AG Sessions unleashes organized crime task force on MS-13

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that he’s designated the MS-13 street gang as a priority for the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces — enabling authorities to target the gang with a broader array of federal resources. “Now they will go after MS-13 with a renewed vigor and a sharpened focus,” Mr. Sessions said Monday as he addressed the International Association of Chiefs of police conference in Philadelphia. “Just like we took Al Capone off the streets with our tax laws, we will use whatever laws we have to get MS-13 off of our streets.” The priority designation will instruct federal agencies such as the IRS, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to target the El Salvador-based gang not just with drug laws but also tax, racketeering and firearms laws. Prior to this year, the task force was only able to get involved in cases when they involved the drug trade or money laundering. But changes to the task force’s authority in this year’s budget allow the Justice Department to directly name an organization as a priority. The change will mean that the task force can now get involved in a broad range of cases involving MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, including anything from murder prosecutions to firearms violations. Mr. Sessions has singled out MS-13’s involvement in the drug trade as a priority as his department has sought to combat both illegal immigration and an influx of drugs brought in the country from overseas. “Drugs are killing more Americans than ever before in large part thanks to powerful cartels and international gangs and deadly new synthetic opioids like fentanyl,” Mr. Sessions said.

DOJ threatens to withhold crime-fighting funds from four sanctuary cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reinforcing threats to go after sanctuary cities, warning the administration may withhold federal crime-fighting funds for four places struggling with gun violence. It is the latest threat made by Sessions in his public campaign to force cooperation between local authorities and federal immigration officials. The Justice Department sent letters to police departments in Baltimore, Md., Albuquerque, N.M., Stockton and San Bernardino, Calif. telling them if they wanted federal help to root out drug trafficking and gang crime, they’d have to work with federal immigration authorities. Among other things, the Justice Department said they must give the authorities access to jails and provide advance notice before releasing someone in custody who is wanted on immigration violations. The four cities targeted had all expressed interest in the DOJ’s new Public Safety Partnership, which enlists federal agents, analysts and technology to help communities find solutions to crime. “Based on our review, we have concluded that your jurisdiction has levels of violence that exceed the national average, that your jurisdiction is ready to receive the intensive assistance the Department is prepared to provide, and that your jurisdiction is taking steps to reduce its violent crime,” the Aug. 3 letter said. The letter sent by the DOJ to the four prospective cities’ police departments also asks them for proof of their compliance to step up efforts to help detain and deport people in the United States illegally. The deadline is Aug. 18. Separately last week, Sessions told jurisdictions they need to meet the same conditions or lose out on millions of dollars from a separate program that aims to send grant money to support law enforcement. The attorney general rolled out the rules as part of his promised crackdown on sanctuary cities. His threat didn’t sit well with some – prompting a defiant pushback on the request. Under old rules, cities seeking grant money needed only to show that they weren’t prohibiting local law enforcement from communicating with immigration authorities. Police use the money for everything from bulletproof vests to body cameras.

Obama’s Justice Department refused to hire military veterans for jobs

The Obama Justice Department discriminated against military veterans, trying to force them to withdraw their applications for two job postings — then canceling the postings altogether and rewriting the jobs to prevent the veterans from qualifying, a government watchdog said Wednesday. Under federal law, veterans should have gotten preferential consideration for the two positions in the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. But Justice officials had their eye on non-veterans, and scheduled meetings off-site to try to force the veteran candidates to withdraw their applications, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said. The veterans refused to withdraw and human resources told the ICITAP hiring officials that they had to hire the veterans. Intent on avoiding that, the ICITAP then canceled the initial job-postings and re-listed the jobs a year later, in 2016, with new qualifications that excluded the veterans, the OSC’s investigative report said. The OSC said it was illegal to try to force the veterans to pull out of the job search. “OSC found hiring violations for two positions at DOJ where officials sought to encourage preference eligible veterans to withdraw their applications,” the watchdog agency said. “DOJ wanted to hire a non-veteran candidate. When the veterans declined to withdraw, DOJ selected the non-veteran candidate, despite rules mandating that veterans receive priority in hiring over non-veterans in certain circumstances.” The ICITAP officials told investigators they didn’t try to pressure the veterans, but instead explained why they should withdraw. OSC investigators said even if that was what happened, it still violated the law.

