Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling surrenders control of LA Clippers to wife Shelly

Donald Sterling surrenders control of LA Clippers to wife Shelly

Disclaimer..  For the record, I couldn’t care less about who owns the LA Clippers NBA team, or about Donald Sterling.  And, the whole controversy has been a breathtaking display of sports media hypocrisy, a sanctimonious playing of the race card by hypocrites that are equally to blame, and a scary indictment on our society; how someone in a free country could actually lose his property over something he said in the privacy of his home (however stupid or offensive is irrelevant), and is illegally taped saying that.  How frightening is THAT thought?!  I thought we lived in America; not Nazi Germany or Vlad’s Russia.  But, I digress..  There is this ongoing media circus.  And, its news.  So, here is the latest on that drama that the sports world can’t seem to stop talking about.  Hopefully this is the beginning of this story just going away..

Donald Sterling is a racist and liberal media are hypocrites

Donald Sterling is a racist and liberal media are hypocrites

Eric makes some good points here.  Of course, I think its outrageous that what someone says in the privacy of his/her home could potentially cost them their property.  This shouldn’t happen in America where we ostensibly have a 1st Amendment right to free speech (however silly, moronic, controversial, et.)…especially in the privacy of our homes!  Shame on the NBA for this brazen case of CYA.  Did you see the NBA Commissioner look into the camera, puff up his chest and with self-righteousness say, “effective immediately I am banning Mr. Sterling from the NBA for life.”  Wow..   As Eric notes, Donald Sterling’s views on race were well known for a VERY long time by all of these racial hand wringers.  And there are other angles to this story that the media isn’t addressing…but are curious.  Donald, while white, is an 80 year old Jewish Democrat.  Just fathom if he had been Republican Christian Tea Party person.  AG Holder would probably start some investigation into the old man.  And take a good hard look at his old girl friend that outted him.  Put the 50 year age difference aside, shes not exactly of the caucasian persuasion.   Ya know?  So, there is so much more to this story….not that I care.  I don’t.  What is interesting here is the hypocrisy of the liberal media and the race hustlers.  This is FAR more about the liberal media coverage of this story and the NBA, then “Mr. Sterling.”