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Obama’s Justice Department refused to hire military veterans for jobs

The Obama Justice Department discriminated against military veterans, trying to force them to withdraw their applications for two job postings — then canceling the postings altogether and rewriting the jobs to prevent the veterans from qualifying, a government watchdog said Wednesday. Under federal law, veterans should have gotten preferential consideration for the two positions in the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. But Justice officials had their eye on non-veterans, and scheduled meetings off-site to try to force the veteran candidates to withdraw their applications, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said. The veterans refused to withdraw and human resources told the ICITAP hiring officials that they had to hire the veterans. Intent on avoiding that, the ICITAP then canceled the initial job-postings and re-listed the jobs a year later, in 2016, with new qualifications that excluded the veterans, the OSC’s investigative report said. The OSC said it was illegal to try to force the veterans to pull out of the job search. “OSC found hiring violations for two positions at DOJ where officials sought to encourage preference eligible veterans to withdraw their applications,” the watchdog agency said. “DOJ wanted to hire a non-veteran candidate. When the veterans declined to withdraw, DOJ selected the non-veteran candidate, despite rules mandating that veterans receive priority in hiring over non-veterans in certain circumstances.” The ICITAP officials told investigators they didn’t try to pressure the veterans, but instead explained why they should withdraw. OSC investigators said even if that was what happened, it still violated the law.

This is the kind of story that makes me want to vomit..   But, it was Obama’s administration, and Obama made it no secret that he despised the U.S. military…which he was the Commander in Chief of for 8 years.  So, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear stories like this.  Obama was very open about saying how he thought that the U.S. military was what was wrong in the world.  And, it was that view that lead him into foolishly, unilaterally, suddenly pulling all U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2010, against the advice of virtually every general officer both on active duty at the time, and retired.  That action, of course, caused the power vacuum which lead to the creation of ISIS/ISIL.  So, that awful U.S. military that Obama hated, kept things stable in an otherwise unstable part of the world.  But, it was Obama’s extreme liberal agenda-driven action to just pull out all U.S. troops in 2010 (again, against the advice of, well, everyone)  that lead to the creation of ISIS, which in turn has committed genocide of Christians in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere across the middle east.  And the media wonders why Christians overwhelmingly voted for Trump…

DOJ Moves to Shield Immigration Records of Illegals Improperly Granted Exec. Amnesty

The Obama administration is pushing back against a federal judge’s order sanctioning government lawyers for misleading the court about the implementation dates for executive amnesty. In a court filing Tuesday, the Justice Department argued that District Court Judge Andrew Hanen “far exceed the bounds of appropriate remedies for what this Court concluded were intentional misrepresentations” when he ordered government lawyers to undergo ethics training and turn over the immigration records of the illegal immigrants who benefited from the government’s implementation snafu. Writing that they “emphatically disagree” with the order, Obama administration lawyers in their filing requested a stay of the order and announced an intention to appeal. Hanen’s May 19 order was a response to DOJ lawyers’ assertions before his court that the executive amnesty programs Obama announced in 2014 — Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — would not start until February 18, 2015. The government, however, began approving expanded DACA applications prior to the implementation date and even after Hanen issued his initial order blocking the programs. DOJ lawyers, meanwhile, assured the court of compliance. “The misconduct in this case was intentional, serious and material,” Hanen wrote in his May 19 order. “In fact, it is hard to imagine a more serious, more calculated plan of unethical conduct.” Hanen is the Texas judge who first blocked the administration’s executive amnesty programs in the case now before the Supreme court. According to the Justice Department the judge’s order would require the government to turn over the “sensitive personal information” of some 50,000 illegal immigrants who were granted expanded DACA. “With respect to public trust, even though the information is to be provided under seal, the production of sensitive personal information in such large quantities would be very likely to undermine individuals’ trust in DHS’s ability to maintain the confidentiality of personal information provided to it, a trust that is essential to its mission,” the government argued in its filing. Government lawyers argued additionally that the judges’ mandate that DOJ lawyers who appear in any of the 26 plaintiff states’ courts regularly should undergo ethics training would affect some 3,000 lawyers and “irreparably” harm DOJ both in terms of lost productivity and funding. “The estimated cost to the Department (and in turn, to the American taxpayer) in terms of direct expenditures and lost productivity would be between approximately $1 million and $1.5 million this year alone,” the filing reads, adding that the cost over five years could reach $8 million.

And yet, even ASSuming that figure is accurate (which I doubt it is), this same Obama administration has NO problem wasting hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars on liberal agenda boondoggle things like the failed Solyndra project. And, that’s not even taking into account the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars that Obama sent Iran, an enemy terrorist state, recently. Seems to me that the corrupt and out-of-control Dept of Justice could use a little ethics training. So, we definitely, wholeheartedly, concur with Judge Hanen’s orders. Hopefully they will be upheld on appeal.