This is the kind of story that makes me want to vomit..   But, it was Obama’s administration, and Obama made it no secret that he despised the U.S. military…which he was the Commander in Chief of for 8 years.  So, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear stories like this.  Obama was very open about saying how he thought that the U.S. military was what was wrong in the world.  And, it was that view that lead him into foolishly, unilaterally, suddenly pulling all U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2010, against the advice of virtually every general officer both on active duty at the time, and retired.  That action, of course, caused the power vacuum which lead to the creation of ISIS/ISIL.  So, that awful U.S. military that Obama hated, kept things stable in an otherwise unstable part of the world.  But, it was Obama’s extreme liberal agenda-driven action to just pull out all U.S. troops in 2010 (again, against the advice of, well, everyone)  that lead to the creation of ISIS, which in turn has committed genocide of Christians in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere across the middle east.  And the media wonders why Christians overwhelmingly voted for Trump…

DOJ Moves to Shield Immigration Records of Illegals Improperly Granted Exec. Amnesty

The Obama administration is pushing back against a federal judge’s order sanctioning government lawyers for misleading the court about the implementation dates for executive amnesty. In a court filing Tuesday, the Justice Department argued that District Court Judge Andrew Hanen “far exceed the bounds of appropriate remedies for what this Court concluded were intentional misrepresentations” when he ordered government lawyers to undergo ethics training and turn over the immigration records of the illegal immigrants who benefited from the government’s implementation snafu. Writing that they “emphatically disagree” with the order, Obama administration lawyers in their filing requested a stay of the order and announced an intention to appeal. Hanen’s May 19 order was a response to DOJ lawyers’ assertions before his court that the executive amnesty programs Obama announced in 2014 — Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — would not start until February 18, 2015. The government, however, began approving expanded DACA applications prior to the implementation date and even after Hanen issued his initial order blocking the programs. DOJ lawyers, meanwhile, assured the court of compliance. “The misconduct in this case was intentional, serious and material,” Hanen wrote in his May 19 order. “In fact, it is hard to imagine a more serious, more calculated plan of unethical conduct.” Hanen is the Texas judge who first blocked the administration’s executive amnesty programs in the case now before the Supreme court. According to the Justice Department the judge’s order would require the government to turn over the “sensitive personal information” of some 50,000 illegal immigrants who were granted expanded DACA. “With respect to public trust, even though the information is to be provided under seal, the production of sensitive personal information in such large quantities would be very likely to undermine individuals’ trust in DHS’s ability to maintain the confidentiality of personal information provided to it, a trust that is essential to its mission,” the government argued in its filing. Government lawyers argued additionally that the judges’ mandate that DOJ lawyers who appear in any of the 26 plaintiff states’ courts regularly should undergo ethics training would affect some 3,000 lawyers and “irreparably” harm DOJ both in terms of lost productivity and funding. “The estimated cost to the Department (and in turn, to the American taxpayer) in terms of direct expenditures and lost productivity would be between approximately $1 million and $1.5 million this year alone,” the filing reads, adding that the cost over five years could reach $8 million.

And yet, even ASSuming that figure is accurate (which I doubt it is), this same Obama administration has NO problem wasting hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars on liberal agenda boondoggle things like the failed Solyndra project. And, that’s not even taking into account the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars that Obama sent Iran, an enemy terrorist state, recently. Seems to me that the corrupt and out-of-control Dept of Justice could use a little ethics training. So, we definitely, wholeheartedly, concur with Judge Hanen’s orders. Hopefully they will be upheld on appeal.

Obama’s DOJ to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Speak Spanish in jails

The Justice Department announced a deal Friday requiring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to provide services in Spanish to his jail inmates, settling part of a two-year-old discrimination complaint the Obama administration filed against the man known as “America’s Sheriff.” Federal authorities will also become permanent overseers for all worksite raids, with the power to demand information about any raids that deputies perform. The Justice Department says it will scrutinize them to make sure they’re following the Constitution. Still to come is a ruling by a court on charges that sheriff’s deputies discriminated in targeting Hispanics for traffic enforcement. But Friday’s deal settles many of the complaints about how Sheriff Arpaio runs the county jails and how it conducts its worksite raids. “The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office changed many of their practices after the commencement of our litigation, and these agreements ensure that progress continues and the Constitutional rights of the people of Maricopa County will be protected for the long term,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mark Kappelhoff said. The case is the culmination of the Obama administration’s effort to push Sheriff Arpaio out of the business of enforcing laws against illegal immigrants, and federal authorities have been mostly successful. Sheriff Arpaio had already agreed to stop enforcing a controversial state identity theft law, and disbanded its Criminal Employment Unit that had been the spearhead for those efforts. If he wants to restart those operations, he’ll have to write up new procedures, get Justice Department approval of them, and turn over information about any raids, including video, to federal authorities for review to make sure the actions were legal. The sheriff’s office said it would comment “at the appropriate time” on the deal. According to the terms of the 26-page settlement, Sheriff Arpaio also agreed to provide bilingual services for inmates and other members of the public, and will also make sure that classes for inmates are provided in Spanish and other appropriate languages.

