viewers, specifically because the network tried to create a deceit that high-paid morning show stars would come to work in the early morning hours following a national holiday. The Washington Post reported that the show was taped on Wednesday. An MSNBC spokesperson declined comment when reached by Fox News. The second segment of Friday’s “Morning Joe” brought the fraudulence to another level, when Brzezinski joked that she forgot to remove the guts from the turkey before cooking it and that it was still a little frozen when she served it. “Joe didn’t notice. He ate the bag,” Willie Geist said. Scarborough, still giggling, fired back, “It was good… the game last night made up for it.” The show did not feature a disclaimer that it was pre-taped and the only noticeable difference to a normal, live version of the show is the disappearance of a subtle “live” graphic that is typically present. The scam continued throughout the remainder of the show when the hosts asked guests, such as MSNBC contributor Rick Tyler, about their Thanksgiving holidays. The Washington Post noticed the deception when a regular “Morning Joe” viewer contacted the paper, reportedly asking if MSNBC was airing “fake news.” The Post said the viewer was shocked to see Scarborough and Brzezinski appearing in studio on the Friday after Thanksgiving. “I was quite flabbergasted by the way they were so deceptive about this . . . especially when they are always so quick to castigate lying [or] deception they attribute to others,” the tipster told the Post. The show obviously failed to mention any news that occurred after it taped on Wednesday, such as the deadly terrorist attack at a mosque in Egypt that killed more than 300 people. However, the network’s chyron and news ticker were updated with events that were actually occurring in real time. An anonymous MSNBC executive talked to the Post about the situation, but essentially brushed it off. “Would it have helped if there was a disclaimer? Maybe. But that’s not typically done,” the executive said. “There was no intention to trick viewers.” Meanwhile, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has had a bizarre relationship with President Trump for years. Trump used to be friendly with Scarborough and Brzezinski and the show took him serious when the rest of the media thought he was a political afterthought early in his campaign. The co-hosts were even accused of lobbing softball questions during an MSNBC town hall event. However, Scarborough and Brzezinski eventually turned on Trump and have been openly critical of the president on a daily basis – which has resulted in heated Twitter exchanges between the former friends. Many insiders believe Scarborough turned on Trump because of personal reasons or simply to lift the show’s ratings. This isn’t the first time a mainstream media program has been caught deceiving viewers. Back in 1994, ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts was reprimanded by the network for faking a shot and NBC’s Michelle Kosinkski tried to fool viewers by reporting from a flood zone via canoe – but her cover was blown when pedestrians walked through the live shot and revealed the water was only inches high.

Joe and Mika are SO phony!  Typical bs and fake news from MSNBC…

‘Racist’ Incident That Sparked Air Force Viral ‘Bigotry’ Speech Proven a Hoax

Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria was quick to react in September to allegations of racism at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. But now the incident that sparked the general’s reaction has been proven a hoax. Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria delivered a video on Facebook that quickly went viral after reports of “racism” on campus. In the video the Gen. addressed his cadets, saying, “If you can’t treat someone from another race or different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out”: According to the Washington Post, the message “Go home,” followed by the N-word, was written in black marker on the message boards of five black cadet candidates. The academy pledged to launch a full investigation into the incident. But now, it appears that the incident was a hoax all along. Investigators found that one of the black students himself had written the “racist” message, the Associated Press reported. The cadet who reportedly admitted to writing the obscene message is no longer at the school. Authorities have declined to say whether he was expelled or if he withdrew of his own volition. Officials have also declined to identify the student. Lt. Gen. Silveria defended his widely seen response video by saying the sentiment was still relevant even though the incident has proven to be a hoax. “Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed,” the general told the Gazette newspaper. “You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect — and those who don’t understand those concepts, aren’t welcome here.”