Judge orders ethics classes for ‘deceptive’ DOJ attorneys

A federal judge has ordered annual ethics classes for Justice Department attorneys as a punishment for being “intentionally deceptive” during litigation over President Obama’s executive immigration orders. “Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice,'” U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen wrote in a withering order released Thursday. Justice Department attorneys misled the court about when the Department of Homeland Security would begin implementing President Obama’s executive order granting “deferred action” to illegal immigrants whose children are citizens. In doing so, they tricked the 26 states who filed a lawsuit into “foregoing a request for a temporary restraining order,” according to the judge. The facts of the deception are not in doubt, Hanen emphasized. “[DOJ] has now admitted making statements that clearly did not match the facts,” he said in the May 19 opinion, first noted by the National Law Journal. “It has admitted that the lawyers who made these statements had knowledge of the truth when they made these misstatements … This court would be remiss if it left such unseemly and unprofessional conduct unaddressed.” As punishment, Justice Department attorneys who wish to appear in any state or federal court within the 26 states that brought the lawsuit have to undergo annual ethics training. “At a minimum, this course (or courses) shall total at least three hours of ethics training per year,” he wrote.

Wow..  This is SO rich!!  Kudos to Judge Hanen for b_tch-slapping these out-of-control, and deceitful Obama Justice Department lawyers upside the head!  It was WAY overdue.  To read the rest of this smackdown, click on the text above.  Outstanding!!!    🙂

Obama to nominate US Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace Holder as AG

President Obama has chosen Loretta Lynch, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y., as his nominee to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder — ending widespread speculation over who might fill Holder’s shoes and teeing up a nomination debate during the lame-duck session.

As we’ve noted here at The Daily Buzz on numerous occasions, race is EVERYTHING to Obama.  So, hope you’ll forgive my cynicism over this selection.  But, that aside..  I think another BIG reason that Loretta Lynch was selected by Obama was because she has a career built on working with the likes of Al Sharpton and going after (i.e. prosecuting) cops for this or that.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m sure that many of those cops were guilty of what they were prosecuted by Loretta for.  But, an examination of her career shows that she focused on that quite a bit; going after cops.  As someone originally from St. Louis, its not lost on a lot of us what the not-so-subtle implications of this nomination signify.  Something to definitely keep an eye on…

Justice Dept. Opens New Asylum Gate For Guatemalans

Justice Dept. Opens New Asylum Gate For Guatemalans

Unbelievable!!  So, AG Eric Holder’s Dept of Justice (DOJ) is trying to do this under the radar because he knows its a sham and doesn’t have the support of Congress at all.  The top law enforcement officer in the land is doing everything he can to undermine the immigration laws of our country, but looking for loopholes like this.  Shame on Eric Holder!!  Anyway, look for a flood of Guatemalan women trying to cross the border claiming they deserve “asylum.”  Unreal..  I’ve not said it yet today.. So, here we go!  Its time to BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!! …and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border!!  Its clear Obama and AG Eric Holder have NO intention, whatsoever, of protecting our borders and our national sovereignty.  They, along with people like Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) are doing everything they can to undermine the rule of law in this country and destroy it.  This should infuriate and outrage every hard-working, tax-paying citizen of this country, and ESPECIALLY every immigrant that did the right thing, got in line, and went through the long and difficult process of getting here LEGALLY. 

Obama’s empty tough-talk: Gun prosecutions plummet on his watch

Obama’s empty tough-talk: Gun prosecutions plummet on his watch

This has always been an inconsistency with liberals.  They’re always wanting more gun restrictions and more gun laws.  Yet, they tend to not enforce the laws already on the books!  When the two boys shot up Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado back in 1999, they violated at least 13 laws already on the books.  Had any number of those laws actually been enforced, maybe Columbine wouldn’t have happened.  Same is true for many of the other tragedies we’ve seen in the years since.  But, when events like that happen, liberals scramble to pass NEW/MORE, probably unconstitutional, anti-gun laws that won’t have any impact on crime, but make them feel better about having passed some new law.  Mindful of that, I’m not surprised by this new report.

Congressman calls Petraeus probe ‘perplexing and suspicious’

Congressman calls Petraeus probe ‘perplexing and suspicious’

This IS very “suspicious,” indeed.  Former GEN David Petraeus was a brilliant Army General who made a few poor personal, extramarital, decisions.  When it became public, he resigned his public office.  To the best of my knowledge, that’s it.  Of course, I could be wrong.  But, I’m getting the sense that AG Eric Holder and his DOJ are doing this big investigation into Petraeus as a diversionary tactic to divert media (and voter) attention away from the Benghazi investigation currently underway.  Plus, its clear this Obama Administration has an enemies list it targets and inappropriately uses federal agency resources to that end.  It uses/used the IRS to go after Tea Party organizations.  It is using the FBI and other fed agencies to go after author and movie maker Dinesh D’Souza because he is putting out material that paints Obama and the White House in a poor light.  This is just the latest..  Guess we’ll see where this goes..