Unreal.. This makes me want to vomit! I’m sure our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. This is political correctness and big government gone crazy! Our founders NEVER intended the federal government to be this big and intrusive. This is a local county matter; NOT a federal one. Obama and his fascist nazis at DOB have NO business bullying a local county sheriff like this because he doesn’t happen to agree with Obama’s agenda of political correctness. A note to our new Attorney General… Illegal aliens have no rights!! They’re here illegally!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio is called “America’s Sheriff” for a reason. He get’s results! And, DOJ is all over Sheriff Arpaio because he has been a thorn in Obama’s side (which is always a good thing). He, and his deputies, have been enforcing the immigration laws of our country; something Obama and his minions at DOJ have been actively undermining for over 6 years. In other words, Sheriff Joe has been doing his job! There was even a recall attempt (funded by George Soros and other liberal, Democrat special interests), which failed miserably because the good people of Maricopa County, Arizona love what he’s doing! They’re tired of being invade by illegals. I don’t blame them! Anyway, hopefully, the Sheriff Joe will fight some of this nonsense in federal court. Otherwise, he’ll have to put up with this bs for another 18 months until we get a new President and new AG.

Watchdog: DOJ not doing enough to protect public from sex offenders in witness protection

The Justice Department has failed to take the necessary steps to protect the American public from sex offenders in its witness protection program, according to a report released Wednesday by a federal watchdog. The report by the DOJ inspector general’s office also found that when the audit began in July 2013, agency officials didn’t even know how many sex offenders were in the Federal Witness Security Program. By the following year, the agency had identified 58 sex offenders in witness protection — including 10 who had been convicted of sex offenses prior to entering, the report states. But four of the 10 received a waiver to registration requirements ordinarily in place for sex offenders. The IG report faulted the department for these waivers, and for not finding some other way to monitor them. “We believe that the DOJ generally did not use adequate safeguards to protect and notify the public and law enforcement about the risk posed by sex offender participants in the program,” the inspector general concludes in the report.

Imagine that!  Another ball dropped by AG Eric Holder and his lawless DOJ.  As you’ll recall, it was that same DOJ that, last year, simply turned loose over 38,000 already convicted “criminal aliens” onto our streets…including murderers, rapists, and so on.  Since then, over 1,000 have been RE-arrested for violent felonies.  Yep, that’s AG Eric Holder and his worthless DOJ for ya.  Feel safer?  Instead of doing their job, they prefer to go to small towns like Ferguson, Missouri and stir up racial division.  Unreal..

The Injustice the DOJ Uncovered in Ferguson Wasn’t Racism

Occasionally even a blind squirrel finds a nut. And so, Eric Holder’s Justice Department has found an injustice. Only it’s not the one they think. The Department of Justice’s “Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department,” released this week, has been widely touted as incontrovertible evidence that Ferguson law enforcement is systemically racist, its Jim Crow–era animus expressed in policing practices targeting Ferguson’s majority-black population — this even though the Justice Department declined to charge Darren Wilson for a civil-rights violation in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Moreover, it is “important to understand [the] Ferguson Report not as an aberration, but how white supremacy actually works.” So tweeted The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates. No doubt the report will feature prominently in discussions of this weekend’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Selma’s Bloody Sunday. But the report is hardly unassailable. As Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald and many others have noted, the “disparate impact” criterion on which the report heavily relies compares the number of police interactions with blacks to the black population, when the meaningful statistic is the number of police interactions compared to the number of black lawbreakers. The report pointedly neglects that question.

Of course it does..  THAT is what is really the crux of the issue.  But, since that statistic would obviously undermine the liberal, racial agenda of Obama, AG Eric Holder, and other senior Democrats in Washington, D.C., they DOJ has conveniently left out that inconvenient data from its ostensibly comprehensive report.  Typical..