Talk about CYA..   Wow…  The whole thing was a hoax, and yet the Superintendent didn’t walk it back one bit upon learning that.  It’s probably the safe, politically correct, thing to do for someone who probably aspires to get his 4th star.   But, it’s poor leadership.  After all, if you’ve seen the video (if not, click on the text above), he reams his people assuming they were part of this “racist” act.  Come to find out, it never happened!  Instead of being stubborn and sticking to the liberal, pc, talking points, the general should have had a team huddle ..and addressed this latest twist, with a little humility.  Maybe say he’s “grateful” to learn that nobody here was part of anything like that, and that the person who was, has left the school.


Media Goes Into Meltdown Over Trump Feeding Fish in Japan

The mainstream media went into meltdown over Donald Trump feeding some fish in Japan. Let that sink in. The farce began when Trump was seen on camera with Japanese Prime Minister Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spooning fish food out of a box to feed koi carp in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo. Trump then empties the remainder of the box into the pond below, an action that set off a firestorm of triggered leftists who spread the fake news that his action was uncivilized and ignorant – despite Abe doing the very same thing seconds before. Trump was merely mimicking the actions of his host. By omitting the clip of Abe emptying his box first, verified liberals on Twitter, as well as big media outlets, went on a narrative rampage, insinuating that Trump had insulted his Japanese hosts. CNN even appeared to deliberately edit their video of the scene to cut out Abe also emptying his box. “Trump told to feed koi fish by spoonful, gets impatient and tips entire box in,” reported the Metro, hiding the fact that Trump was following Abe’s lead. “Donald Trump was supposed to gently feed koi fish. Then this happened,” reported the Independent, again omitting that Trump was following the behavior of his Japanese host. Abe didn’t just ‘sprinkle small spoonfulls’ – he dumped the whole box too, before Trump. This once again underscores how incredibly biased the media is against Trump and how many of the journalists within it, as well as a deluge of triggered leftists on Twitter, have contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome. From having hissy fits over how Trump likes his steak cooked to how many scoops of ice cream Trump prefers, the president can do literally nothing without getting harangued over it by an army of screeching, hysterical morons. They will even go to the length of inventing brazenly fake news, such as the false claim that Trump ignored a young boy in a wheelchair, to smear the president. Whatever Trump says or does, not matter how mundane or inconsequential, is spun into a giant witch hunt and used to demonize him as either weird, unsophisticated or heartless. While Trump is by no means perfect in his behavior or actions, this demented and insatiable desire to constantly drag him down for every minor infraction underscores why Trump is at war with the media.

Indeed…  It also serves to “underscore” just how “fake” the news at CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the dominantly liberal mainstream media really is.  Those outlets no longer are interested in fair, quality, and honest journalism.  They exist solely to attack Trump and his administration 24/7…and create bs like this to further that agenda.  Trump could discover the cure for cancer, and MSNBC, CNN, NPR/PBS, and the rest of those tools would find something to criticize.  They are pathological in their single-minded focus to discredit and destroy Trump and his administration.  Anyway, to see the actual videos in question, click on the text above.  Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson for bringing this story to our attention.

John Stossel: CNN’s latest smear: ‘Evil Trump appointee ravages environment’

Did you happen to catch CNN’s latest smear? Anderson Cooper’s show recently featured a “two-part exclusive” that claims Donald Trump’s EPA director had conspired with the CEO of a mining company to “withdraw environmental restrictions” so the company could dig “the largest open pit mine in the world in an extremely sensitive watershed in wild Alaska.” The report was enough to horrify any caring person. CNN showed beautiful pictures of colorful salmon swimming in Bristol Bay, and the reporter intoned dramatically, “EPA staffers were shocked to receive this email obtained exclusively by CNN which says ‘we have been directed by the administrator to withdraw restrictions’ … (P)rotection of that pristine area was being removed.” No! A “pristine” area and gorgeous salmon were about to be obliterated by a mine! I would have believed it, except I happened to report on that mine a couple years ago. I knew that the real scandal was not EPA director Scott Pruitt’s decision to “withdraw the restrictions,” it was what President Obama’s EPA did to the company’s mining proposal in the first place. Zealots at the EPA had conspired with rich environmental activists to kill the mine before its environmental impact statement could even be submitted. This was unprecedented. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform later concluded: “EPA employees had inappropriate contact with outside groups and failed to conduct an impartial, fact-based review.” Now, appropriately, Pruitt undid that censorship of science. But CNN, implying devious secrecy said, “according to multiple sources, he made that decision without a briefing from any of EPA’s scientists.” Shocking! But Pruitt didn’t require opinions from scientists. He didn’t approve the mine. He didn’t make a science decision. He simply followed the law and allowed a company to submit a proposal. Also, despite CNN’s repeated depictions of salmon on Bristol Bay, it turns out that the proposed mine would not even be on the Bay. It would not even be 10 miles away, or 20 miles away, or even 50 miles. The proposed mine would be about 100 miles away. Did CNN mention that? No. Never. We asked CNN why. And why not point out that the mining company is just being allowed to start the EPA’s long and arduous environmental review? They didn’t get back to us. Of course, explaining that wouldn’t fit CNN’s theme: Evil Trump appointee ravages environment. Their reporter did at least speak with the mine’s CEO, Tom Collier, who tried to explain. “It’s not a science — it’s a process decision.” But the reporter, Drew Griffin, wouldn’t budge. He called Collier “a guy who wants to mine gold in an area that many scientists believe will destroy one of the most pristine sockeye salmon sporting grounds in the whole world.” By the way, Collier isn’t an evil Republican-businessman-nature-destroyer. He’s a Democrat who once ran environment policy for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. CNN never mentioned that either. Instead the reporter implied evil collusion: “This looks like the head of a gold mine went to a new administrator and got him to reverse what an entire department had worked on for years.” Here at least the report was accurate. Obama’s environmental department did try to kill that mine for years. They colluded with groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of America’s wealthiest environment groups. The NRDC is mostly made up of anti-progress lawyers who want no mines built anywhere.

Exactly…  To read the rest of this eye-opening piece by John Stossel, click on the text above.  CNN is pure liberal, agenda-driven propaganda.  Total crap.  You might as well read Pravda….or The Onion.

Donald Trump on Charlottesville: ‘Fake News Media Will Never Be Satisfied’

President Donald Trump defied the media for continuing to hammer him for failing to immediately condemn alt-right protesters in Charlottesville, asserting that both sides were to blame for the violence. “Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the #Fake News Media will never be satisfied,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Truly bad people!” Trump returned to Washington D.C. on Monday and specifically condemned neo-nazi, KKK, and white supremacist forces that attended the Charlottesville rally, calling them “criminals and thugs” who were “repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.” During an event on China policy, CNN’s Jim Acosta shouted a question to the president asking him why it took him so long to condemn hate groups. “They have been condemned,” Trump replied. “Can we ask you some more questions then, sir?” Acosta added. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” Trump replied, pointing to Acosta. “But I like real news. You’re fake news. You’re fake news.” Other reporters signaled on Twitter and on television that Trump’s statement was too little too late, accusing him of acting insincere. Reporters again shouted questions about why it took him days to denounce hate groups as he left the White House on Monday. Trump gave them a thumbs up and boarded Marine One to leave the White House.

This disingenuous, hypocritical, and self-righteous indignation by the dominantly liberal mainstream about how long it took for Trump to denounce certain groups like Neo-Nazis is beyond ridiculous.  Where were they when socialist, liberal (mostly black) hate groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM), and so on were burning down Ferguson, MO, etc?  Did Jim go after Obama when those events took place, and Obama not only didn’t condemn those groups, he sided with them oftentimes!!  No.  Of course he didn’t.  The hypocrisy and duplicity is truly breathtaking.  As we’ve already documented here at The Daily Buzz, there were fringe groups on BOTH sides who were at fault in the violence in VA over the weekend.  It was NOT just one side.  So, Trump was initially correct in NOT taking a side.  But, unfortunately, he caved to the pressure from politicians on both sides and the self-righteous media and named names.  He shouldn’t have.  And, he’s starting to realize that no matter what he does, it’ll never be enough. If Trump  found the cure for cancer, it wouldn’t be enough for the “Never Trump” crowd.  So, he shouldn’t try to pacify them…and instead just stay the course.